Ale & Beer Competition - July 5th, 2006

Ierne Weyrhold - Green Dragon Inn

Deep and wide, with dark wood-paneled walls, this room holds just about something for everyone. Along one wall stretches a bar behind which the friendly barkeeper Jorrj keeps busy. He's also quite tall and bulky, and looks quite capable of taking care of any troublemakers. Round tables are scattered around the room. They and the booths along the other wall provide seating for those tantalized by the warm aromas of food drifting from the kitchen. Along the back wall are dartboards, and several doors are labelled, leading to quiet rooms in the back and the rooms for guest to stay in. One door is labelled 'No Children Beyond This Point'. The sounds of dice rolling and the occasional cheer can faintly be heard from behind it.

Leona says, "What are the prizes, M'woen?"

M'woen grins and leans over, jerking a thumb at the pots by the fire, "Got those and a generous amount of Marks to go with them. The trader I got the eggs from sold me the bigest ones.."

S'rus looks up at the meantion of the prizes, but he has no interest in firelizards. Pests… He doesn't share his home brew with others anyways.. but he could use the Marks.. He discards the idea of entering quickly.

Leona raises an eyebrow, and glances to the pots by the fire. "Biggest eggs, hmm?" she says, thoughtfully. "Had a taste of the drinks yet?" she asks, throwing this one out to anyone, really.

M'woen nods, "Bought the 2 biggest eggs in the bunch and the trader threw in a small, mishaped one for free. Will give that one for the worst drink here, since it might be a dud. I've sampled some, but I am not one of the judges, so my opinion doesn't count."

Evne enters the room, looking around for a moment and nodding her head to those she has met before. She looks towards where everyone is gathering for the homebrew contest, and smiles as she hears about eggs. She looks back to Kai, and smiles to her, "So, I just got here recently, so havn't been here much, have you?"

Leona raises an eyebrow at the mention of a misshapen egg. "Interesting…" she says, glancing to the table of ales and beers.

Kai shrugs. "Usually working. I'm still not familiar witht he place." She looks around the room. "I came here for lunch. Eggs are on the menu?"

M'woen nods at a delivery rider who comes in with a jingling case. The barkeep pays the man and opens the case, placing another bottle on the table with the other entries and taking the entry form from the case to add it to the others.

M'woen gets nudged by a barmaid and looking at the entries, moves one of the bottles over to the ales, from where he accidently set it among the beer entries.

Evne shrugs lightly as she looks to the bartop, "Dunno. Depends on what sort they are talking about." She says to her. She moves to the bar itself, "Want a drink?" She asks, smiling back to Kai as she looks back around the room once more.

S'rus settles back to watch the late entries arive with mild interest.

Kai says "Sure. Thank you!" She reaches over tot he bar to get the luncheon menu and looks it over. "Some good looking things here. Want some lunch?"

Evne glances over to S'rus and waves to him, "Heya." She calls over, smiling as she turns back to Kai, "Sure, a decent sandwich perhaps?" She suggests, glancing over towards Leona as well.

S'rus apears not to notice Evne waving. Either because he is being rude or just isn't paying attention, its imposible to tell. He seems to be contemplating his glass, as if studying the quality of the crafters work who made the glass. He looks like he has had too much to drink and no sign he has been eatting.. But as thin as he is, people wonder if he is trying to live on just wine.

Kai says "Roast beast! That sounds good to me. You like roast beast, Evne?"

Evne hrms, and nods her head, "Not a bad idea." She agrees, and glancing over to the ales and beers placed on display, she smiles over to the barkeeper. "Could I get a ale, that isn't one of those?" She asks, nodding her head to the contest entries.

Kai orders a couple of roast beast sandwiches, one small for herself, from a waitress, and she goes to sit down at a table.

M'woen serves an ale to Evne, "This one is last turn's winning ale. I promise its quite good." He turns to deal with another delievery person and another beer entry for the contest.

Evne nods her thanks to M'woen, and smiles over to Kai, "So, are you the sort to taste unknown ales and beers?" She asks, glancing over to the display and then back to her, "Not sure I want to take the risk."

Kai giggles.

M'woen grins, "We can always use more impartial judges. I'm going to drag S'rus up and make him be a judge if we can get him to stop drinking wine long enough."

Karell snorts. "Nothing wrong with wine!"

S'rus nearly spits his wine, overhearing this, "Me? Why me?"

M'woen laughs, "I know you would be a good judge. You hate everyone equaly and won't play favorites. But I am not serving you any more drink till the contest.. "

Karell glances over at the entry table. "Beer on the other hand. And ale." he shakes his head. "My mate brews the stuff, but I hate it. She just won't stop."

S'rus frowns deeply, "Only if you clear my tab for the day. Make it worth my time…" he grumbles darkly..

M'woen nearly roars with laughter, "Done! Now sober up before the contest and eat some sharding food for once. If you get any thinner, the barmaids will mistake you for a mop handle.."

S'rus grumps, but decides he is coming out ahead on the deal, so orders a bowl of stew and pushes his half empty glass of wine aside..

Leona walks into the inn, blinking as she spots Karell. "Oy, I thought you were watching Rona!" she shouts across the crowded room at the drunken Harper. "Well, what've you done with her?!" Oh, fun.

Evne looks back to Kai, and smiles to her, "What, not a ale drinker or anything?" She asks her, smiling as she sips at the one that was offered, and nods her head, "I can see why this one won last year."

Kai smiles back at Evne. "I got the sandwiches…." and she looks over to see where the waitress is. Ah, here she is with two plates of sandwiches and chips on the side. "You get the the drinks. A light ale or beer is fine with me."

Karell glances about, then turns to S'rus. "Help?" he says, looking to the rather angry Leona, somewhat afraid. Leona herself stops in the doorway, and frowns deeply. She'd forgotten that the home brew thing was today. Karell might be safe yet.

Evne smiles, "Sure thing." She says to Kai, indicating to M'woen to set up another just like it. "Another if you don't mind?" She asks him, as she turns in her seat to watch the crowd gather.

S'rus eyes Karell, "You are on your own."…

J'vry wanders in…"Anyone try my brew?" He points at the blue bottle."I haven't tried it yet."

Kai looks over at S'rus, a questioning look on her face, the leans over the table to ask Evne, "You didn't order the contest brews, did you?"

S'rus shakes his head, "I prefer wine today. So I have not. When I drink ale, its my own and I don't bother with entering contests with mine."

Evne shakes her head, "No.. not sure I trust them till the judges have tasted them first. If any keel over, I know not to order those." She says, teasing.

Leona glares briefly at Karell, then flops into a seat roughly near S'rus. "I tend to only drink my own, as well." she says, with a nod. "No-one else makes it strong enough." she grins scarily.

J'vry dusts his blue bottle off."I hope mine is good, I brewed it myself, with a little help from some of my younger children. I just haven't tasted it yet."

S'rus pokes at the stew brought to him, only taking a couple bites, "If I keel over, find a Healer with an antidote…" Its hard to say if he is joking or not.

Leona snickers at S'rus. "You'd better be careful on the ales, then. Some of those look fairly strong." she says, with a grin. "Karell here is a sook, he'll only drink wine."

Kai chuckles at Evne's and picks up her sandwich to take a big bite. Then she hears the quip about the Healer and almost chokes. She has to chew quickly and take a swig of her ale before she can laugh.

Conchenn enters, her cane tapping as she finds her way into the room, helping to guide her around the various obstructions.

S'rus eyes the entries, then shrugs, "Nothing I can't handle." he says silkily..

J'vry looks over at the tapping woman…"Watch out for the chair in front of you…" yeah like she can see…

Karell snorts. "Sook? Sook?! I'll have you know, I only drink the finest wines to come out of Benden." he says, haughtily. Leona laughs. "Right, right. You didn't even notice when I switched your Benden for a Tillek the other day. Some palate you have."

Evne smiles over to Kai, and laughs as she hears S'rus. She takes a smaller bite of her sandwich, nodding her head approvingly. "Not to bad, have to eat here more often." She mummers.

Conchenn smiles, nodding quietly at J'vry's words. She appears to be familiar with the tavern, although she still has trouble. Maybe it's been a while since she's been here.

Conchenn makes her way to the bar, hearing Evne's voice. "How are you doing, dear?

Leona stretches out in her seat, and leans back. "So, anyway." Hmm, yeah. "So … the home brew thing is today, isn't it?" she says, glancing at the contest table briefly. "I hear there are some … interesting … prizes."

J'vry glances up from where he sits."Prizes? I never heard that there were prizes… But I can offer a coupon to the Leathercraft for something made in leather…"

S'rus raises an eyebrow at J'vry, peering at him to see if he was someone he knew from his days at the Tanners Hall.

Kai munches away on her sandwich and chips, with just an occasional swallow of her ale.

Leona tilts her head at J'vry. "Huh, you're a Tanner too?" she says, with a smile that's only slightly friendly. "Y'know, we should swap recipes later." She means the alcoholic kind, of course.

Evne glances over towards Conchenn as she walks over, and she smiles, "Not to baddly all in all." She says, nodding her head to her, before looking over to J'vry as she hears comment on leathercraft. She grins to Kai, and smiles to her, "Watcha think about the sandwich, as good as you hoped?"

Conchenn nods, and reaches out for a stool, settling down on it in a swish of lightweight skirts, her white cane leaning up against the bar.

Kai nods her head enthusiastically. "Very tasty! You?"

S'rus isn't sure why he feels the need to add to the conversaion, "I was at Tanner Hall. I did dyes mostly, as it seems thats where my best tallents lay. Then I was searched. I still make dyes, when the mood strikes me."

J'vry nods."My da made the original recipe for Walk's Brew, however I got my ma to send me the recipe and called it J'vry's brew… Did want to make it my own you know." He nods at S'rus and Leona."I do straps and tanning when I have the time…

Leona nods at S'rus. "Dyes, eh? I could use a few. I've got a tanner shop in the marketplace, well, nearly. Still getting everything set up. Got anything for sale?" Leo nods at J'vry. "I do tanning mostly, but I do a little of everything, really. Tanning is what I'm best at, though. I prefer to sell the tanned hides on for other people to use."

Evne agrees with Kai, "Fantastic, have to come here much more often." She says, and then looks back to Connchenn, and smiles to her, "And how are you today?" She asks, "Like something to drink or anything?"

Conchenn smiles. "I'm doing all right, but I am a bit hungry, dear. I wouldn't mind a sandwich. What about you? How are you settling in?

S'rus looks thoughtful, "I might part with some of my dyes for the right price. I have no samples on me other then my boots and they are black and not a good example." His boots are a deep, velvety midnight black that light seems to fall into and are of very fine quality.

Leona glances down to S'rus' boots, and shrugs. "Looks like a good enough sample to me." she says, after a long thoughtful examination of the boots. Although, she doesn't bend down to look at them because that would be weird. Unlike staring at them, which is totally normal!

M'woen recieves another package with another entry and adds a bottle to the table.

Kai watches all the bottles getting delivered. "There must be entries from all over Pern," she comments.

S'rus nods sagely, "Its a big afair. The winner gets prizes and often gets commisioned to make ale and beer for the taverns. One can turn a good Mark winning these contests."

Evne nods to Conchenn, and orders her a sandwich like hers, as well as a drink. "Take a moment for them to get it ready. And I am settling in fine. So faar enjoy my work here, no complaints at all." She says, and then agrees with Kai, "Aye, aught to be interesting the judging. Kai, this is Concheen, My mentor of sorts over next door." She says, introducing the rider to Conchen, "And this is Kai, rider to green Abeytuth."

Conchenn offers her hand, toward the other woman that Evne's talking to. "It's a pleasure to meet you.

Kai takes the hand and gives it a warm squeeze. "Please to meet you, Conchenn! Let me scooch my chair over and we'll have plenty of room for you to join us."

Conchenn smiles. "I'd like that." She holds the hand for just a moment, almost exploring it, before letting go, and moving around to settle in with the other two women. "So, are you a rider here at Ierne, Kai?"

Kai grabs a chair quickly for Conchenn. "Yep! Mostly doing cargo shipping for several of the Halls…glad it isn't for the Brewing CraftHall! I'd be all over the place today!"

Evne smiles as the two talk, and she takes a long sip og her drink as she hears Kai's comment, "Oh yes, never stop working up until the contest starts, and not even then I bet."

Leona grins, leaning back in her chair. "I've a sister in the Vintner craft." she states, with a nod. "She makes wines mostly, but she also likes to brew a few ales and beers for personal use." she nods absently.

Kai takes another big bite of her sandwich and chews, poking a piece of tomato back in between the bread and meat.

Conchenn nods at a whisper, and takes a bite of her sandwich. "So, do you have an entry in the contest, Kai?"

Kai says "Me? Heck, no. I don't brew."

Evne looks between the two ladies and smiles to each, "Well, I try to make sure I am pleasent company, I guess I am pretty decent at it still."

Kai smiles at Evne as she answers Conchenn. "Yes, she is. She's the first person at Ierne I've gotten to know."

Conchenn smiles. "Well, I definitely find the company more than pleasant." She turns to Kai. "May I feel? It's a little hard to know what someone looks like when you can't see."

Kai blinks. "oh…oh, sure." She leans over towards the blind woman. "wait, hold on…" She wipes her mouth vigorously with the linen napkin. "Okay, all clean."

Evne grins as she hears the compliments, and she pushes the half finished plate away and takes back up the glass. She grins at Kai's cleaning, and then looks to the barkeep, "So, when are they judging the drinks?"

Conchenn nods, and gently places her fingers up, carefully feeling Kai's face, with a smile. "Mmmm. Very pretty. And very sweet. I can see what Evne sees in you.

Kai smiles, even with Conchenn's fingers still upon her face. "Thank you," she says softly.

Evne smiles as she looks around, and then back to Conchenn. "Know anything about this contest?" she asks her.

Conchenn shakes her head. "No, unfortunately.

Evne nods her head, looking to the others, "Huh. Was wondering what all the big deal is and everything." She mummers a touch.

Conchenn shrugs. "I don't drink much, honestly. I can't really afford to get drunk." She grins wryly.

Leona stretches out again, and considers the home brew table. "So, dyes, you say?" she says to S'rus, thoughtfully. "What kind of price are you asking? Of course, I'd have to see these dyes before agreeing on a price."

Evne grins to Conchenn, "Aye, not unreasonable for you not to." She says, glancing over towards the others in the room.

S'rus looks up from poking at his stew, stating a price for the dyes, then remarking that he would need to know what colors are needed.

Leona nods slowly, then frowns in thought. "Well, what colours do you have?" she asks, then says, "Hold that thought a moment." and goes to get some of that stew for herself. Returning, she says, "So, what colours? I'll take anything."

Evne laughs lightly to something unheard from Conchenn, and nods her head, "Aye, thats true." She says to her.

Kai finishes her sandwich and chips.

S'rus leans back, pushing his unfinished stew aside, "Any color you can imagine. If you can bring me a swatch of cloth or a flower, I can match the color."

Conchenn turns to Kai. "So, what about you? Do you drink?

Kai says "A little now and then, not too much, and I don't like getting drunk, basically. And never drink and fly!"

Of course, now Kai sits back to enjoy the nice bottle of ale that Evne got for her.

Leona raises an eyebrow at S'rus, then nods slowly. "Sounds good." she says, with a nod. "I could use some in Harper blue, enough dye for a green's straps." she says, with a nod. "My brother has a turnday coming up, I figured I could make him some fancy straps." she nods.

Kai peripherally hears something and comes up with the image of a little kid, a rea snot of a boy, all strapped up and leashed…complete with muzzle. What a splendid idea! The gift more for the older sister than the little brother. She smiles to herself.

Evne smiles as she finishes her drink, and sets the empty down. "Good to know Kai. Would hate to see what happens when people try to fly about half drunk and all."

Kai says "Yeah, no telling where you'd end up."

S'rus nods, "Give me a couple days and I will have enough…" His black eyes flick towards the judging table, where he gazes at the row of bottles… "If I survive the judging.."

Leona snickers, glancing to the judging table. "Come on, it can't be that bad." she says, shaking her head. "I'd judge too, but I've entered the competition." Or so she claims.

J'vry nods at Leona's words."I too joined the competition…or I'd judge too.."

S'rus mutters, "Lucky me. I didn't enter and have been drafted.. no pun intended…"

Conchenn giggles. "Well, I guess I could help judge, but someone'll have to help me out a bit.

Evne listens in, and grins as she hears Conchenn, "Well, I am sure that some one can help out." She says to her.

M'woen overhears, "When the time comes, we will make sure you get safely to the judges table and are not handed a bottle of meat sauce instead of a beer during the judging, Conchenn."

Leona considers this for a moment, then speaks, "Well, no offence and all, but aren't the labels also part of the competition?" she frowns at the bottles on the table. "They /are/, aren't they?" Oh, now she's worried. Did she put too much effort into the label and not enough on the brew? Well, she's not exactly going to admit it if she did.

M'woen conciders this, "I will carefully descibe the labels to her."

M'woen grins, "That one with the leather label, she can feel the picture. Its burned into the label."

J'vry smiles looking at the leather label."Talented work there…"

S'rus gives the leather label a look, "Needs color." he remarks, "But it is unique."

Leona raises an eyebrow at the bottles, then shrugs. "Well, that makes sense. I mean, you're not entered into this, are you M'woen?" You know, so M'woen can describe the labels without bias.

M'woen waves at C'ra, "We need another judge and you look sober enough. Theres free drink in it for you, but you have to wait till the judging starts."

M'woen grins at Leona, "I am not entered. I would rather let other people make the beer and ale. Mine always turns out tasting like something you would oil a dragon with."

Leona looks at the leather labeled liquor, alliteratively. "It is rather interesting, isn't it?" she says, with a shrug, before sipping on her stew. Help here, I'm alliterating and I can't cease.

At this point a leather ol rider makes her way into the bar. With her outfit and manner it is rather hard to tell at first whether she be a gal or guy. As M'woen hails her her stony face cracks into a grin, "Well I sure don't plan to be at the end of it, if you reckon there is enough to drink once things start I will judge for you." Comes the harsh voice of the bluerider C'ra.

Kai says "Wouldn't that be expensive and time consuming, making labels out of leather?"

Evne sits at the bar, watching the others and Conchenn moving to get ready for her duty as judge, and she grins. "There should be some really interesting brews there." She mummers to Kai.

Conchenn stands, and with her cane, finds her way across towards M'woen.

S'rus looks thoughtful, "If they use a brand to burn the labels, it would make it less time consuming, I suppose."

Leona snickers at M'woen, getting a delightful image into her head, from the 'alcohol that tastes like something you would oil a dragon with'. Then laughs! "Lakareth says I simply must try that sometime." although she doesn't really elaborate on what it is that she has to try.

Leona considers the bottle with the leather label. "Well, yeah, you'd have to make up a brand for something like that, wouldn't you?" she peers closer at that particular bottle, then shrugs.

J'vry glances around the room, then beckons a server over and orders something to eat and redfruit juice.

C'ra makes her way to the bar and hoists herself up ontop of a bar stool, "Hopefully there is some decent stuff here tonight, hate to have to pay to get drunk afterward." She says with a wink and looks out over the crowd

M'woen looks mock-offended, "Decent? We have the best. I take great pride in the drink we offer here. What will it be?"

Kai chuckles to herself at the paying to get drunk comment.

Conchenn settles down at the table, and turns to shoot a grin back (hopefully) at Evne and Kai.

J'vry looks around and wonders when the contest will begin..

Leona shrugs at the leather labeled bottle. "Waste of good leather, if you ask me. Whoever made that one must be insane." Oh, really? Is that one hers? Or isn't it? Hmm… She's not saying.

Kai sees Conchenn's grin, and laughs. Why would someone be turning to smile at someone? Because they know you're back there, of course! "Having a good time, Conchenn?"

S'rus stands up smoothly and stalks over to take a seat at the judges table.. He looks sour as ever and eyes the bottles warily.

Leona leans forward and watches the judges take their seats. This should be interesting. "Hey, good luck up there!" she calls out to the judges, with a wave. Be friendly, that way they'll judge your - anonymous - entry better. Oh, wait, /anonymous/. Whoops. She shrugs, then leans back. Not much she can do to influence the decision.

S'rus gives Leona an unreadable look…

J'vry watches, still eating his food and sipping at his juice. He glances around looking to see if Erra has come in, since he told Leoth to have her meet them there…

Kai chuckles. "And may the best brew win!"

Leona just flashes S'rus her winning smile. Well, it's more of a scarily toothy grimace, actually. This is her attempt to look innocent? F for Failure.

Conchenn smiles, although she looks a bit nervous, and turns back to the judging.

Evne grins over to Kai as she watches Conchenn out of the corner of her eye. "So, whatcha thinking?" She asks the rider.

M'woen steps from behind the bar, "Welcome to Ierne WeyrHold and the Green Dragon Inn.. and our Home Brewing Contest! And welcome our judges, C'ra, Conchenn and S'rus."

J'vry mutters to the elderly man next to him."I'll make something for whomever wins…" The old feller cracks a grin."Best, or worst…" J'vry hmms."Not sure…"

Leona whistles and hoots and stamps her feet at the judging list. Is she already drunk or something? She's oddly enthusiastic.

Kai says "I want to see the expression on the judges' faces when they have to try those brews. I'm sure some of them at least are very good. There are probably vntners and brewers from all over who have entered. But there are probably a few entries that are….amateur."

C'ra bows her head with an amused turn to her lips as she is introduced, then slaps her hands on the counter, "Well lets get this thing started, well past drinking time!"

M'woen says, "Let the judging begin! Starting with the ales. Judges, start tasting."

Leona grins at Kai. "Well, I did make a special trip out to the vineyards to pick up Lomare. She knows a bit about brewing, being a Vintner. She /may/ have helped me a little." all innocently, of course.

S'rus turns the first bottle around and raises an eyebrow at the label. He hopes the picture is not descriptive of the taste…

Kai says "Hey, nothing wrong with having hlp."

C'ra reaches for the first ale and has a look at its label and laughs out loud slapping the counter, "Great label, but makes me worry about whats on the inside." She pops the lid and starts guzzling down the dragon whiz ale.

S'rus takes only a small sip of the first ale, looks thoughtful as he savors the flavor. Not as bad as he thought…He helps Conchenn by passing a bottle to her as M'woen describes the label.

C'ra lifts the bottle from her lips, before taking another swig of the ale, "Well that is different, and definatly not as scary as the label."

S'rus turns to the next bottle of ale, studying the leather label curiously, then taking a taste.. Hmmm… interesting. A little sweet for his tastes, but interesting….

Leona watches the tasting with an excellent poker face. Or, maybe, this just isn't her brew. "I am curious about this leathery one here." she mentions in passing, nodding to the next ale on the menu.

J'vry watches the judges."Hope mine passes inspection…" He tilts his head trying to see where his blue bottle is.

Evne grins and leans over to Kai, and loosk to Leona, "Think that one is her's, with the way she goes on about it all the time?" She asks the rider next to her.

S'rus turns to the next one in line and studies the label for a momment before giving it a try. He frowns slightly as he contemplates the flavor..

Leona snickers, glancing over at Evne. "Maybe, I'm just pretending that that's my brew. Or maybe it is. But you can't prove anything yet." Nope, she's just going to try and claim that whichever wins is hers. Most likely unsuccessfully, unless it is actually hers.

Kai chuckles at Evne and nods.

After having more than a taste of the first ale, C'ra moves down the line and makes her way through the ales on offer. "The leather is a nice touch" She comments before downing the ale.

Conchenn is tasting the entries without a word. One of the beers prompts a frown of displeasure.

S'rus moves on the the last ale.. This might not be as painful as he thought. All the ales so far seem drinkable. The final one he closes his eyes for a long momment, noticing the mix of flavors.

S'rus leans over to Conchenn, "Thats one of the beers. We are not on the beers yet.. Heres the ale."

Kai cringes as she sees Conchenn's reaction. "ooh, bad batch!"

Conchenn winces, nodding.

C'ra nods at the bottle as she tastes it, "Not bad, not bad at all." With that she moves to the next one down the line featuring a group of Firelizards, "Lizard Wiz ale?" She jokes to the judges around her before taking a drink.

J'vry smiles over at Leona."What if mine wins? It's got my name on the bottle?" A chuckle."I have a sheet here that will allow the winner of the best to pick something from the Tannercraft…I have no idea what to do for the worst though… consolation something else?" He glances at Conchenn's expression and winces, not noticing which bottle she was reacting to.

Conchenn giggles as C'ra reads the name of the ale she's trying.

Kaijust laughs out loud at the name!

Evne blinks as she hears the name, and sees the reaction of Conchenn, "That must be the one that she blanched at." She says to Kai, "Thats a horrid name for a ale or beer or anything."

"Now thats a manly ale, nothing fruity there." C'ra comments taking another swig before reaching for the last bottle of ale. "Nice design there." She comments before she starts to drink its contents.

S'rus leans over to M'woen and gives his report of the ales. He glances at C'ra, "Thats not the name. Don't confuse her. Thats the Harper's Repose Mark II. The Dragon Wiz is that bottle over there."

Leona snickers, glancing over the table. Karell is still here, yes he is. He snorts, leaning over to Evne. "Dragon's Whiz, Lizard Wiz? Sound like names Leo here would pick." not that he thinks they're hers, or anything. Besides, a person can only enter once.

C'ra hmms at the flavour and nods, before reaching for another of the bottles again to give it another taste before nodding to the other judges, "Got my pick."

Conchenn fumbles around, finding what is hopefully the right bottle.

S'rus puts the right bottle into her hand..Looking mildly amused.

M'woen listens to the judges reports and nods, "I believe we have a winner for the ales?"

C'ra leans over to M'woen and whispers her pick to the man, "Do you have any more bottles?"

M'woen says, "No, thats all the entries for ales."

Ethne walks in quietly and yawns looking around at all the fuss going on and heads to sit on a stool at the bar.

Leona grins at Ethne. "Hey. You entered the Home Brew Contest?" she asks of the goldrider who impressed at the same clutch as she herself did. "Cause, I have." she grins again, scarily.

M'woen says, "Our winner for the ales is, Tanner's Friend, brewed by Leona of Ierne WeyrHold"

Ethne shakes her head as she looks towards Leona as she says quietly. "Don't know anything about ales and all…"

M'woen says, "Prizes will be handed out after the beer judging."

S'rus conciders the line of beers, takes a breath and picks up the first one.

Leona blinks at M'woen. "Really? Mine?" she grins less scarily. "Wow. See, Karell, you were wrong about my 'hobby'." Ah, she's rubbing it in her mate's face. Such a gracious winner.

S'rus winces at the bitterness of the first beer, frowning, then turns to the next one.

Conchenn tastes one of the beers, not realizing that it's the same one she tasted earlier by mistake. Oops. There's the grimace again.

S'rus thought the first one was bitter.. its nothing to the next one, which he chokes and almost spits it out, "Is this really beer or a new cleaning chemical from the Smithcraft?"

C'ra reaches for her first beer after taking a drink of water.

Kai laughs, trying to be soft about it.

J'vry sips at his juice and then takes a bite of his meatroll.

C'ra blinks at the taste of the first one, and shakes her head reaching for the second one.

S'rus tries the next beer, setting aside the dark blue bottle he just tasted from..This one causes a cough for another reason, "This one would be good to have in the Reaches in winter." he remarks, raising an eyebrow.

Leona nudges J'vry. "Hey, isn't that one yours?" she says, nodding to the blue bottle that S'rus had so disliked.

Evne turns, and ordes a refill of the ale she had earlier, and smiles as she watches the festivities. "Looks like the beers are not as good as the ale."

J'vry glances over at Leona."Think so… I did my best at trying to keep it safe from other hands, and bottled it myself…"

C'ra quickly sets down the bottle, a grimace coming to her face. "Perhaps more work for there." she shakes her head a bit and grabs a mug of water before reaching for the next beer.

Leona leans back in her chair. "I hope that wasn't yours." she says to J'vry, shaking her head. "I'm always rooting for the fellow crafter."

A nondescript drudge steps over to where Conchenn is and puts a metal cup of water at the 2o'clock position in front of Conchenn, and tells her where it is in a quiet murmur."Cup of water for you."

Conchenn smiles roughly towards the drudge. "Thank you?

S'rus moves down the line of beers, trying each one and slowly concidering the taste… He goes back again to two of them, having trouble picking between them.

J'vry tilts his head watching the judging."Wonder what the consolation prize is?

Leona frowns slightly. "Hey, M'woen, what are the prizes again?!" she calls out.

C'ra makes her way down the line of beers, taking a moment to look over each label before taking a swig of the beer. She two settles on two of the bottles, taking sips between them.

Kai says "Brewing lessons!"

Leona laughs at Kai. "Well, that'd make sense." she has to admit.

M'woen says, "Marks and the contents of those 3 pots over there."

Evne calls over to Conchenn, and smiles. "So, where are we sitting, more beer to go, or are they all done?" She asks out loud, smiling as she waits for anymore of those.. interesting.. tastes.

C'ra finally settles on one beer and leans over and tells M'woen her choice.

M'woen confers with the judges, "We have a winner for the beers. Entry #4, Anvil Strike, brewed by Brom, a Smith from Eastern Weyr." Grinning he reaches for the dark blue bottle, "And the worst brew of the contest, by unanimous vote, is J'vry's Brew. J'vry hails from Ista Weyr"

Leona looks up, then glances over at J'vry. "Aw, too bad." she says, shaking her head. "But maybe you'll get an interesting consolation prize?"

M'woen pulls out a pot, which has 'Best Ale - Turn 2669' on it and hands it to Leona. "Brom is not here to collect his prize, so it will be sent to him. Along with these fine pots and their contents, there is a prize of 100 Marks."

Conchenn stands, looking a bit unsteady, and fumbles for her cane

Leona grins at M'woen, and carefully accepts the pot. "Thanks!" she says, then is speechless. Wow, Leona speechless? Who'd've thought? Certainly no-one that actually knows her!

J'vry blinks at the worst beer naming."Hmmm Let me taste my… bad? brew…" He has stepped over to where Conchenn is sitting."Have a seat… You there… bring Conchenn something to eat?" He offers an arm at least to steady the woman.

Kai looks around for Conchenn's cane, sees where she has it propped, and grabs it to place in Conchenn's hand.

M'woen pulls out another pot. This one has a small, misshapen egg in it. It might be a dud, but again, it might not. The pot says 'Bad Brew of 2669' on it. He hold this out to J'vry.

Evne moves over to Conchenn, and extends her arm to her to steady her. "Are you alright there?' She asks, smiling to her as she whispers something in her ear, glancing back at where the others are, and Kai in particular.

Conchenn doesn't sit, instead letting Kai and Evne help her, although she does smile thankfully towards J'vry. "Just a little tipsy. It's OK. I don't drink much.

J'vry takes a sip of his brew, and spits it back into his cup and then takes the pot with the egg in it."Thank you." He then brandishes the paper and says. "This can go to Brom, and you my dear fellow Tanner, can ask me for some leather of any sort…" He grins."Crafters do have to stick together."

S'rus looks steady, but he is a heavy drinker and it rarely effects his moter skills.. He heads back to his corner table, taking a bottle of the winning ale with him.

C'ra grabs up one of the unfinished bottles and rises from her seat rather steadily as she swigs down the drink. "Definatly a hard competition."

Leona grins at S'rus, and has gotten a bottle of her own ale as well somehow. "Cheers!" she calls out, happily.

Having won the beer contest with his Anvil Strike, Brom has a mug of it in his hand, staring at the golden egg in his other. He squints his eyes, then places it down gently, clearing his throat. His eyes glance expectantly over to the entrance, waiting impatiently for his acquaintance to arrive. He's dressed in a pair of loose fitted pants, and his dark brown vest over a simple white shirt, which strains against the boasting of his upper body.

Leona is leaning back at a table, feeding a bronze hatchling with one hand, and drinking some of her 'Tanner's Friend' with the other. "I'll name you after the winning ale." she says to the firelizard, raising her bottle in a cheer.

Kai finishes the last swig og her bottle. "Well, I'm done!"

So, this weyrwoman walks into a bar and… that sounds like the beginnings of a bad joke. It probably will be, all considering just who the goldrider is. Saisri, having gotten a message that she just -had- to come and support a certain Eastern smith in his quest for the perfect brew, Saisri has grudgingly made her way to the tavern and leaving a very sour Avarinth to brood and growl in the main square. No more than two steps in than the woman's nose wrinkles up at the potent stench of fermentation and raises up a hand to casually rub at her nose.

At the sight of the gold rider, Brom lifts his mug up, letting out a loud, slightly drunken cheer. "Hey! I -WON!-." He bellows out, grinning rather wryly as he takes a long pull off his mug, tasting the sweet sting which travels down his throat. Thumping the mug to the table, he motions her over. "I got something for yah', come quick!" He states, thrusting out the golden egg towards her, gaining a large, cocky grin upon his face. "I think this thing is ganna hatch."

Leona downs the rest of her ale, then grins at J'vry. "Hey, nice consolation prize. She's pretty." she calls out, then pokes at her new bronze idly. "You done eating there, you little guts?" she says affectionately to the hatchling.

Saisri blinks in a show of startlement, though she does try and recover with a quick brushing down of the dress she wears. "That concoction you were telling me about won?" She turns her attentions to the man who bellowed, probably to make a secondary comment about how it was originally designed to grease the gear parts he plays with, only to suddenly find a twitching egg shoved into hands that were trying to ward off the smell. "W-what? A firelizard?" She blurts out as she looks down to the thing in her hands, slender brows furrowing up as she swallows. Oh, this is going to be lovely.

"I toldja it'd win! But ya'didn't believe me!" Brom belts out with a loud laugh as he hands the egg over, then leans into the bar a bit so that he doesn't fall over. "An ya' said that it smelled like a wherry's ass! HA! That will getcha drunker far faster than anything out there, and it tastes great going down." He grins wryly, watching the egg wobble back, and forth, then starts to crack down along its shell.

If you ever had the experience of drinking a cup of peppermint tea, you would be able to place the exact shade of this brownish gold hatchling. A beautiful pale gold, with solid undertones of brown that darken her hide to a less pale color. Specks of a darker browny-gold spatter across delicate wingsails, and along lenghty slender body, thining to a mere trail encircling her neck and tail, and just a few specks dotted on her wedge-shaped head. Her personality is as sweet as the tea she has the color of, and as calming and soothing as well. Gentle nudges and soft croons, these are the most used of her physical and verbal reparte, only rarely is her gently voice raised above a murmuring chirrup and rarely too is she driven to anything more forceful then a nudge.

"Mm, yes, I'm sure once you've burned your entire gullet it goes down smooth…" Saisri murmurs, though her attentions are suddenly taken up as the egg cracks and crumbles in her hand, sending glittering shards to powder her hands and tumble down to the floor below. A tiny gold uncurls herself from the remains, yawning at the effort it took to hatch. Oh dear, so much time spent, so much work, and still it is not complete. "Um…. I need some food for her." Saisri says to Brom. "Bring me meat for her!" She adds on as she carefully cradles the delicate creature who quietly creels out her hunger up to the goldrider with swirling red eyes.

J'vry laughs."If you need anything from the leathercraft, present this to your local tanner and say that you won this as well and that it was from me." He adds."J'vry's the name." He passes over the paper to the Smith with a bow. The paper entitles the owner to a product made from leather from straps to something wearable…

Glancing around quickly, Brom leans over and motions to the bark keep, getting a bit of sausage from him slid over on a plate. He hands the saucer over to Saisri, grinning widely. "It's a smaller Avarinth." He says with a smirk on his face, looking quite proud of himself. Reaching behind him, he tugs out his hair from its band, letting it fall across his shoulders in a hazard like manner.

Saisri carefully shifts the little gold into her one hand so she can retrieve some of the meat in another to offer it to her. "Yes, well… hardly a little Avarinth. This one didn't trample several people the moment she hatched." She murmurs as she watches the firelizard pluck up the meat in her delicate talons as she nibble away in a fury. "Hm. In fact, not her temper at all either. This one is… calm, serene. Hm. That might not be a bad name for her. Serenity." She says, testing the name on her tongue as she looks to the tea-gold hatchling. "Yes, I think that will do her well."

Grinning wryly, Brom just picks up his mug again, taking another long swallow from the rim, quietly rumbling to himself. He seems rather pleased with the night's turn of events. "Got me a lil bit of money too." He says, shaking his change pouch which dangles about from his belt. "Got a hundred mark." His grin broadens even wider into a cool state, clearing his throat.

"A hundred?" Saisri remarks with a tone of surprise. "Well… I had known these… contests had heafty prizes, but this is rather… impressive." She says as she continues to feed the now-dubbed Serenity who seems concerned only with filling her empty stomach. "A hundred marks and a gold… for that swill of yours." She says, though this time with a faint, but present smile towards the smith. "Now you'll have one more thing to boast about at Eastern. Well, little one," She says down to the gold. "It was not an auspicious birth, but one none the less. Welcome to Pern, Serenity."

"So, I take it that's better than all the flowers ah' sentcha, huh? You like me -more- now?" Brom asks with a loud chuckle, placing the mug back down onto the bar, then slides it along the wood towards the tender, who swipes it up. With a rock of his shoulders, he gives his stomach a firm pat. "Maybe next time ya'll believe me when I tell ya' that I make good stuff. Now, don't I owe you dinner?" He asks as he tilts his head to her, giving her a swat on the rump as he ambles for the door. "I need ta' sober up anyways."

J'vry listens as his dragon gets a message."Bad blow back home… Umniyath says the wind is too strong for dragons to be in flight…"

Leona frowns at something, and glances to the exit. "Oh, hey, Karell, you never did tell me what you did with that daughter of ours that you were supposed to be watching…" she says, with a frown for her Harper mate. "Now, we agreed from the start that you would take care of the parenting stuff, and I would do the fun stuff." she adds, with a frown. Karell looks about, then grabs a bottle of 'Tanner's Friend', and hands it to Leona. Thus distracting her long enough for him to make his escape, as she works on emptying another bottle.

Leona waves the bottle of her own brew about, cheerfully. "There's rooms here." she says to J'vry, then grins. "Don't believe I caught your name? Mine's Leona."

J'vry smiles."J'vry…" He offers the hand that isn't feeding a nearly dozy green on the table beside him.

Leona grins at J'vry, and stops feeding the bronze to shake J'vry's hand. Put down the ale? Never! Well, she's certainly devoted to her product. "Tough luck with that brew of yours. But hey, at least you won something, right?" she nods at the green, while her free hand goes back to feeding her own 'prize'.

J'vry nods with a chuckle."I have a feeling one of my little ones wanted to help Dada…" He laughs…"I'll have to find and see if there is another use for the stuff perhaps."

Leona laughs. "Children, eh? I've got one of my own." she nods. "Nine turns old she is, nearly ten." she smiles. "Karona. Mine and Karell's." the brownriding tanner explains, cheerfully.

J'vry nods. with a laugh."I have thirteen or so… The youngest was visiting with her mother and Denna and the twins from Xanadu and Western the day I was getting my brew into its container… I guess the girls and the boy saw me putting in leaves, and wanted to help me get my brew ready, and got to the vat before I could warn them not to mess with it."

Leona raises her eyebrows at J'vry. "Th… Thi… Thirteen? Or so?" she shakes her head. Leona adds, "That's a lot… I could never hope to make Karell raise that many!"

J'vry nods again with a laugh."Yes… My oldest's made me a grandpa already… J'vryn, Jevisry, Jess, Ivarhi, Vanderam, Jevsia, Candia, Jerillian, Fyrrie, Jeverra, Jenna, Jeffin and Jinry round out the crowd… They all came from nine different mothers and some are twins."

Leona grins. "Well, no wonder. Nine different mothers. No way you'd catch me having that many children. In fact, I think one is plenty for me." she nods firmly, raising her ale, "Can't drink when you're expecting." she adds, cheekily.

J'vry nods toward Leona."I've heard that… Even Linua was griping she wanted to drink when she was expecting… She was Vintnercraft.

Leona adds, "Can't drink as a candidate or a weyrling, either. Glad I'm not either of those anymore." she grins. "Nor as an apprentice, but that was even before I was a candidate." Actually, she had the baby first, then jumped right into apprenticeship, then was searched right after making journeyman. So she's been making up for all those lost turns ever since.

J'vry nods."I wasn't much of a drinker either during the candidate or weyrlinghood…"

Leona shrugs slightly. "I spend a lot of time boiling numbweed for my dragon, lately. It doesn't stink as badly when I've had a few." she snickers, raising the leather-clad bottle in a toast. "To Lakareth's lame leg!" and another alliterative announcement.

J'vry smiles and then toasts with his juice."To Lakareth's lame leg, and Leoth getting lucky!

Leona tilts her head at J'vry, then grins. "Leoth, mm? That's a nice name." Well, it does have a lot in common with her own name.

J'vry nods."Leoth's my bronze."

Leona adds, "Lakareth isn't really interested in 'getting lucky'. He's an odd fellow." then nods at J'vry. "Lakareth is my brown. He's a little bit of a grouch, and a lot bitter." she grins affectionately, though.

S'rus slowly sips from the bottle of ale… no sense in letting the rest of the bottle go to waste, after all. S'rus mutters, "I wish I could say that for Tobiath.. I can't keep him away from the females. I would rather not wake up with strangers all the time."

J'vry smiles."I settled in with three women once.. and then one died, one moved to Xanadu and the third stayed at Western when I left for here…The former Xanadian visited me the other day on the way to Honshu…

Leona shrugs at S'rus. "Nothing wrong with waking up next to a stranger. Course, my mate doesn't agree, but he's not the one with the dragon." she snickers. "I'm almost disappointed that Lakareth has only tried to chase once. Almost." she shrugs, and leans back in her chair again, but just a little bit too far. *CRASH!* Suddenly she finds herself flat on her back, on the ground. "Whoops!"

J'vry moves over, and then reaches a hand down."Can I help you?" His green is dozing next to an empty plate that once had meatrolls on it. Crumbs are left on said dish.

S'rus peers at Leona, "Great shells, girl! Are you allright?"

Leona smiles gratefully up at J'vry, then grins at S'rus, albiet a little sheepishly. "Yeah, I'll be right." she says, with a shrug. She'll be feeling that when she wakes tomorrow, though. "I have to stop doing that." she says, grimacing at the chair. Old habits die hard and all that.

S'rus sits back again, "You should be more careful.. " he advises.

Leona nods at S'rus, frowning at the chair. She puts the bottle of ale down at last. "I think that's enough of that for now…" she says, shaking her head. "Hey, about those dyes, I've got plenty of marks now. Or, I could trade for some ale." she offers, with a nod. Leona is interrupted, probably by Lakareth, then resumes. "Not right now though, I should probably go see where Karell and Karona have gotten to."

S'rus finishes the ale and decides to call it a night. "I need to go. It was..interesting.." S'rus slips off, avoiding anyone who might delay him from getting back to his weyr.

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