Parasites - July 8th, 2006

Ierne Weyrhold - Central Plaza

The main plaza of Ierne Weyrhold is abustle with activity, as people of various occupation move to and fro through the area. The plaza itself is cobbled stone, much like the roads leading from it, and extends to the east, where it is abutted by a couple of large buildings.

The main administrative complex for the Weyrhold borders the plaza here, to the west; within, the dining facilities of the weyrhold, and the offices of the weyrhold's staff, are located. A single-story building just to the north of it serves as the guest hall, separated from the hall by a courtyard garden and reflecting pool. Roads lead northward, toward the main harbor, crafthalls, cotholds, and recreational areas, and to the south, toward the river docks and the 'rider residences.

R'oc and Nasheth are in the central plaza playing or doing training of some sort. R'oc seems to have a smile on his face, and Nasheth seems to be getting frustrated. "Oh you big lug, you hit the ball back to me, but you have to use your head.."

Leona is sitting on a bench in the courtyard, feeding a little bronze firelizard with one hand, holding a leather-covered bottle with the other, and watching Lakareth sun himself in the courtyard, while a 9 turn old girl - Karona - runs about with a few of the other WeyrHold children.

R'oc laughs and then looks over the the heard of children running around and then see's a certain someone. He puts his two fingers to his lips and whistles. "Hey, Karona, don't you say hi anymore?" The question comes to the young girl, though he doesn't notice Leona as of yet.

Evne steps into the courtyard, acting the prototypical turist as she can be seen looking around and soaking in the sights. She sees Leona, and waves over to her, having seen her at the homebrew contest.

Ethne walks in quietly with Mellonath staying close by. She appears a little bit tired and maybe a tiny bit under the weather as she looks towards Mellonath. "I'll be fine Mellonath. It's ok. No you don't have to worry K'ralt and Alandoth over anything either." She shakes her head. "All three of you are going to have me driven nuts."

Karona giggles, and waves at R'oc. "Hi!" she calls out, cheerfully. She waves a rather worn looking stuffed dragon. Aww, she still has that? So cute! "Weeonf says hi, too!" she adds. Her lisp is gone, but the lisped version of Reonth for a name has stuck, it seems. Weeonf is the stuffed dragon. Leo waves at Evne, and then frowns at Ethne. "You look like I feel. Must be a bug going around." she says.

R'oc looks at the girl and then yells one more time. "Well then, come give me a hug, I haven't seen you in ages?" He smiles and then asks. "And your mother, where is she?"

Leona frowns at Ethne. "You sure? You don't -look- okay." she shakes her head. "Few too many ales?" she asks then, with a slight frown for the bottle of ale in her own hand. Karona giggles again at R'oc, then sticks her tongue out at him. Seems she's going through a little no-hug phase, or something. But she does point at the bench, and Leona. "Over there, silly!" she states, as though it should be obvious.

Evne pauses, and listens in to the conversation, smiling over to Leona as she waves back. She looks to the girl and smiles, and then looks at the riders themselves to get a feel for who all they are.

Ethne shakes her head as she says quietly. "The healers don't want me drinking ale honestly. Just late nights with lower back pain, having to run to the bathroom a lot. I'll be alright though." She smiles to Leona. "Between Mellonath, Alandoth and K'ralt, I swear the healers don't even need to give me warnings, they've been spoiling me."

R'oc looks towards where Karona points and then waves without looking to Leona. "Hey Leona, whats…." A slight pause and a bite of his lips as he turns to her, watching the conversation. He turns back around and then Nasheth croons to his rider.

Leona smiles at Evne, waving the woman over. "Plenty of room on the bench." and the invitation is extended to Ethne as well, although the brownriding tanner hasn't yet seen R'oc. She considers Ethne for a long moment, then frowns. "You sure it's not a bug? Because that sounds an awful lot like whatever it is that I've got." she says, shaking her head slowly. She looks up as she hears her name, and frowns. "What?!" she calls back, curious to know what R'oc was about to say.

Evne smiles at Leona, and nods her head, "Thanks." She says, and looks to Ethne, "Not catching is it?" She asks as she takes her seat. She looks to the tanner, and smiles, "So, hows your day going, still basking in the victory?"

Ethne shakes her head as she says walks over towards Leona as she whispers something softly. She tries to keep it low enough that R'oc doesn't really hear. "No it's not catching…"

Ethne whispers "It's not a bug… I'm pregnant Leona… from the night of Avarinth's flight."

R'oc rather than showing any form of weakness, strolls over to Karona and the army of weyrbrats. "Now, now, Karona. Is that anyway to treat me? Why I think I'll have to remember this when your turn day comes round." The smile from him bright and childish in a way.

Leona grins at Evne, and nods, raising the leather-coated bottle in pride, and nodding to the sleeping firelizard, whose egg she won that night. Then she raises an eyebrow at Ethne, frowning in confusion. "Oh." she finally says, very quietly. Karona, meanwhile, is still playing with her young friends. "That's in three months!" she tells R'oc, with a grin. "Three months, and I'll be ten!"

"And you want a present don't you?" R'oc asks then he smiles. "You know I've gotten better at making those things, if you give me a /big/ hug…I'll make a giant bronze that you can name." He chuckles softly, now ignoring the rest in the clearing.

Ethne looks over towards Leona as she says quietly. "I never expected what happened that night of the flight to happen… I just hope I'm ready."

Evne looks from Leona and back to Ethne, looking at the rider curiously as she doens't quite get what she is talking about. But as she wasn't addressed, all she gives up is a puzzled expression.

Karona looks up at R'oc, and frowns. "I don't want another bronze, silly. I want…" she frowns, and thinks about it for a moment. "A firelizard! A real one!" Oh my, they grow up so fast! Leona shakes her head at Ethne. "Well, you know. Flights happen. I always expected that some day I'd be involved in the flight aftermath, but I always rather thought I'd be the comforting partner, rather than the one in need." she frowns a little, and shakes her head. Leo glances sheepishly to Evne, and blushes. "Sorry…" she apologises, for being engrossed in her own private conversation. "Have you tried my ale?" she then asks, offering the leather-covered bottle to Evne to try.

"Okay…fine a real firelizard." R'ocs kind sweet smile is big, but very short. "Now what do you say you give this old weathered man a hug?" As he opens his arms he says. "And tell your mom, that she should stop causing trouble.

Ethne is a little bit distracted as she looks over to Leona. "Are you sure it's not the flu Leona?"

Karona giggles at R'oc, then gives the man a hug, then laughs. "Silly, telling her to stop causing trouble is like telling a dragon not to fly." Silly appears to be her favourite word. Leo frowns at Ethne, then shrugs. "Well, I -hope- it is just some flu bug or something. I mean, it probably is, right?" Right. What else could it be?

Ethne looks towards Leona as she says quietly. "When was the last time Karell and you did anything?"

K'ralt wanders into the plaza, looking about, then homes in on Ethne, wrapping an arm around her shoulder, then nods at the others present. "Hey." he says to them, and grins at Karona.

R'oc looks at the young girl. "Gives her a wink and then runs toward Nasheth, almost leaping onto his riding position and then patting his dragon on his side. Nasheth without warning bends his legs and then takes off the ground cirling into the air. Then as he goes into the sky they both go between.

Leona tilts her head at Ethne, and frowns. "What's that supposed to mean? We're very healthy there, thanks." So, recently. And she did already imply that she got some after that flight, too. Karona pouts as R'oc leaves, frowning slightly. "No fair!" she cries, although she almost immediately goes back to playing with the other children as though nothing had stopped her. Leo nods at K'ralt. "Hey." she says simply, then notices that he's grinning at her daughter, and does the same. "They grow up so fast, don't they?" particularly when you get your partner to do all the work raising them.

Ethne looks towards Leona as she says. "You're experiencing similiar things to me… maybe you should just get a healer to make sure well… that you're not pregnant or something."

K'ralt raises an eyebrow. "Wow, you too, Leona? Everyone's getting the bug nowadays." he says with a wink at Ethne.

Leona raises her eyebrows at Ethne, then glances to Karona with a frown. "Oh." she says, quietly, frowning. "Well, I could be. It's not like there's any foolproof way to not be." Well, apart from abstinence, but that one really doesn't appeal to her at all. Of course, between can also interfere, but she's been too busy to travel, with that shop of hers, and preparing for the home brew competition, followed by trying to provide enough ale for most of the bars on Pern. Leo snickers at K'ralt, but it's a weaker snicker than usual. "Oh, I hope it's just a bug." she says, with a slightly worried frown.

Ethne looks towards K'ralt as she sees his wink and hears his words and well yeah the bug has bitten Ethne as she starts to look a little pale and possibly feeling a bit nauseous as the morning sickness is starting to get to her.

"Well it might be a parasite." K'ralt replies innocently.

Leona frowns at Ethne. "I don't know why any woman would wish for this." she mutters, about pregnancy. Leona snickers at K'ralt. "Y'know, that's just how Lakareth feels about it, too." They probably had this discussion back in weyrlinghood, when Karona was only three.

Ethne seems to be getting a little more uncomfortable as she turns and starts to walk away.

K'ralt blinks and looks at Ethne. "You all right, love?" he asks her, looking concerned.

Leona frowns at Ethne, then glances to K'ralt. She's not sure what to do here, so she just sits and watches. Ooh, ahh, marvel at her skills of sitting, and watching, at the same time!

Ethne looks back to K'ralt as she holds her stomach as she doesn't look too well and seems to be trying to go somewhere private.

Giving Ethne a concerned look, K'ralt shrugs at Leona. "See you later then I suppose." he says, and trots off after Ethne.

Ethne comes out of the main hall likely having looked for a bathroom, some of the flushed color of her face is returning but she still doesn't look quite happy with this addition to what seems like a change in daily life.

Leona nods at K'ralt, though she doesn't move. "Yeah, later…" she mumbles, lost in thought now. Lakareth opens one eye from across the courtyard, and Leona looks up. "Alright, alright. I'll go to a healer. Sheesh." she mutters to herself. As Ethne emerges, she glances to the other woman. "It'll only last a few months." she says matter-of-factly. Though, that's not much help at the moment, really.

Ethne looks towards Leona as she says looking a bit embarassed. "I hope so…"

K'ralt seems a little out of depth so he'll just…agree in general.

Getting a ride from a visiting rider, Nimue slides off of the dragon and waves towards the rider in thanks. She turns back towards the main clearing. She looks around slowly at the gathering of people. "hm.." she walks along slowly.

Leona nods at Ethne. "If worst comes to worst, it'll last until the baby is born, but usually it stops well before then." she says, then frowns. Looks like she's feeling a little off now, too. "I hope it does, and so will Karell once he hears about this." she's talking about her own impending child, now. Her own little parasite.

Ethne looks a bit awkward as she hears Leona's words almost in disbelief. So much for comfort of a more experienced mother.

Nimue looks over towards Ethne and then Leona as she waves at them both. "Hullo." She offers, brushing herself off. "This is Ierne, right?" She wonders, eyes flicking from woman to woman. "I'm an artist. Came to make a few marks. Maybe I can find something to do here." She offers.

Evne returns from the marketplace, and rewaves, and spies new faces present. "Heya agian." She says, smiling to everyone once more.

Leona nods at Nimue. "Yep, this is Ierne. Careful, we've got parasites, and it seems they're contagious." She's joking, right? She has to be. You can't just 'catch' pregnancy. She manages a smile, though it's somewhat weak. "I'm Leona, and that over there is Lakareth." she nods to the brown lazing in the sun on the other side of the courtyard. "And somewhere around here is Karona…" she adds, although she can't really see her young daughter about at the moment.

Ethne looks towards K'ralt as she says quietly. "I think I should go lay down…"

K'ralt nods at Ethne. "Sounds like a good idea, especially if you're feeling ill." he says, brow creasing in concern.

Ethne looks towards K'ralt as she says softly. "You don't have to leave you know K'ralt, it's ok."

Leona grunts, then shakes her head. "Ugh. This is perfect. Stupid Karell and his stupid being a man." she mutters, looking as though she wants to find a bathroom herself, although she doesn't move. She's stubborn.

K'ralt raises an eyebrow at Leona, then faces Ethne again. "No, we'll both go. After all, it's all my fault." a smile quirks at his mouth, and he also glances at Leona. This'll give her an excuse to run for the bathroom too, right?

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