Old Friends Reunited

DragonHealing School - School Yard

A wide stone paved pathway runs north-south between the entryway of the Dragonhealing School and Ierne's ferry port. To the east of the pathway is a wide grassy area where dragons can easily come and go, with a dirt path leading all the way down to the shore where recovering dragons can rest and swim. To the south a mix of small and medium sized trees dot the grassy yard. The School lies behind them and is built of plaster and stone two stories high. The architecture is clean and rather simple, with a wide wooden porch on the second floor looking out across the yard. On the west side is the infirmary, a massive building complex set with copper covered wooden doors which roll open and closed as needed to handle dragon sized patients. The Ierne forests start not far past the school complex secluding it somewhat from the weyrhold.

People: Kassala and Riohra

It's a pretty spring day down here near Ierne Weyrhold. Plants are blooming, and life is pretty good. Today, Kassala is seated on a large stone, watching a green as she takes flight. Once the dragon is in the air, there comes a smile to her lips, "Great! Just take it easy there.." She calls out to the rider who offers a lift of a hand in acknowledgement.

Riohra is walking up the pathway from the ferry, his stride is casual as he doesn't seem to be in a hurry. Tucked under his arm is a wrapped package, which he absently pats as he walks. When the Green takes flight, he stops and watches the pair as they ascend. He hears the familiar voice, and smiles walking around the area to stand next to her, either not to block her view of the Green in flight, or to just sneak up on her.

Kassala doesn't immediately pick up on her companion, her focus and attention upon the green sailing low above her head, and more importantly, a wing that shows a bit of bandaging at the tip. "Good.. good.." Again, she nods, holding her hand up to the rider, motioning the pair back down. It's not till she hops off the rock that out of the corner of her eye, does she spy him there, "Rio? What's up?" OF course, as soon as the green lands, she holds up a hand to him, "Give me a quick moment.." Trotting out to talk to the rider, there's much gesturing, but in the end, seems to give the pair the go ahead to leave back to the nearby weyr, "Don't go between at least for the next week." The last is said as she turns and heads back to where Rio stands, "Sorry.. she hurt her wing in some drills.."

Riohra is grinning and leaning on the rock now, he waves off the apology saying "It is your job, you have loved this since forever if I can remember right." glances around her at the green dragon and askes "is that your handy work?" He has adjusted the package so it now rests behind his back as he was watching her work.

"Yep. I got to take care of her with one of the seniors watching me. Just had to make sure she wasn't favoring it when she flew." Kassala answers, soon stepping up nearby, "So, how's things for you? What brings you this way?" Assuming this is after her visit to Fort, that is.

Riohra grins down at her "nicely done", at the inquiry he pauses for a moment to consider "Things are actually good, strange but good. I am still not used to being in doors all the time, or even having my own room." He adjusts his weight form one foot to the other "And what I am doing here is I figured that since you came and saw where I am now, I could come and visit. seems only fair"

"That does take a little getting used to." Even Kassala had a few weeks of finding it odd here at the school. As he answers, she ahs softly, "Well, if you want a tour, I can give you one?" Though he might not find it quite as interesting as she. "Or we can go into the hall, and find something to drink or eat?" A gesture is made to the entrance nearby.

Riohra nods and perks up at the sound of food "Could we, the ride here didn't rightly agree with me. I feel in need something to settle my nerves" he gives her a blanched expression before smiling at her, "But then I would love to see where you work, because honestly I have no idea what it is you do here." He stands next to the young woman ready to fallow her lead.

DragonHealing School - Great Hall

A narrow entry hallway lies just on the other side of the school's double doors. It's painted a cool wedgewood blue with white trim and dark wooden floors. Straight ahead is a dark wooden staircase leading up to the residents' rooms. The western wall is like with white doors leading to smaller classrooms. There is a step down in to east to the school's great hall. The great hall is not the typical great hall. All the walls are painted wedgewood blue with white baseboards and crown molding. The floors are dark, glossy hardwood. Two white doors are set into the eastern wall, one to a supply room and the second to a small kitchen. Larger than normal for the size of the school, the hall has a raised stage floor all along the southern wall. An enormous blackboard covers most of the southern wall. Hooks along the walls allow for panels to partition into several smaller rooms. The room is furnished with long wooden tables and chairs set up either for meals or along one side for classes. A row of long glass windows in the northern wall let in light and show the schoolyard.

With a quiet chuckle, Kassala turns and heads towards the great hall of the school, leading Rio within. No classes are being held at the moment, so the hall is nice and open. The smells of the noontime meal can be caught on the air, and several students might be found at tables, hunched over their plates either studying or discussing their recent class or upcoming test with other students. "So.. ." To the board whree the food is set up she leads, picking up a couple of plates, and handing one to him, "Well, I'm a healer.. only for dragons instead of humans or other animals, is all." She explains what it is she does, and is learning.

Riohra's stomach rumbles at the smell of the food, as they make their way down where the food is he nods at her explanation "So you check there fevers, and prescribe medicines and other cures for every day ailments? Can a dragon even get a cold?" Taking the plate in hand looks over what is being served, the package is now safely stored under his plate as he moves around.

"In some ways, yes.. but generally it's injuries that we take care of. Or ailments from old age." Kassala answers him as she fixes her own plate. Seems someone might have skipped breakfast that morning! With a cup of klah in hand as well, she waits for him before heading to a table where they might both sit down together.

And that someone is Riohra, he adds enough to feed at least two people and grabs a mug of Klah as well. He has to take a moment to rebalance everything, while he is doing that says "Any idea where you want to go after here? I know Fort can always use a good Healer." Once gets everything balanced he nods to Kass to lead on to a table.

As they take a seat, Kassala turns to him, though she lifts a shoulder in a half shrug, "I'm not sure. Likely go wherever they think they could use a new dragonhealer. I haven't given it /too/ muhch thought at the moment. I want to reach rank 3 before I do." Which she's close to. "You think you're going to stay at Fort for a while?" She questions as she sips her klah, her gaze settling on him.

Riohra sits down putting the package he has been carrying down on the table now, and straightens his nice shirt. He takes his own Klah and drinks slowly, his eyes half close then the question of staying has him looking back at her "I don't see why not, it is a good enough place. Although the cold is still something I am getting used to. I mean they have ICE in the lake still and it is spring" he shakes his head to emphasize his disbelief.

Kassala glances to the package, then back to him, likely realizing he's dressed nicely. A brow lifts upwards slightly before it's all dismissed for the moment. A soft laugh escapes her, "I can't imagine having ice around, much less still in the lake right now." Southern Hold is nice and warm already!

Riohra nods with a bemused grin, "Aye, it was a real shock." He tries to slide the package over to her but seems to be in a state of fluster saying "But not more of a shock realizing I missed your turn day". His ears are starting to match the color of his shirt in embarassment "I, uh well.. I did know what you wanted so I just kinda guessed? Hope ya like it"

The bag:
Dusk seems to settle upon the soft, supple leather that makes up the whole of this bag. A flap of leather resides at the top of the bag that folds over to hold the bag closed, two straps are found on either side of the flap and can be put into two golden buckles to keep it in place. A rather large pocket is found at the front, kept closed by a zipper and is perfect for holding things that are relitively small such as wraps, bandages or even herbs. Upon opening the bag, it does not open like one would suspect, instead, it splits into two halves which makes it easier to see the contents inside and leaves less fumbling about. Elastic bands curve around each half of the bag, which would be good for storing vials of whatever one might need when performing healing. A deep depression is found oon the side of the vials where tools can be stored or else whatever else would be needed. Embossed into a small part of the leather is a cresent moon that has been stabbed in the center with a dagger, K'lar's crafter's mark.
<OOC> Riohra says, "http://www.medievalboutique.com/pouch-and-bags/2204-alchemy-bag-strap.html I know he added somethings to make it more *modern* but that is the general look"

Kassala blinks as he slides the package towards her, and leans forwards to reach for it, drawing it closer, "Oh?" She asks, only to blush a little, "I.. you remembered?" That's a surprise to her, though not as much as what's revealed beneath the cloth once unwrapped, "Oh.. Rio.. this is.. wow!" The healer's bag is more than she could have ever expected. "I.. don't kow what to say." But she jumps up, circling the table, and after sitting down at his side, leans in to give him a hug, "Thank you!"

Riohra is all awkward as she gives him the hug as he it shows in his voice "I…, am glad you like it" boy he is sure getting sunburnt around here. "Again didn't know if they, gave ya one or not but I figured better to have it and not need it.." he seems to be painfully aware of the changes in his childhood friend.

Kassala either ignores the awkwardness or just doesn't notice it. Likely the latter. Always one to offer hugs and such to friends is she. Still, the hug is given tightly as she draws back, shaking her head, "I hadn't gotten anything like this, no…" Of course, the banter and her excitement has gotten the attention of some of the other students, who, while they do tot come over, likely will be asking her questions later, considering the gift given! Fingers run over the vials and the areas for instruments and all the goodies within. "This is amazing.. I am.. wow.." Not expecting it at all.

Riohra grins now as she is examining the bag and its contents "I really didn't know what to get ya, but this fellow" he taps his finger on the makers mark "K'lar, he got me to the idea." He settles back down and drinks from his mug to help calm the nerves, yeah we will say that "I hope I am not interrupting your duties today? I actually got a day off. I mean who knew those even existed in my line of work"

"You'll have to thank him for me. This is perfect. And will keep all my stuff safe and sound when I have to journey to another place to tend a dragon." Kassala is excited about the kit, already planning what to put into it! Glancing aside, she smiles, "No, not interrupting. I had a class earlier, but nothing beyond maybe helping out in the infirmary later."

Riohra starts to eat his food but finds he still doesn't have the stomach for it, he continues to drink his Klah and sparsely nibbles at this food. "Once we are done here I still would like to see the rest of the place. It only seems far since I took you on a tour of Fort." His smile is warm and happy as he is spending time with his friend, though the other on lookers are noticed and some are even acknowledged with a salute of his mug.

"Certainly." Kassala switches back to the other side of the table where her food sits, and digs in. "Still feeling blah?" She does ask, gesturing to the food sitting on his own plate, mostly ignored. Nodding as he speaks of a tour, she starts to answer before an older guy steps in, "Kass? I need you to come help with something.." A nod is given him before she turns to Rio, "I'll be back as soon as I can, okay?" Once he agrees, she rises, stuffing the last bite of a meat pie into her mouth as she hurries off to help the older healer with a task.

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