Midnight Musing & Flight (October 07, 2009)

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach (#825RJs)
A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

Beyond the high tide line, there are 'weyrs' found here.

People: A'ran, Corvi, G'len, Iawen, Kai, Kire, X'hil.
Dragons: Culmairoth, Dylanth, Ereviuth, Kinseth, Shaseith.

Kire has set up a small starviewer on the beach and it's a clear night. The stars are ouch and Kire is looking at them through his starview with a notebook in his hand. It's rather late at night as much of the weyr's lights are off.

Swooping down from the starry heavens above, Shaseith and A'ran appear from between almost silently, the sound of Shaseith's beating wings about the only audible announcement of their arrival as they wing gracefully down toward the long beach below. They land near the water, the gentle ocean tide lapping around the green's ankles, A'ran clothed in little more than a pair of swim trunks, his slim and fit physique silhouetted in the faint light of the crescent form of the smaller moon.

Another dragon appears on the scene, though this one doesn't swoop in from between. He glides in from the road, keeping as low to the ground as is safe, before backwinging and making his landing on the soft sands of the beach. From his neck, his rider slides. Ereviuth makes his way directly for the water, splashing into the waves, warbling a greeting to the green. Corvi, however, lags behind, having absolutely no intention of swimming, no matter how warm the water is. She offers the two figures on the beach a wave, smiling wanly.

Kire looks up from his stargazing as a shadow of the dragon goes across his lens. He waves to A'ran, "Hi there." He spots the wave from Corvi and he gives her a friendly wave back.

Slipping from Shaseith's shoulder, A'ran splashes into the warm water which comes up just above his waist, wading out toward the shore as his green warbles a friendly greeting toward the brown, sounding slightly amorous as she darts into the tides, beckoning the brown deeper into the warm, salty sea. The Healer offers Corvi a wave in return, smiling at Kire. "We meet again, Starsmith."

Kire smiles at A'ran, "It's good to see you too. I guess we do meet again." He looks to Corvi and her dragon, "Hello to both of you. I'm Kire apprentice starsmith."

"Must be fate," the greenrider chuckles, wandering over toward Corvi and offering a slightly damp hand. "A'ran, Journeyman Healer and lifemate of green Shaseith." Shaseith, meanwhile, is happy to swoop underneath and around Ereviuth now that they have wandered into sufficiently deep waters, as elusive as the mists that coat her green form, warbling contentment at having a playmate.

Corvi takes the offered hand, shaking it firmly. "Pleased to meet you, Kire, A'ran." She nods to both in turn, letting her hand drop to her side. "I'm Corvi, brown Ereviuth's rider." She glances at the stars, "Is it a good view tonight?" she asks the starsmith. In the water, Ereviuth ducks his head beneath the waves, trying to find the camoflaged green hidden in the water. He follows it with the rest of him, diving underwater for a moment, before surfacing a few feet away.

Kire smiles, "It's nice to meet you Corvi. Yep I have great view tonight until some dragon blocked it." He teased a little bit towards A'ran's dragon. "I hope you both are doing well."

"Well met, Corvi," A'ran lets go of the Smith's hand, offering her a warm smile. "Glad to see I'm not the only one interested in late night activities." He rocks back on his heels thoughtfully, glancing up at the star-filled sky, arms now folded over his chest. "I wonder what it must have been like for F'lar and the others when they went up there." He chuckles. "But here I am getting lost in my own little world again." He looks to Kire. "What were you viewing?" Shaseith surfaces several feet away from Ereviuth, warbling what sounds like a "can't catch me" as she dives beneath the waves again, flicking her tail in the brown's direction before disappearing from sight again.

"Very well." Corvi replies, smiling at Kire. The smile warms when A'ran mentions the penchant for night. "Oh yes, I'm somewhat noctournal." She follows the greenrider's gaze to the sky, "Who knows. It must've been overwhelming." To think; she's grown up in this, but they just stumbled upon it. Ereviuth rumbles a response to the green, ducking below the waves once more. He may not be able to see her, but he attempts to sense her movements in the water via ripples. It's only marginally successful, as he dives again, attempting to stealthily follow her in the water.

Kire hmms, "Well you can find out what it's like when you head up the ship. I haven't been up there yet, but I can't wait to." He hmms, "Oh just looking up at a couple of the stars, nothing going on tonight unfortunately."

Kai meanders into the main beach, from the Abeytuth's Weyr.

Dylanth lumbers into the main beach, from the sky.

Kai comes out of Abeytuth's hut. "Well, she's settled down," she starts to explain to Kire and then sees the other people. "Hello!" she says with a bright smile. "Ae we all looking at stars?"

"Hey, stars are beautiful no matter the occasion!" A'ran rejoins enthusiastically at Kire, nodding to Corvi. "I imagine it must have been. There is a lot we take for granted these days that only a handful of turns ago was not even possible. I think those of us in the Crafts can relate most of all. Healers have all kinds of new techniques and knowledge and are finding more every day thanks to new equipment and information." Shaseith zips right by Ereviuth in the water, her claws brushing his tail, her eyes swirling a mirthful shade of blue and green as she makes for the surface, spreading her wings to shower water everywhere.

Kire smiles brightly as he hears Kai's voice and the young man turns to her, "Hey Kai." He waves her over and smiles, "Well I am." He introduces everyone, "Kai this is A'ran and Corvi. This is Kai." He moves over to her to put his arm around her, "Do you wanna have a look?"

"Seems that way," Corvi responds to Kai, glancing up at the sky. Her smile broadens as she considers A'ran's words. "Certainly; I've had a chance to glance at some of those files. Even pottery was helped. All sorts of new glazes we didn't know about before."

Kai is a bit round in her pregnancy but she still walks with grace. She nods and gives a nod and a warm smile to each. "Hello, A'ran, Corvi. Nice to meet you! And yes, I would love to see!" She carefully steps up to the telescope.

Dylanth gives a bugle!

Shaseith warbles at the nearly arrived Dylanth, flapping her wet wings in invitation to the blue before diving back beneath the waves before Ereviuth can catch her misty Fae form. A'ran chuckles at his lifemate, watching her antics from the corner of his emerald eyes. "Well met, Kai. Seems like we Southerns are a nocturnal lot." He grins, starting to meander toward the telescope. "I'd like a look myself, if you don't mind, Kire. When you're done of course, Kai."

Kire smiles, "Sure go ahead Kai and sure you can see after her A'ran. Do you wanna see after A'ran Corvi?" He asks as he turns to Kai, "How are you feeling love? Did you get enough of a nap?"

Kai piers into the eyepiece. "Yes, sweetheart, thank you. But Abeytuth seems aggitated about something."

"Sure, why not? I have no idea what to look for, though." Corvi has never been trained in anything related to the stars; far too esoteric for her attention span. Kai is given a warm smile, and a belated wave. Ereviuth breaks hte ocean surface, taking a deep breath as he looks around for the green. He barely catches a glimpse of her before she's diving again. Warbling a, 'hey, come back here', he dives again, very pleased with this game of water-chase.

Dylanth flies by, then circles around and finally lands on the sand. His head and wings droop a moment, but even after that his tail remains resting on the sand. The rider unbukles and drop from the dragon's shoulders. "Poor boy, we've been up for a while, haven't we?" Then he strides over to the others. "Good evening," he says a bit shyly as he holds his helmet and goggles in his hands.

G'len swings down from Dylanth's neck.

"Agitated dragons are certainly not fun," A'ran states sympathetically. He offers G'len a wave, standing next to the farviewer. "Good evening to you. Looks like you've had a long day." Shaseith makes a sound that could almost be a giggle, enjoying her game of hide and seek with the brown. She surfaces, warbling encouragement to the tired looking Dylanth as she slithers serpinely across the ocean surface, idly cresting the incoming warm waves.

Kire nods a little bit to Kai, "You're welcome. Oh does she need her skin oiled? I'd be happy to help you out with it." He nods to G'len, "Hi there." Kire looks over to Corvi, "Just look up in the sky and try to find something interesting. You never know what you'll see up there."

Kai is busy piering into the viewer. "What is it we are looking at tonight?"

Ereviuth breaks the waves easily, following Shaseith's lead. To Dylanth he offers a bugle; come join them in the water! Corvi nods to Kire, looking up at the sky, since Kai is using the viewer. Her expression is calm and thoughtful, as she regards them.

Dylanth walks slowly up behind his rider and nudges his rider. G'len is aobut to speak then turns to his dragon and says soflty, "Oh…sure." He starts to unbuckle the blue dragon's flight straps and cargo pouches. While he's working he says to the other people, "I'm searching for a young boy, about thirteen turns old. Dark hair and eyes…and skin…like mine. He's a sailor so he may be anywhere. He…" he pauses a moment to catch his breath as he pulls of the straps. "He answers to the name of Gobhan. Have any of you seen him?"

Kire smiles, "Oh just at the stars. I'm just looking around at the night's sky." He hmms a little bit and shakes his head, "No I haven't see anyone by that name, but I'll keep that in mind."

Looking thoughtful, A'ran shakes his head after a few moments of thought. "Can't say that I have. I'm A'ran, by the way." He looks somber. "Was he lost at sea?" Shaseith warbles eagerly as she watches Dylanth get his straps removed, zipping ahead of Ereviuth to keep the brown from catching her nimble form, ducking beneath the waves again.

The big brown doesn't dip beneath the waves immediately, instead sliding through the water in the direction he thinks she dove in. He gives a chirp and sticks his head beneath the waves. Corvi meanwhile, looks distracted for a moment. "No, I haven't seen him either. I will, however, keep an eye out." she pauses, eyeing the weyrhold proper. "Ereviuth and I have to take care of something in the weyrhold; I'll ask around on your behalf." As she says this, the brown, about to dive after Shaseith, looks up, chirping in disappointment. But he wanted to keep up this game! Giving the assembled dragons a good-bye warble, he makes his way out of the water, pausing to let his rider mount, and then takes off, winging slowly back in the direction the pair came.

G'len says "Well, that's what I'm not sure about. At least I certainly hope not!" He says that in a very worried tone, almost pannicky. "He was at Ista, he was one of their Candidates but he didn't Impress. He ran off immediately after to sign on to the first outbound ship he could find. We, my brother and I, were both sailors. Or I was…he still is. But I haven't been able to find the ship that he's on now. He's been missing for three months."

Dylanth warbles to the brown dragon. It is a little bit of a tired call but friendly in it's tone.

Kai says "Oh, dear." and looks up from the scope. She steps back so others can look. "I hope he's all right!"

Shaseith looks distinctly disappointed when the brown leaves, wandering over to play with the blue instead, warbling in a slightly amorous tone as she balances atop the waves, her wings outstretched for balance as the current tugs against her wispy form. A'ran grimaces at G'len, looking distraught. "I'm very sorry to hear about that. Shaseith and I will keep an eye out for your brother when we are out in the jungle. Maybe we can stick near the coast for a while to help keep an eye out for him." He sighs, brushing wisps of hair that have escaped his braid back behind his ear. "Such a tragedy. Does he not know that he can continue to stand until he does Impress?"

G'len shrugs. "I don't know. I think…He must had made some good friends with the crew…I mean the other candidates," he says and rubs his forehead. Meanwhile, the blue dragon strolls into the water and starts swimming with ease. The water massages and soothes his legs.

Kai says "I will keep an eye out for him, too, sir. Though I really don't go far with my dragon now."

A'ran nods. "I hope that he turns up safe and sound for you." He leans in to take his turn at the farviewer, gently reaching up to adjust the angle, scanning the skies in a slow and meticulous fashion. "I'm sure that the lad has experience navigating by the stars if he is a sailor, yes?" the greenrider asks. The elusive Fae that is Shaseith is meanwhile coiling idly around in the water, amusing herself by occasionally chasing fish or examining the shellfish in the sandy sea bed.

G'len nods. "Aye. But…if he was on a ship and there was a storm, a bad one…but we've been through those before. He's a good sailor, and brave….And it's G'len," he says with a little smile. "And that's Dylanth," he says, pointing out to his blue who is swimming out to meet the green dragon.

Kai eases herself down into the sand to take a rest. "You look awfully tired, G'len. I hope you going to take a rest for the night at least. Your dragon definitely needs to rest. Can I get you lads something to eat? Would either of you like something?"

A'ran looks up from the telescope, nodding to G'len. "Well met, G'len." The Healer shakes his head gently in Kai's direction. "I'm fine, hun, but grateful for the offer." He glances between the two of them. "As a Healer I'm inclined to agree with Kai, G'len. You look like you could use a nice cot right about now." Shaseith swims up to greet Dylanth, offering him a large conch she found in the sand, holding it delicately between her talons.

Dylanth looks down at the lovely shell. He gives an approving warble to her. «Nice find!»

G'len nods and gazes out at his dragon and at the Green. "I can't make him fly any more…Your dragon is very pretty. What's her name?"

Kai hurries into her dragon's weyrbarn to get some food prepared as quickly as she can.

Shaseith seems to smile, her eyes swirling a pleasant blue/green mix that indicates her good mood. A hint of purple swirls there idly as well. « Thanks. » She looks over the opalescent shell. « It caught my eye in the moonlight. »

A'ran looks out into the water, smiling tenderly at his green. "That's Shaseith," he offers with a dreamy sigh. "She seems to have taken a liking to Dylanth." He glances at Kai as she scrambles off toward her weyr. "Oh, I didn't mean to trouble her. Do you think she misheard me?"

Dylanth projects to Shaseith: « Your eyes look pretty in the moonlight. »

G'len smiles and shakes his head. "I must look about good as I feel." He rubs his hand through his hair. "He's been away from most all dragons for several months. I think he's lonely for attention…other than mine, that is."

Shaseith coils her neck, tilting her head almost shyly. « Thank you. Your hide is beautiful in the moonlight, too.»

Dylanth dips a sore wing into the ocean water. He pulls it out and watches it drip.

Shaseith senses that Dylanth sends a sense of weariless but still interest in her. «The water feels good on my wings.»

A'ran nods. "I know the feeling, G'len. I can't imagine that the stress of worrying has made things any easier." He straightens, stepping back from the telescope. "Shaseith is probably going to rise soon, as well. I imagine that may be influencing her ever-so-slightly." He chuckles, moving around to stand behind G'len, hand hovering above the bluerider's shoulders. "May I?"

Shaseith rolls onto her back in the waves, floating with her wings outstretched and holding the seashell against her chest as she lets the waves gently toss her, her eyes swirling contentedly behind the first lid.

Shaseith projects to Dylanth: « It's warm and nice. The stars are pretty, too. »

G'len looks back over his shoulder, missing all clues to what is going on. "May you what?" He ends the question in a rising inflection.

A'ran smiles gently. "I thought you could use a shoulder massage. I thought it might help ease the tension and maybe let you rest a little easier tonight."

Kai comes back out with a couple of sandwiches on plates. Without any questions she gives one to G'len. The other she offers to A'ran. "It's sliced roast beast with cheese and tomatoes. Would you like it?"

G'len takes the sandwich and starts eating. "Thank you so much!" he says as his stomach growls. Then he nods to A'ran, as he chews. He swallows before answering. "Oh…oh, good idea. Yes, that would help. My shoulder muscles feel so tight…so does my neck…so does my back…so do my legs…so does my a…I guess I've been in the saddle too long."

"Oh, that's lovely, Kai. Thank you." A'ran starts to massage G'len's shoulders with a practiced hand, his slender fingers digging firmly but not painfully into the taut muscles. "Would you mind holding onto it for a bit?" he asks of Kai with a smile. "I think G'len could use some relaxing here." He chuckles in response to G'len's hastily broken off list.

Kai holds the sandwich while G'len gets the massage. "G'len, you want to take your jacket off? The massage might feel better And I have some oils…Do you want to come in and get a hot bath?"

G'len looks worridly up at Kai. "Do I smell bad?" he asks worridly.

Kire comes back from a phone call on his cell phone from the starsmith journeyman he's studying under as he's still an apprentice. He moves over to his telescope and dials it in, "Hey look at this it's a dragon's spirit." Aka a shooting star.

A'ran chuckles. "You don't smell, G'len." He sniffs. "Well, maybe slightly, but nothing a swim in the ocean won't fix." He lifts his hands to let G'len remove his riding jacket. "But honestly you don't be of any use to your brother if you don't take care of yourself." He grins. "You can't rescue someone if you need to be rescued yourself."

G'len pulls out of his jacket and gives it a little shake to smooth it out. Now he's a bit more smelly, like he's been flying out in the sun for too long. "You're right," he answers A'ran. "And Dylanth has certainly been doing his duty. He's earned a rest and probably for more than just overnight." He goes back to eating his sandwich.

Kai sits patiently, watching G'len eat and watching everybody else in general. She looks up at Kire with a worried expression on her face.

Kire smiles at Kai, "Come here Kai do you want to see the shooting star?" He asks as he watches it form the starviewer.

Kai gets up and dusts off her rear end. "Sure!" she says and almost bounces over to take a look. She pierce into the eyepiece. "Is that it there?"

Kire nods as he adjusts it a little bit and smiles at Kai, "Yep right there." He moves her hand up to the knob, "Just turn it to the left to keep tracking it."

"He certainly seems to need the rest, though I'm not Dragon Healer," A'ran agrees, looking out toward the water where Shaseith is still contentedly tossing on the waves, warbling occasionally to Dylanth as she does so. The Journeyman returns to massaging G'len's neck and shoulders, kneading away at the knots, looking up to try and spy the trail. "Where is it, Kire?" he asks.

G'len just chews and allows the other rider to work all he wants on the rock-hard knotted muscles. At first it hurts like crazy. But slowly the pain goes down. He watches Kai and the telescope and looks up at the sky trying to see where the scope could be focused.

Kire looks up and he looks around the sky. "There it is just over the horizon, you can barely see it with the naked eye."

Kai says "Oh, i see it! Yea, that's much clearer! How far away is it actually, Kire?"

Kire hmms, "Oh probably a couple hundred miles, maybe a couple thousand."

As the muscles in G'len's neck and shoulders begin to relax, A'ran moves his hand down the bluerider's back, working away at the shoulder blades, digging the heel of his palm gradually underneath each one as the other arm wraps around front to keep G'len upright. "A gentle fellis tonic might be in order," the Healer suggests as he works, finally catching faint sight of the spirit. "How long has it been there, Kire?"

Dylanth swims around launguidly, getting to stretch out his legs and cool off tires chest flight muscles.

Kire hmms, "It just appeared over the horizon which is why I got the call to track it."

Kai says "Cool! I think this is exciting!"

Shaseith lets the tide carry her to the shore, gently setting her large conch in the sand where it won't be washed away before turning back into the ocean, her pale hide seeming to glow in the faint sliver of moonlight as she twists in the waves, warbling in a siren-like manner.

Dylanth follows the pretty green about, making a pretty crooning to her as she secures her precious shell.

Continuing to massage G'len's back, A'ran hums absently as he watches the faint trail from afar, just barely able to track it with his bare eyesight. "Just appeared you say?" He ponders. "Seems to be staying an awfully long time for a spirit," he observes. "Though I'm no Starsmith." He chuckles, working on the bluerider's lower back now. "I think I'll be ready for that sandwich in a few, Kai," he informs her with a smile.

Shaseith calls to Dylanth amorously, weaving in and out of the tide, heading gradually for deeper waters, her lithe form perfectly comfortable in the water as she calls after the blue, flashing her misty green wings and jade tail beckoningly as she moves through the tide.

Dylanth croons softly to Shaseith, admiring how well she swims.

Kire hmms as he sees all the dragons gathering, "I think I'm gonna take my star gazing else where. See you later A'ran." He packs up his starview and looks to Kai, "Coming along?"

Kai smiles at Kire. "Sure, sweetie!"

There's a definite thump as the two-toned brown — late of Ierne itself — settles to the sands of the beach; his rider smacking at the smooth chestnut-brown shoulder with a hearty whack. "Cully!" Iawen's voice is raised, the woman scowling as she unbuckles her straps and slides down the small brown's side. "This ain't the Plaza. We were 'spposed to meet someone there that needed their computer fixed." Scowl. The stout little brownrider crossed her arms, surveying her dragon for a long moment. "Y'wanna what? Play in the water? Couldya just have set me down there," a finger is jabbed in the direction of the plaza, "an' them come down here." Culmairoth, for his part, merely whuffles, gazing towards the waters for a long moment, before he cranes his neck, and lets out a snort of greeting for any of the other dragons gathered.

G'len sighs as A'ran finishes the massage. "Thank you…That helps a lot." He turns his head to look over his shoulder and smiles at A'ran.

X'hil was initially here on official business, much earlier in the day. He was here to meet with the Weyrlord about transfers, all terribly official and business-like. And, okay, after that he /may/ have wandered the marketplace, poking his head into the late-night clothing stores, and picking something up to eat from one of the evening stalls. Just sort of meandering. He lived at Ierne for around three turns, it's nice to revisit it once in a while. Kinseth meanwhile, has been resting off to the north end of the beach, watching the main beach with interest. Some silent thought seems to have lit a fire under X'hil, as the Istan Weyrleader suddenly comes tearing down to the beach, at top speed, dropping a just purchased shirt or two along the way.

The comet overhead somehow seems a catalyst to the glowing Sidhe, whose eyes begin to swirl a lusty shade of amethyst as she suddenly spreads her wings, a spray of mist flying about her in a sparkle of moonlight as she takes to the air, heading for more open waters. The night and stardust will be her cloak and hide her from all but the most daring and appropriate suitor. She warbles a challenge as she rises, the sound of her voice reverbing across the verdant waves. "I'm glad I could hel-" A'ran trails off suddenly as his eyes go distant, and he whips his whole body about, looking out to the water where Shaseith was only moments before romping contentedly, albeit amorously. "Now?" he asks incredulously, too preoccupied with his Dragon to notice the sudden gathering of other beasts around him, his jaw agape as he tries to regain some semblance of place as what was only a few moments before an amorous but gentle proddy nudge suddenly a full blown sex drive roaring across their telepathic connection.

G'len shakes his head. "What?" He looks at his dragon…then looks up. "oh…..my." He stands up and watches the green "I guess there's no stopping that."

Scarcely furled, Culmairoth's wide chestnut-brown wings flare outwards, and with a leap, he's airborne. And whilest a sound that seems between that of a nicker and croon is hardly that of romance, he's made it quite clear to his rider — and those others about him — that this is perhaps one of the few times that he shall chase indeed. "Shardin' hell," Iawen manages to swear, hands clenching into fists as she throws up an arm to block the sand thrown up by the upsweep of her brown's wide wings. "Just had to be one of those flights, wish they'da blooded first, cause then Cully'd never have gotten involved." Indeed, he'd still be trying to consume his prey rather than winging his way upwards in pursuit of stardust-cloaked green.

Kinseth launches himself into the air, with a spray of displaced sand, and bugles his note of challenge. He shall win the flight, he is the biggest and the best! Nevermind that he's also the least maneouverable, and the most arrogant. X'hil's shoulders slump at that oh so familiar sound, and he groans at his dragon's oversized ego. "Kinseth… Must you? You remember our /last/ flight at Ierne?" he mutters at the bronze, though he continues moving to where the bronze had been, at much more of a slow trudge than his previous run. "Of course you don't… Well, let me remind you, it ended in the /worst/ possible way." …Kinseth won, didn't he? Not that he really expects the dragon to listen at all. When the man reaches the wallow Kinseth left behind, he just … sits down. If he sits aaall the way over there, over towards the north end of the beach, maybe he won't have to deal with… greenriders?

Dylanth bugles after the lovely green. Wait! Wait for me! From somewhere he gets a surge of strength and beats his wings powerfully launch himself into the air. Droplets of water fly around and drip off, shimmering in the starlight as if they were a spray of star clusters shaking loose from his blue hide. He flies up to fly with her. He's been so lonely and…and…and…she like sea shells!

Lithe and lightweight, Shaseith has no problem climbing heavenward, her flight seeming to take her straight toward the comet as her cob-webbed wings beat, working with the hot air to send her soaring above the competition. She looks back briefly, spying the blue, brown and… bronze? Well, now. Seems the Sidhe has brought out everything. A'ran sinks to the sand next to G'len, his sandwich forgotten where Kai left it. "To the stars," he murmurs. "Don't let them catch you." He rocks slightly, his legs crossed underneath him as his eyes are distant, their emerald hue almost seeming to reflect the royal hue of his lifemate's as she soars through a wispy cloudbank, bugling a challenge to her suitors. « Catch me if you can! »

Iawen flops. Well, that's the motion anyway, the brownrider peeling off her riding jacket, and tossing it onto the sand as she too slides downwards, rather gracelessly while her gaze is riveted skywards towards the chestnut-brown and tan form of her lifemate as he wings higher and higher into the sky. Thermals and warmth give Culmairoth loft, the brown slipping sideways into one such updraft that sends him spiraling over the clouds — dizzying, reveling in the glorious joy of flight. And the pursuit — indeed, for one such as Culmairoth, for whom food is but his greatest joy, this heady pursuit is like a draught of fresh cool water after a long feast, and he arches upwards, powerful wingbeats carrying him up and up — and 'lo, for what does he chase? Like the hunter pursues the seven maiden sisters across the endless skies, so too does Culmairoth seek that dainty elven green form, drawn along by the fleeting fairy glimpses of cob-webbed wings. He sends no message in reply, not to this lovely lady — merely, he moves onwards, lured in pursuit by her luminous green; a beacon in the lantern of night — a gathering of stars in dragonform to steer him by.

G'len's shoulders slump. He reaches around with one hand to try and massage it some more but the motion is distant. His eyes track the dragons, his own dragon surprising him with his intent. To long away from his own kind he's been. But Dylanth seems intent in his pursuit, falling silent to bring him closer to the pretty green. She sparkles like…like…she looks like a green shell, shimmering beneath the waves of a tropical lagoon! Only clear water to hide in, only sky and wind to caress her verdant hide. He works to pace himself, wings strong and quick, but also strong in riding the winds over land and water.

Condensation from the clouds drips off Shaseith's wings like faerie dust as she soars out of the cloud bank, droplets of water sparkling off her verdant hide in the moonlight as she glides, resting her wings for just a moment as she rides a thermal like a surfer rides the waves, effortless and free. Violet eyes sparkle, reflecting the distant comet as she glances backwards, noting as Kinseth drops out, the first of the three to fall, unable to keep up with her sylvan form. She whistles a siren song to her two remaining suitors, beating her wings once again. A'ran, caught up in the emotions of the flight seems lost in the wake of his Dragon's passion. Is she flying, or is he? He can't be entirely sure, unable to discern if those are arms or wings has has wrapped around himself, warring an internal battle with himself as he Dragon continues to drag her pursuers higher.

Dylanth pumps his wings almost along with the beating of his powerful heart. It is enough to give him the appropriate lift. And with the winds to help he can turn his wings up or down with his tail for balance…and he does it without thinking.. A dip of the left wing, a slight raising of the right and he swerves slightly to the side to zip to the left, a tack that gives him greater speed to pull ahead of the Brown, or at least to separate the two, make him as a suitor more an individual for the sea gem Shaseith to choose, perhaps. He bugles to her, encouraging her to catch the stars! Yes! A star to steer by! She will be his star tonight! G'len just shivers a little, half feeling the breeze that wafts along the beach and half the touch of the wind upon his dragon's hide. His eyes do not even blink as he watches, more feeling than seeing what is going on up aloft.

Culmairoth surges upwards — the siren song of desire racing through his very form, dragged perhaps, like some sailor to his doom upon the shoals of lust and passion — or lured into the wondrous magic of underhill — that whistled song of the green dragon he follows is a tether, drawing him ever onward in his quest for her. The shimmer of condensation — starlight droplets indeed of moonlight and stardust seem a mirage, some shimmering glimpse into a faerie realm. And yet, he craves more than a glimpse, and catching a thermal, the brown rockets upwards like a runner stallion vaulting over the hurdle of his paddock gate. And so, Culmairoth yet pursues, for she he will even follow into the very heart of that comet trail — onwards and upwards he flies, each powerful wingbeat driving him through the air. He has the endurance, he has the stamina and the will — but can he yet be agile and quick enough? Can he be there in time to sweep the fairy princess into the sheltered embrace of wings, neck and tail when she falters, and hold her aloft in the glorious night? Upon the sands of the beach, Iawen watches, supine upon the sands, her gaze turned upwards, silent, and waiting.

The stars beckon the elvish green onward, but even her lithe form does not possess infinite stamina. She slows, ever so slightly, her cob-webbed wings seeming to suddenly hold her back rather than propel her forward. The warm sea has relaxed her muscles perhaps just a bit too much, leaving her vulnerable to be caught, and caught she is, her jade form melting into the shimmering cobalt that is Dylanth as she warbles her sonata, wings spread wide in an attempt to keep them from plummeting into the deep ocean below. A'ran, for his part, seems to have come to some resolution in his internal struggle, perhaps needing companionship just as much as Dylanth, his arms somehow finding their way around G'len as he stands, kissing tenderly at the Westerner's neck from behind, desiring as much as Shaseith to be enthralled in someone's embrace again, even if just for one night.

Dylanth trills softly and as sweetly as he can to the sweet Green! Such a star to fall into his wings? She truly is the Dragon Spirit! His tail twines with hers his neck curling over her head to warble sweet songs to her, his descant to her music!

Culmairoth comes to grief upon the shoals of lust and passion indeed — and he sideslips through the air, spiraling away from the green and the blue who caught her as his path carries him towards the plaza. Yet, such passion is quick to fade — and it seems there is little sorrow in that two-toned brown as he folds his wings, backwinging downwards. And too, Iawen is quick to make her departure, popping up to her feet as if she'd springs installed in the soles of her boots. "Well finally!" comes her announcement, the woman bending to snatch at her jacket. "I got me a computer to fix." And with that, she's gone, making her retreat back towards in the direction she had intended to go in the first place. "Gotta get Cully some food, and he'd be right as rain." her voice trails behind her. Indeed, food makes the brown forget everything indeed.

G'len reaches up, placing his hands over A'ran's, gripping not with strength but with tenderness. It is like the dragons, two riders coming together with the pulsing of their dragon's hearts beating in synchronistic rhythms with their own. He turns to hug A'ran. G'en is half aware that the other dragon…no, the other rider is speaking. He reaches out to wave.

As Shaseith and Dylanth fall toward the sea, intertwined in their mutual passion, A'ran continues to embrace G'len, aware only peripherally of Culmairoth/Iawen's departure. He looks up at G'len, offering a tender, but still lusty smile, leaning up on his toes to kiss the bluerider tenderly on the lips, Shaseith twining necks with Dylanth at the same time. "Wanna come back to my place?" the Healer asks.

G'len smiles, glad that the darkness hides the burning rush of a blush to his face. "Yes," he says softly.

Dylanth does not release Shaseith till it is time to break for a smooth landing on the water. There is a SPLASH! as they as much settle into it as 'land' on it. The spray swirls up and around them, cooling and soothing.

A'ran smiles, keeping one arm wrapped around G'len's waist as he gently tugs the bluerider in the direction of his hut, eager to work out the knots and kinks G'len has in a very tender and intimate way. "I hope you like lavender oil," he coos as they sneak off into the trees.

G'len follows along. "That sounds very relaxing!" He says this with a tinge of welcome excitement in his tired voice.

Shaseith warbles softly as they land, the cooling waters soothing to her hot muscles. She surfaces, bobbing for the shore, rolling onto the sand and relaxing into the warmth there, her mind voice beckoning to the blue. « Come rest with me a while. You've more than earned it. »

Dylanth swims, wades, but willingly follows his new friend!

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