Expensive Tastes - August 5th, 2006

Ierne Weyrhold - Central Plaza

The main plaza of Ierne Weyrhold is abustle with activity, as people of various occupation move to and fro through the area. The plaza itself is cobbled stone, much like the roads leading from it, and extends to the east, where it is abutted by a couple of large buildings.

The main administrative complex for the Weyrhold borders the plaza here, to the west; within, the dining facilities of the weyrhold, and the offices of the weyrhold's staff, are located. A single-story building just to the north of it serves as the guest hall, separated from the hall by a courtyard garden and reflecting pool. Roads lead northward, toward the main harbor, crafthalls, cotholds, and recreational areas, and to the south, toward the river docks and the 'rider residences.

Leona is leaning against a large brown dragon, half sitting on his stronger front leg. "I can't wait for this blasted kid to be born, Lakareth!" Leona complains to her lifemate. She's starting to show, being almost six months pregnant.

A rather bulky brown dragon wings in from the sky above, spiraling down to an easy landing nearby. A moment or so passes after landing as the passenger, not the rider, clambers her way down. Once a few feet away from the dragon, Tylia lifts a hand towards the rider and calls out, "Thanks, I'kyn! This should only take half a candlemark, at most." As the dragon wanders off to find a good place to rest, the Goldrider absently brushes at the dirt at her clothing before crossing the Plaza to the very end, giving a slight nod of greeting to Leona as she passes the rider. Obviously she's there to meet the pair standing at the very end - a middle aged Beastcrafter lightly holding the lead line to a magnificent looking Draft stallion.

Leona nods briefly to Tylia, saluting briefly and offering a casual "Ierne's greetings." to the other rider. Lakareth takes a little more interest in things, however. He's always watching, being very curious by nature. His tail thumps the ground rhythmically, more than likely a subconscious twitch.

Tylia aims a kind smile back to Leona, "High Reaches greetings to you." That's all that's given, though, as her attention seems to be taken by the runner stallion before her, an even brighter smile appearing on her face. "Oh, he's perfect! Just what I had been looking for!" She rushes the last few steps towards the stallion and tentatively reaches out to give him a pat on the shoulder, after she's sure he won't shy away from her. After a good few moments she turns to the Beastcrafter, who has remained stoic and somewhat bored through all this, "48 marks, right? I've been looking high and low for good Draft stock, but it's quite hard to find." There's a pause before she suggests, "Why don't you loosen the lead a bit and let him walk about so I can see his movement?" The beastcrafter obliges, loosening the lead rope and distancing himself even more from the stallion as the giant runner begins to trot around in a wide circle.

Lakareth rumbles, and nudges his rider with his nose. Leona reacts by moving away, and frowning at the big brown. Which, of course, is exactly what Lakareth wanted. He starts to pad towards Tylia and the runner, limping slightly on his front legs. Leona watches him, puzzled. She moves over towards Tylia, shaking her head at her dragon's odd behaviour.

Tylia steps back a good distance to watch the circling motion of the stallion with an appreciative look on her face. The approach of Lakareth, though, causes the stallion to slow to a near stop, wide-eyed and snorting with fright. Obviously he's picked up the scent of the brown. It doesn't take him long to rear and bolt away in some random direction, terrified. The beastcrafter, while he tries valiantly to keep hold of the lead rope, is forced to let go after a moment and nearly falls to the ground. "Shards! Someone grab the lead rope!"

Lakareth keeps on walking, with that odd limp of his. When the runner starts to run, he unfurls his wings and begins to really chase the beast - from the air. He's far more agile in the air, his weaker front leg no longer a hindrance up there. He grabs the end of the runner's lead rope in his stronger paw. Strangely, he's begun to make a low growling kind of noise. Leona suddenly looks quite worried. "Um, have you bought that runner yet?" she asks in a nervous aside to Tylia, reaching for her marks pouch as she speaks. She most likely thinks that Lakareth will scare the runner, and it'll fall and break a bone or two.

Tylia can't do anything but watch, horrified at the sight before her. The beastcrafter manages to scramble to his feet and begins to chase after Lakareth, waving his hands in a frantic motion. "Call your dragon /off/! He's going to hurt the poor thing!" the Goldrider finally manages to voice her concerns, her gaze snapping to Leona finally. She's caught offguard by the question, though, and merely blinks once or twice, "I … no, I haven't technically bought him, yet. But … " she hesitates, a worried look given to the events unfolding now, as though trying to decide whether to stay here or to try to run after the stallion along with the beastcrafter. "I'd rather like to finish the transaction. And I can't if he breaks his leg or dies of a heart attack!"

Katherine is out for a lovely stroll, drinking in the atmospher with Yssath trailing behind her. The green sways her head from side to side as she wishes. But her day turns to horror, or perhaps comical if you're the sort that enjoys watching a dragon eating at a fast food establishment such that is the court yard. Yssath lightly bumps in to Katherine as the rider stops to watch.

Lakareth stops abruptly, the runner's rope still caught in his front paw. He rumbles quietly, seeming to back down a little. Leona sighs with relief. "I think I need to sit dow… LAKARETH, NO!" she shouts, but it is too late. The brown has pounced on the runner, and torn the beast's throat out before Leona even knew what he was doing. With a sigh, this one far from relieved, Leo reaches for her marks. "How much was the runner worth?" she says, then groans and shouts at Lakareth, "No, 'because I was curious to see how it would taste' is NOT a reason!" then rolls her eyes, "Dragons."

Tylia gives a slightly pained wince and averts her eyes as the runner meets his end, "Shards! Doesn't your dragon know what he's allowed to eat and what he's not allowed to eat? Why'd he have to eat /that/ runner, anyways?" Soon after, the beastcrafter comes bolting up to Leona, breathless and looking quite upset. It's him who answers the brownrider, his voice almost shouting with anger. It's almost as if he were going to pop a blood vessel in his forehead, "48 marks! He was one of the best Drafts I had!"

Katherine isn't sure what decorum might dictate in a situation like this. Ah heck, she's laughing her arse off. "No, Yssath, you're not eating fast food. It'll make you fat." The green emits a hrrrumph. "No. And no runner cocktails either, indeed. Runner Draft Ale. Nice ring though, Yssath."

Leona shoots Tylia a brief glare. "You try telling him what to do. He won't listen to anyone. Practically got us kicked out of Telgar with his antics. 'Because I was curious' 'Because I was bored' 'Because I felt like it'" she snorts, and shakes her head. "Believe me, if I'd had any idea of what he was about to do, I'd have done all I could to prevent it. He's never eaten something he shouldn't before, that's a new one." she grimaces. New, yes. Good, definitely not. As for the money, she frowns at her marks. "I don't carry that much around… Hang on." she calls over some random person, and sends that person off to get Karell, her mate. And now, for the uncomfortable silence while they wait. Silence and laughter. Leona glances to Katherine, and instantly regrets it for the laughter is contagious.

Tylia and the beastcrafter don't seem to share in the laughter. In fact, the Goldrider's expression has settled into a rather stony neutral as she surveys what remains of the prize Draft and then Leona. "Frankly, I'm not amused. Do you know how difficult it is to find good Draft stock around here? It'll likely be another turn before I can find another one that's for sale." Nope, that annoyed look on her face isn't going away. In fact, she falls silent and merely waits for the arrival of Karell. The beastcrafter, however, seems slightly relieved when someone is called for compensation in marks. Obviously, as long as he gets what he was meant to be paid, he'll likely be happy.

Yssath peers at Lakareth with mirth colouring her eyes, a little rumble emits from her throat. Katherine continues to laugh but then it subsides as Yssath gives her a gentle nudge, "What, oh?" The rider smiles at Leona. The pair continue their slow stroll.

Leona manages a frown, and directs it at Tylia. "I'm not exactly thrilled myself. I'm out fifty marks because that beastcrafter couldn't keep his hands on the rope." She nods at the man, then turns back to Tylia. "I suppose you'll be wanting some kind of compensation too? Fine, but I'm not made of marks." she says, willing to take the fall for her dragon's actions. Meanwhile, Lakareth is rather enjoying his expensive 'meal', tearing into the beast and making a terrible mess. Leona groans. "I'll be cleaning that up, too." she says, scowling briefly at her lifemate. Leona nods to Katherine briefly, although she has more important things on her mind right now. And look, here comes Karell with the marks! Hooray!

Despite looking extremely displeased about the situation, Tylia merely waves a hand in the air, dismissing the offer of payment, "No. I hadn't paid anything for the stallion. As long as the Beastcrafter here gets compensation for the runner. I'm just … annoyed at the circumstances." She shoots a glance over towards the carcass of the horse, a slight wince appearing on her face. "I really need to be getting back to High Reaches anyways. The eggs are getting to the point where they could hatch at any time." With a final grumble under her breath about the situation, she starts to trudge her way over to where I'kyn and his brown dragon had stepped off to the side.

Leona nods absently, waving Karell over. To Tylia, she says, "Well, if you ever need anything leather, let me know. I'll get you a good deal." you know, because she's a tanner, and all. Then she grabs the mark piece Karell is holding out, glances at it, then flips it to the beastcrafter. "Here, a fifty for your trouble." she says, with a slight frown. "Easy come, easy go, I suppose." She did win a hundred marks in that home brew competition a while back, after all.

Katherine and dragon stride towards the main hall with Yssath stopping short and flopping down for a bit. Katherine pokes her head in then withdraws it and walks back over to Yssath, "Nope, not there."

Leona watches Tylia leave, then sighs. "Lakareth, what am I going to do with you." she says softly, shaking her head. She then turns to Katherine, curiously. "Are you looking for something?" she asks.

Katherine glances over at Leona and chuckles lightly, "Actually, someone. I've yet to check the other buildings." Yssath rumbles sweetly. "I must say, you've got a bold dragon there. Best entertainment I've seen today."

Leona blushes, and shakes her head, glancing over at the large brown in question. "You don't know the half of it." she says, rolling her eyes. "I'm Leona, and that," she points at the dragon, who burps as if on cue, "is Lakareth." Leo chuckles briefly. "He says he's glad someone enjoyed it, he doesn't really care for runner meat as it turns out."

Katherine twiddles her fingers at Leona, "Pleased to meet you Leona, I'm Katherine, and this is Yssath (who gives a polite rumble)." Yssath gazes upon the curious brown with a certain airiness. "Yssath doesn't either, but on occasion she's been known to chase down a runner or two. Buzz a few herds, and a few other things. But that was ages ago, ah youth."

Lakareth just about ignores Yssath. He's curious, definitely. But he's not really a social dragon. He walks away from the expensive half-eaten runner, ignoring that too now that there isn't anything new he can learn from it. Leona smiles at Katherine. "How long do they keep this up?" she asks, hoping that Lakareth will settle down a little bit soon. But, it's doubtful.

Katherine lazily watches Lakareth, as if perhaps trying to divine some sort of information about him. "Hard telling, if they are the curious sort, a good part of their lives. You just have to sort of roll with it, or be firm and hope your dragon listens well."

Leona nods slowly. "Lakareth is rather curious. Everything is a puzzle to him, and he just has to figure it out. Of course, he forgets, and then has to figure it out again in a few days, but figuring things out is the part that interests him the most, so it's all good." she looks up, and grimaces. "Well of course you have a stomach ache!" she mutters, then nods to Katherine. "It was nice meeting you, but I must be going." she says, with a brief smile and wave, before following Lakareth back to her shop.

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