Setting up Shop - July 15th, 2006

Ierne Weyrhold - Marketplace

A wide square full of shops and stores and sidewalk vendors of all types. Mostly Traders who specialise in certain items or Crafters who wanted a place in which to market their wares. Due to the WeyrHold being a major trade center, its an ideal place for something like this, open all turn round rather then just people selling during gathers.

Evne is heading towards the shops, eyeing a few fabrics offered from one vendor, and running her fingers through the drape. She isn't paying attention to what might be going on around her.

Lakareth rests in his wallow just outside of L and L's Leather, while his rider keeps entering and exiting carrying boxes from the marketplace into the shop itself. Following Leona, although at a distance, is a young bronze firelizard - Tanner's Friend, named after Leona's winning ale.

Nearly nine months into his supposed retirement, F'sael strolls through the marketplace with a pronounced limp but looking otherwise well. A touch of boredom does linger there, a little fidgeting as he walks. He regards the storefronts as he passes them but doesn't stop for any of them in particular at first. When he does stop, it's in front of an empty area not far from the location of Leona's new endeavor, to lean against a wall and stretch the bad leg.

Kai sees her friend Evne and calls out to her, waving. "Hey, Evne! G'day!"

Evne grins as she hears a voice, and looking to see where it came from, she sees who it is, and waves back to her. "Heya Kai, how are you?" She asks, moving from the vendor with a wave, and steps up to the greenrider.

Leona comes out once more into the marketplace, and frowns at the pile of boxes, which only seems to be getting larger as she's taking them away. With a shake of her head, she moves for a nearby bench and she simply flops down onto the bench, in a rather ungraceful manner. Lakareth lumbers out to the marketplace to see just why his rider has stopped, limping because of his weaker foreleg. Leona leans back slightly, and frowns at all the people around all of a sudden. She offers a general wave, to no-one in particular. Such a social woman.

Catching sight of Leona's dilemma, F'sael flexes his leg one last time before wandering over to her, his gait slightly improved by the rest. He looks the boxes up and down, then nods a greeting to both rider and dragon. "Do you need a bit of help?" he inquires. "I've got some free time, and I bet an extra set of hands would make the work go quicker."

Leona nods gratefully at F'sael. "Thanks. Karell is -supposed- to be helping…" Ooh, the tone in her voice does not bode well for this Karell person, whoever that is. "He doesn't want me to do any work at all at the moment, but he doesn't show up to help when I need it. If he wasn't good in bed, I'd dump him like that." So, Karell is her mate then.

Kai quickens her pace a bit and, holding her as yet empty shopping basket behind her, strolls up to Evne. "Everything's fine!" she says happily. "Nice day, isn't it?" SHe looks around, taking in the folks walking around, smiling.

Evne smiles, and she nods her head to Kai, "Aye, that it is. Nice day to get a few things I needed to get my hands on. What are you looking for?" She asks, peeking into Kai's bag as she looks over towards Leona and F'sael curiously.

Kai replies, "I dunno…maybe some nice sandals. Sometimes it is just too warm wear riding boots, y'know? Know where I can get some?"

"Mm," agrees F'sael wordlessly but with a smile. "I'd be glad to make myself useful. Laying about all day hasn't been doing me quite the good it was supposed to. My name is F'sael. Freight transport rider, currently on medical leave. I take it that you're the soon-to-be proprietor?" He hoists a box and then grunts in surprise, setting it back down. "Heavy one."

Evne looks back to Kai, and nods her head, "I think there are a few that can make some for you if they don't have any handy, A fairly common thing and all." She points out, smiling as she takes the riders arm to lead Kai over to where she saw one vendor with them.

Leona glances over at Kai. "Sandals? As in, leather?" That's her craft, you know. As is interrupting conversations, apparantly. Leo then turns to F'sael, and nods. "Soon-to-be proprietor, indeed. Among other things." Yay, cryptic. "A few of these have knives and tools in them, they weigh quite a bit." she admits, frowning. "I've only been carrying the lighter ones, so far. Karell and I compromised. He wanted me to not carry anything at all. I keep telling him, I'm only pregnant, I'm not sharding dying." she scowls at her mate's fussing.

Kai begins to stroll off with evne, then pulls back. She heard someone say "sandals"! She turns around, and with Evne's arm still linked wihth hers, says, "Hold on…Yes, I'm looking for some sandals. Do you make them?" Wow, that was easy!

The older rider's brow furrows for a moment. "Of course you're not. But too much strain isn't good for you, either." It's not supposed to be good for F'sael, of course, but after freight transport, these boxes can't be too much of an effort. He hefts the same one again, a practiced lift with bent knees. "Where does it go?" he inquires of Leona, after Kai has asked her question but quickly before Leona can answer and require interruption.

Leona nods at Kai. "I'm a tanner crafter. Mostly, I just tan the leathers and sell those, but I can make things out of leather, too." and then she turns to F'sael, glancing to the leg he was limping on earlier. "Can't be much good for you either." she says, one eyebrow raised and a smile on her face. "I never did like to just sit idly by though. I have to be doing something, I feel like such a waste otherwise." As for the box, "Just inside the door there," she says, nodding to L and L's Leather shop, then explaining needlessly, "I'm expecting an old friend from the hall any day now to help me set up, but I didn't want to leave these boxes out here."

Without actually disputing Leona's statement, F'sael replies, "I need the exercise." He carries the box in, then comes out and does another before taking a brief break. "I do understand the feeling. Been stewing for months. I can afford it, thanks to some sensible saving, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Healers won't clear me to get back to work, though, not yet. This… this isn't bad. Honisseth and I, we used to haul the big loads."

Leona nods at Kai, "More help would be great!" she says, with a rare burst of enthusiasm. "Hmm, yeah." she murmurs, as she truns back to F'sael. "Well, money isn't a problem right now. I won that home brew competition we had recently. Got myself a firelizard and a hundred marks." she says, nodding to the shy bronze firelizard. "Named him after my ale. Tanner's Friend." she says, with pride.

Kai smiles at the story, even though it wasn't directed at her. "That's a fine prize indeed! So, what do you need where?" She slips the handle of the woven basket higher up on her arm and looks around for what looks like it needs to be carried in next. "You have things in any particular order here?"

Leona nods at Kai. "The best prize though, was knowing that my ale will be distributed throughout Pern. People everywhere will be drinking Tanner's Friend." then she sighs. "I can't wait until I can drink it myself again." but she soon shrugs that off, and snickers. "I can still use it to tan hides though." That strong, huh? As for the boxes, she frowns. "No real order." she says, with a shrug. "The craft is sending someone to help sort everything out, anyway." Yeah, she already mentioned that.

Kai laughs at the tanning comment, hoping that it's just a joke. "So I'll just start…shuffling boxes inside, then?"

Leona nods at Kai. "Yeah." she pauses, and glances at Kai's feet. "I think I might have some sandals in your size, actually." she muses, opening a few boxes and rummaging around inside them. "Hmm," she mumbles as she pulls out one sandal, and holds it up. "Too big." she shakes her head, and opens another box. The next pair is too small, but the third pair… Hello goldilocks! "Here, d'you think these'll fit?" she says, tossing a pair of sandals to Kai.

Kai says "Are they the type that go up between your toes?"

Leona frowns slightly, then shakes her head. "No, these ones go over the toes. They have a strap around the back, too. What kind are you after?" Because the customer is always right, even if the method of payment is not always marks. For instance, helping Leona move the boxes would probably be payment enough. "I can make all sorts." she adds.

Kai says "That's the kind! I don't like the ones that go up between the toes much. Shall I try them on now, or shall we get these boxes out of the way first?"

Leona shrugs at the boxes, then says to Kai, "Whichever. I suppose we could move some of the boxes, then do the sandal thing, then move the rest? I'm not really fussed about the order." she says, with a shrug.

Kai replies, "Works for me! My name's Kai…rider of green Abeytuth." She grabs a box, lifting it carefully. "Just take it inside?"

Leona nods, and introduces herself. "Leona. And that big brown lump over there is Lakareth." Lakareth snorts, and turns his back to his rider. "Just take it inside, anywhere will do." she says, pointing to L and L's Leather, then grabbing a box and heading that way herself.

Kai raises her chin towards the large dragon. "Hello, Lakareth!" and she heads in with her box, too, following Leona.

Lakareth flicks his tail at Kai. Leona groans softly. "Sorry, he's not particularly social." she explains to Kai, with a slight grimace. "Would it kill you to be nice once in a while?" she directs this at the dragon, then shakes her head and disappears into her shop.

Kai says "Oh, he's fine," and sets down her box in the appropriate and goes out to get another box. "Mine is usually aspeel after a long flight. We do a lot of work for South Boll. mostly for the WearverCraftHall. I get a lot of fabric scraps that way."

Leona nods. "Lakareth is a bit of a grump, well, to most people anyway." Obviously not to her, though. "He means well, mostly. But he's rather bitter." she frowns at the dragon on her way back out to get another box, and shakes her head. "He's an interesting one, alright. Once you get to know him, if he even lets you get to know him, he's a big softie. But I think I'm the only one that knows him like that."

Kai says "Well, you're his rider," rather non-commitally to any argument there. "Dragons have their individualities just like poeple do." She helps to bring in more boxes, working till most of it is set inside. "You going to have benches outside for people to sit on while their trying on sandals?"

Leona tilts her head at Kai's suggestion of benches, nodding thoughtfully. "Sounds like a good idea." she says, with a frown. "I can't believe I didn't think of that myself, actually." she shakes her head absently, then shrugs. "Yeah, I'll get Karell to find a few benches after I find him." The same Karell who should be here helping, but isn't.

Kai says "I could maybe make some awnings for you, something in bright colors…make it shady, yet Gather-like. That should help draw shoppers."

Leona nods slowly, glancing at the shop front. "Sounds good…" she says, then pops inside with another box. When she comes out, she leans up against the wall for a moment, looking slightly pale. She takes a moment, then returns to grab another box. "Ugh. I feel so useless at the moment." she mutters, as she carries the box. "You have any kids?" she asks of Kai. "I have one, she's almost ten already."

Kai says "Nope, not me…You want to rest for a while? I could try on the sandals. You look like you could use a little water."

Leona sighs, and shakes her head. "I'll be fine, really." she says, although she doesn't object to taking a rest. "Let me just put this box inside, then I'll grab those sandals." she says, with a nod. When she emerges, she's got the sandals in one hand, and a glass of water in the other. "Here you go," she says, tossing the sandals over to Kai. "See if these fit."

Kai grabs them, grinning. She eagerly tries them on and takes a few steps. "Nice! How do they look?" She points a toe and holds it out. Her feet are pale as if they never see much sunlight, but no calluses.

Leona glances to Kai's feet, in the sandals, and grins. "They look like a perfect fit. How do they feel?"

Kai says "cool. I don't need hot boots on all the time, and this isn't any Ogren Hold or High Reaches, that's for sure!" She takes a few steps, then turns, does a couple dance steps. "Yes, these feel fine! How much?"

Leona grins, and shakes her head. "Let's say you help me move these boxes, and maybe make those awnings you were talking about, and then consider it even?" she says, getting some of her colour back already. "Marks are great, but sometimes a helping hand is all that's needed." seems she's a fan of the barter system.

Kai smiles broadly at that. "Really? Thank you, Leona! After we get all the boxes moved in I'll go get my measurong tape." She looks down at her sandals, still grinning. "You do nice work!"

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