Surprise Gift

DragonHealing School - Great Hall

A narrow entry hallway lies just on the other side of the school's double doors. It's painted a cool wedgewood blue with white trim and dark wooden floors. Straight ahead is a dark wooden staircase leading up to the residents' rooms. The western wall is like with white doors leading to smaller classrooms. There is a step down in to east to the school's great hall. The great hall is not the typical great hall. All the walls are painted wedgewood blue with white baseboards and crown molding. The floors are dark, glossy hardwood. Two white doors are set into the eastern wall, one to a supply room and the second to a small kitchen. Larger than normal for the size of the school, the hall has a raised stage floor all along the southern wall. An enormous blackboard covers most of the southern wall. Hooks along the walls allow for panels to partition into several smaller rooms. The room is furnished with long wooden tables and chairs set up either for meals or along one side for classes. A row of long glass windows in the northern wall let in light and show the schoolyard.

People: Kassala and Niki

Escaping from class, Kassala is seated at one of the long tables with food and klah, having skipped breakfast earlier that morning. Looking through notes while she eats, it would appear that the young woman is studying for an upcoming test. The day outside is mid-morning, sun warm as usual here in Ierne. Dressed in a light tunic and a pair of capri length trousers, sandals are on her feet, and her red hair is pulled back and braided down her back.

Niki makes her way into the great hall and speaks softly to someone near the door, "Hey does anyone know who Kassala is?" she has a fairly large box under her arm

One of the students near the door looks up, offering Niki a smile. As to her question, he ohs, "YEah, she's…" A look about the gathered students at the tables, and he finally spies her, "The red head over there. That's Kassala." Of course, the package is getting a few looks from various other students now.

Niki smiles, 'Thanks you." before she looks up to find the red head indicated. She move that way and smiles. "Kassala?" she ask as she steps up looking down at her.

Lost in diagrams and notes is Kassala, but when her name is spoken, she slowly draws her attention from notes to the person… rider… standing nearby. "Yes? I'm Kassala?" A smile is given before she offers, "May I help you? " Likely ready to lend a hand to a sick dragon!

Niki smiles and says, "Absolutely, will you sign here." he offers over a clip board. still holding a box in the other arm, "I have a package for you from Riohra."

"Sign.. of course.." A little confused is Kassala, but she takes the clipboard and signs wherever she should before handing it back over to the rider. "From Riohra?" She can't help the smile that appears, though that note of curiosity hasn't left her face, "I… what is he sending me now?" She half wonders to herself.

Niki smiles handing over the box and says, "I believe it is a little gift." she smiles, "I hope you like it. I actually helped him pick out the base he used to make it."

As the box is handed over, Kassala looks fro mit to the rider, "Oh?" Curiousier and curiousier! So, she begins to open it, wanting to see what's inside, likely not thinking if she should be opening something from Rio in public. Who knows what he might decide to send her!

Niki see the look on her face and smiles softly and says, "It is nothing naughty if that is what you are worried." she slips her clipboard under her arm and smiles. "I am Niki by the way, kinda dating his cousin so.."

"Good.. sometimes.. " Well, Kassala has to wonder! And so, with that in mind, she peeks inside to see what she will find, though she draws her head up to look at Niki, "Ah.. congrats? Which cousin?" She wonders, curious, knowing some of Riohra's family.

This full length cloak is made of a warm heavy woolen material, when placed about the shoulders will hang to just above her ankles as if it was fitted just for her. The edges have been lined with fur, and the inside lining is made of a soft satiny material so it doesn't catch on her work bag or anything about her body. There is a bronze tag has been sewn into the lining near the bottom well out the way as not to be a hindrance. On it is the owners name and three stars after. It claps as the chest area, the clasp when open is two dragons, but when closed the two entwine to make a heart shape


Niki smiles as she watches Kassala peek into the box to see green cloth, and some kind of fur. Coloring a bit she says, "T'ana.."

Kassala ahs, "I think I met her a few times. Well, good luck, and much fun?" Spying the material and fur, she blinks a few times before reaching in to pul out what soon reveals itself to be a cloak, "Oooh.." Her face says it all - wow! This is far beyond what she could imagine. It brings tears to her eyes, "How.. he… "

Niki smiles and nods her head, "I will try." seeing the reaction she nods her head and turns to go letting the other woman just enjoy her present in peace.

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