Buying Poetry Books

Ierne Weyrhold - Book Place

The door swings easily on its hinges, at last, and the walls are painted brightly in blue, except for one corner, which is yellow. The floor matches the walls, blue carpet for the majority, but yellow tiling in that one corner. The windows are sparklingly clean, the shutters long since repaired and painted the same this-paint-was-on-special blue as the interior. Glows are scattered throughout the store, seemingly randomly, providing a homey atmosphere, as well as a casual one.

The store counter is by the door, no-one gets in or out without passing it, and it has a good view of the rest of the store. The rest of the front half of the store - front two thirds, actually - is taken up by rows and rows of blue shelving, one half carrying brand spanking new books, and the other carrying the loaner books, very much a 'pre-loved' set. The yellow corner in back has another counter, also yellow, with a cheery klah pitcher, and an assortment of pastries. To get to the counter, one must pass the tables and chairs also scattered in this area, which is clearly delineated and separated from the book section. The opposite back corner is more cosy, sea-green pillows strewn about, and big, soft, comfy chairs, as well as dimmer glows.

People: L'ren, S'dan.

S'dan coms into the book store that he discoveres a week ago, and after duty, gets to come back and check it out. He looks around the stacks checking for the poetry section.

L'ren is leaning on the counter, on the customer's side, having a quiet argument with the man on the other side of the counter. The store is deserted until S'dan enters, and the man on the other side of the counter clears his throat, startling L'ren and making him look around. "Oh, ah, work to do." he mutters, and moves over towards S'dan, shooting a brief /look/ back at the man at the counter.

S'dan looks up and smiles once he sees the other costomer leave. "Hello…Where is the poetry section, please?"

L'ren frowns a little, glancing back to the man working at the counter. "I, ah, I'm not actually…" he trails off, and frowns. Whatever he was going to say is tossed aside, as he decides to help S'dan. "Ah. Over here." he says, moving over to a shelf. "After, er, anything in particular?"

S'dan says "Welll…love songs. You know, the rip out your heart, throw it on the floor and stomp on it till you die kind of love songs."

L'ren frowns a little, and eyes the shelf, hand hesitating over one book. "I… Hm." he shakes his head, and grabs the book, pulling it out. "This one, er, this one is good. It, it reminds me of my first love." There's a sigh at that, the one that got away. "All poems about love, love lost, love found, love unrequited. Is that what you're after?" he asks, with a glance up at S'dan. The customer is always right.

S'dan likes the way the man sighs. "Yeah, that sounds pretty close. I just need some inspiration. Uh, unless you have one about revenge." He holds out his hand to take the book and gloss through it.

L'ren mutters absently, and pulls out a second book for himself, handing the first to S'dan absently. "Oh. Oh. Revenge. Hmm, I think so, hang on…" He lays the second book on top of the bookshelf, then kneels down to look along the book spines. "Er, revenge?" he asks then, peering up at S'dan. "Any, er, reason for … revenge?"

S'dan gives a kind of evil grin. "Let's just say it's another weapon in my arsenal. Someone has earned it. I need to get even nicely. Let me put it to you this way: It's like a song I heard,

"Love me cancerously
like a salt-sore soaked in the sea.
High-maintenance means
youre a gluttonous Queen,
narcissistic and mean."

He sings it in a nice low tenor range, rather softly, just enough to give the man a sense of what he's looking for.

L'ren furrows his brow a little, and turns back to the shelf. "I… I see." He really doesn't. "Er… How about…" he plucks a book from the shelf, and holds it up, "…this?" It's a book of love songs, with a dark cover and red lettering.

S'dan smiles sweetly. "That looks promising." He takes it and reads something about someone being sealed up in a wall. "Perfect! I'll take both of these."

L'ren grimaces a little at the book, and shakes his head. If that's what the customer wants, that's what the customer gets. He stands with a grunt, and slides that second book, the one he got for himself, off of the top of the bookshelf. "I, er. Great. I… Good luck, with that. Revenge thing." Right.

S'dan chuckles. "Thank!" he says with real relish. This guy mush have some hostory behind him and some ground to cover ahead. "Oh! How about children's books? I need some nice books I can read to my little boy. He's not quite two years old. I need some simple ones for when he begins to read, and just some with nice pictures that I can read to him."

L'ren nods a little, and frowns at the shelves. "Children's books, over here." he nods, moving over to a more colourful section of the store, or at least, the /books/ are more colourful over there. "Got … quite a range. Picture books, stories, all sorts." There's a brief glance to the man at the counter, and a small smile. "I … used to read this one to my oen children, when they were little." He pulls out a blue book with a dolphin and a dragon on the cover.

S'dan's face softens to the look of an adoring father. "Aww, that is so cute. Yes, that one will do for sure. I'll browse around and see what else you got here. I'll probably get several. Thanks so much for your help."

L'ren nods a little, and glances to the man at the counter. "Alright, take your time. My son Borren will ring you up when you're through." he notes, with a nod for the man at the counter. "If you'll, er, excuse me." he murmurs, heading over to the counter to have a quiet word with his son. The tone is more apologetic than the argumentative tone of before.

S'dan nods, captivated by the charm of the books. He spends quite a bit of quiet time shopping for the books. The one about the dolphin and dragon is a sure bet, and he ends up picking up four others eventually to go with it. That's seven books in all….so far. He later strolls around the store now that he has what he came for, so he wants to scope out the rest of the store.

L'ren has been quietly talking with his son at the counter, and he now nods, and glances back to S'dan, before slipping out. Work to do. Borren nods to S'dan, and puts the books through, writing down the prices and titles on a piece of paper. "That'll be two marks." he says, opening a drawer in the counter for the marks.

S'dan pulls out the two marks to pay. He doesn't bat an eyelash over it. He drops the marks into Borren's hand.

Borren takes the marks, and signs the sheet of paper and then tears it off, handing it to S'dan. "If you need to return those, you'll need to bring this." he notes, all formality and business. He drops the marks into the drawer and slides it closed.

S'dan takes the receipt and places it in the top book. "I'm not anticipating that," he says. "I'll be back!" And hugging his books to his chest he heads out.

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