Chatter, Brawl, Flight - July 1st, 2006

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach

A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

Leona is strolling along the beach today with Karell, journeyman harper. Resting in the shallows of course is Lakareth, keeping a cynical eye on his rider and her mate.

D'ev comes along the beach with his dainty green dragon following elegantly beside him. "Some sun and surf, my love, what do you think?" he scratches her emerald green neck and she arches it playfully. "Yes, exactly love, perhaps you'll catch some lucky fellow's eyes," he says teasingly. "You flirt." She lifts her head coyly, not arguing with her rider's assessment.

Lakareth looks over at D'ev and his green, then swings his head back to his rider, who promptly turns, and waves. "Hello, there!" she calls out, nudging Karell to turn around also. The man grunts, but does so, offering a wave grudgingly. "Don't mind him," Leona tells D'ev. "He's just grumpy because he was passed over for Master, again."

D'ev laughingly waves. "Ah hi!" he says brightly, in a boisterously high pitched lisp. "May we join you?" Before an answer can be given Mariseth playfully bounds towards the water, almost dancing her way to the water and the other dragon there. "Silly!" D'ev teases, and then heads towards Leona and Karell. "What a lovely day this is."

Leona grins at D'ev, and nods. "Oh, it is. Our daughter has just gone back to Telgar for a few weeks, so we've got a bit of time to ourselves." she briefly glares at Lakareth, but it's kind of a friendly glare, if such a thing is even possible. Lakareth snorts at Mariseth. « Well, aren't you just a bouncing bundle of joy. » Oh, sarcasm, how lovely.

Mariseth preens. « When one is in such handsome company, it is quite hard not to be… » Oh bother. D'ev gives a little snort. "You behave now," he says to Mariseth. Then to Leona. "Oh that must be nice. I live alone mostly," he says. "I much prefer my private space to stay private, although a little company now and again cannot hurt." Mariseth must be in agreement for she splashes her tail in the water playfully, in an attempt to intice Lakareth to play.

Karell shrugs slightly. "It can get crowded, with two adults, a nine turn old, and a massive dragon." he says, with a shrug. Leona grins. "It's not crowded. My parents were both riders, and had five kids, and still I never found it crowded." Obviously the two are of very different upbringings. Lakareth flicks his tail, « You don't get sarcasm, do you? » he replies bitterly.

A crafty look steals over Mariseth's rainbow eyes. « I get it » she replied smoothly. « I just ignore it…» Her rider can't help but laugh at this, and find himself a place in the sand to lay out his blanket and sunbathe. "Mariseth, he wants to be left alone. Enjoy your soak dear, really…" he rolls his eyes and smiles over at Karell. "I came from a rather big family, so there were always children getting underfoot somewhere, usually myself, it is a wondrous thing to be so free and on my own." No duties to Hall, Hold or Family, yep, that's the life for D'ev.

Leona laughs, and nods. "Oh, I know that feeling. I've been free all my life. I thought that impressing would change all that, but it didn't really. I'm still free, I'm just never alone. And I like it." she says, with a very satisfied sigh. "The mate and kid have never stopped me, either." she adds.

D'ev grins. "Nice to have somebody to talk to now and again though, and especially Mari, always good to have a close friend," he nods his head towards his dragon who is now basking in the cool shallows rather grumpily. "It's too hot for playing my love," he says soothingly towards he. She just gives a soft snort in defeat.

Leona glances to Mariseth, and smiles apologetically. "Sorry, Lak is a bit of a grump." she says, simply. "By the way, my name is Leona, I'm kind of a tanner, kind of a traveller. That big brown grump over there is my Lakareth." At this, Lakareth shifts in the water, sending a miniature wave rippling outwards and turning his back to the shore deliberately. Karell speaks up again then, with a little wave. "I'm Karell."

D'ev grins. "I'm D'ev," he says in a self-flattering voice, actually waving a hand in front of his face as if fanning himself. "The beautifully petulant emerald green in the water is my beloved one Mariseth," he says, waving his hand in her direction now. "Spoiled girl," the green arches her neck towards him. « Most certainly! »

Leona snickers, glancing out at Mariseth. "Lak is wondering if she's always this friendly." and then she laughs rather loudly. "And now he's 'yelling' at me because I wasn't supposed to mention that." she leans back in the sand, then tilts her head at D'ev curiously. "So, what brings you to Ierne?" she asks. If D'ev's been here a while, well, she's been bouncing about a lot with travel, restless thing that she is.

Green Dragon Inn

Deep and wide, with dark wood-paneled walls, this room holds just about something for everyone. Along one wall stretches a bar behind which the friendly barkeeper Jorrj keeps busy. He's also quite tall and bulky, and looks quite capable of taking care of any troublemakers. Round tables are scattered around the room. They and the booths along the other wall provide seating for those tantalized by the warm aromas of food drifting from the kitchen. Along the back wall are dartboards, and several doors are labelled, leading to quiet rooms in the back and the rooms for guest to stay in. One door is labelled 'No Children Beyond This Point'. The sounds of dice rolling and the occasional cheer can faintly be heard from behind it.

Leona wanders into the inn on her own, with a brief grin. "Sorry Lakareth, don't think they make a glass big enough." she says, with a laugh. "Or enough alcohol." she heads over to M'woen, nodding slightly. "Something strong, thanks." she says, sliding into a bar stool with the kind of ease that can only come with much practice.

Deeti watches Leona enter and smiles, waving to her pleasantly while she waits her turn to be served, sitting up with a straight back, very poperly and politely

Leona snickers at Deeti. "You'll never get served like that. What do you want? My shout." does she mean that she's going to pay for it, or just that she's going to yell for it? You never know with her.

S'rus checks his pocket, then frowns, "I appear to be a little short. Could I borrow a couple Marks, M'woen? Till I get paid."

M'woen growls, "No. Get a job, you shiftless bum." He then grins and says, "You can wash glasses to pay for your drinks though."

Deeti blinks and looks over, al ittle annoyed as she states in a loud voice "I was waiting until she wasn't buisy anymore." she states "but… spiced cider. Lukewarm." she assents finally to the other rider "Then come join me!"

Leona grins at Deeti. "No problem. Some spiced cider for Deeti, M'woen?" she calls out, tossing the appropriate amount of mark pieces onto the bar. Seems she's both paying, and yelling. S'rus gets a glance then, and a raised eyebrow. "Y'know, M'woen has a point." she says simply.

S'rus grumbles "The drinks here are so watered down, the glasses wash themselves."

Deeti smiles at Leona "How is your dragon doing? Devaith is doing fine as always. She's finally learned how to swish her tail without letting it drag on the ground. Its' quite graceful."

M'woen narrows his eyes at S'rus. His drinks are not watered down. "Rider, if you don't like my drink, theres other places to go."

Leona laughs, and shakes her head, yelling down the bar, "Could I get some spiced cider, M'woen?" before snickering at something. "Lak is anything but graceful. He's still got that bad leg he hatched with, still limping about, and still just as bitter. Seems as though he's gotten grumpier over the turns, though." all of this is said in a fairly affectionate tone, of course. But, not this: "M'woen! Where's that cider?!" she shouts.

M'woen stomps over and plops a cider down by Leona, "Hold yer runners, girl! Here is is."

Deeti giggles a bit then coughs, composing herself "Could he not build the strength up by exercising it?" she ask then, picking up her cup of cider daintily and sipping it a little "And why IS he so bitter?"

Robyn has arrived.

M'woen grins and winks at Robyn, "Hows tricks?"

Leona smiles ever-so-sweetly at M'woen. "Thank you." she says politely, with only a -hint- of sarcasm, before turning to the very ladylike greenrider. "Well, I'm not exactly sure, to be honest. He was bitter before his leg started to give him pain, as well. I guess that's just how he is." she shrugs, then grins. "So, how's life as a greenrider been treating you? Had many flights?" she teases, in a friendly kind of way.

Robyn grins back at M'woen, "They are great. Get me a drink, M'woen. I could use one today." She plops down in a chair near where S'rus is sitting.

M'woen looks up, "What's your poison?"

Deeti goes a bit pink and nods "Yes, I have. I have one coming up if you think your boy will be interested. They're invite-only of course. Formal affairs." she explains to that as she puts her Cider down, watching Robyn and M'woen curiously, then back to Leona "She thinks he's being silly."

Robyn says "Give me a Benden Red…turn 2666…"

M'woen brings the brothel owner her wine, still grinning.

Leona tilts her head curiously at Deeti. "Hows that working out for you, the invite thing?" she asks, with a slight frown. "I don't know that Lakareth would be interested - he still hasn't chased so much as a firelizard." she shrugs slightly. After all, she does have a paranoid mate, so perhaps it's best she not get into flights.

Deeti smiles "Very well. I consider them important affairs, even if she is a green, they're important to her. I usually invite males who've caught before and people I think would be a good ahh… match up."

S'rus gives Robyn a dark look, then ignores her so pointedly that she might as well be an empty chair.

Robyn loves baiting S'rus. Swirling her wine a little, she leans towards him and leers, then blows him a kiss. "Hows my sexy bronzerider today? You never visit and Jaketh has been asking why you and Tobiath are avoiding us. You certainly didn't avoid us when Jaketh rose to mate before.. "

Leona chuckles softly at Deeti. "Well, it's certainly an original concept, I'll give you that. Perhaps you could send an invite my way. I'd be interested to see how it turns out, and who knows, Lak might even decide to chase as well!" she says, with a grin. "But truthfully, I am glad that he hasn't chased yet. When we were at Telgar, my brother's green got it into her head to flirt with Lakareth and /only/ Lakareth. Luckily for me, he ignored her advances." she says, clearly very relieved. Robyn and S'rus get a raised eyebrow, and she tilts her head slightly. Apparently, her mother never told her that she shouldn't listen in on other people's conversations.

Deeti glances over as well, then back to Leona. She on the other hand was PROPERLY raised. "Ahh. Maybe he will. And yes, that IS a lucky thing! THe dragons may not mind it but we certainly do. Davaith was caught once by a rider who was only interested in boys, so we both found partners, but it was a bit awkwardy

You can hear S'rus grind his teeth.. He wants to ignore this woman, but shes pushing his buttons, "Go to between, woman. I want nothing to do with you or your green!" He winces at something and glances outside, then mutters something about his dragon having no taste.

Leona was raised just fine, really. She knows that there's no such thing as a free lunch, for one. She's hardly squeamish, and she's not above doing the jobs no-one else wants to do. She's just a little lacking in the manners department, that's all. As for Devaith's flight history. "Ah, yes, that would be awkward." she says, with a nod. "I heard that flights are too involved though, to find alternate partners?" Well, clearly not. "Interesting. My brother is in for a world of teasing when I see him next." she rubs her hands together with evil glee.

Deeti shrugs "We had no problems." she states and blinks, glancing over at this curiously and lifts an eyebrow "What…?"

Robyn mockpouts, "Jaketh said Tobiath likes her. You should listen to your dragon." She lets her eyes wander over the bronzerider's thin frame, "Mmmmm… So when do I get the chance to get into those tight black pants, S'rus?"

S'rus seems to have a vein throbbing in his forhead as he answers the greenrider, "When porcines fly… Leave me alone, woman…" his tone is threatening, black eyes lock for a momment on Robyn's, then he looks away. If looks could have killed, she would have been a pile of ash.

Robyn sips her wine and grins, "I'll just have to go buy a porcine and see how far Jaketh can throw it…" She smirks, then lets her gaze wander around the tavern, to see what other trouble she can stir up.

Leona starts to laugh, then stops abruptly. Looks like things are about to get interesting over there. Her attention quickly shifts to S'rus and Robyn, and she finally starts to sip at her Igen firewhiskey. "Ooh, that's strong." she murmurs, although she doesn't put it down. Anyway, back to S'rus and Robyn. "I'm suddenly very glad that Lakareth doesn't chase." she says, randomly.

Deeti can't help but giggle at Robyn's last phrase. "What about an inflatable?" she asks then, unable to resist piping up.

Robyn laughs at Deeti, "I will have to ask the plasticcraft about that." Peering at Leona, she askes, "Doesn't chase? Whats wrong with him? Have you had a dragonhealer check that? All males chase unless there is something wrong with them, you know.."

S'rus rubs his head. He often wishes his dragon would not chase. Muttering at Leona, "Concider yourself lucky. I can't keep mine away from the mating flights. Not even taking him to Ice Lake works."

Leona rolls her eyes at Robyn. "No. Don't know. Yes." she answers in an almost bored tone. It's not that she doesn't worry, she most certainly does, but she's had to answer these same questions many times. As for the last part? She stands, pulling herself up to her full height of six feet. "Are you implying that there is something /wrong/ with /my dragon/?" uh-oh, that tone is definitely not bored.

Deeti uh ohs softly and stands, moving to put a hand on leona's shoulder "Leona, calm down!"

Robyn raises an eyebrow, "Yes, I am. A dragon who doesn't chase is not normal. Like a man who can't get it up." She casts a glance at S'rus and smirks. "Not you. You act like you can't, but I know better."

S'rus growls something unrepeatable at Robyn…

Leona knocks Deeti's hand back, and steps torwards Robyn. "My Lakareth is /twice/ the dragon that yours is. Three times! If he wanted, he could have any female he liked, green or gold." Oh, she's definitely mad now. You do /not/ insult her dragon. Say what you like about Leona, her mate, her kid, anything but her dragon.

Deeti eeps at this and wide eyed, steps back and looks past her to the barkeep, a panicked look on her face. Error. Women do NOT act like this… "leona…" she whispers "Only greens go proddy you know, not browns…"

Robyn smirks and eyes Leona, "He can't have it if he can't chase it. Three times, you say? Is that weight? Is he fat like a nuetered canine then?"

Leona snorts at Deeti. "Stay out of this, you might get hurt." she snaps, before turning back to Robyn. "Fat? FAT?! IS HE FAT?" At some point, some brave man has decided to try to restrain Leona. Bad move there. That poor mad man will probably never 'win a flight' or even 'chase' again. "Maybe he doesn't want to chase because he doesn't think any of the females are even worth the effort."

Deeti leaps back as Leona snaps at her and wide eyed, she turns to help drag the poor man out of the way.

Robyn drains her wine glass, sets it aside and says insolently, "Maybe he just knows he can't catch one and won't make the effort. Poor thing.. " She is not a big woman, being thin and wirey, but she looks like she can handle herself in a fight and has that air about her of a women measuring her opponant.

Zera has obviously chosen a sad time to coem into the Green Dragon Inn. She stops, raises an eyebrow, then peeks around th ecorner. When she sees it is Leona, the girl winces. "leona!" She cals out, brazen, rash. "Can you stop yelling? Najath is reporting that the dragons and fire lizards are becoming agitated, and it's not healthy to do so with Avarinth so close to flight." She pauses, then swears. »Does it matter?« Najath sends to the froup. »I chase, but only because I wish too. IT shouldn't matter. One should do want one wishes, within respectful authority.« Zera nods in agreement to her dragon's words.

Jaketh projects to Lakareth . o O ( Don't let what my rider says upset you. I am sure you can chase if you feel like it. I hear eatting a lot of packtail makes you want to chase greens more. )

Lakareth projects to Jaketh . o O ( I could chase if I wished to. But I see no point in chasing just any old floozy. ) Here's where he should say no offence, but doesn't. ( I'll chase when I'm good and ready, and no sooner. )

Jaketh projects to Lakareth . o O ( Whats a floozy? )

Leona growls at Robyn. "Lakareth is very capable of catching any dragon." she says, angrily. "He just doesn't want to." she scowls, though she doesn't make a move just yet. Zera is snapped at, "How would /you/ feel if someone suggested that Najath was somehow … less of a dragon?"

Robyn snorts in amusement, "So you say, but I hear that male dragons who can't chase are just a result of improper care when young. Overfeeding them as babies. A good dragonhealer might have a treatment to correct it."

Deeti glares at Robyn "Oh, be polite. I was there when she fed her dragon - she fed him just as much as anyone elses'.

And so comes hat quiet moment in the conversations where everyone seems to lower their voices. And into this moment walks D'ev, as if the moment were -made- for him. His bright blond hair is slightly damp, yet the curls of it still bounce, even as he bounces right to the bar. "Something…bubbly," he says to the tender, all the while admiring his own fingernails as if for imperfections.

Leona glares quite furiously at Robyn, nodding at Deeti's support. "See, I'm no silly airhead, I paid attention to all those lessons about dragon care, and followed them to the letter." And not only because Lakareth hatched with a bad leg. D'ev is simply not noticed.

Robyn gives Deeti a look, "When did you become my conscience? I will be however I wish to be. If it wasn't overfeeding, its just bad breeding or maybe.. his rider is inhibiting him by being a…how shall I put this, prude? I've seen it happen before with Holdbreds.. they are so afraid of being intimate with another, they inhibit their own dragons. I can help with that. My brothel has a fine selction of guys and ladies to fit any taste. Get yourself laid and things will be easier for your dragon."

Deeti blinks "Hey now, /I/'m hold bred, and I have no problems myself!" she states in protest.

Leona laughs, so hard that she tears up a little and bends over. "Oh, right. Dragon's not interested, so obviously the rider isn't getting any. Ha, that's a classic." she says, wiping her eyes. "I'll have you know, my mate and I are very happy together. And even if I had no mate, I'm no repressed holder's daughter. My parents are riders, and raised us to be comfortable with the rider lifestyle, whether we impressed or not." she snorts. "I'd probably still get active if I was a holder's daughter, for the sake of my dragon. But that's obviously not the problem here. Because there is no problem!"

Evne enters the inn, pausing at the door leading in to look around and see who might be present that she knows, and finding none, moves in the direction of the bar and the bar keep. She hears snippets of conversation, and the odds and ends she does here cause her to glance over to the small crowd curiously.

Robyn chuckles, "No problem other then your dragon can't chase, because theres something wrong with him. But if you want to live in denial and pretend its normal, go right ahead. Pity the poor dragon doesn't get better care.."

Robyn is given a /hard/ look. "Getting laid dosen't solve the problems all the time Robyn." Zera states, disgusted. "It's comments liek those that may make her even more..prude-ish. If Lakareth dosen't want to fly after a female, then he wonm't. My Najath does the same thing. That's same dam and sire, same color. Therefore before accusing anyone of anything," She steps up to her, only a few feet away, "I would suggest you get facts and stick to those rather than opinions. I went through the same weyrling lessons as Leona did. She was a far by better dragonrider than I was. It's in their personalities, everyone- dragon, rider, crafter, holder, has. You don't nark on that, do you? Of course not. It's considered bad taste. Getting into arguments about whether a dragon, a male dragon at that, flys, dosen't matter. Nothing you can say or do will change the dragon's personality and the dragonriders beliefs. That's the way we are and that's the way it'll always be. Don't you understand?" Najath, of course, has to put his two cents in. he's a grumbling baritone at the moment. »We are what we are. So Lakareth dosen't want to chase. Dose it matter? No it does not. Raised weyr, hold, or craft, one does what one's beliefs and personalitys does, not what one person thinks. Is that understandable?« Zera looks up at her dragon in amazement. "Like Najath said. It's all in the dragon. Not all up to the rider. Rider's, sure, they can hope, tr yto prod their dragons one way, but in the end they are stubborn." She backs up a bit. "Of course, you, not understanding that, would never understand that some flights just don't attract some dragons. Like Najath. He prefers the bigger the female, the better. He dosen't chase smaller ones. He dosen't want too." She smiles. "Can you understand that?" She asks, echoing Najath's words.

D'ev seems to understand what's happening and doesn't care. But he does know that Leona is being attacked, the nice woman whom he met today at the beach, so he walks over to Robyn with his bubbly in hand and coughs. "Beg your pardon, but Mariseth, my green, says she'd let Lakareth chase her anytime…and seeing as she's proddy I'm guessing that's true," he flicks his hand up and laughs. "So there's no lack of interest from the female side of the equation." Ya-awn.

Robyn raises an eyebrow at D'ev and smiles, "Jaketh doesn't mind Lakareth either, but said he would have to make the effort to catch her.. Shes not just going to save a flight for him alone, after all."

M'woen grins as he freshens a drink, "My green, Sofienth can't rise cause she's a cripple, but if your brown can run fast, she can give him a good chase on the ground. She thinks you have a fine looking brown."

S'rus smirks at the comment from the barkeeper, "That must be a sight to see. I do hope they clear the streets when she has a mating….romp?"

Leona snorts at Robyn. "'Pity he doesn't get better care'? Why do you think I came to Ierne? The weather? No, I moved here for the dragonhealers. For Lakareth. I boil pot after pot of numbweed MYSELF, IN MY OWN WEYR, all for Lakareth. Don't talk to me about the quality of care he is recieving." D'ev gets a nod. "Not the first green to offer that, though thankfully you aren't related to me. Or at least, I don't think you are." M'woen's offer gets a smile, slightly sympathetic. "Ah, well, Lakareth isn't so good on the ground… Bit of a bad leg." she admits, quietly.

Devaith projects « Oy. Does it really matter if he rises or not? This is all getting very bothersome and improper »

Jaketh projects « Nothing improper about mating. »

Evne blinks as she hears of the mating, well, as S'rus put it, Romp, and she can't help but to give a soft laugh. "That aught to be a very interesting sight to behold." She mummers, adding her two marks to the byplay.

Najath projects « Yes, why should it? I don't care wheather or not I chase or not. I do becasue I wish…. »

Jaketh projects « Well.. Its not.. normal.. for male dragons to not want to chase. Males are normaly always ready.. Its us females who only want to mate when proddy. »

An old rider in the back who has been listening pipes up, "The greenrider has a point. Just isn't right for a male, human or dragon, not wanting to get him some… Was his egg too cold when he was brooded?"

Lakareth projects « I simply do not see the need to chase every single thing that rises. »

R'oc strolls into the Dragon Inn, a looks around seeing many faces and then begins to hear the conversation. And once something said catches his interest he decides to stick in his spoon. "Is that so, I don't think your right, I don't want to get me some." He states a bit dryly. "Or rather thats not all thats on mine or my dragons mind." He probably doesn't know what he got himself into with saying that, but he did.

Another old man, wearing a Miner's badge agrees, "If it were a man, he would not be a real man if he didn't want it."

Leona glares at the old miner. "Oh, now it's because I'm a /woman/?" she snaps, furiously. "I wish Lakareth would just rise to chase already, and show you all what a /real/ dragon can do."

S'rus thinks the remark was aimed at him, being as he is not known for responding to the advances of females.. He turns and frowns at the miner, "Speak for yourself. I am more a man then you can ever be…"

Devaith projects « Nothing wrong with not mating… but all this bickering is improper and unlady and gentlemanly like »

Najath lets out a loud bugle. »I quite agree.«

D'ev giggles, in a way that a man his age should NOT. "Well my dear sweet green with rise any day now, so if he's ready to mate he'll have his chance," he winks pointedly at S'rus. "Me being a man has never stopped my girl from going up…" he says knowingly.

The Miner laughs, "Nothin to do with you being a woman. Its your dragon isn't a proper male if he don't want females when they rise. Maybe he likes other males instead?"

R'oc looks over in surprise to see that it was Leona that they were talking about. He smiles and then looks at the old men and responds. "I'm sure in your old age that is all you think of, but please, a dragon is ready to rise when it's good and ready." He crosses his arms and then looks at S'rus as he comments to the old man. "Well said, well said. But peace my good fellows, there are better ways to settle questions of manhood."

Devaith projects « REguardless on if its' improper to rise or not, its' also improper to continue to harass someone about it. »

Robyn giggles at the miner, "I don't think dragons…swing that way. They don't do it for fun like people and dolphins do."

D'ev tosses his blond curls hotly. "As if there were anything -wrong- with that?" he says acridly, and goes to the bar to get a fresh refill of his drink.

Evne looks to Robyn and smiles over to her, "Aye, and the Dolphins seem to enjoy it just as much as humans do." She says, speaking authoritivly as a dolphincrafter can on her craft. "At least, thats what Casia tells me, she is always out having fun."

Zera remarks coolly, "Well, Najath wants to say this:" Najath speaks. »Peace for all. You would not be if it was for not what you were. Leave Lakareth alone.«

Another random rider says, "What would a miner know about dragons? Stick to rocks, like the ones in your head."

Leona snorts. "Dragons aren't wired the same as people. Males always chase females, never the other way around, and never chasing the opposite genders either." she explains, in that same bored tone indicating that this is another thing she's had to say many many times. "Lakareth is /fine/." she adds, glaring about the room at anyone who might dare say otherwise.

D'ev stirs his drink vaguely. "I think this bickering is pointless and insulting. It's one thing to insult a rider's dragon, it's another to beat rider and dragon into the mud. Not everybody things with their trousers, certainly dragons don't…" he rubs his forhead. "Be that as it may, I AM thinking with my trousers tonight, and I find this pub to be killing any chance for romance," HINT HINT.

Robyn gives Evne a doubletake, wondering just how much she knows about the subject of dolphins and…. well.. she won't go there. Looking back at Leona, she says, "Obviously in your case, they don't always chase…"

R'oc looks around the room and seeing that their ganging up on the old miner decides to play the defender. "Well now, I don't know about that, now that I hear what the old man is saying he does have something correct to what he says." R'oc strokes his chin and then says. "Male dragons are not known to turn down females, much. But females themselves do like the attention from the male dragons. As for Lakareth, seems normal to me, for the most part." He says with a bit of a smile.

The miner, who has had more drink then is good for him, snarls at the rider, "You insult the Minecraft? Thems fighting words. There is a crash as the miner flips over the table and launches himself at the rider.

Deeti shrieks at the crash and dives under the nearest table. Duck and cover!

Evne blinks as she catches the look from Robyn, and laughs softly, "No, I don't know myself." She says, laughing, "I do draw a line somewhere I'll have you know."

Leona glances downwards towards D'ev's trousers, and snickers. "You're honest, Lakareth likes honesty." she says, then frowns as the miner turns over a table and attacks.

S'rus is so startled by the crash, he tries to scramble up and falls over his chair, landing in a tangle with it on the floor.

Zera is quick o react, jumping over broken things and fallen chairs, and comes to a stop before S'rus. "well, your in trouble." She remarks cheerfuly, trying to wrok th echair out so he can get up.

R'oc looks back at the miner and then begins to roll up his sleeves and then grins. "This is going to be fun gentle rider, and miner." At this point he takes it upon himself to separate the two by any means possible. And then he jumps into the two and begins to try and wrestle them both down.

D'ev shrieks in a very unmanly octave when things go crashing. "Now REALLY!" he says, then yelps and runs behind the bar for safety. "Well this is bad!" he pouts, and pushes his hair back from his sweaty forhead.

The two fighting in the back, crash into another table, shoving a smithcrafter into the back of a brawny looking female, who looks like she might be another miner. She picks herself up and breaks her chair over the head of the smith… Others in the back join in the brawl, even though they have no clue whats going on. Brawling sweeps though the room like a fire.

S'rus struggles to get loose from the chair, "OUCH! Thats my leg, you sharding idiot!"

Leona glances about, then frowns. She doesn't make any moves to break anything up though, instead grabbing a chair and going after Robyn. Well, she /did/ insult a number of things belonging to Leona.

Zera bares her teeth. "Quit..struggling!" She yelps cheerfully back, breaking off the legs and subsquently scattering the chair to th efloor. "There ya go!" She remarks, grabbing a chair's leg. "snap at me again and it'll hurt worse!" She remarks, diving into the brawl.

Robyn dives sideways out of her chair to avoid a flying bottle, then sees Leona with the chair. Ducking low to avoid the chair, she attempt to headbutt Leona in the stomach.

D'ev crawls out from behind the bar towards the door, and therefore S'rus and Zera. "Are you injured?" he says. Well, he is a dragonrider, even if he is independant. He does care is someone gets smushed. "I know how to splint a leg…" there's plenty of debris to find a proper splint anyway.

R'oc growls and then all of a sudden seems to fly to Leona and then grabs the chair trying to pull it away from her. "Leona, please I need this!" He smiles and as he's bashed in the back of the head with a mug. "Ughf!" He rolls around the ground and then kicks the man into a crowd of brawlers.

Deeti wails under the table, her shirts gathered about her, and Devaith screams outside

Zera grins cheerfully at r'oc before following the kicked man. Tall, you can bearly see her head inth e crowd, however, the "Ooofs!", "Arghs," and the "Get off of me ya bum!" Are heard called out from her.

S'rus manages to find his feet, bruised and angry. He tries to make it to the safety of the door, but the bottle that Robyn ducked catches him on the back of his head, sending him back to the floor, out cold as a fish..

Leona misses Robyn, because the woman ducked. And then the chair is tugged at by R'oc, which distracts Leona enough for Robyn to get her in the stomach, and she doubles over, winded.

R'oc laughs aloud when he gets up. "I love being a rider!" And then runs and dives towards S'rus and the people around him. Throwing his body into the air and coming crashing down on bodies making them fall like bowling pins.

Devaith projects « Someone get her out of there!! »

Najath projects « Mine says, Got it. »

The muzzle of a bronze dragon seems to be trying to enter the tavern..It does not look…happy.

Dulacth wakes up from his nap, curious «Out of where? Who?»

Ethne walks in quietly as she hears a commotion from the dragons outside the tavern and then ones inside the tavern as well and shakes her head as she raises her voice as Mellonath gives a stern yet quiet rumble from outside. "What is going on in here and is it really worth upseting your dragons for???" The goldrider looks between them all.

Devaith projects « They're threatening my rider! How dare they! Over a silly brown who wont' fly! »

People trying to leave scatter as the big dragon muzzle blocks their way.

D'ev shrieks covers S'rus's with his body to protect him from the debris. "This is MADNESS!" he says, and gasps as things go flying over his head, eyes starting to water.

Dulacth projects « «I'll wake mine.» »

Mellonath projects « Come down Devaith, we'll get this straightened out if you all will just listen and quiet down. »

Zera dives towards her fellow rider, narrowly avoiding a chair leg but getting winded by a bottle. "Ouch…" She hisses. "Deeti, you want out of here?"

Dulacth projects « Is perfectly calm, though thank you for the advice my lady »

Deeti blinks, eyes as big as dishpans "YES!" she notes, and zipclings to Zera tightly

Mariseth harrumphs. « Now really, all you be quiet! You woke me from my nap! »

Evne watches the brawl, staying by her stool by the bar, blinking and then cheering on the crowd to get rowdier and crazier. "Now this is part of what I heard about this place.." She says, smiling as she sits on the bartop to keep out of the way.

Dulacth rumbles, «We needn't sleep while others are in need.»

Zera looks to the door. "Shards it all. Ethne, get that dragons muzzle outta the way, so we can ge toutta here before Deviath goes beserk! You ready to run for it?"

Robyn takes advantage of Leona being winded to try and make it to the door, only to find Tobiath's big nose blocking it, "Move , Tobiath! You stupid, lunk!"

Solarith rouses, as well, though her calm voice is anything but angry. « Is there something terribly wrong? You're all being quite loud. »

Mellonath speaks with a soft, calm voice of authority, «This will be taken care of at Ierne, please calm down. There's no need to stir everyone's sleep.»

Tobiath projects « My rider is hurt. Someone help him or I will rip the wall down to get to him myself! »

Mariseth projects « « Mine is -TRYING-! » »

Leona gasps at Ethne, "She… Lak… flight…" she manages, before catching her breath. "She," here she points at Robyn, "Said that something was /wrong/ with Lakareth. And insulted my skills as a rider, claiming that I didn't take good enough /care/ of him, that I /made/ him not chase." and Leona makes another lunge for Robyn with only her bare fists this time, clearly still upset.

R'oc has a large man on his back and begins to hammer his face until he looks towards the door and sees Ethne. He stands up and walks towards Ethne and smiles. "Hey Eth….UGh!" The large man pins him to the ground on his belly and begins a barrage of punches to the back of his head. He turns over and tries to block the punches until he can get free. He manages to flip the large man over enough to free himself.

Devaith projects « Oh its partially YOUR fault Tobiath anyways. You're NOT invited to my next flight! »

Zera nips Deeti. "Run for it." She gasps. "Now." She grips th ewomans arm tightly. "On three."

Ethne shakes her head as she glares at those in the room as she raises her voice once more. "Now I don't know what is going on but Tobiath is getting very upset and his rider needs to be taken to the healers now either someone helps me do that or I'll contact Weyrlord E'fen…" She looks around the room and as for this nonsense fighting, grow up all of you. Drunk or not drunk, this is foolishness."

The bronze dragon muzzle retreats from the door, and angry snarling is heard outside.. if anyone can hear over the noise from the brawling.

A green head sticks itself in too,t he head of the elegant devaith and Deeti follows Zera's lead, bolting quickly towards the door to CLING to the dragon's nose tightly.

Zera sashes afte rhe just as fast, motioning. "Move it, get out, now!" She bellows.

Teloriith projects « There are only so many that are able to help. The rest of can do nothing, there is no point in getting everyone roused over it. We do not know the situation, and upsetting other weyrling dragons across the world will do nothing but get *their* riders in trouble with the Weyrlingmasters. For the sake of younglings, like myself, and mine, Be still and trust in your bonded ones to sort things out without irritating, worrying or otherwise exciting those of us that can not do anything to help the situation. And please don't confuse the situation, Dulacth. Mellonath was not speaking to you when she said for Deviath to come down. »

R'oc stands up and then walks over to Ethne with a smile and a nice black eye. "I'll help you, take him." He attempts to smile, then stands unfront of Leona and tries to hold her back. "Enough, Leona, enough." He says calmly, help me take the rider to the healer."

Deeti clings to the nose as the dragon retreats finally

Robyn turns and catches a fist from Leona. She staggers backwards into the bar and grabbing a bottle, she smashes it and waves the broken bottle, to hopefully deter any futher attacks.

Ethne nods towards R'oc as she looks over towards Leona and the others. "I don't care who started this, it ends now. Now either help clean things up around here or go your merry way. Period. You're making a mess of this establishment, I am sure the owner would not appreciate such behavior." She looks around the room.

R'oc turns to the brawlers and then says. "See I told you all to be nice." He says trying to look like the good innocent guy in all this, even if he was having more fun than anyone.

S'rus groggily comes too, finding himself on the floor, looking up at D'ev. He lets loose a string of oaths as he tries to sit up, holding his head…

Leona glares at R'oc. "Do you want a repeat of what happened last time?" she snarls, glancing down at the man's pants for just a a moment, and lifting a knee rather dangerously close, even though she did manage to get one fist past him to Robyn. Ethne's orders get her attention, especially since Lakareth is repeating them to her, and she backs down.

D'ev is not trying to assess if S'rus is dead, well, he isn't, but D'ev is freaking out just a tiny bit. "WhatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdo?" he almost cries with relief when S'rus sits up.

Teloriith could not get there even if I was, I am too young to *between* yet. But you are upsetting my clutchmates by speaking to everyone about a situation that can only be helped by a few. Please keep the converation to those that *can* help.

M'woen emerges from behind the bar and Robyn. He almost casualy hits the greenrider over the head with a bottle.

R'oc leans into Leona and then says. "I don't want you to get into trouble, so stop it." Then leans back and then looks at Ethne and smiles. "To the healers then no?"

Robyn drops as M'woen's bottle catches her on the head. She ends up sitting at the base of the bar, unconcious. The broken bottle in her hand drops to the floor.

Ethne looks towards R'oc as she says quietly. "Yes that would be a good idea. Get Nasheth to let Mellonath know how the healers are doing with Tobiath's rider." She looks around to the rest remaining in the room.

M'woen roars at the crowd, "Thats ENOUGH! Who is paying for this wreckage?"

R'oc moves towards the door, and then leans down for the his rider. «I wanted to play too.»

Senkyou walks into pure chaos, and watches as people fight. Not knowing many of the people here Senk frowns and M'woen as the bottle is broken, she walks over to the one person she knows. STepping over a few people, and chairs she yells. "QUIET!! WHAT! DO, YOU THINK YOU'RE PROVING?" The brownrider has a voice on her.

R'oc Looks around for Tobiath's rider and then turns back to Ethne. "Oh this one?" Pointing to S'rus and then tugging on Leona's arm to help him with him.

S'rus tries to get to his feet, managing it somehow, but has gone green in the face. Gripping the back of one of the few unbroken chairs, he messily throws up.

Ethne glances over as she hears Senkyou and she speaks up. "The situation is being handled brownrider."

Leona blinks as R'oc pulls on her arm, then turns just in time to see S'rus throwing up. Oh, how lovely. "Great. Now you stink, too." she mutters, as she moves over to help R'oc.

D'ev seems to be out of the picture now as help arrives, and he scuttles back about a foot when S'rus throws up. "Shells," he says quietly, eyes going wide. He wraps his arms around himself and shakes his head, lost and confused. "Mariseth?" he tries to climb to his feet.

HAD-Sianne stretches her long ear to listen to that which is going on « I do hope all is resolved waaaay over there. »

Tobiath projects « It.. Is calming down. »

Ethne looks around the room as she shakes her head. "Ok, the rest of you, the fight won't be continuing, clean up or leave please. Same goes for your dragons, take them to the beach, take them somewhere and calm them please."

S'rus tries to pull himself together and brushes off attempts to help him, "I will be okay.. Its just a bump on the head…"

Senkyou looks around, then at Ethne. "What happened here? Dulacth woke me up and told me we had to go to Ierne." Examining the destruction, and then seeing robyn she seems very suprised, mouth agape. "Mine didn't say.. why in the world would people start this?"

R'oc bends down and then pats S'rus on the back. "Oooh what did you have to eat?" He chuckles a bit before trying to picking him up by his arm. "Oh common, I'll help you out a little."

Jaketh projects « My rider won't answer me.. Can someone wake her up? »

Leona snorts at S'rus. "A bump on the head that made you throw up. You don't look too good." she says, shaking her head. "Lakareth is insisting I get you to a healer." she adds. "So you're stuck with me until you do that."

Ethne glances over towards Senkyou. "Drunken unabashedness as far as comments towards one of the rider's dragons…" She shakes her head with a sigh. "Easy to lose inhibition and say things that well, can be rather blunt and hurtful."

Leona adds, to Senkyou. "She said something was wrong with my Lakareth. And implied that it was my fault." and she points to the now unconscious Robyn. Made unconscious by M'woen though, not Leona.

S'rus jerks his arm away from R'oc, looking alarmed and angry, "Don't touch me!" His voice seems to rise a few octives and he almost falls over. "I.. Just… Let me sit for a minute and I will be okay." Despite this, he doesn't look okay..

D'ev gets up at last, sways a little, well he HAS been drinking, and stumbles towards the door. "M-Mariseth is irritable and unhappy and sleepy, going to go see her," he's explaining himself, as if he needs to explain why he's there. He's never been in a bar brawl before so he makes for the door as if for dear life.

Ethne looks over towards Leona as she says calmly. "There is not a thing you could have done to cause anything with Lakareth other than upset by fighting." She sighs. "It's better to just ignore things like that, you know your dragon better than anyone and you are perfect for each other the way you are."

Senkyou sighs, turning and walking out the door as there really isn't anyone in real danger that isn't being taken care of.

R'oc shakes his head and then cracks his knuckles. "Well if I have to take you by force I will." The strange smile returning to his face. "Some help Leona, so we can /leave/." He states and then goes behind S'rus and begins to pull him up.

Ethne glances over towards R'oc as she turns to look back towards S'rus. "I suggest you go see a healer if not for the reassurance for your lifemate please. You will not be forced to go but you should be accompanied to be checked up on."

Leona frowns at S'rus. "No! Get up, now!" she barks at him, shaking her head. "Lakareth insists." And so he does, for he speaks to S'rus as well. « You NEED to see a healer. NOW. » As for Ethne's comments, well, Leona blushes. "But she kept saying things… And I wasn't the one who started the fight…" she trails off, knowing full well that she's just as responsible.

S'rus gives an undignified yell as R'oc lifts him and nearly gets sick again from his own yell. "Ow! Bugger off! Let go of me, you…." he trails off in a stream of cursing..

Ethne shakes her head as she looks over towards Leona. "The only opinion that matters Leona is that of yours and Lakareth's and in your life as rider and dragon. No matter who started the fight, it's over now please. There's been enough upset here to cause upset to the dragons causing them to wake other dragons Mellonath says and that is not what we want." She looks towards S'rus. "You calm down now S'rus. Just humor us and get checked out and that will be the end of the matter. "

Tobiath projects « My rider hates people he is not close to touching him. Well. He has noone he is close to, so it might be everyone touching him he hates. »

S'rus growls, "I can take care of myself." He however, stops fighting off R'oc because its only making his head hurt worse.

Leona frowns, then looks to S'rus. "Perhaps we should bring the healer here?" she suggests, lamely.

Ethne says quietly towards R'oc, "Let go of him please. I'll have Mellonath contact a healer to come here."

Lakareth projects « He needs to see a healer. He is not well. »

[Dragon/Ierne] Tobiath projects « I know. He can be very stubborn. »

R'oc drops him and shakes his head. "Why are you all so difficult, you've all changed." Then he growls and then heads out the door grubling. "I can't believe I came here for this, stupid…." And he's out the door, his Nasheth can be heard outside troding along with his rider.

S'rus sinks into a chair gingerly, looking paler then normal. Which in his case, looks bad.

Ethne looks towards S'rus as she says quietly. "Mellonath says there's a healer on the way…. now just take it easy, if looks like you may have a concussion." She looks to the others, "Just got about whatever you want to do as long as it's not fighting please." Ethne turns and walks towards the door and slips outside.

S'rus mutters, "Tobiath is being pestered by Jaketh. She wants someone to help her rider.. Not that I care.."

A healer enters, and moves into the room, shaking her head. "I heard something about a … oh my." she spots S'rus, with Leona still standing beside him. "What's happened here?"

A second healer comes in directly after the first, hooray for frantic dragons calling for assistance. This healer moves further in to the Inn, followed by a couple of apprentices. He motions the apprentices to tend to a few minor wounds about the place, then kneels in front of Robyn, and gets out the smelling salts.

S'rus touches a bump on his head and winces, "Just.. give me some ice for this bump and I will be fine."

Leona frowns at S'rus, then turns to the first healer. "My dragon won't stop bugging me about him and his bump, you have something that'll stop that?" she says, then her attention follows the other healer towards Robyn.

Evne looks around from where she was sitting away from the brawl, and asks a random person, "Is this the norm for around here?" She speaks out loud, looking over to where the healer attempts to wake Robyn.

M'woen looks over the bar at Robyn, "Don't think I hit her that hard. Didn't want her to cut up noone with that bottle. She gets a little rowdy when riled, that one."

Robyn jerks awake from the smelling salts, coughing, "Shards! That burns! Aaah! My head! Who hit me?! I'll kill em!"

The first healer frowns at S'rus, trying to get a better look at this bump of his. "Hmm." she says, seriously. The second jumps backwards reflexively at Robyn's reaction. "Don't look at me!" he cries, slightly worried for his own safety.

M'woen grins sheepishly, "That would be me. Didn't want you getting blood on my nice clean bar. You can kill me later, hon."

S'rus sits, looking sulky, arms crossed and black eyes glinting in anger. He tries to ignore the healer, but can't stop flinching away when touched….

Robyn glances up at M'woen, "And I thought we were friends.. No more freebies at the brothel for you.."

Evne looks over to S'rus as he flinches, and shakes her head lightly in sympathy, tempered to be sure, but some. She looks over towards Robyn as she hears the comment about a brothel, and she looks at her curiously.

S'rus sighs and glances at the owner of the bar, "I will take up a collection later to help cover the damages. I know I was not responsible, but none of the lot that hangs around here offered to help… You've always been good to people around here.." He might be bad tempered and grouchy and even outright nasty at times, but one can sense theres a good man under all that.

Leona groans suddenly. "Of all the times… No, Lakareth. Just… Oh, alright." she tosses a few marks on the counter, "I am sorry about all this." she says simply, then flops down into a chair, shaking her head slightly.

Robyn pulls herself to her feet and winces in pain, "I'll help pay. I can afford it.." Not to be outdone by S'rus's offer, she digs out a bag of Marks and tosses them to the M'woen. "Here. I'll send one of the girls around later with a little more.."

M'woen smiles and accepts the offers. He orders a few employees to start cleaning up the wreckage.

Robyn either is not hurt as bad as S'rus or is so used to getting into fights that she can shake it off. Brushing past the healer, she swaggers (or wobbles?) to the door, "I need to go show my dragon I am still in one piece."

Evne nods her head as she listens, and after a look between the others present, and then back to Robyn, She looks as if she wants to talk to her, but seeing that she is still recovering from the fight, she hesitates.

S'rus suffers getting his head bandaged and is ordered by the healer to go home and rest.

Ierne Weyrhold - North Beach

A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing southeastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves southwest, stretching quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the southeast. The forest borders the beach, far beyond the high tide mark.

The sun is beginning to set far off into the horizon, stretching crimson and gold fingers across the sky to intertwine them with night's returning tendrils of purple and blue. The ocean churns with high, white-capped waves, heralding the brewing of a storm seen far out to sea as a dark, ominous curtain stretching out across the sky and awaiting to swallow the sun when it draws close enough. A salty, hot wind, like the breath of a flaming dragon, whips across the water and sends it frothing up high onto the sands in wide sweeps and brings the trees to sway and rustle. Upon the beach there crouches a golden demon with the surf curling around her legs. She is glowing with light even as the sun does, talons dug deep into the sands as her forked tail drags deep furrows into the ground. Her eyes are red and whirling with violence, muzzle dripping scarlet as it rises up from a herdbeast, snatched from a temporary pen set up further up the beach near the queen's weyr. The blood drips into the water, carried off in curling stains into the deeper depths where it fades away. Avarinth rears her head up from her kill, hissing with pleasure at the hot, warm energy as she parts her jaws to shriek to the skies. This is her beach, this is her night, her storm, her kill. It all belongs to her and her alone.

Hearing the call, A large bronze appears in the air, his wings and oblong shape shadowing the beach from the last rays. Like a vulture the obese Bysoth circles high, but watches every motion as his wings churn the air around him, rumbling as the queen screams to the call. Her beach, yes… but her skies?

Alandoth would be willing to be her bronze too, if she wants him. Flying in, he lands a bit of a distance away, hopefully out of attack range, his eyes whirling fast as he watches the gold and waits. The large bronze mantles his wings, showing off, aligning himself so that the sun reflects off his hide. The invading bronze draws a sinister, yet musical growl from Alandoth. His! His gold! Grrrrrrr.

Lakareth circles above slowly, conserving his energy, then lands over nearer the beast pen, snagging one for himself. He punctures the neck of one of the beasts, and slurps down the blood with a hunger unlike any he's ever felt before. Instinct has fully taken over now, as he tosses the dry carcass aside. He sure picked a fine time to express an interest in flights.

Zerounth strides onto the beach, eyes fixed on the Telgari queen as he graces the sands with his form. Talon's and claws sink into the dry sands as he observes from afar, poised for any sudden movement that should take place before him. Tail flickers and sways, it appears he isn't alone, but no matter. The brown is ready, let the other's drown in his wake as he pursues this queen over the glistening waters…

Najath isn't far behind many others. Although the smallest of the browns and bronzes there, he certianly is one of the swiftest. The brown hides in the shadows, his ultimate sense of protectiveness coming across for Avarinth is his queen and he shall protect her forever.

Zoith lifts his head from his own kill, having made quite the gory mess where he has chosen to remain on the beach after following the glowing queen. His own dark muzzle is tainted red as he bellows in a deep voice in response but also as a challenge, his eyes whirling in a mixture of violet and red. His long, broad amber dipped wings stretch to their full length for a moment before loosely folding to his sides. His tail snakes back and forth through the sands as the dark brown focuses his attention on Avarinth. Head lowering once more, the brown hisses softly. He'll bide his time, observing for now, waiting.

/Them/. It never fails. No matter where she goes or how far she flies, they will always find her. But no matter. They will not catch her, not this time. Look at them all, expecting to run this show, to dictate when she will fly and when they will chase, ever watching her as the humans no doubt watch the approaching storm. Well, this gold will not give them the pleasure. Not -yet-. Avarinth whips around, tail lashing out to send sand flying into the waves as she hisses out her warning to them to keep back even as she surges forward up the beach. In her lust for another kill, the fence is snapped apart like twigs, one beast caught under her talons while she catches another in her jaws. Greedily, she tilts her head back to bite deep, drinking of the blood that runs free into her mouth and discarding the carcass with a careless toss of her head.

Lakareth catches another beast as it escapes through the broken fence, shredding the animal's hide savagely in an attempt to pierce it and get to the sweet sweet blood beneath. This one ends up fairly mangled and twisted, spilling blood onto the sand. Such a waste. The brown makes no sign of noticing Avarinth just yet, although he obviously has, or he wouldn't be blooding.

Zoith has had his fill of blood and with a low rumbling croon, he slinks a little away as the glowing queen surges up towards the pen. His wings rustle with anticipation as he too seeks out the lengthening shadows, his dark murky hide blending in quite well to the coming dark brought on by the storm and the setting sun. Now he rests, saving his strength for he'll need every last inch of it. He rests, hunched up in a position that prepares him to launch into the air when the critical moment arrives. The brown is silent, ever watching, the only notice of his shift in emotions being his eyes which swirl madly with purple and occassionally with reds.

Zerounth bellows towards the other males, sending echoes calling louder than the sounds of the waves that wash sanguine tones from his limbs. When the bloody queen takes to the pens once more, he silently approaches as he stalks safely away. A deep rumble comes from his chest as he lowers his muzzle briefly in the cool waters, washing the remaining blood from his body. However, the sanguine tones never leave his ruddy claws when the waters recede, his wings dare keep their tone. This is all the blood he needs; one beast is enough. Let the other's fill themselves and be too heavy for the skies. For now, he watches and waits…She will not slip from his grasp.

Najath has known for awhile she was going to fly and has had his blood already. Instead, the warrior of the night brown keeps to the shadows, flying seamlessly, watching Avarinth, ready for the moment when flight truly starts.

Bysoth continues to circle, looming overhead, twice as thick as even the longer queen was. He hisses a little, eyes spinning red and he dips al ittle, before pulling back up, stomach distending as it keeps going forwards while the dragon rises again, his wings almost audibly creaking to keep him aloft

Alandoth shifts himself so that the rays of the sun remain on him, watching the gold. « You are as the sun, edging towards the horizon. Blending towards red in the dusk-ridden sky, yet powerful as the sun at midday in your brilliance. » maybe sweet-talking her will work, maybe not. Another growl is sent towards the other dragons, and he bares his teeth a little. His wings mantle in preparation of flight, and he watches her avidly.

The third herdbeast is drained dry by the glowing queen, left among the living and the dead as a grizzly reminder that she had been here. The faceted eyes of Avarinth glow in maddening swirls of red and violet, brightening and growing ever faster as she swings her head around to snarl and spit at the males one and all, curling her forked tongue up to lap at the blood that stains her muzzle. She has had enough. Time to show them why she was gold and they were not, and why the skies, the seas, the land, and the weyrs all belong to her, a true queen of Pern. Wide, gossamer wings snap open and catch the surging winds as muscular legs bunch and propel her off of the sands. Deep sweeps of her wings kick up the beach, sending her upwards in a rapid, hard ascension that carries her high above the waves. She rises up towards the skies, as though she were nothing more than apart of them as her red-gold hide reflects the dying rays of the sun in a brilliant explosion of glowing light, singing out in trilling notes her sheer delight at flirting with the wind. Let the males mourn in her wake, for the sky is a far better lover.

Najath departs the shadows to fly after Avarinth, his sweet queen. He calls to her enticingly, trilling, crooning, bugling as he makes an effort to catch up to her and make sure he will still stay in the race to catch the beautiful Avarinth.

Lakareth snorts, dismissing Alandoth's sweet-talking with a flick of the tail. « Don't waste your time, you can't /talk/ her into your clutches. You have to /fly/ for her. » he rumbles deeply, flexing his wings experimentally. He pounces upon, and drains, one final herdbeast before launching himself into the air. Whatever flaws exist in his foreleg do not affect the thrust provided by his hind legs in the least, as he soars into the sky.

Nasheth takes propels from the ground beating his mighty wings after the glowing queen. But he flies as fast as he can, on the queens trail. «I'll win, I'll win her!» He says then buggles that he is here and ready to fly her. Dragon nor anything else will keep him from his prize!

Zoith answers Zerounth's bellows with a few piercing loud ones of his own, the last being ended in a long, spitting hiss as he sizes up his competition. No matter to him, time will effectively deal with them all but his time is now. Suddenly, the brown tenses as the glowing Queen rises to the skies, her skies, with her trilling calls being heard. The murky brown launches himself from his resting spot, broad wings sweeping through the air as he lifts himself up in pursuit. He hums deep and loud in his throat to her, his own song among the other voices. But he keeps his pace in check, oh yes, he does. The other males are forgotten now, his mind focused on only one being: Avarinth.

Alandoth ignores the annoying /little/ brown with disdain, pushing off with a roaring bugle as the blast from his wings sprays sand twenty feet away in his aims to get higher, faster, farther than all the other bronzes that dare challenge him. The browns aren't even aknowledged in his mind. Puny insects. « It'd be best if you chose me, none of the others even come close! Yet I pale in comparison to you, the most glorious of golds! »

Zoith is nothing in comparison to his prowess. The brown growls, tail whips into the sands and waters splash in his wake as long wings unfurl. Muscles on powerful limbs bend and brace before propelling Zerounth into the skies. He won't be left behind for long! Sanguined wings pump furiously into the wind, keeping well in pace for he wont fall out of the game, letting his queen be tainted by the likes of the other lower dragons. He begins to gain altitude. Bronzes may stay on the sands for all he cares. «Don't try to over compensate for your lack of skill!»

Nasheth darts back and forth between the other dragons and then bugles to all the dragons after /his/ queen. «The most glorious queen is mine, don't try to imitate my greatness!» The dragons says with oh so much pride and then shoots through the skies soaring as fast as he can. «My queen choose the best dragon, the strongest of all, me. You deserve the best.»

This is why Bysoth began in the sky. He could stay in motion and whipping around, the bronze begins to take flight, coming to within a few dragonfeet of her before losing ground once more. Howling like the wind he pumps hard.

With a bugling crow, Avarinth mocks them all as she rides the wicked sea wind currents, playing them with her wingtips and brushes of her talons as she drives ever higher and ever further. « Unworthy! All of you! Do not speak to me of how magnificent you are, for you are not. Only I am! I will make you prove you are even worthy enough to stand in my shadow! » She shrieks out before dropping her winds, angling at a hard and fast dive downwards towards the waves, pulling up only as late as she dares with a sharp snap outward of her wings and powerful beats to pull her back up into the sky and churning the waves below with the force of the wind she causes. Surely that would throw the most unfit off of her trail.

Lakareth ignores the bronzes, just as they are ignoring him. He is larger than the smaller bronzes, and knows it. He is also well aware that his weaker foreleg does not affect him at all in the air, and that brings him some small measure of happiness. Here is something that he can do, and he's most certainly going to try his hardest to do it well! The dive is followed, wingtips trailing lightly in the water at the lowest point, though he soon rises again in chase.

Zoith continues to gain altitude. He adds nothing to the verbal taunts, his mind too busy calculating, too lost in thoughts so strong he cannot ignore them. He has flown a queen before and he's determined to do it again, but oh, how tricky it was. And she, Avarinth, will prove to be a worthy challenge. A shame she must be caught, but such is the way life works. Time is against them all, as this dark brown knows well. As she dives, he keeps his pace and altitude even for awhile, angling in only as she starts to rise again. He will not fall pray to her dazzling tactics, not for now. He drops a little when he nears, litterally keeping himself among the shadows if possible.

Najath is small, and that igve shim better advantage as he dives after Avarinth,a sleek shadow giving chase. He nearly does crash, however, a snap of opening wings causes him to soar after Avarinth again, staying in the shadows to be tricky.

Alandoth isn't ruffled in the slightest by the gold's scathing rebuttal. « But surely one so magnificent as yourself requires adoration and proper worship. Who better than one who shines with the sun? » Alandoth surges forward, staying high above the waves despite the gold plunging downwards. Thermals are hard to find above the water, especially at this time of day, so he'll conserve his altitude.

Nasheth folds his wings and then dives down after the queen opening his wings just bellow where she had opened her wings. Right on her tail a pleasureable look in his eyes. «My queen, do not choose these pitiful examples of dragons. A queen like yourself needs the most adoring and most agile of all dragons. And I will try and show your magnificence that dragon is me!» A loud bugle from Nashaeth and then he beats his wings harder and faster nearing trying to pull away from the other dragons.

What a mere parlor trick! « No sweet talk! I will not surrender! You will be mine! » Zerounth bugles as he gains altitude over head. Gliding he follows not too far behind. If she was going to begin measures to slip from his grasp, he was going to pull a few tricks of his own! The brown clamps his wings down onto his body and from this great altitude, begins to plummet towards the ocean's waves in freefall. Once he is above her level, he snaps out his long wings and floats closer and trails the bloody queen. Fatigue will not be the cause of his downfall.

Bysoth puffs hard as he surges after the queen dragon, having the stamina of most bronzes after all. They wer MADE to catch the golds. His wings beat in fury as he rises above the water, higher and higher after her, sun glinting off his round form. Then, he pauses, resting, wings fully extended as he swoops back around towards her, trying to cut her off.

« If I am so worthy of the sun, than why do you not gather it for me, flattering creatures? » Avarinth bellows out as she rises right for the glowing orb descending in the sky, curling ever so teasingly towards Bysoth as he tries to cut her off, but only granting him the slightest brush of her wing before she twists clear of the fat bronze's reach. « You think me an easy catch? You think wrong! » She snarls at him and turns her golden body towards the sun, bound to make a trick of keeping track of her movements in the light, but as it inevitably fades so too will her strength. It is, afterall, only a matter of time.

Bysoth grunts and twists, stretching his neck out towards the gold. But the old bronzes' weight was beginning to tire him, and suddenly, with a shriek of despair, he drops like a rock, tumbling towards the waves. Recovering far below, he starts to wing tiredly towards the shore once more.

Najath, his trick unable no longer, spirals after Avarinth, his strength fading. If only, if only; the brown pushes himself farther and farther towards her.

Nasheth see's his chance, now is the time fly! His wings seem to beat a million a second, his muscular back muscles straining to get to the queen. «My queen come to me!» Nasheth calls out to her before flying past the falling brown and the nearing her glowing radiance. «I am yours my queen, I am yours!» The sun making it hard to see, but it won't stop him, nothing will stop the greatest, and strongest of all!

Bah! This brown keeps eyes flickering back and forth around the sun, not looking into it directly. Just where he needs to see the faintest glimmer of gold shining away from the shelter of fading light. «It will not hide you forever! » He uses all of his strength to propel him further! Zerounth bellows once more towards the Telgari gold, he will not succumb to the sands just yet!

Alandoth considers her words seriously. He knows from K'ralt's mind that it's not possible to 'gather' it, but if he makes it seem that way..cutting to the side, he flies so that he is between her and the sun, or rather, his claws are. « Look! Here I am, bringing it towards you! » maybe she'll be so distracted that he'll be able to go in for an easy win. He /did/ have good altitude at the beginning, dropping towards her.

Zoith answers in his own low bellows, followed by a crooning hum. He can gather the sun if she wishes for it so, but he can also capture time. He can show her wonders not only in the sky but what lay hidden beneath the soils that she to rules. As she swings into the sun, the brown follows, his fast swirling eyes lidding slightly against the lingering light. His wings beat powerfully agains the winds as he speeds up a little, swinging down to follow in the shadows of passing males when he can. Ahh, temporary relief from the light. He works in more speed, slowly gaining, but still lingering somewhat behind the rest. He will not tire now, not now. Not this close.

Lakareth climbs through the sky, wings beating steadily. He's not pushing himself yet, but neither is he slacking off. He wants to win, he wants to be the best. « Don't listen to those others. » he snorts dismissively. « Everybody lies! » Yes, even he himself. Still his large brown wings move to a steady rhythm only he can hear, that of the blood rushing through his own body.

Nasheth bugles to the Telgar queen as he nears her a bit closer. Just a bit more…just a bit more! «The sun you shall have, but only with me shall you attain it. None others have the strenght to fly a queen as great and shining as you!» The weight of his body now fully perceptable to him. But he's not going to give up, she is rightfully his…and she will be his!

So sure is she that this trick will lose those still doggedly following her, that Avarinth spends too much time crooning back insults and jabs instead of watching where she is going. When she looks back only to see Alandoth, suddenly much closer than he was before. Shrieking out now that her own game is turning against her, she desperately tries to barrel-roll away from him and restore the space that had previously been between the two. Too close, too close! The movement is not as fast as her previous darts and dives, proof she is tiring the same as they, but she is too determined not to keep fighting for her freedom.

Lakareth continues pumping his wings rhythmically, slowly but surely increasing the speed at which he is moving them, gaining on Avarinth. The barrel roll shocks him for a moment, and he swerves to avoid a collision with one of the other chasers. « I think I can, I think I can, I think I can… » he tells himself quietly, pushing himself a little faster every moment.

Najath spirals around, skimming through the air. He draws closer and closer to Alandoth, coming in to th eleft and under, and croons intermittidly when he see's her barrel roll away. »I know I cna do it..« He repeats to himself and Zera, an endless mantra.

Alandoth sees her dodge and he seizes the advantage, diving for her like a peregrine falcon diving after its prey, like Apollo towards Daphne, only this golden dragon will not turn into a tree!

She's tiring and this brown is starting to feel the wear but he isn't ready to duck out quite yet. He tilts and soars into a wide glide to follow in the Telgari's direction, pumping his wings rhythmically to keep his pace. A rumble comes from his chest before erupting into a thunderous bellow towards the other chasers, Zerounth will not let anyone steal his chances!

Zoith bides his time, only darting once or twice to keep his placement among the mass in check, as well to attempt to keep some form of shadow cover in the ever glowing light. Yes, he knows secrets some may not, mostly passed from his rider but none the less, he knows. He bellows loud as he hears Avarinth shriek, bugling a challenge to the nearest bronze that she tries to evade. His amber dripped wings beat faster, yet still he holds back just a little. Not time, not time. A hiss is given to another chaser as he skims by closely, starting to swing around and always under those he approaches. He's beginning to tire more, but he will not stop.

Nasheth will not give up a chase to any other bronze, no matter how close the bronze is to her. His large wings edge him to Alandoth's side, Although he's still farther ahead the dive makes him do the same out of instinct. «You won't win! I will get her!» He makes sure it is clear he will catch her.

Panic begins to race into her mind, twisting the purple of her eyes into jolts of orange alarm. Avarinth can feel them all around her, the brush of wings, the whisper of talons cutting the air, the beating of heavy hearts and the almost audible sound of her own adrenaline as it rushes through her and out like a broken dam even her might could not stop. She hisses out, spits at them, snarls a warning to keep back, a latch ditch attempt to drive them away with aggression as she struggles to gain enough airspace around her to try a desperate move to flee, though it becomes plain - her power is spent, and with the crowding, her freedom is doomed even as the growing storm begins to swallow the sun.

Lakareth spots his chance, and dips slightly to fly underneath Avarinth, ready to catch her if she tires too much. He flies far slower now, tiring just as all the other dragons in the sky are, though he manages to keep pace with the one that they all seek to catch. He mutters, « I can do this… I can do this… » then roars for no apparant reason. « Everybody lies! » is his battle cry, as he swoops up from underneath in an attempt to catch Avarinth.

Nasheth makes sure that he will not be beat out, as he darts behind Alandoth for a second and once he's in his slip streem exits it with greater speed, now coming side to side with the other bronze. Neck and neck, he won't give up, he'll show he's the best dragon there is. A loud bugle and he sets off to beat his competition, although Alandoth is matching his moves, he can't seem to surpass him. He is still just by his side racing for the queen, trying constantly to reach her every time she slows. «Alandoth I will catch her, I will not loose!»

Zoith bellows again, as loud as his throat can handle, before humming again in low croons and rumbles. Regardless of her snarling warnings and aggression, he knows she has tired and his own energy is disappearing as quick as the light itself. Now! Now is the time. Using his wings to propel himself forwards, he drops below the other males and up and over others, purposely aiming to cut a few off in his maddening twist and turns as he dashes towards Avarinth. In the last moment, with the last of his strength lingering, he dips down to fall with the tiring queen, aiming to close their distance by slipping from the shadows beneath and to the side of her. Now its up to chance, not time.

Alandoth sees it…he sees it…diving down, he reaches his talons for the gold, eyes rapidly swirling as he uses his reserves to swoop down on the gold. « Even the sun sets! » is all he says, ignoring the smaller bronze.

Zerounth glides for a moment and stretches out his wings while he soars. Now's his chance! The brown pumps his wings furiously in determined beats, gaining altitude until he's overhead. The other chasers are forgotten, the sky can swallow them up until they are nothing but little specks on the darkening horizon. Insects. Trivial. He bugles towards the queen as he approaches. « I'll let no one stand in my WAY!! » Zer closes in.

Najath beats his wings, darting between the bigger bronzes and around his fellow browns. The small one darts upwards above and spirals down between the dragons, coming up on her side. Beating his wings, Najath cries, »I shall catch you, jewel of the skies!« So he does try, flinging himself forward in a attempt to catch..

Nasheth reaches with his talons flying faster and with more energy that is coming from somewhere he doesn't know. He flies closer and closer neck and neck and nearily avoids the other brown. But won't stop him, he will fly her, he is determined! A loud bugle to show his superiority and then he's nearing her more and more. «I will do it! I will!»

For all his gallant try that is sure to make all the brownriders of Pern proud for the sheer audacity of it all, it soon becomes apparent that the littlest suitor, Najath, has just been cut from the game so, so close to the finish line. The sheer size and the velocity of the larger dragons prevents him from coming too close, offering him but a fleeting sparkle of glowing gold hide as it is quickly swarmed by bronze and brown. Zeronouth, too, finds the game lost to him as the eagerness of Nasheth brings the pair far too close for comfort, forcing abrupt maneuvers away to avoid a high-speed, aerial collision that could have cost them dearly. Such is the price of a flight. It leaves but three vying for the chance to capture the queen - Lakereth, to prove disabilities are not a hamper, Zoith, to show just why he was once worthy of capturing a queen, and Aladoth, desperately seeking his sun-made-dragon. It is to him, the bronze who seeks out the heavens, that the critical moment falls and he takes it, catching Avarinth as she swerves to miss one male and inadvertently drives herself right into his grasp.

Nasheth flies down and lands next to his lifemate. "It's okay, you did good, you almost would have had her, almost." Then the two walk off towards the south. "I know you know who's going to win if it's not you." He chuckles as their off.

Zoith cries out in fury and disappointment as Aladoth succeeds over his careful planning. With his strength now depleated, he does one last swift turn, angling in towards the Weyrhold, to where his rider is now possibly stumbling around in after flight confusion. Never mind this loss, time has its losses and rewards. Time will pass, she will rise again and Zoith will be back again to chase.

Zera has to smile when Najath comes to her, creeling. "It's okay Najath. Think of it! You nearly caught a queen! You proved you could do it all Najath!" the brown croons at her comfortingly.

Alandoth bugles his triumph to the heavens, smugly carrying off the gold he caught, wings snapping out as they soar off.

Zerounth silently turns and glides back down towards the sands and his home. A sun of a different light will be rising in the morning, the brown will not dispair for long.

Lakareth utters one long painful howl of anguish, then dives straight down into the water. Dramatic much? He emerges more like his usual 'ball-of-sunshine' self, and limps off back to his weyr. Limping because of his bad leg, not from any flight injuries, although his wings are pretty tired.

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