Reonth's Flight - May 28th, 2007

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach

A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

Reonth appears to be asleep near the water's edge, curled around with her head on her front legs like a sleeping feline. Continuing the feline metaphor is her tail, the tip of which is twitching almost rhythmically. However, she can't stay asleep forever, as the tide is coming in, lapping gently at her feet. As the sea green wakes, she stretches, again much like a feline waking. But, unlike a feline stretching, she does not resettle and return to sleep, instead wading out into the water. Her rider is hiding in his hut-weyr, the door ajar so that he may watch the proceedings.

Having been in the area, due to his rider searching out a fellow crafter for a trade, Treasath is pacing along the shoreline, soaking up the sun as it glitters off his well oiled bronze hide. With a quiet crooning rumble to the Green, he saunters a bit, as if he was showing off. « Hello there, beauty. » He trills in a smug manner, tail swaying along his hind quarters in a playful manner. As his own legs brush through the crisp, chill of the water, he lets out a rumbling sigh, eyes whirling.

The beaches of Ierne have long been gone from Honrith's usual haunts, but with his rider present in the area to visit an old friend, the great copper-bronze of the Western Weyrleader makes his way for the beach on wide wings that carry him in a lazy glide towards the beach. Of course, it was the tingle of a proddy female nearby that drew him to this stretch in particular, and as he spies her, there's the faintest whirl of reddened violet in his eyes as Honrith lands upon the shores, rumbling out a deep, vibrating baritone of a greeting.

Reonth stretches her dark seaweed wings out, spreading them over the surface of the water like a raft, though it would not be advisable to try to climb aboard. The stocky green turns her head towards the shore, then bugles a challenge to the males gathering there. « None can catch me, I am the fastest dragon here. » And, to prove it, she pushes down with her wings, almost bouncing out of the water and into flight in an instant, though she stays out to sea, flying low, as she always does. The bronzes own greetings are ignored, as she zooms off over the water. L'ren is peeking out of his little hidey hole all the while, eyeing the bronzes in particular.

With a loud snort, Treasath looks amused at the challenge, flaring out his bronze wings, giving himself a mighty flap. Pushing himself off as well, he soars up into the sky, though not too high, watching, and waiting, as if looking for a reason to pounce. He breathes in the crisp sea air, filling his lungs as he readies himself for the chase, crooning after her. « Don't go too far, pretty lady. You'll wear yourself out for me. »

Honrith seems rather cool and collected, the sort of casual approach of a bronze who's seen his share of flights over his long lifetime and has grown privy to all the taunts, teases, and tricks. He watches the eagerness of Treasath with one eye, the other remaining on the green as he spreads his wings. He doesn't rise into the air, yet, eventhough he appears ready. Bide your time, and save energy.

Reonth trails her wingtips in the water, for the moment forgetting that she is being pursued, and just enjoying the flight out to sea. But, it can't continue in this manner, for the best way to end a flight is far far above the ground, so she tilts upwards slightly and wheels around, taunting the males by flying directly overhead as she climbs, though she remains close to the water for the time being. « I will go as far as I like! » she roars, enjoying her freedom.

Finding the right moment, Treasath rushes out of the water quickly, shot into the skies like a bronze bullet, racing after the Green. He hopes to outmuscle, and out streak the older Bronze, utilizing his smaller visage to ride the currents, and leave the bulk behind. Though not as powerful in stature, he is quite the rippled muscled, machine, and he has had his share of chases, and wins in his lifetime. His wings catch the sky easily as he flaps, looking to close the distance between him, and his potential partner, leaving all words behind.

Haunches bunch and tail burrows deep into the sands, all leverage for Honrith to push his great size up and off the beach in a rush of heavy wingbeats and a storm of sand kicked up in his wake. On wide wings does he throw in his strength, already behind he'll have to work to catch up, but he's cautious to conserve his energy for the last throws of speed - he only gets one shot. He's designed for the stamina of queens, not the speed of greens, but that hasn't stopped him before and his eyes blaze with the red-purple stare of intent that this will be no different.

Reonth begins to tire now, putting the last of her energy into the ever-upwards climb, straining to get higher, higher, always higher. « You'll never reach me, never! » she roars, as she goes up and up and up, veering further out to sea once more. Unlike many greens, who use their agility to full force during flights, Reonth counts on her speed to keep the males at bay. But she lacks the endurance of the males, so it doesn't last long. Still, she is defiant to the last, roaring as her wings begin to falter, as if unable to believe that she might be caught.

Well now, perhaps Treasath here needs to help her 'get back up' into those skies. No need a pretty lady such as herself should fly on her own wings when a gentlemen, and emperor such as himself can do all the carrying. Trying to zig, and zag his way in front of Honrith's path, like an annoying insect, the Eastern bred Bronze at least knows how to maneuver through the sky. Finally, with a final, powerful rush of his hammering wings, and beating heart, he throws his all into the catch, talons opening wide as he hopes to dive himself down upon her, and clutch his prize. He's breathing heavily, though leaving plenty in the bank for the win if need be.

Honrith roars through the sky, dipping his wingtips to descend from the higher levels of the sky, angling himself to try and swing down from above. A roar is bellowed out towards Treasath, all shining teeth and curling tongue, snarling out his anger to the smaller bronze as he tries to blatantly out-muscle and out-size Treasath to try and shove him aside and catch the green for himself - if he can catch up that last few feet, that is.

Reonth notices Treasath coming dangerously close to catching her, and swerves sharply to avoid being caught, to remain free. And when she notices Honrith coming up on the other side, she tries to avoid him as well, but she's getting tired now, worn out from pushing herself to her top speed, and then maneouvering unexpectedly to avoid Treasath. In the end, she falls to the older bronze, Honrith, warbling a weak protest, before giving herself over to the victor.

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