A Dark and Stormy Night (October 05, 2009)

Ierne Weyrhold - Green Dragon Inn

Deep and wide, with dark wood-paneled walls, this room holds just about something for everyone. Along one wall stretches a bar behind which the friendly barkeeper M'woen keeps busy. He's quite tall and bulky, and looks quite capable of taking care of any troublemakers. Round tables are scattered around the room. They and the booths along the other wall provide seating for those tantalized by the warm aromas of food drifting from the kitchen. Along the back wall are dartboards, and several doors are labelled, leading to quiet rooms in the back and the rooms for guest to stay in. One door is labelled 'No Children Beyond This Point'. The sounds of dice rolling and the occasional cheer can faintly be heard from behind it.

People: A'ran, Wyndrei.

It's a busy evening at the Green Dragon with most of the tables filled and the bar already crowded. It must the the rain that has driven people inside and among them is Wyndrei. With booths full of larger groups and larger tables reserved for the same, she's sitting at a smaller table near the edge of the seating area, two empty chairs her company. She's got a mug but no food yet and in place of a plate a book lays open before her, her eyes scanning it as she reads.

A'ran wanders in from the torrent outside, his wherhide coat sheeting off water as he stands in the entrance for a moment, pulling down his hood, his long tresses held back in a neat plait that lays coiled inside the now down cowl. His emerald eyes take in the busy sights, looking for a place to roost. A firelizard appears from between in front of him, chittering admonition as her rouge-touched wings flap in emphasis. "All right, Air. I got it, you're hungry too. I promise I'm not going to leave you in the cold." Satisfied that her berating has been taken seriously, the green flit settles onto A'ran's left shoulder, curling her tail around his neck for balance as the greenrider begins to weave through the crowds, finally coming to stand next to Wyndrei's table. "Do you mind if I take a seat, miss? There's quite a crowd tonight."

Wyn turns a page then at the sound of a voice so close she looks up and around. That /me??/ expression appears on her face then she smiles broadly, "Sure, feel free," she says then sits up a bit and closes her book. "I just ordered.. they're kinda slow tonight but the food is good..I'm Wyn.." and she offers a hand.

A'ran takes the proffered hand with his right, moving the chair with his left. "I'm A'ran, rider of green Shaseith." He grins as the firelizard chirps, hoping down onto the table to inspect the book. "And that's Airaloke." He shucks his riding jacket, hanging it on the back of his chair before taking a seat, his braid falling halfway down his back. "What's good tonight?" he asks.

A blue chirps a bit from his perch on Wyn's satchel which hangs over the back of the chair and he peers up over her shoulder to check out the green. She pets his nose, "Nice too met you, A'ran, and Airaloke..this is Milo.." and she grins. "Lesse.. good.. creambed tubers.. the skewered herdbeast..that's what I'm having.. and klah.. tryin to save room for bubbly pies.." she answers with a nod.

A'ran grins as Airaloke warbles a greeting to blue flit. "Hello Milo," the greenrider offers by way of greeting. "Say, are they serving any mulled cider tonight? Great night for the stuff. And some stew would be delightful. Maybe some shellfish chowder, perhaps." He glances around. "Who took your order anyway? You'd think they were having to kill the herdbeast for you."

Milo lifts to the empty chair and puffs his chest out as he perches atop it, chirrring at the green. Wyn shakes her head and grins, "She just left.." and she looks around then points at a blonde server, easily defined by her uniform. Wyn raises her hand and the girls heads their direction, "There now.. tell her cause I don't have any stew or chowder and.. no idea on the cider.." she says teasingly.

A'ran laughs liltingly, leaning back comfortably in his chair. "All right then." He looks at the blonde waitress as she wanders up. "Can I help you sir?" she asks, her braided hair showing signs of the chaotic evening. "I hope so, my dear. I was wondering if you had any stew or chowder and mulled cider tonight?" "Indeed, sir. There is a thick and hearty herdbeast stew with plenty of vegetables and a piping hot cream chowder with white tubers in it. And lots of hot, mulled cider to wash it all down with. Which do you want, dearie?" A'ran smirks, chuckling at being called "dearie". "I'll take the chowder and a tall mug of cider. Oh, and some slices of bread if you have it." "Right away sir," she curtsies slightly before slipping off to the kitchen with A'ran's order. "Well, that was easy." He looks at Airaloke, who is being coy with Milo. "Oh, rats. I forgot something for Air." He smacks himself in the forehead. "I guess I'll just share my chowder with her."

Wyn grins, watching the waitress give that extra bat of lashes at A'ran, her head shaking a bit. She takes a sip of her klah then shifts, "I can share too…I have extra herdbeast coming for Milo.." The blue chirrrs his agreement on that one and eyes the pretty green. "So do you live here at Ierne?" the girl asks to her tablemate. "I don't recall seeing you around..though I've been busy studying.. so.." and she glances to her book, Milo's new perch.

A'ran nods, chuckling. "I'm not surprised you haven't seen me around here, though. Shaseith and I spend probably more time in the jungle than here. I'm a Botanist, you see." Airaloke whirrs at Milo, flipping her wings in a suggestive flash of red. A'ran reaches out to gently stroke the curve of her neck. "Or rather, I'm a Journeyman Healer who specializes in botany." He glances at the book Wyn is reading. "What are you studying?"

"Oh, botany..how interesting.." she murmurs then her head tilts and she looks to the flits. She laughs a little and scritches Milo's chin and he mrrrs for a moment then straightens, his full attention on the green. Sheesh, mom, don't kiss me in front of her! Wyn chortles and looks to A'ran, a wry grin on her face, "As luck would have it.. studying to be a dragonhealer.." she says with a nod. The book is one of that nature, in fact.

"Ah. An excellent thing to study. Have you decided on a specialty yet?" A'ran asks, lacing his fingers under his chin. "I've always had an interesting in plants and their medicinal uses, so botany was a natural choice when I became a healer." He smiles, his green eyes sparkling. "The field is certainly expanding now that we don't have Thread to worry about and more medical knowledge."

Wyn brightens some and nods her head, "It is a wonderful study and no, not yet…" she says with a sigh. "I've got to though..soon.." and she wrinkles her nose. "That would be interesting work.. I know a little about plants but not that much.." she says thoughtfully. "How long have you been a healer?"

A'ran pauses, thinking about it as the server comes back with their meals, setting the plates, bowls and mugs on the table with a practiced grace. "Thanks." He strokes his chin. "I apprenticed fairly young I suppose. Well, my mom started teaching me when I was five or six turns, since I showed an interest in plants. She got me apprenticed to the local Healer and eventually they got me officially apprenticed into the Healer Hall. So, pretty young." He picks up a spoon, stirring his steaming chowder. Airaloke, meanwhile, has started to help herself the Milo's bowl of giblets and bits. Om nom nom.

Wyn smiles up at the server and then just has to laugh at the flits, "Such a gentleman, Milo.." she says, praising him. He puffs up at that then Wyn starts to eat her food as well, "I did too.. well show interest young.. always wanted to be like my mother," she says with a nod. "But the study lead me to dragon healing too.. my da was a rider."

"Was?" A'ran asks, a tinge of sympathy in his tenor voice. He blows gently over the hot spoonful of chowder before placing it between his lips, eyebrow arched in gently query while he chews. Air, meanwhile, picks up a chunk of the raw meat with one of her foreclaws, offering it to Milo graciously with a gentle chirp.

"Well he probably still is.. I never knew him.. my actual mother died when she gave birth to me, all I know of my da is his name.. and that he is/was a rider.. the woman who raised me is a healer, she's the only mom I've ever known.." Wyn looks to the flits again and awwwws.

A'ran nods, his expression sorrowful. "I suppose I am fortunate knowing both my mother and father. My father is a bluerider, and my mother is a greenrider. I'm the product of a mating flight." He chuckles. "I guess that isn't all together uncommon for someone born and raised in a Weyr, though." He sets his spoon down in the bowl, taking a slow sip of his steaming cider. "Do you want to be a healer to prevent things like that from happening to others?"

Wyn smiles at A'ran and then nods, "Not uncommon no.." she agrees. "I guess I felt a certain kinship.. or.. respect.. for the woman who raised me. She is a mid-wife but no.. I didn't want that specialty really.. I just wanted to help, like she helps. About halfway through my third year I saw a dragonhealer working on a dragon and I guess I was sorta.. drawn to it.. every dragon I see could be his..ya know?"

A'ran sets his mug down, sighing contentedly as the warmth of his soup and cider begin to penetrate the cold and clammy parts of him. "Yeah, I can understand. I am drawn to plants because there is just so much we haven't explored about them and I know that there are many more cures and remedies out there that we haven't found yet. I have a greenhouse where I bring home a lot of plants to study them and experiment with them." He pauses, picking up a slice of bread and dipping it in his chowder. "It makes me happy to find someone who shares a similar passion."

Her own bread is sorta dipped in au jus from the meat that she's nibbled at and she eats that then nods her head. "Oh a greenhouse..how interesting!" she says. "Yes.. it would stand to reason that natural things would be best to heal a body.." and she blinks in realization, "Even a dragon one.." hmmmm. She looks over at A'ran and nods her head, "Yes it is.. especially someone who isn't one hundred and two and shaking a finger at me to study harder.." she giggles.

A'ran laughs. "I'd expect nothing less from the Masters at Healer Hall. After all, they have a duty to make sure that we young ones receive their knowledge before they pass on. We wouldn't want a situation like in Moreta's time, when so much knowledge was lost because it wasn't passed on effectively, or was outright horded." He shudders. "Let us hope such an unenlightened time never happens again."

"True enough but.. it's still nice to just share and enjoy." Wyn reaches to pet the little blue then looks up at A'ran, "How long a rider then?" she asks. Her food now ignored she settles to sip her klah, lifting one hand to push back a strand of hair behind her ear.

A'ran gnaws on the chowder-soaked bread, thinking. "Nearly seven turns now," he responds wistfully, his eyes going cloudy with memories of his Impression. "It seems just like yesterday, though." He smiles, reaching over to stroke Airaloke, who has finished eating and has curled up on the table, dozing contentedly in the warm, dry tavern. "Do you dream of being a rider, Wyn?"

Wyn smiles softly to listen to him talk, her cup now sitting on the table as she holds it with both hands. His question takes her by surprise and she blushes a little, "Well..doesn't everyone at some time or another?" she asks, answering in a non-committal fashion. For his part, Milo moves over to sidle up to the green and crouches near her but not too close, in case she likes her space.

Airaloke stretches out her wing to lightly cover the blue, contentedly full and cozy. A'ran watches the pair for a minute before responding. "I suppose it is. I never really thought about it much. I was too focused on being a Healer when I got Searched. Granted, with two rider parents I can't say that it came as some big surprise. But still, it was right after I had walked the tables."

Wyn watches the pair as well and then gets that awwww look on her face when the green cuddles her Milo close. "How cute.." she murmurs. She looks up and smiles at A'ran, "It's good you found your mate," she says softly. "It happened as it was supposed to happen."

A'ran smiles. "Makes one almost want to believe in such things as 'Fate', no?" he chuckles. "But, I can't say that I wasn't the happiest person on the sands that day. Someone I cared for deeply also Impressed that day. I was very happy for him as well." He continues to chow down. "A part of me hopes to eventually become a Master, seeing as we no longer have Thread."

A'ran frowns thoughtfully. "I dunno," he admits finally. "We sort of… drifted post Weyrlinghood. He had his duties, and I had mine, and ultimately it kept us from seeing each other very much. I suppose Navimath and Shaseith might chat now and then, but I haven't seen A'tyn in turns."

Wyn nods as she listens then smiles softly, "Well perhaps you will find one another again," she says gently to the man. "In the meantime I can keep you distracted with a zillion questions and a likely smitten little blue.." she says with a giggle toward said blue who croooons up at the green.

A'ran chuckles, looking at the cozy pair of flits. "They do seem rather taken with one another. She isn't usually quite so docile." He grins. "Can't say that I mind though." He scoops several more bites out of his half empty bowl, noshing on another slice of bread. He swallows, speaking again. "How long have you been with the Hall, anyway?"

"That they do," she says of the flits then shakes her head, "He's always this docile.." she says with a laugh. "Oh.. lesse..a few years I guess.. six.. all together.." she answers. She blinks then cringes, "Shards, I have a shift.. I gotta get back to the infirmary.. come see me sometime or send your pretty green and we'll get together!" she says, gathering her book. The blue seems intent upon staying and she smiles, "Yes you can stay for a bit..but when they do home you find me.." she says to him.

A'ran smiles understandingly. "I'll be sure to look you up in the infirmary next time I swing by. Hope your shift is uneventful. If I don't see you then I'm sure Air can find Milo again should I need to send you a note." He makes a gentle shooing motion with his slender hand. "Now go before I make you late. I know how intolerable that is to the Weyrhealer." He chuckles, going back to his meal in silence as Wyn slips through the crowded tavern into the rainy night.

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