Beach and Breakfast - July 10th, 2007

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach

A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

Aurleth is making a low-pitched whining sound as he's moving akwardly through the sand. The reason soon becomes apparent: there's a swath of bandages wrapped around his hind foot, and judging from the way he's walking, it's painful. A'mon is at his side, patting one shoulder. "Now, he said exercise it." He tells the dragon, sounding very much like a mothering hen. "So by dogit, we're going to exercise it! Stop bein' a big ole baby and walk. You can soak in the water, too, salt'sa good for it." The dragon, seemingly almost offended by his rider, snorts before squinting up at the morning sun. A'mon chuckles. "Yes, it's early, you runt, but that's good, the water'll be nice and cold now."

It's never too hard to find someone at a place like a weyr, as long as you're willing to ask a lot of strangers about the location of the person you're trying to find. Anyhow, a boy in his upper teens walks onto the beach, casting his gaze around until it falls on the runt of a blue limping down the beach. Immediatly he's heading that direction, though his walk has a somewhat reluctant air to it. "A'mon…" is his somewhat disheartened greeting.

Nirileth is crouched on the sand, somehow managing to look very put out and annoyed without even moving. Her rider isn't far away, standing and staring at her in frustration. "I don't care if you don't /want/ a bath today. You need a good scrubbing." Of course, he might as well be arguing with a rock, for all it makes her move.

Reonth doesn't appear to care that the water is cold, diving into it with a splash, with complete disregard to the beach's current occupants. Popping out of a nearby hut comes L'ren, following his seaweed green lifemate at a much slower pace. He walks past L'then, chuckling softly to himself. "Ah, some days I wish Reonth was more like that. Can't keep her away from the water." Though the cold water seems to be doing wonders for the not-yet-glowing green.

Well, THAT voice gets his attention. Aurleth pauses as well and rumbles a low greeting, clearly pleased to see the boy. In fact, so pleased that his limp disappears as he trundles over to try to knock Raevis over with his snout. A'mon follows at a slightly slower pace, chuckling. "What're you doing here?" He asks, not displeased, but surprised. He's even more surprised as water sprays up from the tides, and jumps out of the way. Renoth is given a curious glance until he sees L'ren, who he's probably seen around the weyr but has never met. "G'morning!" He calls out, both to L'ren and Nirilenth's rider. Greetings over, he turns to Raevis. "Why the long face? Get turned down by a lovely lady?" The 'again?' is left out, but unspoken.

L'then glances around at the rest of the beach as he hears the shouted greating. "Morning." His voice is just a touch strained, and even more annoyed. "How are you all?" Behind him Nirileth sorts in a pleased fashion, and settles into a more comfortable position.

Raevis is knocked over and lands as gracelessly as possible, and to add insult to injury he's nearby enough to get sprayed as well. "Aw… Aurleth!" No that's not a 'aw, you're cute', more of a 'aw.. why'd you go and do that?' but there's affection in the statement nonetheless. "No… well, that's not why." He's probably gotten turned down often enough recently to make the statement true. Getting to his feet he offers the blue a scritches as he faces the rider. "I've frusterated the master at Western" Yes, that's his newest posting. "He told me to leavefor awhile, give him a break… or something. I can't go back to the hall, mom and dad would have a fit. Can I stay with you? Just a couple days." And yes, he /is/ that good at making any who teaches him horridly flustered.

L'ren is fairly reclusive normally, but he's been improving lately. It's still a painfully slow process, and he still spends pretty much all of his time in his weyr hut or on the beach. "Hey!" he calls back to A'mon, then adds a sheepish, "Sorry about the water, Reonth can be … over-enthusiastic, especially when it comes to water." a pause, and he admits, "A bit like me and my books, I suppose." He frowns. Interestingly enough, L'ren has managed to stay back just long enough to avoid getting splashed, much, though not entirely. Turns of living with Reonth have taught him a thing or two about avoiding her splashes, but not quite enough.

A'mon lays a hand on Aurleth's hide as the blue falls into oblivious delight at the scritching. The rider listens, managing not to break into a grin until the very end. "Again, Raevis?" he asks, a mix of exasperation and amusement in his voice. "You get kicked out again and your mum's going to have your hide on the wall, youngling. This is, what, the third time?" Aurleth, getting bored with the conversation, trundles towards the water after giving Raevis another affectionate nudge. He slowly lowers himself into the water, with no big splashes, as if to 'show up' Reonth. Once in the water, he doggiepaddles his way over to her to croon a greeting, and then turns back towards the beach. « You should join us! » He 'yells' to Nirileth. « The water feels very nice. »

L'then walks over closer to the other riders, and the younger boy, not saying much, since he hasn't really been spoken to yet. Nirileth snorts at the blue, eyeing the impudent creature who dared speak to her. « Why should /I/ want to get in the water with /you/? I'm quite content where I am. » L'then winces as he catches some of that, and glances to A'mon, speaking now. "Sorry about her… It's almost that time."

At least Raevis gets a more favorable reaction to the news from A'mon than he'd get from anyone in his 'real' family. "I know, I know, you don't have to go rubbing it in. Anyhow, none of the projects are interesting, so I tweak them a bit, you'd think they'd like extra creativity or something." But he grins as he watches the little blue head into the water, his sulking is easily interupted at least. L'then gets a peek and then a bit of a lopsided grin. "Like girls and that time of the month, huh." Too many conversations and statements going on at once. "Water's never hurt anyone, anyhow… well, other than the people who drown…" Ahem, anyhow. Yes, that was to L'ren.

L'ren winces as he overhears L'then talk about 'that time', and glances to Reonth. "Lucky us, eh? With the 'dainty greens' and all. That's a laugh. The last thing Reonth is is a dainty lady, 'that time' more than ever." He definitely has been working on being more outgoing. But he probably still needs to learn where to draw the line. Chatting about proddiness is not exactly polite conversation, nor welcomed by all. To Raevis, the man says, "No, water's never hurt any/one/, but any/thing/, that's a different story. We were in Telgar's transport wing, until one of Reonth's 'water landings' wound up getting us 'retired'. But it's not that bad. More time for my harper studies." he admits, with a small smile. Meanwhile, Reonth is having a great time out in the water. Now tired of splashing, she's submerged herself as much as possible. « Come in, the water is /lovely/! » she croons, her words bobbing up and down like waves.

A'mon waves one hand at L'then, showing he understands. "No problem, rider." He replies, glancing at the dragons with amusement. "Aurl can handle himself. He's been picked on since he was hatched. I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name, and Aurleth is preoccupied." Indeed, the blue has now rolled onto his back and is splashing towards the beach with his legs, trying to hit Nirilenth. Upon seeing this, A'mon sighs. "He can handle himself, alright, but unfortunately it's using revenge. Aurl, be nice!" This last is yelled towards the blue, who doesn't even pay attention. For a moment, he glances at Raevis. "Of course you can stay with me." He says as an afterthought. "Just don't tell your mother, or it'll be _my_ skin on that wall of hers." As L'ren mentions Telgar, he half-winces and half smiles. "Ah, Telgar. I Impressed there to that little runt." As if noticing the man's shyness, he waves him over. "Come, join the fun. It looks like the big lizards-" « I am NOT a big lizard!» "are going to be splashing about for some time. You're harper-trained?"

L'then smiles. "L'then. And the wench is Nirileth." Calling her a wench gets him a dirty look from the soon-to-be-glowing green. But she's distracted as one of Aurleth's splashes comes a little too close. She rumbles warningly at him, rising to her feet, wings rustling, eyes whirling. L'then rubs his temples, and shoots her a long stern look, keeping the chastisement to himself. But he /does/ manage to have some effect this time, and she settles back down, rumbling in frustration and settling back into her angry crouch.

Raevis grins quite brightly as the bluerider agrees to house him for a couple days. "I won't if you don't." Is his response, though quite likely his mother will find out anyhow. Not like the word that yet another master is frusterated with him won't get back to the crafthall. His question doesn't get an answer, but he'll just guess that yes, it is similar at least in this case.

L'ren tilts his head at A'mon, then nods. "I was born and raised at Telgar, spend many a turn holed up in the records room." Ah, the fond memories. "I was an apprentice harper before I impressed, though I resumed my training later on, and reached Journeyman. I have /some/ musical training, but the majority is in history and archives. Name's L'ren, and that's Reonth." he adds.

Aurleth is amused by the sand-bound green's reaction and has no problem showing it. His mind-voice is filled with shimmery opal highlights. « If you come in, i'll scratch your back. » He offers enticingly, rolling back to settle in the water rightside up. A'mon just gives Raevis The Look at the mention of telling his mother before his eyes settle on L'then, and then on L'ren as he speaks. "Ah, I see." He mentions, flashing a brief smile. "I've always respected harpers… I don't think I could deal with people like they do." He chuckles and ducks his head. "And Faranth only knows I have no musical talent. I'm A'mon, and Aurleth over there." He introduces. "This is Raevis, he's a glasscrafter from Western and my, ah, well, adopted nephew you could say."

L'then nods. "Nice to meet all of you… I'll try to keep Nirileth away from the beach for the next few days. She decided to get grumpy just before I bathed her this morning." He sighs with frustration. "I knew it was almost time… but I hoped this would be one of her nice cycles."

Raevis manages to snap back to attention and politeness with a "Nice to meet you too, and nice to meet you." directed at L'then and L'ren respectively. "And what's with Aurleth limping?" Yes, he did notice. "Inheriting your clumsiness?"

L'ren laughs and laughs. "Oh, I'm sorry. It's just… Deal with people… /So/ not my area…" he wipes away the tears and struggles to regain a straight face. "Most of my harper friends are similarly inclined. Especially the historians among us. We're more interested in what's happened than what's happening. As one once said, 'people are too recent'." L'ren frowns slightly at L'then, in sympathy. "I don't think Reonth /has/ a nice cycle. But maybe that's just me." Because, shy harper.

A'mon reaches out to wack the teenager, aiming for his arm. "Inherited his own clumsiness." He retorts, grinning with good humor. "No, runty there 'tripped' on his way out of the weyr and hit a jagged rock, earning a nice little scratch. Almost knocked my kiln over with his tail, too." L'ren is given a grin as well. "Ah, well. The only people I deal with in my craft invoves buying and selling. And teenagers." This is directed at Raevis before the bluerider looks over at the green dragons. "And I am indeed very glad I was not Impressed to a green… I'm not sure I could handle it."

Nirileth finally stops being silent. Too bad. « You aren't worthy to scratch my back, you little runt. » She turns her back on the two dragons in the water, pointedly ignoring them now. L'then ignores her, for the moment.. though he is keeping a light watch on her emotional state, so he can stop her if she flares up again. "I'm something of a leatherworker now… still an apprentice, but then, I got a late start."

Raevis attempts to duck away from the incoming thwap but isn't quite quick enough, getting hit in the shoulder. "Hey!" Abuse, abuse! "Well, don't dragons take after their riders a bit? After all, except for working with glass, you're a klutz."

L'ren shrugs slightly, frowning out at Reonth. "Well, it's not all bad. Less dragon to wash." Though Reonth's obsession with water helps. "I can't really say much else, as I don't know what it's like to ride anything else. I have wondered though… Most of my family, well, those that are riders, ride male dragons. Which is … not good." he frowns. "I must admit, that was definitely an incentive to leave Telgar. My parents are still there, their brown and blue dragons still … active." he shudders at the thought of one of them catching Reonth, then admits gratefully, "Thankfully, Reonth is fairly reliable, timewise. I think it'll be about a week before she goes up. Knowing that, I can avoid … unpleasant flights."

Aurleth seems very amused, chortling to the sky. « Runty only until i'm in the skies, lady green. » He assures with a hint of dragonic inneuendo, whirling eyes for her alone. His comment makes A'mon look over and roll his eyes. "Leatherworking, hm. Think you could patch up an old set of straps? Aur's wearing his 'dressy' ones right now, and I'd hate to ruin them. They were expensive." He taps his lip. "I'd pay, of course. And, riding blue is easy." He offers L'ren, ignoring Raevis's comment except for a roll of the eyes in his direction. "Well, I dunno about you gentlemen, but it's getting warm out here, and I think I feel sand in my… well, let that go unmentioned. Greenriders, do you think you could leave the kids here and come for a drink or breakfast in the cavern?" He lays a hand on Raevis's shoulder and leans down a bit. "Did you bring anything that needs to be dropped off at the weyr? Or do we need to go pick up things later?"

Raevis rolls his eyes right back at his 'uncle', and at the question pipes up with a slightly smug "I dropped them off when I got here, the rider who gave me a lift was fine with the slight detour." Yup, there's a definite smirk there. Of /course/ A'mon was going to let him stay. "Not being a greenrider, or a kid.. do I get to join?"

Nirileth distinguishes that comment with little more than an amused snort. Cocky little blues. Think they own the skies. None of the have outflown /her/. Nope. It's taken at least a brown, every time. L'then nods at A'mon. "Straps are my first love… I've been making them since I impressed. Decided to join the leathercraft to learn more. I'd be glad to take a look at your straps, and do some work on them. It won't cost much either." He glances thoughtfully at Nirileth at the request… "Well… I think I can trust her to behave. I'll keep an eye on her, so to speak."

L'ren glances out to Reonth, then shrugs. "Well, I suppose I should eat something. I don't quite do that as often as I should." L'ren yawns, and then admits sheepishly, "I was up all night reading and copying hides. Probably more reading than copying." he shrugs. Then he frowns at Reonth. "I never was particularly good at straps. Helps to have a sister who is a tanner."

A'mon chuckles a little. "Aurleth can keep an eye on them-" « Oh, I shall… » "That's not what I meant, you impudent runt!" A'mon calls over to him as the blue fans his wings to splash the riders. "Time to go, now." His rider mentions, moving quickly out of the way as blue wings send a tidal wave their way. Here's hoping the others follow step! "Of course you can join." He tells Raevis, seeing nothing wrong with Raevis's assumption that he could stay. After all, he was right. "You three behave." He tells the dragons firmly. "Especially you, Aurl. Or no scratches later." With that said, he shrugs to the others and starts off back towards the bowl. "You need to eat. Especially before she gets proddy." He tells L'ren sternly. "And get sleep, too, or you'll make her even worse."

L'then gives Nirileth a stern glare before he leaves. She looks a bit chastened, and settles in even more.

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Gathering Hall

This large room could probably house twice the population of the Weyrhold, though admittedly it might be a bit cramped. The room is tierd, such that the southern and eastern sides of the room are much much higher then the northwest corner; this allows everyone to be able to focus on the main table, located there, where the Weyrhold's leaders often sit, for both meetings and meals.

A grand spiral staircase in the southwest corner leads up, to the offices and quarters of the Weyrhold's leaders. Wide double doors lead west, into the kitchen, and another set of wide doors lead east, out onto the plaza.

L'then follows the others in, and sighs, the distance, and the chastened Nirileth giving him a bit of peace. "I could use a good breakfast…" He heads for the food tables.

Raevis follows along, luckily he's invited. Not that he wouldn't follow along anyhow of course. "I guess since it's breakfast, the fun sort of drink isn't what you were talkinga about." Is the statement as they enter the caverns. What, he can always hope, right?

A'mon snorts. "You're too young for the 'fun' sort of drink." He tells Raevis, heading towards the food tables right at L'then's heels. He takes a plate, lightly loading it with fruits, and then heads towards one of the closer tables, managing not to jostle anyone in the process.

L'ren nods slowly as he follows the group, yawning again. "I still have time to sleep. I need to get this done before, though. The deadline is right about the time Reonth is due to rise, and I can't go anywhere once she starts to glow."

L'then loads up a plate as well, favoring the meat rolls over fruit, although he does take some redfruit slices. He also gets some biscuits and a bowl of gravy to pour over them. He sets the collection of food down on a table, and returns to the food tables to collect the largest mug of klah they have. "Yeah… I'm going to miss a few classes at the crafthall… fortunately, they're understanding. They have a fair number of riders who are apprentices and students."

Raevis grabs his own plate and piles it high, he's a growing boy after all. Just like L'then the majority of his food is meat-related, fruit's for sissys… or something. Wait, that's what A'mon is getting… well, proves a point doesn't it? "I'm seventeen, that's hardly too young."

A'mon shakes his head at L'ren, popping a blueberry in his mouth. "Can't you get someone to help you?" He asks curiously. "I mean, what can be so important?" He scoots over for Raevis to have a spot on the bench as he replies to L'then, nodding. "I should hope they would be understanding, I mean, it's not like you can control your green. Is your green pretty predictable too?" As Raevis gets closer, he eyes the boy. "I find out you've been drinking yourself silly and i'll pop you one." He threatens before breaking open a biscuit and taking a bite out of it.

L'ren frowns, and shakes his head. "Just a few old hides, nothing groundbreaking or anything, but I don't like wasting time, even for Reonth. I'm sure I could get away with it, but I actually enjoy my work. It's peaceful." he says, with a firm nod. "I could get an apprentice to assist me, I've been asked to tutor one, but I like to work alone."

L'then smirks at A'mon's chastisement of Raevis, but nods to A'mon. "Fairly… I usually get a week's warning or so, but I have a general idea when it will happen even before that." He grimaces. "I just wish her mood was predicatable… she's either lovely and sweet and flirty, or she's nasty and grumpy." He pops some of the redfruit in his mouth, shaking his head in annoyance.

Raevis settles into a chair of his own, across from A'mon and out of thwaping range. He /does/ learn in some situations. "I think the master would smack me first. Well, kick me out and Mom'd have my hide, as you mentioned earlier." L'then's smirk was caught but he chooses not to react other than a slightly haughtly look that lasts a couple seconds. Then a piece of thinly sliced meat is popped into his mouth. "You and my current master" Yes, they change often enough to merit that adjective "would get along.. well, I guess eh likes some of the other students." Ah well.

A'mon quickly hops up to get a mug of klah and comes back, sliding back into his chair bonelessly. "Indeed." He notes to L'ren, looking not impressed. "Just don't work yourself in the ground. I'd hate for one of us to have to come dig you out." He takes a long drag from his mug, making a sour expression. "Whoo, kinda strong today." He mentions, putting the mug down and eyeing it as if it was alive. "A week's warning? That's not bad, then." He remarks to L'then. "At least you have some warning. Aurl's convinced he'll fly one one day, but honestly? He's a bit small. Rae, the only reason your masters don't like you is because you decide to 'improve' their projects without their knowledge… With those colors, and such. Lenses aren't supposed to be purple!"

L'ren glances to L'then, and nods slowly. "Reonth's mood is seldom predictable. Though her love of water never seems to change, not even at the height of … that time." he shrugs slightly, then heads to pour himself some of that klah. "I will work on not working so much, /after/ Reonth's flight." which is still some time off, though not /too/ far off. "I've worked like this for turns, not dead yet." he adds, with a slight smile.

L'then chuckles at that. "Well… Nirileth doesn't think /anyone/ can fly her when she's in this mood. But she's also fairly tricky… it's taken bigger dragons, with the endurance to outlast her so far." He nods to L'ren, looking sympathetic. "Seems like she's being nice this time." 'Lucky you' isn't added.

Raevis gives A'mon a nice huge eyeroll at his comment. "I'll have you know that the latest pair.. they were blue not purple and had the perfect magnification anyhow…" He's getting off track there, and snaps back on. "Anyhow, I showed it to one rider and he wants me to make him a pair, amber instead and a darker shade to protect eyes from the sun. So there. They /can/ be pratical."

Making her way into the Gathering Hall is Cordelia, the wife of the former Y'tan, now Yaltan. She looks worn ragged, and tired, with her hair a bit of a mess, where it is usually brushed, and she has black rings about her eyes. She seems to be a bit 'out of it' as she ambles across the room, heading towards the kitchens as she scrubs a hand along the back of her neck.

A'mon nods at L'ren. "I'll hold you to that." He tells the older rider with a mock salute. "Or i'll have Aurl hunt you down." He pushes his now-empty plate away from his and leans back, patting his stomach like an old man. "Bigger dragons, hm? Heh, Aurl won't get that one, then. I keep waiting for him to grow, but he just isn't." He sits forward again, elbows on the table. "Amber lenses? For sunlight, hm? You might have something there, youngling… Although I'd assume your master wasn't quite pleased." Upon seeing the woman, he half-frowns and stands. "My lady, is everything alright?" He offers cordially, noticing her worn state.

L'ren shrugs slightly. "She's being playful, and friendly. Today." he rolls his eyes. "She is precisely predictable on schedule, but her mood? Well, that changes when she /isn't/ glowing. Not as drastic of a change, when she's … glowing, she swings from one extreme to the other. The rest of the time, mostly between playful, friendly, and bored, which are all fairly similar, though she can be very stubborn. Ever seen a dragon throwing a tantrum, like a three turn old brat denied candy?" That's a fun image. As for flights, L'ren comments idly, "Reonth has been favouring the bronzes lately. Or rather, the bronzes have been favouring her. Not too many browns and blues ever seem to turn up." Which is 'fun' for L'ren. "I would prefer more blues and browns to chase, but what can you do?" he frowns at his klah, relishing the strength of it.

L'then nods at L'ren, echoing that sentiment. "Me too…" The reason for that preference isn't stated, but may be guessed at. He glances towards Cordelia, and blinks a bit, calling out a greeting as well. "Hey Cordelia! Come join us?" He frowns a bit, noting her exhaustion.

Raevis is mostly done with his meal, despite the large size of it… or that it was previously. Just as he's opening his mouth to reply to A'mon a girl about his age walks by. Not only is she his age, she's definitly leaning towards pretty, hell she's there. The top she's wearing doesn't hurt either, or the length of her skirt. "I'll leave you guys to talk." is all that he says before getting up and following her out like a lost puppy. A'mon can help him pick up the pieces of his heart later.

Lost in her own little world, Cordelia's fingers toy back, and forth with a small charm around her necklace, twisting it about. It has been no secret in Ierne that after Honrith died a few days ago, her family, and world has been shaken up. Thirty years she has lived her life with the pair of them, and now, a part of her heart is missing as well. Slowly coming to her senses when she hears her name, she tilts her head towards the riders, straightening up a bit, and smoothing down her dress. The Master clears her throat. "Good morning, riders." She says in a strained voice, trying her best to put on a good appearance.

A'mon looks mockingly forlorn. "Poor Aurleth, not a chance with either greens… Ah, well, maybe it'll kill some of his rising level of ego." As Raevis gets up, he watches, highly amused. "Boys." He notes quietly. "Sometimes I think you could dress a firelizard in skirts and they wouldn't notice." Still standing, his attention focuses again on Cordelia, even moreso as her name is mentioned. His face softens. "Oh." He says, stepping towards her. "I heard… From Western, I mean. I'm so sorry. How is he doing?" Even though the man doesn't know the ex-rider, news travels fast.

L'ren glances up at Cordelia, and blushes. "Ah, I … I think we might have met. Once." Meaning L'ren and Y'tan, now Yaltan. "I … we were sad to hear … well, you know." he fumbles awkwardly for words, before opting for silence. Yep, silence is good. So is a good strong mug of klah after an all-nighter poring over old hides. Slurrrp.

L'then blinks, and the connection is suddenly made in his head. He'd been busy studying for the past few weeks, and had only heard of the death in passing. "I… I'm sorry as well." He bites his bottom lip, and fails trying to find something else to say, so he buries his failure in his klah mug. The mere though of Nirileth dying, wench though she may be at times, is enough to make him pale a bit.

Tilting her chin upwards, Cordelia tries to remain poised, and regal as she typically does. "Yaltan is.. " She pauses, taking in a deep breath, though her voice quivers. "He's fine." She assures them. "He just needs time to deal with this, and to.. to work through the pain. He has the -best- care looking after him." Despite her strong, confident words, her eyes are glassy wet, obviously upset, and not so certain. "Time will heal all the wounds, and we still have all the great memories of Honrith in our hearts." She reaches up to place a hand over her chest, closing her eyes, and biting her bottom lip as she takes a moment to control herself.

A'mon reaches out in entreaty for a hug, if she permits it. It's a bit rash, but meant as comfort. "Anything we can do…" He tells her quietly, glancing back at the other two riders to confirm his words. "You just tell us, my lady, and it will be done. I promise you that." He bows his head for a moment before looking back to her. "Are you on a mission, or do you have a moment to sit, perhaps eat? Have you eaten recently?" The tone of his voice shows he's expecting that she has not.

L'ren looks a bit lost, glancing from Cordelia to L'then to A'mon, to Cordelia again, and finally staring into his klah. "I… Reonth and I don't see eye to eye on just about anything, but…" he shakes his head. "If I were to lose her… I honestly don't know /what/ I'd do." he shudders. "Probably lock myself away forever, throw myself into my studies, and work, until there was nothing else to life." It's not exactly an appealing concept, even to L'ren.

L'then echos A'mon, having recovered his voice. "/Anything/ we can do. I… I don't know if I /could/ survive losing Nirileth. She is … everything to me." He looks near to tears at the mere thought. "I…" He shakes himself, and looks back up at Cordelia. "Just let us know. Please."

Leaning in to A'mon's hug, Cordelia heaves out a long sigh. "Thank you, all of you." She says in a soft, raspy voice as a tear spills down her cheek. "Yaltan did not lose just his life mate, but I also lost my best friend and confidant. Honrith meant everything to me. I've.. had him in my life for thirty years, and he always kept our marriage alive, especially through the worst times. He was a brother to me. But, I need to be strong, for Yaltan. My pain can not compare with his in the slightest." She leans back from the arms, wiping at her chin. "He is working through it though. Right now, the hard part is figuring out.. where his mind ends and begins. He isn't used to having his thoughts all to himself. Not for thirty years."

A'mon allows the woman to pull back, nodding. "Understood. But your pain is still pain. Be strong for him, yes, but don't be afraid to seek your own help as well, even if you need just a shoulder to cry on." He nudges her gently towards the table where the greenriders are. "Now, sit, if you have time, and eat something. I'll get a plate. What do you like? I recommend the blueberry tarts - they're quite good, and easy on the stomach."

L'ren frowns slightly, pushing the now-empty klah mug about the table idly. "It's not likely to be easy, but I think… in time… well, I don't really know. My sister's dragon limps a bit?" he admits, "I really have no experience with that sort of thing." though he does say, "Klah is strong today." as if that will make everything better. He's trying, he really is.

L'then bites his lip, and stands, after a moment. "I… need to go make sure Nirileth isn't being too nasty to the other dragons." And he needs to try to spend some time with her… though with her in the mood she is, I wouldn't envy him that task. "Hope you and Yaltan make it through…" he murmurs, and heads for the door in a hurry.

Amused, Cordelia tilts her eyes up to A'mon. "I know they are. I made them. I made everything in the kitchens, I am a -Master- Baker." She says with a chuckle, finally as her lips tug into a smile. "And if you want to calm that klah down, add a teaspoon of honey to it. It will take a bit of the bite away." She tells L'ren, settling herself into the seat as she gives herself a bit of a stretch, yawning to herself as she realizes how early it is. "I haven't slept in what feels like forever."

A'mon takes it all in stride, amusement on his features. "Ah, then, my compliments to the chef." He replies, grabbing one of those tarts for himself and bringing her a plate of various foods. "The klah was a bit strong today." He remarks, setting the plate in front of her before reclaiming his seat.

L'ren shakes his head, "No, I like the klah. Strong klah is good. I haven't quite had much sleep myself. But for a different reason. I tend to work myself a little harder before Reonth is due to rise, in case I have to make any last minute trips anywhere. I can't go anywhere once she starts to glow." he says, frowning. Not that there's much travel involved in copying hides, which is what he was doing last night. But other aspects of his job may require it. Or running out of specialist supplies.

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