A Chance Meeting

Ierne Weyrhold - Central Plaza

The main plaza of Ierne Weyrhold is abustle with activity, as people of various occupation move to and fro through the area. The plaza itself is cobbled stone, much like the roads leading from it, and extends to the east, where it is abutted by a couple of large buildings.

The main administrative complex for the Weyrhold borders the plaza here, to the west; within, the dining facilities of the weyrhold, and the offices of the weyrhold's staff, are located. A single-story building just to the north of it serves as the guest hall, separated from the hall by a courtyard garden and reflecting pool. Roads lead northward, toward the main harbor, crafthalls, cotholds, and recreational areas, and to the south, toward the river docks and the 'rider residences.

People: Corvi, G'tor.

The plaza isn't exactly a calm place, with so many coming and going. Amongst these is a brown dragon, winging in from the south, who spirals down into a gentle landing to the side of a road. From his back slides his rider, who makes her way to the center of the plaza, dusting herself off as she walks. True to form, Corvi is covered in clay-dust and that ilk. She slows as she reaches the plaza, shoving her hands in her pockets as she looks around, a thoughtful expression on her features.

G'tor sits, as is not unusual for him, on a simple stool near one side of the plaza tuning his guitar. The finely crafted instrument seems out of place beside its craggy and weathered owner. His long hair hangs somewhat into his face as he strums a soft chord, then another. Not playing anything specific, just playing.

Corvi's ears catch the tune of a guitar, and she glances in that direction, seeing a fellow dragonrider. Ereviuth supplies his dragon's name in her mind; a fellow brownrider. Smiling very slightly, she pushes whatever she came to do out of her mind as she approaches him, hands still in her pockets, a mildly curious expression on her face. "Hello, rider. That's a very nice guitar." Psh, administrative needs always come second to small talk.

G'tor glances up and a smile splits his hard face, "Thanks… I made it myself… I really should apply for journeyman at some point, just don't… see the need." He shrugs, "I'm G'tor, brown Faraeth's, you?"

"Hello, G'tor" Corvi responds, introducing herself formally as well. "I'm corvi, rider of brown Ereviuth." Then she nods at the guitar, "nice handiwork. I was already a journeyman when I Impressed, though it's useful. I can sell my wares easier."

G'tor nods, "That's the main reason I'd do it… Been primarily a rider so long it never really occurred to me. Then I came here and well… craftriding means something a little different in a weyrhold."

Corvi nods, "That's true. Where were you before the weyrhold?" She glances at Ereviuth, who is settling himself down beside the road. "I kind of like the change; I do ceramics, and being at a weyrhold gives me the chance I wouldn't have at a true-weyr to perfect my skills."

G'tor chuckles, "Telgar. Straight from the hall to the sands. It never really bothered me, but my weyrmate… she wanted to go back to plying her trade, so we came here."

"Fair enough." Corvi responds, "That's why I came here, actually. Also from Telgar." A wide smile, "That it's warmer here is nice, too, though. You were a harper?"

G'tor nods, "Grew up in the hall. When I got searched I was glad to go. Harpers have been riding dragons as long as the hall existed. Talime used to be a guard, though… better call for her here at Ierne."

Corvi smiles, shifting her weight from her heels to her toes as she thought. "I used to want to be a harper. Grew up with smiths, though, so it was in my blood." she laughs. "Do you play anything else?"

G'tor grins, "Smithing is a proud trade. I most play guitar, though I can also play flute and pipes. I specialized in teaching ballads, so mostly I sing. I only know a few instrumental songs."

Corvi nods. "I attempted to learn guitar once." she leaves out that the extent of her succees was loud painful noises that made people cringe. "I might be considering saving up and buying myself a guitar to try again. I /do/ like the teaching ballads."

G'tor grins, "I've been looking for students. Thought it might be fun to teach again, but not as many kids here and a weyrsinger isn't exactly as… prized… as it used to be."

"Well, if you're looking, and wouldn't mind an older student." Corvi grins, "I'd be glad to attend a few classess." Maybe then she won't be able to clear an area with her 'music'. "At the moment, though, I've got to go attend to some Official Business." She makes a face, sighing. Small-talk time is over, now she has to do things. "Nice to meet you, G'tor." And then she's walking in the direction of the administrative buildings, not looking too thrilled baout it.

G'tor nods, "Pleasure to meet you as well, perhaps we'll do so again."

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