Faith's Flight - August 7th, 2006

Ierne Weyrhold - Central Plaza

The main plaza of Ierne Weyrhold is abustle with activity, as people of various occupation move to and fro through the area. The plaza itself is cobbled stone, much like the roads leading from it, and extends to the east, where it is abutted by a couple of large buildings.

The main administrative complex for the Weyrhold borders the plaza here, to the west; within, the dining facilities of the weyrhold, and the offices of the weyrhold's staff, are located. A single-story building just to the north of it serves as the guest hall, separated from the hall by a courtyard garden and reflecting pool. Roads lead northward, toward the main harbor, crafthalls, cotholds, and recreational areas, and to the south, toward the river docks and the 'rider residences.

R'oc is coming from the eastern plaza, theres even some lipstick on his face still. He looks around and tries to wipe at it, but it's very hard to take off. He then looks back and then shakes his head. "Damn girl…" Then Nasheth comes to his rider from the spot where he was laying. He rumbles then bends down to nuzzle his rider, oh cute.

Leona is resting, yep. She's sitting on Lakareth's stronger foreleg, leaning back against the big brown dragon, one hand over her eyes, and the other resting on her growing belly. Lakareth is being his usual quiet self, watching the plaza carefully.

Dragons are afoot! How can Maelliss resist the call of the beasts? She's a not-so-discrete distance and sketching her heart out. Well, at least that's what it looks like from the pad and pencil in her hand. Of course one must wonder at why she keeps holding up that slice of what looks like a geode and peering through it like that.

Nasheth rumbles and then lifts his head to look at Leona and then looks to the other direction to view the little creature with the pen and pad attached to her hands. R'oc on the other hand walks over toward Leona with a bit of a grin on his face. "Evening Leona, you seem to be getting a little big around the middle, cut the sweets and that should help." Yeah thats how he says hi. Nasheth begins to waddle over to the other creature, the one with the pen thing. He seems interested, and so looms his head trying to see what she's doing.

Leona's hands move from over her eyes and belly to on her hips, and she sits up abruptly. "That lipstick doesn't suit you at all, R'oc. You should try a colour more subtle, next time." she retorts, her mouth twisted in a kind of a grin. Lakareth rumbles in amusement, then tries to get a look at what Maelliss is doing too, although his rider is still sitting on his leg so he can't currently move.

R'oc offers his hand to Leona to help her to her feet. "Common, you lazy girl." He chuckles.

Maelliss is in mid-geode stare at Lakareth when a shadow comes up over her shoulder, blocking the light. A slow, creaking neck turn follows. "Oh, hi there!" she greets the looming dragon with a grin. "Want to see your crystal portrait?" And she turns her pad so that the dragon can see the…drawing? Well, it /is/ sort of dragon-shaped done with triangles and defracted shadowy shapes all about. "It's better once I ad color," she admits to the loomer as she turns to watch the two riders. "I'll be taking a shot at a few people next."

Nasheth rumbles and then pats his front claws almost like an impatient little boy or dog. R'oc turns his head and laughs. "He says he doesn't look like a fat diamond." R'oc's attention goes back to Leona as he asks. "So how long have you been with child? Remember when you wanted that baby to be my child?" He laughs while Nasheth moves closer to the picture. Nope thats not him at all, where is the radiant glory that is Nasheth?

Maelliss raises an eyebrow, her gaze moving from R'oc and his comment to the dragon and his own non-verbal response. A second later she tosses her head back and laughs. "Fat diamonds! I'd never heard them described quite that way." Another chuckle and she flips back a page to a more 'traditional' drawing of a sleeping Nasheth. "Does this meet with your approval then?" she asks of the bronze in an amused tone. "Though you really should give new art forms a chance," she adds with a quick wink to R'oc. "Fat diamond." Another chuckle follows.

Leona glances at R'oc, then shrugs. "Best guess is, since that gold flight when Lakareth finally got off his big rump and decided to chase. I was probably too … well, I probably forgot to use protection that night. But it could've been any night, no contraceptive is foolproof." she grimaces, and shakes her head. "I learnt that one the hard way." Yep, her ten-turn-old daughter is evidence of that. Lakareth rumbles again in amusement at the fat diamond remarks. Finally, Leona stands, and the brown limps over to get a look at Maelliss' artwork.

Maelliss is getting a crowd of interested viewers! Of dragon viewers even! "Willing to give a different perspective a try brown one?" she asks as Lakareth comes over, turning another page to what one must assume is the dragon as seen through the crystalline matrix. Fat diamond indeed! It's more of an octagon with a neck really. Well, it /does/ look better with color added. Think Picasso. "I think it captures your calm, serene exterior with an underlying sense of movement. What do you think?" Yes, she's holding an impromptu art appreciation discussion with two dragons. Not riders. Dragons. The player did warn you she was eccentric. *cough crazy cough*

Nasheth rumbles softly then looks over to Lakareth, a look of something like a smile. «You look like a cake.» R'oc on the other hand moves the hair from his eyes, before trying to wipe it again. "I'm telling you it's that girl that works in the Caverns. Keeps tellin everyone I'm hers, it's getting down right annoying." Nasheth moves down to nuzzle the girl. Oh he likes he doesn't look that fat.

Nasheth rumbles softly then looks over to Lakareth, a look of something like a smile. «You look like a cake.» R'oc on the other hand moves the hair from his eyes, before trying to wipe it again. "I'm telling you it's that girl that works in the Caverns. Keeps tellin everyone I'm hers, it's getting down right annoying." Nasheth moves down to nuzzle the girl. Oh he likes he doesn't look that fat.

Lakareth snorts. Calm, serene exterior? Leona laughs, and moves over to have a look. "Oh, shush. Just because you're a bitter old man in a dragon's body…" she snickers, and glances to the artwork. "It's … interesting." she manages, with a shrug. "I think it'd be better if you looked through a glass of ale, though." she adds, with a grin. Well, she did win a prize for her own home brew a while back. Leona raises an eyebrow. "Really? Is that her lipstick, then?" she says, with one of her trademarked scary grins.

Maelliss, not being privy to draconic conversation only smiles that calm smile of hers and continues to show her work, flipping to an equally traditional sketch of the brown sdragon for him to look at. "See, without the added interest of the crystaline structure, this work looks flat. There's correct angles and shadow yes, but no /life/!" Life. right. "But to each his own, right?" Just like an artist. As for the nuzzle, the woman practically beams. "Why thank you mighty bronze! You're sweet." Again she laughs then turns to take in Leona's idea on her art, grinning in return. "I tried that. Ale art. Tended towards amber and wavering lines as the night wore on. And then there were the accidental splashes. My pad was soaked at one point by an accident prone barman." She shakes her head and laughs. "And what's wrong with a little appreciation from a pretty woman, sir?" she asks R'oc.

R'oc walks over and then bends down, to look at the picture before speaking. "Well when you've got a girl no more than fifteen turns old looking and saying your hers. Well that just won't do." He smiles and then says, is this one Nasheth? He points as his dragon puffs up to look all kinds of big and strong. Then he looks over to Lakareth and projects. «I told you I was like the best dragon on pern.» He gloats to his clutch brother. "Because you didn't get how fat his tail was, if thats him. Nasheth beams down at his rider then, and boy does R'oc know it.

Leona snickers, then nods at Maelliss. "Well, in ale art, I suppose the goal is to not drink the ale. Never been something I've been particularly fond of." she admits with a shrug. Lakareth snorts again, then tells his bronze clutch brother, « Everybody lies. » but doesn't bother to explain what he means. Oh, joy. Leona laughs at R'oc. "Oh, poor you." she says, then turns to Maelliss, "He doesn't like women who take charge. I pinned him down and kissed him once, and he ran off." she snickers again, doing that scary grin of hers.

Maelliss ohs then nods knowingly. "The plague of the underaged admirer. Poor thing." Is that comment about R'oc or the 15 turn old? One may never know. As for Leona, the woman just laughs, "Too bad. He doesn't know what he's missing then, does he?" Again she shoots a quick wink to R'oc, to ease the sting of teasing. "And part of the fun of Ale art was trying to keep clear-headed while working. But I was younger and more adventurous then." Wait, geode art /isn't/ adventurous? She peers at her tail depiction and looks to R'oc with a smile, "Image is in the eye of the beholder," she intones wisely, followed by, "And he was turned on his side at the time so his tail seems thinner at that angle." A quick glance at the sun and she blinks before looking at her watch. "Oh boy, Conchenn is going to kill me." She rises and moves away with an apologetic look to all. "Sorry but I'm late. If you ever want a crystal portrait done though, ask for Maelliss. Most anyone here will point you in the right direction!" And away she goes, trotting towards the marketplace.

R'oc gives Leona a little elbow knudge as Maelliss runs off. "Strange girl that one, a little like you used to be no?" He laughs and then say. "Though she does look a bit better than you." He puts his hand to his chin as if thinking about it, he gives her a side glance grin.

Leona snorts at R'oc, and shakes her head. She tilts her head up at Lakareth then, and nods at something or other. Obediently, the large brown settles back down, and she climbs back up onto his leg, and sits back with one of her legs hanging down the side. "So, tell me more about this girl?" she teases, then snickers. "You never did explain the lipstick, either."

R'oc looks down at Leona and then looks up to Nasheth to do the same, but the dragon is still throwing a fit and walks away. "Oh I was just..KIDDING NASHETH COME BACK!" But alas the dragon is gone, and he's still a smile on his face. "Mind if I sit, thank you." He takes his seat. "Do you remember when we graduated from weyrlinghood?" Well I went in to the Main hall and well there she was, new worker. I asked for some juice, she went to fetch it, a drunk rider was not being kind so I showed him the door. The hard way, but from then on she says I belong to her and she's going to be my mate." He says a bit flustered. "And well today her mother and father were visiting her from…from…you know I don't really remember where there from. I never remember things like that I wonder why I do that, must be something I didn't eat today, wonder what I had for breakfast?" Yup he's lost in his own thoughts, oh found an escape rope. "And then she told them I was her mate kissed me and ran off with them."

Leona blinks. "When we graduated? That was nearly five turns ago… If she's fifteen, she would have been only ten then." she shudders slightly. "I hate to think that Karona might suddenly become stuck on someone like that." she says, with a shake of her head. "Or this new one." she adds, nodding to her pregnant belly.

R'oc looks at Leona. "You know I know that, actually thats why it creaped me out. I think of her like my own adopted daughter, exept I wouldn't adopt someone with all her spirit. Could cause trouble with the boys." He teases then smiles. "See I've told explained and done just about anything to get that through to her. Not even me having someone else helps, she will just tell them they are just temporary."

Leona frowns, then shrugs. "Maybe you should try ignoring her? And if that doesn't work, move to another Weyr. I doubt she'll follow, she'll probably just find someone else to bother." she says, with a frown.

R'oc laughs as he see's the frown. "Your right, it's not like your daughter, nope she's not the drive to follow someone like that. Now if was your daughter I would never get away from her, she'd follow me until I gave up." He smiles and then looks over at Leona. "Lucky for us….she doens't like men….or does she?" He grins.

Leona shrugs slightly. "I should hope not, she's only ten!" she responds to the not liking men part. "I hope she doesn't like anyone, yet." then she shrugs. "Fifteen is old enough, I suppose. I was fifteen when I met Karell, and we're still together." she points out, with a shrug. "Course, he wasn't much older. Eighteen at least, he was a journeyman already when we met."

R'oc laughs. "So..then…do have anything you want to tell me?" He smiles and raises his eyebrows up and down. "I mean, you used to be all over this hunky peice of man meat." He laughs and then puts his arm around Leona, or tries. "I miss spending time with you, you remember the trouble we used to cause Telgar? Or was that just me?"

Leona snickers. "Lakareth thinks you lie too much." she says, with a shrug. "He doesn't like liars." she pats the leg she's sitting on, Lakareth's stronger front leg, with affection. "And Karell and I have never been better, actually." zshe places her hand on her stomach. "I felt he was drifting away, even before I was searched. But, the time when I was a candidate and a weyrling, and barred from certain things… Well, I guess we both realised what we had together was worth it. I know I missed that closeness an awful lot when it was denied."

"Oh calm down, you know it's all in fun and games, I mean just look what happened last time you kissed me." He chuckles and then sighs. "Yeah, you two have been rocky, but now…I know your together. And with that one in the oven it's going to be even stronger." He smiles and looks up at Lakareth. "And don't worry, I only lie when I want something." Much better right.

Leona snickers. "Lakareth still doesn't trust you. He actually almost likes Karell. Not that he trusts my mate either, sometimes I don't even think he trusts me." she rolls her eyes, then grins.

R'oc laugh and then looks up at the darkening sky. "Leona, do you ever get the feeling, that although you have a mate, and a lifemate. Well that in some way you aren't complete?" Theres the random question of the day, but he seems serious about this one. "It's just, there are times when I all of a sudden have what seems like a chest pain, but there isn't any real pain?" He looks over to her and half smiles. "I know it sounds silly."

Leona frowns at R'oc. "If I was getting chest pain, I'd see a healer." she states matter-of-factly, then shrugs. "Maybe you just need something to do. I've got my craft, and my shop, and several contracts for my ale." she glances to the east briefly, then continues, "And then I've got Lakareth, Karell, Karona, and another on the way." she considers this, then says, "And when all of that isn't enough, I go out and I find some new part of Pern I haven't seen yet."

"I know…but like I said, it's almost a feeling of….well…I don't really know what it is. If I had to describe it…well it would be dark, black, colder than between. And I know Nasheth senses it, but I don't know what brings it on." I would go to a healer but do they know about something like this? It really isn't anything physical. He sighs and stares into the stars. "Sometimes I wish me and Nasheth could fly into the stars and figure out whats wrong with me."

Imallee wanders in, looking slightly haggard and distracted. Faith follows just behind.

R'oc is sitting with Leona on Lakareth's forearm as they talk about old time. Though R'oc seems a bit distrought as he looks into the night sky. Nasheth comes back from the beach, so says the sand on his belly. "Nasheth, you aren't mad are ya?" Yawns, showing he forgot a long time ago.

Leona frowns at R'oc. "I don't know what you're talking about." she says quite simply, with a shake of her head. She glances away now, scanning the courtyard briefly. She notices Imallee, and nods at the greenrider. "Looks like a reunion out here, all three of us from the same clutch." she says, with a grin.

Imallee blinks and smiles, making her way over to join the other two, "I guess so…" She still sounds a little distracted, as though faith is jabbering at her. The green is imaculate and glistens slightly with a fresh coat of oil. Faith backwings to land a little way away from her clutchmates.

Nasheth rumbles toward Faith and then watches her jump back, then he looks at her and slowly but surely begins to bend his knee's and lowers his head. Tail straightens out and he looks at her and waits. R'oc looks over at Imallee and smiles standing up, he chuckles and then says. "I haven't seen you in…." He looks back to Nasheth as he gets into position, a grin on his face. "Now?" He turns back to Imallee looking about the darkness of the night.

Leona smiles slightly, hand resting on her stomach. "Faith is looking nice." she says idly. It's almost as if she's looking for a change in conversation. Lakareth ignores everyone, as usual, though he does seem to be keeping an eye on Faith. Interesting.

Faith rumbles back at Nasheth and crouches, her hide brighter than can be explained by just oil. Imallee watches the green with disgust before turning back to the other riders, "Huh? Oh, thank you, Leona." She sighs and folds her arms over her chest, "Faith's been insisting that I bathe her at least twice a day for the past three, so I should hope she looks nice."

R'oc looks back at Leona on Lakareth's forearm and then hops over to her. "Common, dear lets come talk over here." Just incase that is she didn't know Faith was going to rise. He then looks back at Nasheth as he buggles his challenge for all to hear. Maybe lack of participants will make this a fun chase, rather than a long ardous one. His muscles are twitching with exitement as he readies to take flight.

Lakareth snorts at R'oc and Nasheth, but doesn't move. And how can he, with his rider sitting on his leg? Leona tilts her head at R'oc, and does her best 'innocent' face. "Oh? What about?" she says, then grins over at Imallee. "Looks like you'll be in for some fun soon." she says with a snicker, nodding to Faith. "Sometimes I wish Lakareth would chase. Or maybe that he'd been a green. I could get away with so much, then." she grins in that scary way of hers.

R'oc looks at Lakareth and then back at Leona before smiling. "I knew your dragon didn't have it in him…'es just a scardy dragon. Wouldn't even go up agains Nasheth, though I know why he'd be scared to fly against Nasheth." He laughs, saying this loud so that Lakareth can hear. Then R'oc turns to Nasheth as he pays attention to the green. «Little brother would never beat me.» A challenge, most definately.

Faith trumpets her own challenge and simply ignores Imallee. The rider blushes slightly and then pales, finally realising why her beloved Faith has been so moody the past couple of days. Faith almost growls, «Neither of you could catch me anyway!»

Leona glares at R'oc. "Oh yeah, you wanna come a little closer and say that? Even with this baby on the way, I could still take you." she threatens, slipping off of Lakareth's leg and taking up a defencive stance. She's started brawls over Lakareth's lack of chasing, so she's not really afraid to start a fight with just one man. Lakareth snorts, then says, « Why would we want to? » though in an aside to his rider, he says « Ooh, a fiesty one! I just might chase this one. »

R'oc laughs and then smiles. "You know your dragon could never beat mine, Nasheth is the fastest strongest dragon on pern." He grins a bit evily as he steps forward. Nasheth buggles once more and then says. «I cannot be out flown! It would proove that you could compete with your bigger better brother.» He says this in a very cocky and conceided way. "Common Leona, don't kid yourself, you've got a dud there." He nods to Lakareth, he started wanting just to get him in, but Nasheth is influencing him now.

Imallee backs away from the dragons, her cheeks flushed, and shakes her head in dismay, "Oh, Faith…" Faith hisses at Lakareth and crouches lower. She turns her gaze upon her bronze brother and hisses at him, too, just for good measure.

Leona snarls, and lunges forward to attack R'oc, but is stopped. What stopped her? Well, Lakareth did, with his stronger front paw. "Let me go! He insulted you, he needs to pay!" she shouts, screams, cries, rants and raves. But, to no avail. Lakareth rumbles, then says to Faith, « I must apologise for my rider's behaviour. She's so violent. »

"Than let him proove it….far be it for me to lie!" He looks up at Lakareth, his tonge hangs out a little with a sinester look on his face. "Well Lakareth?" «Give up on my little brother, he could never compare to me!» Then Nasheth buggles extending is neck into the sky to show his supremacy. «No one can challenge me, no one!»

Imallee streightens, standing taller as Faith's mood affects her as well. Faith glowers at Lakareth and Leona and snorts. She looks back and forth between her brothers, «Better nothing! You will /not/ catch me!»

Leona screams, then twists her way out of Lakareth's grasp, and stomps over to R'oc. "Augh! If I wasn't pregnant right now… Well, you'd never have kids. Ever." she snaps, then storms off. Lakareth remains, however. He's too entranced by Faith to leave now.

R'oc snaps out of his trance for a moment to reach out to her, before he turns to Nasheth. "I knew she didn't want to see him loose." He looks at Imallee, that lustful look in his eyes. «Don't worry, I'll make it short!» He boasts. «I mean the chase, I will mate her till dawn!»

Imallee blinks and frowns, watching Leona leave. She murmers something uninteligable just stands there, watching Faith. The green snorts with disgust at Nasheth's boasting and suddenly leaps! She quickly climbs, clawing at the air as she gains altitude.

Lakareth growls at Nasheth, « Best to keep your rider quiet, mine is very mad. » is all he says, before limping out into a more open area, then launching into the air, using his powerful hind legs. In the air, he has no limp. In fact, he's quite good at flying, no doubt to make up for his lack in other forms of movement, caused by his weaker front leg.

Large bronze muscles ripple as he takes into the air, getting a huge advantage from his muscular legs. But it's the air where his size matters making him a bit slower in the climb. He unfolds his wings and beats them, gaining altitude he follows the prize of Faith. Buggles out his name once more, incase they forgot. «Nasheth!» He yells and then looks and seems to grin at the sight of his brother.

Faith keeps climbing for several long minutes before leveling out a bit. She looks over her shoulder and down, taunting the larger males, «What's the matter? You got rocks for tails?» She rolls, tucking her wings close for a moment and falling before snapping her wings open and climbing again.

Lakareth flies silently, ignoring the taunts and cries of the other dragons. The large brown may be more at home in the air, and his size may make him more agile than his bronze brother, but in agility Faith has both of them beat, being easily the smallest. Lakareth realises this, so he just tries to keep up with Faith, without all of the diving and climbing.

Nasheth climbs higher and higher, obviously this isn't his first time chasing. When she stops climbing he keeps going, higher into the sky, until he's higher than both brother and sister. «I'll show you why I am not challenged!» He buggles once more, cirling toward her direction from his height. He slowly comes down, if she can't get above him, she can only get cornered. Then faster now he dives in her direction, before spreading his wing and knows she'll just avoid him.

Faith turns on her tail and pumps her wings for speed, «You'll not catch me that easily!» She puts some distance between herself and Nasheth before climbing again, trying to stay above her brothers. She checks over her shoulder to see just how far back they are.

Lakareth is about halfway between Faith and the ground, and flying level. His main goal right now is to keep up with Faith, although he does appear to be slowly rising in altitude. He snorts idly at Nasheth, perhaps hearing from his rider that the bronze has lost at least one other flight - the very same goldflight that he himself chased in, and that another of his bronze brothers won.

Nasheth doesn't take long before using his momentum of the dive to climb again. He seems excited from the flight, Then takes off behind her. «Common little brother is that all you've got!» He buggles before beating his powerful wing harder, faster, stronger. He is making his way toward Faith, he won't loose this one, not by some other dragon's mistake.

Faith keeps climbing, twisting left and leveling out in an entirely new direction. She glides for a few moments, before speeding back up, pulling farther away from both brown and bronze.

Lakareth surges forward, though he really doesn't seem quite nearly as emotional as his larger brother. Indeed, his manner is almost clinical. He finds a thermal, purely by chance, and allows himself to be carrried higher on it, to save energy. Although, he is certainly not lacking in stamina.

Faith rolls again, momentarily forgetting the chasing males and simply enjoying the act of flying.

Lakareth watches Faith closely for signs of her next move, constantly adjusting his course slightly to head towards her, but gradually, so that he can change it if he needs to.

Faith turns on her tail and dives a bit, ignoring Lakareth and Nasheth both. She levels out and climbs again, banking slowly right.

Lakareth finally decides to just go for it, and he swerves to avoid Nasheth, then picks up speed as he heads directly for Faith.

Faith glances back at her brothers and tries to avoid Lakareth, seeing him as the more imediate threat. She turns on her wing tip, heading left again, pumping her wings franticly to gain speed.

Lakareth is still eerily silent, and still increasing in speed steadily. He wheels left, following Faith carefully, and totally ignoring Nasheth for the moment.

Faith hisses with surprise and backwings to stop as Nasheth suddenly dives past. She quickly turns on her tail and flees the bronze, for the moment ignoring Lakareth.

Lakareth swoops around to the other side of Faith, in an attempt to catch her as she flees.

Faith screeches indignately as she is cut off! She turns the other direction and starts climbing again.

Lakareth finally seems to have had enough with the chase, and he puts his full energy into flying. He swings around and heads after Faith, stretching his wings and neck out, trying to tangle them with hers.

Faith is slowing as she tires and doesn't see Lakareth getting so close.

Faith hisses as Lakareth's wings foul hers up.

Lakareth tries to twine necks with Faith, and tighten his hold on her with his wings.

Faith struggles to escape, but gives in after only a token struggle.

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