Reonth's Flight - August 29th, 2007

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach

A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

L'ren is relaxing on the beach, nose buried in a book with a colourful cover. Not too far off is Reonth, the ocean green sunning herself and snoring quietly. If she was any smaller, the sound may be comparable to that of a kitten purring, but with her size comes volume. Somehow, L'ren doesn't notice, though he has lived with the snoring for nearly three decades now.

Having needed a 'break' away from the hot, Igen desert, Sarkith makes his way towards the beach with an easy gallop in the sky, landing upon the warm sand near the water with a graceful backwing. As the Harper climbs off his neck, she gives her arms a stretch, letting out a heavy breath. "Fff… I'm glad to get away. I'm so.. errgh." The Blue glances down at his rider with a look of understanding, puffing out a breath as well, before head bumping her gently. His attention though, gets caught by the sight of the glowing green in the distance, and a quiet hum rumbles in his throat as his eyes whirl pleasantly, tail swaying side, to side.

Aoriya has been let loose from errands for the day, and so she and her brown Omasuth, having never seen Ierne before in their young lives, come padding from the opposite direction as Farris. Omasuth, deciding that this part of the beach is perfect to lie down on, is about to flop on the sand when he spots the green and warbles happily. Aoriya looks up from her tracks in the sand and blinks and… "oh great. Alright, fine. You've wanted to chase something for awhile now, go right ahead." She pads along beside her brown, who is trying to look as though he's not conniving anything in the world, "Forget it, with hide as bright as yours Oma, you'd stick out in a crowd of browns."

L'ren lowers his book briefly to poke at Reonth with a long stick. "Oy, you're snoring again." he points out, though Reonth seems too deep a sleeper — or just too stubborn — to notice. L'ren chuckles to himself, and shakes his head in amusement. "Wouldn't want you any other way." Except, perhaps, less female might be nice. He seems oblivious to her glow at the moment, though it's unclear whether he's deliberately ignoring it, or it just doesn't register. Now, he becomes aware of others on the beach, frowning as first Sarkith, and then Omasuth, show an interest in Reonth. "Ree… Is there something you're not telling me?" the man jokes, in a falsely suspicious tone.

Squinting her eyes at the Blue, Farris studies him for a moment as he slinks through the bright grains of sand, trying to keep his attention upon the Green subtle, though, he can't help but give a flutter of wings, puffing himself out a bit. If she does wake up, at least she can see how wonderfully oiled he is! He carries quite a beautiful frost tipped blue about him, wrapping around his small, yet well muscled posture. The Harper shoulders the small bag she was carrying, making her way along the beach, spying the Green rider. She opens her mouth to say something, but the sight of Omasuth in the sky causes her to tense up visibly. Great, she just can't get away from 'home', can she? "Hey, Aoriya." She says, changing tones, and posture a bit as she runs a hand back through her dark, painted hair.

Aoriya rolls her eyes as she gets within earshot of L'ren. "Don't mind Omasuth, he's just overly friendly. And neither of us have been to Ierne before, so when we got cut loose from errands for the day I wanted to come down here to have a peek." Omasuth is peering at Reonth, turning his head sideways curiously. His wings are half coiled and he's crouched, though one eyelid opening more than the other seems to indicate a sidelong glance. "Mister flamehead here wants to know what that thing is in your hand." She indicates the book. "Actually, what are you reading? Whoever had my weyr before I got it left a lot of books behind, but I haven't gotten to read most of them yet. Except the smithing ones." She adds.

Standing at a fairly tall height is Farris. Blonde hair which curls just beneath her chin frames her face, highlighted with a hint of auburn woven throughout it. The young woman's eyes are a stunning blue, crystalline like in appearance. She has rather attractive features, and a smooth, easy smile that is practically worn on her face at all times. She seems to be the excitable type. Her body is rather athletic, toned, and sun kissed from spending hours outside under the hot sun.

L'ren glances from Sarkith to Omasuth, then smiles. "I think you're both a week early." he comments idly, though he has to know how close Reonth is, right? Well, maybe. He nods briefly to Farris, and then to Aoriya in the other direction. "Ierne's greetings." he responds automatically, "Is this your first visit?" he's noticed their weyrling knots by now, raising an eyebrow and smiling at Farris' harper knot, bearing the knot of a journeyman of that craft himself. As for the book, well, here his tone amps up a bit, books are a subject he's passionate about. "Children's fables, teaching morals and that sort of thing. Usually my reading material is more .. factual, but I just felt like something a little more 'fun' today." Yet, he doesn't question why he felt like a change.

A little nerve above Aoriya's eye twitches. "Omasuth will flirt with anything green or gold, it doesn't matter if she's proddy or not. He loves showing off." She reaches up to stroke the brown neck affectionately. "You should see him with our classmates, Neyuni and gold Zuhth. He's a conniving little imp." She peers at the book. "Fables huh. I'm not too good at writing. That's Farris' forte. Now jewelery. That's something I can do. Or fireworks. My dad was going to teach me, but then I got Searched. I want to go back to the smithhall for lessons when I graduate. And yes, its my first time here." She smiles her usual ear to ear grin. "Aoriya, brown Omasuth's of Igen."

"Igen's Greetings." Farris says with a nod of her head towards L'ren, studying his knot as well, giving him a warmer smile upon her face than she typically reserves for most people. Smoothing down her shirt a bit, she flops down at his side rather ceremoniously. "I just came here for the water to be honest. Though Sarkith on the other hand, seems to have his attention caught. Your lady is pretty, he says." She looks amused for a moment, running a fingerless gloved hand back through her hair. "I've seen you 'round the Hall a few times I think. You're the guy who's really into history, right? I think I've seen you around the archives when I was doing some research a few days ago on a particular story." Sarkith continues to gently make his way over, almost shyly, despite an inkling of bravado about him. He gives a long look towards his brother, sizing him up as if he was a big piece of brown competition. With a flare of his wings again, he makes it known, /his/ lady.

L'ren eyes Reonth sharply, despite the green still giving every outward appearance of still being asleep - right down to the snoring. "No, I don't think there is dragon-sized jewelery. Besides, with the amount of time you spend in the ocean? It'll rust. And NO, no fireworks /either/." Though, her cover blown now, Reonth ceases her snoring and opens an eye. "Er, sorry about that, Reonth is … curious." he says to Aoriya, then nods to Farris. "I've been working hard lately, looking up this or that. I'm working on a book of sorts, on the history of Pern, specifically since thread was eliminated." he states, with a shrug. "Some people still remember stories that have been passed down, and I need to get as much of it as I can, for future generations."

This just won't do! His brother is handsome yes, but he's a shrimp! The green must have a manly dragon, bright and vivid in hue! A low, husky rumble escapes Omasuth's throat as the brown gracefully curls his neck upwards into an arch, his wings rolling gracefully upwards into two curved sails. He does not need to puff like a sparrow, he has all the charm he needs, suave, sophisticated, a snappy dresser. Aoriya ignores him, a little, one eye flicks to his preening every so often. "Dear, don't let your head inflate, you might float away instead of fly." Then to L'ren. "you should ask my grandmother or grandfather. My family became smiths, and most of us remained so, starting from the elimenation of thread onwards. They might have some interesting stories to tell."

As the Green opens up an eye, Sarkith makes it a point to try and look dashing, giving himself a long stretch outwards. He may be small, but he is hardly a shrimp! He gives a low croon towards her, a soft 'good morning' upon her wakening. Glancing around, he leans over to pluck up a bit of wild flowers from a thatch of grass tucked along the shoreline, then ambles over to give it as an offering. « I hope you slept well, beautiful emerald lady. My apologies if.. my brother, and I woke you from what seemed to be a peaceful slumber. » His voice is like that of guitar solos, coupled with drum rolls. Farris gives a distracted smile to L'ren as she shoots her life mate a quick look, before saying. ".. I could tell you a story about my great grandfather, who died in the last thread fall. He was also the last rider in our family until my brother impressed Bronze a few turns ago."

Aoriya rolls her eyes, but watches simply as Omasuth croons as well. No flowers for him, but the glint of something in the waves catches his attention. The brown pads in its direction, and finds a bright spiral shell the size of Aoriya's double fist. His movements have to be delicate, his muzzle dwarfs the object, which could easily be crushed, or, gasp, swallowed, by accident! He drops this next to Sarkith's offering, and then bows politely to Reonth. Passionate, graceful campfire flames twinkle upwards towards the stars. A protective blue cloak flapping aside with the glint of metal beneath. «Indeed, I am exceedingly sorry to wake you. My apologies. You seemed as bright as the ocean itself, and I could not help but be drawn to the spot. An ocean jewel, for the ocean's daughter.» he nudges the shell gently.

Reonth snorts at the males, turning her head to face the ocean instead. Much better view. "Ree… Be nice." L'ren frowns at the glowing green, shaking his head and blinking. "Huh…" he comments in mild shock, turning away from the dragon for a moment. "I …" he seems somewhat distracted, though he's still trying to hold some kind of a conversation. "I'd like that… To talk to people who, were… Remember things… I…" Making sense, he isn't. "It's interesting, how dragonriding sometimes runs in a family, sometimes doesn't. My family have been riders for … a long time. I traced our line back to one of Telgar's fifth turn 'leaders once. Maybe… Telgar Weyr born and impressed." Is this relevant? He has no idea.

Hardly insulted, Sarkith continues to quietly watch the Green as he settles down upon his haunches in a slow, easy manner. Giving a husky chuff towards her, he continues to stare with loving, whirling eyes which turn to a nice lovely shade of violet. Farris stares at her knees for a moment, before leaning in to give L'ren a gentle nudge with her shoulder. "My blood line has always been in Eastern. My mother.. had a family tree chronicled that went back at least a hundred and fifty turns. I can tell you about Ivan's story one day if you want, and hear about the battles of threadfall." She slinks a hand out gently to brush against his, instinctively, as if she was not aware of the motion herself.

Aoriya is slightly less distracted, eyes on the display of affection her brown is showing. She glances at Farris, then at L'ren, scooching closer. Her eyes turn to the water. "I have a blue and a greenrider in my family." She says distractedly. "My family always goes back to Telgar, we're drawn there, but once a generation, one of us seems to be Searched, and impresses. My uncle, to blue, my cousin, to green. My brother stood with me, but didn't make it." She does indeed seem nervous, even if her brown isn't. Her gaze is vacant, though her eyes aimed sidelong at the greenrider. If anything she seems shyer, far shyer, than Farris. Omasuth snorts softly, extending an inquisitive muzzle towards the lady, his eyes whirl slowly from blue to amathyst, and he turns his eyes to the sky, his snort becoming a low growl and then to a croon as he regards Reonth courteously.

L'ren does add, "Though I was the first in a very long time to impress a female dragon… Generations. My parents, brown, blue. Grandparents… Actually, my mother, not from a rider family. Father though, blue bronze there… Five… Six? Generations, no female…" he looks vacantly at Reonth now, smiling to himself. "She …" he begins, but is thoroughly distracted as Farris leans in, brushes her hand against his. He stares at his hand, a blush forming on his cheeks. "Reonth…" is all L'ren can manage, the green warbling at her rider in response, then flexing her wings. One must stretch before this sort of thing. Yes. It isn't yet time to flee… Soon, though, very soon.

Aoriya finally leans as well. If Farris is doing it and its alright, she simply leans her back to L'ren's, looking up at the sky. Omasuth stretches, neck, arms, legs, tail, wings. He cranes his head upwards. The sky inviting to him. "There's a story there…… yes Omasuth. I am proud, of you, and us." She simply looks up at the bowl that archs above her.

Sliding her hand fully into L'ren's, Farris gives it a gentle squeeze as her warm palm presses to his. Farris leans into his shoulder a bit, eyes half lidded slightly as she lets out a sigh, as if day dreaming a bit from the conversation. ".. Mm." She murmurs, though it is barely incoherent as Sarkith continues to stalk along near by Reonth, wings giving a flutter as he makes a gentle crooning noise in his throat, as if he was happy to just be in her shadow. Within the mind of the Green, the Blue passes on a gentle power ballad of guitars, drums, and violins which sing through the darkness of his dream scape, telling a tale of blues, and greens tangled within each other, soaring about tropical skies.

L'ren is still slightly coherent, his mind absently connecting Aoriya's word, 'story', with the book of children's fables, which he looks at absently. Reonth arches her neck, looking out to sea. She shares with her would-be chasers a tale of her own, of a single green spark, soaring out to sea, plummeting into the waves. Overwhelming joy, to be one with the ocean would be magnificent! … But, there's a tiny figure way back on the beach in her mind, and this figure holds her back, won't let her drown herself in water. Why? Why won't he let her? The water, it calls to her… Reonth roars defiantly, her mindscape dissolving, as she longs to take flight. « Let me go, I want to go, let me go! » "No." whispers L'ren, "Fly high, far above the water."

Aoriya's movements are shy, her eyes flutter closed as if asleep. Omasuth stays still, wings half spread, and his throat rumbles like low, husky thunder. The fires of his mind begin to grow, crackling sharply as they gain strength. A thick blue cloak flutters within the flames, protecting his mind from their heat perhaps, and open to let the green in. "Omasuth….." Aoriya husks simply. "Fare well in your chase…… rise to the top as I promised you you would, and don't come down for a long while……. I will be here to welcome you when you return……. however you have done…….." «My skin will shine like flame, though I do not glow, and I will streak across the sky after the green star…… chasing the falling lights, and on into the shadows……» The rich mental baritone of his voice rumbles. «Never fear…… I shall return soon.» And she knows he will, her mind falling into his to guide him in his chase.

No need from poetry from Farris, or Sarkith. The dragon seems like he's ready to blaze upwards into the sky any moment now, tense, and eager as he keeps his wings loosened up, giving a gentle croon towards the Green. She can end this all right now. No need to chase, to make them both tired. He continues his subtle song of spiraling colors as the greens, and blues bleed into each other, turning, and twisting into a playful knot. Farris gives L'ren's hand another gentle tug as she softly sighs against his shoulder, her breath falling along the back of his neck as she murmurs a soft whisper. ".. I'll catch you." She says with a hint of innocent courage tucked behind her voice.

L'ren leans into Aoriya and Farris, drawing strength from the close physical contact, strength he'll need to keep Reonth from doing a nosedive into the ocean as she so desperately wants. « The water, I need it, I must, let me go, the water! » she repeats, her mental image that of a storm over troubled waters, dark and forbidding, dangerous, chaotic. L'ren fights back with memories, of their first flight, the glory of the sky, the feel of the wind… "This," he murmurs, "This is what you want, what you need. Don't fight it, go with it, take flight…" his voice is getting rougher now as he struggles to keep his attention on Reonth. He's so distracted, feeling Reonth's urges as his own, but while a cold shower might help the rider, Reonth's own needs must be met through flight. Finally, Reonth takes flight, heading straight up, and L'ren can relax, huddled in the sand with his knees drawn up to his chest, gripping Farris' hand tightly. "Fly… high…"

Omasuth roars and shoots upwards after Reonth. His eyes blaze with amathyst fire, and his mind crackles with heat. "I will follow you Omasuth…… and push you to the top." Aoriya says softly. His wings pump good and long, the bright colors propelling him rapidly into the blue like a meteor that is flying backwards. «Bright as a star, flame just as bright……. I will follow you…… on into the night…..» Another roar, distant and close to Aoriya's ears and all talk is bathed in flame.

Rushing upwards into the sky after the beautiful emerald lady is Sarkith, allowing his wings to unfold and catch the warm thermals. For a small guy, he can sure outmuscle the winds as he storms his way in pursuit. Biting on her bottom lip, Farris tenses up and squeezes L'ren's hand back tighter as she leans into him more, sliding her free arm around his side to pull him a bit closer. She can hear the loud roar of Sarkith up in the skies as he follows afterwards in a hungry pursuit, feeling him rush through the pit of her stomach, up into her heart. ".. faster… have to fly harder.." She whispers, practically soaking up the warmth of the Green rider as her fingers curl into his shirt tightly, taking a strong grip. The song which was once gentle, is now practically in a full blown orchestra of powerful guitars, and drum machines, each pound as heavy as the sound of his heart.

Reonth is taking her rider's direction to heart, flying straight up. "Fly high.. water bad.. fly high.. water bad…" L'ren murmurs, over and over, barely audible. The book of children's fables falls to the sand, forgotten. « … fly high … water bad … » Reonth repeats after her rider, though she lacks the stamina to go much further. She has no other desire than to get away, not yet… Not yet… But, in the end, she falters, and slips backwards, downwards, into the waiting embrace of the blue, Sarkith. L'ren simply murmurs, "sorry," though he doesn't actually give any indication of who he's speaking to. And then, the harper is gone, L'ren is one with Reonth.

Poor L'ren. He practically gets mauled by Farris as she tugs him close in her arms, fingers digging into her shoulders as she leans in for a hard, loved starved kiss. Her eyes are practically smoldering over in a black as she lets him lead the way back to the weyr, though once they hit that door, most likely, she will be guiding their fates, and unfortunately, breaking furniture in her wake. Quiet, and docile before, she is practically ravenous now.

Next Morning

L'ren emerges from his weyr cottage with a yawn, stretching as he heads towards Reonth. He seems a lot calmer than he was last night, though it seems as though his blush is permanently affixed to his cheeks. "So, Ree, have fun last night? Why the sudden change? You've always been so predictable, I wasn't expecting this for another week at least…" really, he's just talking to himself, as Reonth is deep asleep, funnily enough not snoring like she was yesterday, when she was faking sleep.

Sprawled out in the Green rider's bed at his cottage is Farris, tangled up in the sheets, and sleeping heavily. Her dark hair is splattered across her face in a unbrushed manner. With a yawn, she stirs awake, then snaps her eyes open as she pushes herself up quickly, glancing around the unfamiliar room. She grows quiet for a moment, before realization dawns on her, that she isn't exactly dressed either. Upon finding herself alone, she snags up her discarded clothing and tugs it on, then heads out the door and into the Ierne sunlight, squinting.

L'ren has now made his way to where he'd been sitting last night, and he kneels down in the sand to pick up the book he'd been reading, shaking his head slowly. "Ree, you're a terrible influence." he comments, with a smile. He turns then, and heads back to the cottage, blushing deeper as he notices Farris. "Ree, I could really use a hand here." he murmurs, raising his hand in a kind of half wave to the 'lucky' blue's rider. "Ah, hey, sleep well?" he asks, awkwardly, as he approaches. "I … I need klah. Want some?" he offers uncertainly.

With her hair frazzled, and sticking out a bit, Farris shoots a look over towards Sarkith, who is plopped down near the Green in a deep slumber, wearing a huge grin plastered across his face. He seems content for a change, and at ease. With her attention focusing upon him, she says quietly. ".. I slept.. um… well.. I suppose." She says as she brushes down her wrinkled shirt. "Sure. I can go for some." Her dark eyes peer up at him slightly as she wets her lips in thought.

L'ren nods slowly, and heads back into the cottage weyr for a moment. Sounds can be heard from within, of cupboards opening and closing, and mugs being jostled around, basically klah being made as noisily and slowly as possible, or so it seems. Finally, L'ren emerges, with two mugs of klah, handing one to Farris, then smoothing his own hair down with his free hand automatically. "I… it's not the best. It is strong though." he settles himself in the sand, resting the klah mug on his knee. "I… last night… Reonth…" he stammers, shaking his head, "Well… I'm used to it… I /expect/ it, but… I'll never get /used/ to it…" He pauses for a long moment then. Ah, the uncomfortable silences.

Settling down next to him, Farris stares off into space for a moment, then shrugs her shoulders upwards as she takes a sip from the warm mug in her hands. "Doesn't bug me any." She murmurs as she runs her finger thoughtfully across the rim. "At least I got laid by a good looking guy, instead of some ugly twit." Blunt as always, the rockster doesn't seem too upset over the events. She even sizes him up for a moment, and says rather pointedly. "If you want to go back inside and get another round in, I'm game, otherwise, I can always just wake up the blue blob and take off."

L'ren blinks at Farris, in shock. "Er, ah. I just … A-again? No. No no no. Er, no offence, but…" He turns to eye Reonth, frowning, silent for a long moment. "Besides… You could do better… I'm … boring. Really. Don't know what she saw in me." he nods to the green. "But, ah, you don't have to … go. If you don't want…" Right, because he's offering such stellar conversation this morning. He eyes the children's book in his hands, frowning at it. He really doesn't have much use for it now, it's more Reonth's style than his own. "Er. Want this?" he offers, holding the book up.

Tilting her head to him, the Harper gives him an amused look. "Yes, again. You were pretty good last night, even if you weren't in your right mind, and I definitely like what I saw." She says with a bit of a purr in her throat, teasing him. "But, your loss. Most guys would jump at the chance. Maybe I'm the boring one." She says as she reaches out to pat his knee, giving it a squeeze. At the offer of his book, she looks at him oddly for a moment, then reaches out with her free hand to take it. "Sure. I'd love it." She says with a hint of a smile on his face.

L'ren nods slowly, glancing to the book as it changes hands. "I … you'll probably enjoy it more than I would." he says, with a shrug. "I.. It's… Lots of … practice." With Reonth, nearing 30, rising fairly often. "You… Your own age… Not me…" he mumbles, before bringing the klah mug to his lips, to avoid talking. It stays there rather longer than it needs to. Reonth stirs on the beach, then settles back into her deep sleep. "I…" he frowns. "I'm not … most guys." he shrugs, though he seems slightly more comfortable now than he was when he woke up. "Reonth … she's … Without her … This would never have happened." He doesn't mean to offend, he's just trying to get across that he would otherwise never do anything like this, with anyone. Or at least, not with people he barely knows.

"I'm twenty-one, hardly a kid though. Maybe my brother's children may like it. Sairon loves to read." Farris says as she lets the book settle at her side, continuing to watch him, amused. "You aren't the first flight I've won though, so, there's no need to act weird around me. Unless of course you're into guys, which… I suppose makes sense, seeing how you fly green an all." There is a slight chuckle from Sarkith as he opens up a whirling eye, reaching out with his chin to place it upon the Green's shoulder, giving her a gentle croon. "Either way, I enjoyed it. So, don't freak yourself out too much, OK?" She says, giving him a light jab in the side.

L'ren shrugs slightly, "I don't like guys, exactly. Or girls. I like books." No, not in /that/ way. "I'm … open, when Reonth is involved… I suppose I prefer female riders to win, but…" he shrugs, and glances to Reonth, both hands wrapped around his klah mug now. "I … Reonth likes the male dragons, so, when she glows, I like the riders of male dragons…" he does smile slightly at Sarkith's affection for Reonth, though he does point out, "You're young enough to be /my/ kid… I'm … in my fourties." 46, to be exact. Not that age makes much differency. "If things were different… I … it was far from the worst flight, even if Reonth did deviate from her usual schedule…" It's just so much better when he can plan in advance to avoid all contact with the outside world. "I … Maybe … Next time Reonth rises…" That's about as close as he'll get to inviting Farris for another round, it seems.

"I think older guys are actually endearing." Farris says as she leans up, giving him a kiss to the cheek, before rising to her feet, and dusting her knees off. She finishes off the mug, then places it down upon the ground. "Myself, I'm a guys only kinda girl. Nothing against other girls, but, I just like the way a guy smells in the morning, and being held by strong arms, instead of flimsy, wussy ones." She says as she faces him fully, shifting her weight to one hip, arms crossed over her chest. "Anyways, I guess I'll head off. If you are ever interested in… you know… not spending time with a book, you let me know." She says as she saunters off towards Sarkith, who sits up after giving the lovely green a soft lick on her cheek, quietly murmuring a few loving words to her, then leans forward so that his rider can mount him easily.

L'ren nods, glancing to Reonth briefly. "I… I'll let you know." he says, moving over to be closer to Reonth. "I… Come visit, some time." he invites, in a friendly sort of way. "I … Anyway. Thank you." he adds, leaning against Reonth, who has now woken up, and is crooning at Sarkith. « Come back soon! Any time! » the green calls to the blue, much more enthusiastic and friendly than her rider seems to have been. « I'll miss you! » Well, until her dragon memory kicks in, which is even shorter for Reonth than most.

« I already miss you, my beautiful lady of green. I would soar the skies with you anytime. » Sarkith creels over towards her with a flutter of his wings, giving her quite a proud look in his posture. He obviously feels like he's the man right now. Farris tucks the book under her shirt, stuffing the end into the brim of her pants so that she can hold onto the straps. "I'll visit if you want me to. See you around the Hall." She says, then gives the quiet command, which causes the small blue to rush upwards into the sky, giving a quick spiral over head, before rushing head first through a tear in space, going between to head home to Igen.

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