Ellamariseth's First PC Flight

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Gathering Hall(#888RJ)
This large room could probably house twice the population of the Weyrhold, though admittedly it might be a bit cramped. The room is tierd, such that the southern and eastern sides of the room are much much higher then the northwest corner; this allows everyone to be able to focus on the main table, located there, where the Weyrhold's leaders often sit, for both meetings and meals.

A grand spiral staircase in the southwest corner leads up, to the offices and quarters of the Weyrhold's leaders. Wide double doors lead west, into the kitchen, and another set of wide doors lead east, out onto the plaza.

Obvious exits:
Stairs Up <UP> Kitchens <K> Plaza <PL>

R'miel sits at a table by himself. He's got a very serious and somewhat angry expression on his face, which makes the usually easy-going bronzer scary looking and inapproachable. He's consumiung a mound of food, stopping only when a little blue head pops out of his breast pocket and squawks for a bite. He provides Koolaid with a little tidbit, then goes back to eating. This process occurs continuously, until the little blue is completely satisfied. Unfortunately Koolaid is starting to outgrow his little pouch, and his weight is pulling down at the grumpy bronzer's shirt.

Ysa hasn't changed much at all. Nope, still proddy. Still trying to avoid a crowded hall, and definitely still hesitating in stepping foot inside the place. She eventually does, head bowed as always nowadays, with a hand to her stomach. She makes a straight line for the food, hoping not to draw too much attention to herself. Sadly, acting in this manner only brings the attention more than before. And those that do look her way realize that she had recently taken a trip to the stables. There's still straw stuck in her hair and her skirt's got a few questionable stains, though she does not smell overall that strongly of the runnerbeasts. Blushing as hotly as usual when she glances around and notices a few looks, the goldrider piles high fresh greens and a side of wherry before heading to a corner to eat. It's not until she's looking for a seat that she manages to catch sight of her weyrmate, able to pick him out in a crowd, forcing her to just drop into the first chair and tuck into her food almost immediately.

R'miel spots his weyrmate as soon as she enters the hall and grunts a bit. It wasn't that she was particularly mad at her, the comment about Arin has been pushed to the back of his mind, but he was concerned that she was up on her feet. And she's clearly been to the stable, which requires being more on your feet, not good. The bronzer hasn't had a great couple of days, with his dragon whiney whenever they went someplace, and then getting into a fight with Rwy and some other girl at Xanadu. It was just as well that she wasn't sitting with him. Right? Right. After he's finished eating the brozer gets up for bubblies. They'd at least make him feel better. They weren't judging him. They liked him just the way he was.

If you can't see him, you can't figure out whether or not he was still mad. Except Ysa knew that the bronzer was still in a bad mood, and she made sure to avoid his gaze completely. She pushes the salad around a bit, then stuffs large forkfulls into her mouth before drinking from a glass of water, which she had also picked up. Of course, this habit was eventually going to become a problem, and eating quickly eventually makes her swallow something poorly. She drops her fork almost immediately, forces herself to down the rest of the food, and then proceeds into a hacking fit that doesn't help even with water. She tries her best to muffle her coughs with a hand, which works, and they eventually subside before it gave the illusion she was choking, instead, though she takes a few raspy breaths with tears in her eyes. Her cheeks burn at the new attention, and she hastily ducks her head again, staring down at her plate of food. Traitor..

R'miel is busy pouring himself a glass of juice when Ysa goes into her coughing fit. He clearly wasn't /too/ mad, since he was still being sympathetic about the lack of klah, or maybe he'd jsut grown accustomed to getting juice instead. Either way, he looks over towards his weyrmate when she starts coughing, concerned she might be choking. When she's not, he relaxes, but not before he's dumped juice onto his hand. He grunts and wipes himself off. Relenting, he moves over to Ysa, taking a seat next to her. "You alright?"

Ysa pushes her plate away after a good long stare at it, only to start when R'miel joins her. "J-jus' fine," she answers quickly, shaking her head back to him. "'m n-not hungry anymore, is all." She scoots back in her chair and looks away, cradling her glass of water instead. "S-sorry 'bout earlier," she mumbles over to him, though not entirely confident whether she should apologize or not. Instead, she fidgets in her seat and glances over to where he was previously sitting, nodding her head in that direction. "A-are ya finished, too?"

R'miel looks at her and wraps an arm about her shoulders. He nods. "Just checking on you." he frowns a bit. "Don't apologize. I… overreacted this morning. I'm sorry. How's Ella doing?" The bronzer leans over to kiss Ysa's temple. "Yeah, I'm finished up here. I was thinking about getting some pies. You want one?" He looks at her and lifts his glasses into his hair, rubbing at his eyes a bit.

Ysa is sitting off in a quieter section of the hall with the bronzer, fidgetting every so often in her seat even if it is her weyrmate sitting besides her. Her plate of food had been pushed aside and she takes a few sips from her water every so often. "S-she's doing fine, jus' sleeping," she says softly to him, and then shrugs one of her shoulders, flushing just a bit at the contact from him. "S-sure. Something small," she adds, quickly, glancing up just a moment before focusing on a stain on her skirt.

Ellamariseth> Ellamariseth is doing just what her lifemate said she was doing. Her thin form is curled up tightly in a spot of sun, away from the main traffic of the central plaza. Her tail tip, though, twitches every so often as she sleeps peacefully, no other movement coming from her as she remains unaware of her surroundings… for now.

V'gay steps into the hall and removes his jacket all the while talking to a very short man that rode in with him. "Yeah well, I'm just gonna grab a bite. Faranth knows when I'll get a chance again once we head home." he states as he shoes the shorter man on to finish the errands. A glance around the hall, not too many he recognizes, though L'tons face is remembered, not that there's any animosity in his looking at the other man, just a mild interest really. After all, he's heard so much.

Ellamariseth> Limerith has found a spot to settle down and wait. He lays his wings back along his back and seems to enjoy the view around him, which surprisingly enough doesn't seem to be focusing on the gold with the twitching tail. Nope he's watching the people going back and forth and taking a curious interest in the structures.

Ellamariseth> Dhonzayth has found a lovely little spot of courtyard, and that's where he has settled for the duration of his trip to Ierne - the length of which is, as always, dependant on L'ton's whims and worries. And yet, there is a distinctive plus to having settled in this portion of the courtyard - he has a wonderful view of the twitching gold. A particular gold who he played with as a weyrling - though that gold has long since grown up.

Z'kiel wanders into the main hall, glancing around. He's moving fairly slowly, since he isn't familiar with the area, but he seems to be looking for someone or something from the way he's glancing around.

Or'un strolls on down the spiral staircase, a satchel slung over one shoulder. He keeps his eyes on the steps as he descends, only bothering to look up when he reaches the landing. Flying around his head are a green and blue pair of flits, squawking away at each other as they play a game of 'lets see how close we can fly to our pet without poking his eyes out'.

Ellamariseth> Arinith sits by the gold. He's been keeping a close watch on his draconic weyrmate since he first noticed she was shiney, insisting that his lifemate keep them close-by so that he wouldn't accidently miss her going up. He warbles a bit to her, though he knows she won't even bother to look at him. He stretches his wings out and reaches out with his front claws.

Ellamariseth> Aslianth has been dozing off, his large wings spread out in order to catch the suns rays. At all this warbling and bustling about however he stirs, a single eye opening in order to examine his surroundings. Each dragon is noted but its the glowing gold that really catches his attention. Getting up slowly he stretches his limbs much like a canine would when waking from a particularly deep nap. Once this ritual is done he sets to swishing his tail behind him as he watches Ellamariseth. Play time?

Ellamariseth> Kunaseth has found some free space to settle down into while his rider is completing his errand. It doesn't take long for him to notice the glowing gold, his attention settling on her once he does. He becomes more awake then, no longer simply waiting for his rider to return.

Ellamariseth> Ellamariseth's tail twitches come to an end, the gold's glowing hide giving a ripple as the only indication that she was awakening. Fully aware of the dragons around her, especially the fact that they were bronzes, she doesn't move. No, she does, which is just to lift up her lids of a jeweled eye, whirling red already as it focuses first on the closes dragon and then the ones more further away. The reaching claws cause her to uncurl swiftly and she stretches her slender smooth form out slowly, making sure to pull away from the males with both eyes staring at all of them carutiously.

R'miel blinks a bit as someone puts their hand on his shoulder. He looks up at L'ton, then stands. "I'll be right back, love." He gives Ysa's back a bit of a rub before turning towards L'ton, and moving to a section of the hall away from the goldrider. Normally R'miel would be scowling, but he was too distracted with all the current happenings. He raises a brow towards the other bronzer. "Hey, man. What's going on?"

L'ton gives Ysa another brief nod before following Ram, turning his back towards the others in the cavern, dropping his voice. "Ah.. Ah just wanted ta say sorry. Cause.. Ah promise.. it wasn't what Ah meant ta happy. And.. Sris and Ah.. We ain't tagether no more. She.. She ain't ta happy." He mutters to the other bronzerider, giving him half a smile - if you can call it that - before moving to head back into the main hall without really waiting for an answer. Booze?

Ysa is starting to realize that the quiet hall was starting to fill up just a little. Or maybe it was feeling a bit stifling to the proddy pregnant goldrider… She twitches again at the arrival of the other familiar bronzerider, eyes snapping up to him curiously as he pulls her weyrmate away. She stands up as well after R'miel, but doesn't head their way. Instead, she rocks back on her heels, round belly causing her weight to shift back and forth for a brief moment. "E-Ella?" Is all she squeaks out, her green eyes focusing for once on the faces around her, as if hoping the answer would be found there.

Ellamariseth> Limerith stretches himself a bit, his eyes touching upon the glowing gold so pretty on the ground. Course, he's not half bad looking himself, well maybe. He settles back again and gives his wings a shake. His own tail takes a twitch or two as he watches oh so quietly.

Ellamariseth> Dhonzayth stretches, the spars of his wings separating slowly as sleek sails unfurl, the Ierne sun slowing his urge to stir from his spot, yet never the less, a greater force has begun to put pressure onto his thoughts, onto his actions. And so as she stretches and slinks away, the Istan's attention attaches itself to, watching with interest. Stretched sails set him ready, ready to rise and join the golden queen first with the beasts, and then above.

Ellamariseth> Adinaeth slides sleekly to the ground, smoothing wingsails down against his highlighted hide. Swiveling his head towards his rider, he watches her dismount deftly and head for the main hall. She sees Kunaseth and hurries hastily inside. Adinaeth adjusts adroitly towards Ellasmariseth and Aslianth, seeking slyly to caress carmillian eyes across her shining shapely form.

V'gay can't help but twitch a little smile, well, this errand is certainly turning out to be a bit more exciting then he thought it might be. His eyes cast around the room again, and then they settle on the goldrider and he looks thoughfully at her. Hmm.

R'miel blinks at L'ton, then sighs. "I know it wasn't completely your fault… We've moved past it." As long as it's not a reoccuring event. He hangs his head at the news about Sris. "She-she left you? Or… was it a mutual thing? I feel kinda responsible… I went to talk to her after I found out about you and Ysa… How are you holding up?" He follows after the bronze. There won't be any booze for him, he wasn't drinking as long as Ysa was pregnant. He blinks when he spots Ysa standing and moves over to her. "You really really need to sit down, Ysa."

Ellamariseth> Kunaseth slowly spreads wide wings, letting the ray's of the sun slide smoothly over them much as his gaze slides over the glowing gold. His head rises, ready to take frenzied flight when the time comes, as he knows it soon must, to give chase.

"Her choice. Said.. Said Ah was horrible, fer making ya cry. Ah.. Ah ain't sure, if'n Ah'm happier now er not, but… Ah think she is." L'ton offers, moving after R'miel to hover over Ysa as well. "Ysa, ya really shouldn't be moving around so much. Trust meh, Ah know from experience. Ya should be sitting down, er.. even laying down, if there's somewhere ya can. Ah really dun think they'd be happy if'n ya popped here, from strolling 'round." Fuss fuss fuss.

Z'kiel has realized that, for the moment, the person he's looking for isn't here. He's also realizing he may have come at an interesting time, and it shows on his face as he surveys the room.

L'alie scurries into the main hall, seeking out Z'kiel. "I'm so sorry, I had to fly straight." She blathers to him, hands cupped under the weight of her swollen belly. At least Ysa is in good company girth-wise. Her head lifts, listening to something, and then swears colorfully.

All the racket his flits are producing is enough to keep Or'un's attention caught for the moment, a hand moving to bat the creatures away every once in a while. Just a normal day filled with normal things and continues onward normally, a hand pulling out a piece of paper from his pant pocket. He scans the sheet quickly, caught up in its contents. But finally he pulls his cool gray eyes away from it for a moment and it's in the this instance that he catches sight of the seemingly lost Ysa. He frown at her and seems to debating moving towards her but then R'miel takes the initiative and so he does move over to her. "Ysa, are you okay there?" The note seems forgotten and he just stares at her openly as he advances.

Ysa takes a tentative step away from the approaching bronzerdier, or two now, or possibly more? She shakes her head slowly, than more fiercely, her wild hair whipping at her face. The few pieces of straw from the stables fall. "N-no," she tells them, her voice nearly inaudible before she swallows hard. "No," she says more sternly, licking her lips and turning fearful eyes straight to her weyrmate. "Not /now/!" /Bad/ timing, obviously. She doesn't stumble back, more like shuffles carefully while holding a hand out to push aside the chairs as she starts to shift her gaze around for an escape route.

Ellamariseth> Arinith advances the Ella amongst the other dragons. He sliently stalks around the shiney gold, then stops to scratch the street with his claws. His wings ruffle restlessly and his eyes whirl and work their way up and down the wings of the gold. He's ready to moves after her at a moment's notice.

"Somehow, I get the strangest sensation it doesn't really matter anymore." Z'kiel murmurs to L'alie of their errand, once the woman is finished with her furious swearing. His hand roughly rubs the back of his neck, as he observes "Next time, we should check in advance."

Ellamariseth> Aslianth waggles without worry, that bronze tail swishing swiftly, surely and smoothly over the gritty ground. Golden glory is beckoning and he must allow that awakening animalistic amore inside to perk. Silent stature does not deter this brazen bronze and he moves towards this quintessence queen.

R'miel hangs his head and nods a bit to L'ton. "I'm… sorry about that, Tonny." He blinks at his weyrmate when she outwardly defies both him and L'ton. Until he realizes exactly what's happening. His eyes go wide and moves off after Ysa. "Oh shards… Ysa! Ys, you need to relax." The bronzer looks around, then looks towards L'ton. "We need to get her out of here. /Now/."

L'alie snorts in contempt, "It's not like there's a chart hanging out around the weyr saying "here's who's having a flight today." She spots L'ton and shakes her head, "This is going to go south sooner than later." She says uncomfortably, abandoning her former weyrling to head for the exit again, presumably to find somewhere solid and locked to hide.

Ellamariseth> Surveying the brazen bronzes clustering closer to her, Ellamariseth lets out a tough throaty and threatening hiss to all of them, swinging her head one way now and then the other. She gives her wings a ruffle before rumbling in dissatisfaction at the growing group again. Without another thought, she swiftly swivels around on her haunches, bounding off into a leap to the skies for the short gentle glide down into the pens of beasts. She doesn't give them a chance to scatter, stretching sharp talons out to sink into the largest steer, snapping his neck with a sickly twist.

"Like Ah said… Ah… Ah ain't sure if'n… if'n its so bad." L'ton offers to R'miel, before moving to try and snag Ysa's arm, to try and lead her at least out of the crowded hall. "Ysa.. Ya gotta relax. It'll be okay.. If'n ya panic, yer just gonna make it worse. Just.. Just stay with her, and try and stay calm. There ain't nothing ya can do about it, right now, its gonna happen. Ram… Ram and Ah are here fer ya, though." Atleast until their dragons override their minds.

Ellamariseth> Limerith lies there like a lanquid lion. Watching, waiting while the whispers of unspoken words drift lazily along. In a second, silent sonata's sweep upwards as Limerith's attention drifts in drunken delights as she takes to blooding the bleating beasts. His wings shuffle and shimmer, sliding against his supple skin as he slips silently towards the gold in all her glory.

"'m r-relaxing," Ysa says quickly to those around her, though she doesn't really pay attention to them, her mind elsewhere. She does nearly trip over the chair this time as she avoids her weyrmate. When her arm is taken, she tries for a mighty jerk, her green eyes turning hasily towards the exit. "Ellamariseth," she hisses herself, between her teeth, enraged that her lifemate chose the worse of all times. Making sure to take another large step away from the two others, she makes sure to ground herself for a moment before darting off. Well, more like hobbling as fast as she could, one hand on her belly as she starts heading for the exit to catch up with her gold.

Ellamariseth> Dhonzayth pauses politely, faceted eyes watching warily as the glowing gold taunts and threatens. The swift escape of the gold to the grounds surprises Dhonzayth, though then he's amassing his mass, spread wings swiftly swinging downward, sending him skyward. A gentle glide, granting the gold a generous gap to blood her beast, and then Dhonzayth dives for one of his own, downing it with minimal destruction. A startled squeal from the selected animal, and then the pale bronze bends sinuous neck to the throat of the beast, beginning to blood, beginning to pull the power into himself, reserving rich energy for the upcoming event.

Z'kiel frowns as L'alie leaves, and it's clear there will be weighty words between the two later. Left alone, his gaze flits around the room nervously. Nothing to do but watch and wait, the man wincing slightly at something.

At all the commotion Or'un seems to grab a better hold of himself. As he watches R'miel and L'ton bustle about Ysa he takes a seat, leaning his body in the direction of the goldrider, his eyes seeming colder than usual. There's something different about them right now and even his usual frown seems to have a different vibe to it. But he stays silent, watching and waiting for the inevitable.

V'gay is watching Ysa thoughfully, and then glances around at the others, especially the two that are trying to keep her calm. He then grabs a chair but instead of sitting upon it, he rests a foot up on it and leans on the back.

Ellamariseth> Kunaseth is taken to the air by taut muscles shortly after the glowering gold goes for the beasts. He too takes down one of the animals, landing on it with a decidedly ungraceful crunch. Teeth tear into the beast's throat, the bronze bringing the blood that will sustain him for the flight into himself.

Ellamariseth> Arinith doesn't wait or waste time, his wings open and he makes a long leap skywards. He wistfully watches the gold while winding down to make his own selection of the most mammoth of the mammals. The series of slashes of the slaughter and the mess made is somewhat sickening, his selection mauled and mangled. The is little blood left lingering to be consumed.

Ellamariseth> Aslianth brashly beats his colossal copper wings as he sets off after the guileful gold. He however does not just launch liberally onto any brutish beast, he circles cautiously coming down onto his unsuspecting prey only when he has deemed it worthy of his tearing talons. And tear tender flesh he does, ripping raw flesh from bone without worry or woe. Whilst deeply drinking the life liquid does his whirling eyes roam, rampaging scenes of carnage catch his eyes but only the golden goddess does he linger on.

R'miel just blinks as the goldrider hisses. He tries to grab at her arm, but he's too late. Ignoring everyone else around him, the bronzer is running after his waddling weyrmate as fast as his legs will carry him. "Ysa! Where are you going!?" This was not a good thing. Why couldn't Ella go proddy /after/ the baby was born!?

L'ton practically topples over as the goldrider's arm, so recently in his grasp, is still attached to her, yet waddling out the door at an alarming rate. As he regains his balance, he just stares at Ysa for a long moment, before jogging to catch up with her, trying to get a few steps ahead of her, to keep her from getting away from them. "Ram, ya definitely got the stubborn one." He mutters to his friend, before trying to slow Ysa once more. "Ysa, wait.. ya can't just go.. go running out there!"

Ellamariseth> Ellamariseth rears back, teeth ready in rending the rich flesh and blood away from the bones of the broken beast. However the screaming mental shouts of her equally stubborn rider rushes at her, causing her to reconsider her actions. With a loud challenging cry to those circling bronzes, already carrying on with their crazed killings, she tears apart the throat of her first, sipping at the luscious less fulfilling warm blood, found in a bountiful amount in just her first. Discarding it, she dances up onto her back haunches before hastening forth for her second squealing scoundrel, a young calf, and dealing death to it with a deliberate morbid satisfying crunch of her jaws around its smaller head.

Ysa is, sadly, not that difficult to catch up to, having her weight of the unborn baby against her. "G-going?" She snaps, eyes distant still as she teeters just at the entrance of the hall. She stares off for a moment, silent, in the direction of the distance pens before she's satisfied. She turns her head to glare at R'miel first and then L'ton. "Going /home/. I don' care if I can't, 'm going." Meek proddy goldrider was replaced by the gold's raging emotions, making her hasten a retreat over the hills to her weyr, waddling all the way as quickly as possible and ignoring the following group.

Z'kiel, feeling all alone as he does, begins to drift toward the group of followers. One eye stays on Ysa and the concerned cohort trying to keep her out of trouble. The nervousness and uncertainty is slowly but surely ebbing away as his mind is gradually overtaken by that of his dragon.

Ellamariseth> Limerith leaps lightly into the air and then alight's upon the back of a beast. Claws clinch and crunch the brittle bones beneath him. Jaws snap and snarl and then his teeth tear into flesh. Blood bursts forth from vessels, bathing burished bronze. A dance of death is dealt, dreams demolished and drenched in the drippings of the dead. Molten eyes measure the the challange cry while crimson foam clings to him. He then bugles in bright clashes of cymbals and bold bass strings echo.

Ellamariseth> Dhonzayth delightfully drains the first beast's blood, a trickle tracing his muzzle, tip of his tongue twitching to taste the last bit. Tail twitches, timing tapped by each wide wave, wings widening while he waits. And then, without warning, another annoying animal accepts its fate, the Istan predator pouncing his prey without preamble. As with the first, the second squeals, swiftly succumbing as its liquid life is lapped up by Dhonzayth, little left to soak into the earth. With endless energy invigorating his every extension, Dhonzayth crouches, cautiously counting the competition, mighty muscles primed to push him, when the time comes.

R'miel raises his hands defensively to the goldrider. "Okay, okay. Relax. Let's go home." He looks back to the rest of the riders in the hall, then starts off towards home. There wasn't any turning back now, and there was already a gaggle of possible winners around. It would be up to Arinith to catch Ella, or someone would be sleeping with his 8 1/2 month pregnant weyrmate.

"Bloody woman." He mutters at R'miel, shaking his head as he meekly just follows along - driven by his own intent to make sure that Ysa makes it home safely, despite R'miel's accompaniment, and finding the goldrider as interesting in another sense as Dhonzayth is Ellamariseth.

Or'un would have stayed seated any other day but he is pulled to Ysa too strongly. With his lifemate blooding he gets to his feet, quietly walking out the doors after the throng of apprehensive riders. Clearly his day got just a little more interesting.

V'gay puts his foot down and pushes the chair away as he follows after, sure, he's keeping his distance, but he's watching, his eyes sharp as the emotions of his dragon wash over him. An eye casts over the others, an a hint of himself makes note of some of the nicer looking ones.

Ierne Weyrhold - Ysa and R'miel's Weyr(#12011RAJ)
The first noticeable thing about the weyr is the size: it is massize enough to fit the the largest queen on Pern and still have room for at least one more visitor. The largest area is specifically for the dragon, though there have been many additions to entertain any guests as well. The raised stone couch has been covered with a glossy red quilt to prevent any chafting and for comfort. Up on the highest point there are carelessly tossed pillows and a fur for a smaller occupant. Nearby is a round wooden table surrounded by four matching chairs. Collected tapestries adorn the wall closest to the table, and a cabinet has been propped up against a wall with a drawer on the bottom and a few nested wine bottles kept on the top. There is a seperate small room behind a navy curtain, usually tied to one side so that it can still be observed to those in the larger room. The room is plainly decorated with a large bed in the center, a large trunk at the foot of the bed, and a few of the rider's personal items scattered about.

Ellamariseth> Kunaseth drinks from the dead creature held in his talons until it is dry, head raising to survey the scene and search out his next victim. This too is taken down by a crash and a crunch, nothing delicate in his motions as he sucks sustenance from the twitching, torn, throat of his new vessel.

Ellamariseth> Arinith bloods a bounty of beasts, shoving them, slashing them, and sucking them dry. There seems to be no stopping the stomach of the skinny bonze, though where he stores such sustinance is a mystery. Blood splashes and spills from his snout, his tongue snagging streams of it as he sinks his sharp teeth into their skin. His hide is coated in a crimson color and he is no longer cautious about capturing creatures in his claws. A multitude of mammals are murdered and masticated their blood carefully collected and consumed by the bronze.

Ellamariseth> Aslianth ardently sucks, stealing savage pleasure from the task. Drink he will, drink he does, deliberately draining the unlucky critter before setting off after another, animal appetite agitating him more and more. Time trickles by, he can not waste it! Hesitations halt, hindquarters propelling him towards a tempting throng of beasts. Buckling beneath the bronzes weight a youngling yelps at the shock, sounds ceases as the bronze breaks his neck. Drink, drink deep, daunting task awaits.

Ellamariseth> Ellamariseth's quest to quench her profound hunger goes unsated, but the glowing graceful gold dispenses the limp and lifeless beast aside. She pounces on powerful hindquarters, producing more pleasant senseless squeals out of the stock. Her sleek sinewy shape remains away from the herd, though, before she turns her short slender snout to the skies, the sun beckoning to her. Another ripple runs down her shining hide, and she takes one more bounding run before taking off! Wings unfurl to catch the breeze, and her silent call comes from a lashing tail to the bronzes to try, just /try/ and chase her!

Ellamariseth> Dhonzayth has his quest to quench his other hunger, however, just beginning. As limp, lifeless lumps are left laying behind, limber limbs lift into his bronze body, wide wings sweeping, somefar far from silently, sending his body bounding upwards, sweeping sails sending him skywards. Attitude is all, and the taunting tail serves only to drive him more dramatically, shining sleekness sending sunlight scattered, serving as a shimmery sign of the selected path. As is attitude, so is altitude, and so, each drastic downbeat drives him to dizzying heights, trailing the teasing taste of Ellamariseth.

Ysa seems to be lost in her lifemate's mind, but she makes it to her weyr in one piece, even if her feet seem to stumble in finding firm ground on occasion. Once inside, she moves straight for the alcohol found to one side, her hands reaching out against the top of the table almost out of habit before she stops, wavering from one side to the other. There's a soft grumble out of her throat and a glare over her shoulder, as she debates what to do next.

Ellamariseth> Kunaseth accepts the silently called challenge to chase and conquer, powerfully pushing off in purposeful pursuit of the precious prize. Wide wings propel his broad, bronze, body through the air. His wide, whirling, eyes are fixed on the gleaming, glistening, gold as he follows with fast and furious wingbeats.

Ellamariseth> Arinith spreads his skinny sails and soars skywards. He flaps as fast as his featherless wing will allow him to fly, hoping to get as high as he could in one hefty heave. He releases a regal proclimation which permeates the place profanely. The dragon veraciously vanishes vertically, vacating his Pern-bound position and permiating to the pinniacle of the prize's altitude, then pushing to stay parallel to her. If he lingered he'd lose the lady. but being too rapid was reckless. Alternatively Arinith aspires to accentuate his acrobatics, and aquire an advantage by airflow.

R'miel runs into the weyr he shares with Ysa, mostly because he spots her going for the booze. "No!!" He cries out in alarm. Flight or no, he wasn't going let her mess up the whole pregnancy because of one night. He moves himself between his weyrmate and the alcohol. He's tempted to go smashing bottles, but then Ysa might smash his face in.

But, R'miel smashing bottles means there'd be nothing for the rest of them. Once he's sure that Ysa's back in her weyr, L'ton is moving to pour himself a shot of something strong, stepping between the pregnant, proddy person and the forbidden fruit, as it were. Shot is tipped back, and he's shaking his head with a bit of a sigh, before moving to herd Ysa in a different directly, looking to R'miel for help. The Istan isn't touching Ysa right now, no way. Especially not as long as she has that glare on her face.

Ellamariseth> Aslianth pauses placating primal wants to catch sight of the golden glory go skybound. The felled fiend falls back as his massive wings waste little time in closing the gap the golden gliding goddess has created. Weaving wildly with as much strength as can be fashioned, ferocity is proclaimed through thundering trumpeting. The chase has begun and he has high hopes!

Z'kiel looks to L'ton, evidently accepting his example. Moving toward the older bronzerider, he waits for the other to be done before getting something to drink himself. Definitely out of his depth, the young man does his best to stay out of the way for now.

Ellamariseth> Ellamariseth streaks straight up towards the beaming burning sun, happily warbling welcome to the warmth that trickles its way from snout to tail tip. Once at a desirable altitude, she straightens out and stretches her speckled shining wings. She gently glides, fast and far already without worries… except for the cluster of courageous chasers creeping up behind her. The pounding wings force her to tilt a wing tip, swerving down to one side, then swerving to the other, bringing some agility into this aerobatic artful dance of dragons.

Or'un moves into the weyr silently, his cool gray eyes glued to the goldrider. But L'ton is not ignored, seeing that he has the right idea anyways. He moves off to where the Istan rider had found a drink and pours himself one, immediately knocking it back. His face wrinkles as the potent liquid kicks in but he pours himself another one, knocking this one back too. After this however he moves off without a word, finding a dark and cool spot to settle himself and watch Ysa.

Ysa is overwhelmed when the two bronzeriders block her way, and she backs up a few steps, glaring at first one and the other. The opened alcohol reminds her why she didn't really desire to drink, causing her to back away even quicker, bumping momentarily into a chair before swiveling on a heel and heading into the bedroom instead. All the while there're low grumbles, but nothing intelligible.

R'miel was going to try and herd the goldrider to the bedroom anyways, so he's relieved when she heads that way. There's nothing said to the other riders invading his weyr, nor does he take up the alcohol like the rest. He has a feeling Ysa might be pretty angry with them all the next morning, when she finds out they were all into what was mostly her dragonic 9-month horde of booze. He leans in the doorway to the bedroom and just keeps an eye on her for now.

Ellamariseth> Dhonzayth continues climbing, carefully compromising between speed and saving strength, for as the glowing gold glides, joining joyfully with the golden glow of Rukbat, Dhonzayth defies her determined path. Altitude is added almost automatically, as if he wishes to gain a superior spot amongst the gaggle of greedy guys. Wings are still wide, willfully pushing him past one blundering brown, body bouncing with each beat. A comforting croon creeps from his pale throat, even as Ellamariseth attempts to alleviate the press of the males through artful aerobatics. And yet, altitude is held, acrobatics and aerobatics ignored, as he stays steady, soaring above, saving energy.

Ellamariseth> Kunaseth drops downward slightly as the object of his passionate pursuit begins her agile attempts to avoid those chasing. Not naturally one of nature's dancers, he does his best to anticipate where Ellamariseth might eventually end up. Wound up with the energy from the burning blood, the swift suitor manipulates and maneuvers his massive form through the skies that provide the blazing, bright, backdrop to their dragonic dance.

Ellamariseth> Arinith atrictulates his arial actions assertively, beating his bronze wings against the billowing breeze. He catches a current, which causes him to continuously correct his course and he gets close to collide with a co-chaser. He dip sdown delicately, dodging the disaster of dragon-hitting-dragon and evasively eludes everyone else except Ella. He frantically flaps his wings, flying fast and fanfaring a greeting to the goregeous gold. He was here! He hangs back, heading higher above her.
Or'un has reconnected.

L'ton moves out of the way after the single shot, not planning on dipping more deeply into the huge horde of alcohol. Instead, eyes unseeing, he passes the other riders to join his friend, leaning lazily against the door frame, arms folded thoughtfully as he regards Ysa with intense interest. And yet, at door frame he remains with R'miel, merely satisfied with staring silently.

Z'kiel seems to have firmly fixated on L'ton as an example, at least for the moment. So he too only takes one drink before padding across the floor to a spot a little behind the two at the door frame, from where he can watch Ysa. The sight of her seems to slip more of the hold he has upon himself, and his gaze becomes a great deal more intense.

Ellamariseth> Aslianth watches as the gold glides, glee in her flight. But spectating soothes so little and he beats back behemoth wings, bypassing bronzes, browns alike. Whirling eyes emit envy, she is his, his alone! Twisting, turning, teetering towards the talented gold he goes. A thought passes it seems and he loses altitude, almost an unwise move most muse but the bronze braves on, only time tells what will come from such fierce flying.

Ysa winces as she heads towards the bedroom, as if she had stubbed her toe. She stops, favors a side, and then decides to take a seat on the bed. Now the glaring has turned to a spot further on the wall as she remains locked with her lifemate, living the flight through her eyes. The goldrider wraps her arms protectively over her stomach, but otherwise doesn't move, a deep human growl starting to rise from her own throat, gutteral and awkward.

Or'un remains in his spot, just barely able to catch sight of the goldrider but apparently that is enough to satisfy his lust. Now that she has been escorted so far off however he drifts into thought, eyes closing to near slits as his mind melds with his lifemates. The alcohol too seems to taking affect and he sways a bit in his spot every once in a while.

Ellamariseth> Ellamariseth's twisting, back and forth betwixt some of her chasers and pulling out ahead eventually starts to cost the gold her scavenged stregnth. The sacrificed beasts' lifeblood lifts her higher, light reflecting off her as she heads to her peek before diving down again to a more stable stationary glide. Yet she falters, fluctuating from flapping in the breezless skies now at the astounding heights, and soon she's swerving in the masses of bronzes, avoiding claws and necks and tails, limbs flicking away and throat warbling in her failure to continue, it was only a matter of time before she was ensnarled.

Ellamariseth> Dhonzayth has remained resilient, rebounding higher as Ellamariseth gains ground, the Istan grabbing greedily for any glimpse of weakness. As the stolen speed and strength slips away from the glowing gold, Dhonzayth drops ever slowly, diving as she dives, and gliding as she glides. As Ella's flight falters, fast fleeing flight fluctuating, fading into flightless flapping, Dhonzayth's flight makes an attempt. An attempt that eliminates much of the altitude he has assembled without hesitation, hot hide striving to heat the gold's, talons trying to tickle her wingjoints, tail and neck to twine in a twisted mix of bronze and gold, braving the bared claws for the catch. Maybe.

Ellamariseth> Kunaseth continues ceaselessly chasing, with attempt after attempt to anticipate where the glowing gold he has so purposefully pursued will be next. Wide, wearying, wings guide him through the searing, sun-filled, skies, until his eyes suddenly spot an oppertune opening. As the precious prize falters, he drops daringly down toward the dazzling darling of his desires. His turning, twisting tail reaches for her, wicked talons spread wide as he makes his final play for the glowing, gleaming gold whose frenzied, furious, flight is now drawing to a close.

Ellamariseth> Arinith instinctively immitates an indecisive insect, jumping just close enough to kiss her tail with his kingly crimsony snout. He lunges lavishly towards her lovely length, a mock attempt to make his mark and mount the mammoth dragon. He need to not be too ostentious and overexert himself or his opportunity will be obliterated. So he patiently pulls back, then pointedly pursues the queen, ravishing in her regal ridges and raking in her shiney skin. He swoops swiftly, swirling and then streaking strongly across the sky with the swarm. Then he tries to take the gold underneathe his wide-spread wings.

Ellamariseth> Aslianth watches the wild weavings waged by the golden queen. Soon she shall succumb to him, he has no doubt. He continues his flight feet further below than any other dragon dares, draconic desires drifting up towards his failing flame. Failing? Finding fresh strength he moves upwards to meet the gold, gusts of wind deterring him not. She is failing, falling, finally he may finish the chase. He hurtles towards Ellamariseth, elongated claws closing in for the catch.
incentives for flight participation that include prizes for the most flights attended, the most flights won, and the females' favorites.

Ellamariseth> Ellamariseth's eyes whirl rapidly, gazing at the crowded mass surrounding her in a panic. She beats once, twice, and the succumbs to gliding and hoping the winds will pull her in the right direction. There's little energy left and even less of a fight as her desire is drawn towards those brave bronzes that took chase after her. Sharp claws still dodged, though, as they nearly rake over her wingsails, and her tail twitches out from another, but soon she finds the talons of her winner snaring her as she loses speed, and there is barely a moment's hesitation or battle to get out of Arinith's claws, letting the smaller bronze carry her out the rest of the way.

Ellamariseth> Arinith thankfully isn't too much smaller! All that extra blooding has paid off, and he floats to the ground with his prize.

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