RP in the Marketplace - October 8th, 2006

Ierne Weyrhold - Marketplace

A wide square full of shops and stores and sidewalk vendors of all types. Mostly Traders who specialise in certain items or Crafters who wanted a place in which to market their wares. Due to the WeyrHold being a major trade center, its an ideal place for something like this, open all turn round rather then just people selling during gathers.

R'oc is in the marketplace looking very much lost as he doesn't come here much, in his hand something that looks like old clothes. Maybe he wants new clothes, but hasn't ever bought them. The crowd of people pushing him around is just helping to confuse him as he can't find any of the stores to go to.

Leona is sitting outside her little shop, holding her five-month-old son in her arms. Leonell - her son - appears to be asleep. Leona spots R'oc, and tries to wave, although she can't really move very much.

R'oc see's a hand waving and then pushes through the people toward the beacon of hope. "Get out…why…watch it!" He says then moves toward the edge when he finally comes out he looks at Leona and sighs. "There someone I know." Then he bends down and says. "And look there, someone I don't know as well. Morning Leona, who is this little guy?" He looks up into her eyes, watching the caring intention in them.

Leona shrugs slightly. "This is Leonell. Mine and Karell's." she adds, then brings a finger to her lips. "Careful, I don't want to wake him." Surely it would be quieter inside her shop, though? Apparently not. "I've got a couple of new apprentices to work in my shop, and they're not exactly quiet about it." she grimaces.

"So I'm the one he's going to look up to right?" He chuckles and looks at the boy. "So wow, he must be a strong one if he's your child. Stubborn, easy to anger, and a crybaby." He teases Leona. "But he's got his mother's eyes, the ones I fell for so long ago."

Leona snorts, and rolls her eyes. "You can drop the act, you know. I'm quite happy with Karell." she states, simply. "I'm not leaving him for some arrogant bronzerider." she grins up at R'oc then, clearly teasing him now. Although it is true that she won't leave Karell for anybody. "Stubborn? Pah, merely determined. That's a good trait to have, you know." she adds, with a smile.

"Well you can't blame a bronzerider for trying." He chuckles and then looks at the baby. "It doesn't look like Karell this one, but I guess he does seem like you." Then he nods his head. "He's going to act like him then. So then how is the st…I mean determined brownrider, how's your business going, couldyoutakemeshoppingforclothes." HE says the last question in the flurry of questions rather super fast.

Leona shrugs slightly at her child. "Well, not so much like Karell, but the spitting image of his late father." So, there. No doubt about the boy's parentage. She glances up at R'oc then, and smirks. "Clothes?" she sends her firelizard off to fetch Karell, so that she can leave Leonell with him for a while. "I suppose I could try… Do you need anything leather?" she asks, jerking her thumb over her head at her own shop - which specialises in leather.

"Um…I need clothes period." He pulls off some of his clothes showing her that they are torn, burnt, and anything else that can happen to clothes. "I don't know how to shop…and well or where to…I usually have some girl do it for me."

Leona raises an eyebrow, then nods. "I noticed you seemed rather … alone. No girls at the moment then?" she teases, handing Leonell to Karell as soon as he arrives, then standing. "Okay, well, I suppose we'll start over at the Weavery." she says, pointing to a small clothing stall across the way. "Kind of a silly name, the Weavery. But, they do good clothes." she says with a shrug.

"A little shop like that, You think they make clothes for men?" He then looks at his clothes. "Um…I like how these look, and seeing as I don't want to change, make them the same." HE smiles toward her, not wanting to go through the whole wearing clothes bit. But then again who's to stop her from making him. "Okay?"

Leona shrugs. "I think they make clothes for anyone. I buy all of my things there. And they've made a few nice things for Karell, and Karona. Actually, I need to get some outfits for Leonell, he's growing so quickly." she heads over to the clothing stall. "Well, it's your clothes. I always try mine on before I buy them, you never know if they'll fit or be comfortable or anything."

"Is that what people do….I should find a girl and just have her pick out my clothes. They are usually pretty good about things like that." Then he grins and then walks over to Leona. "Leona…." He takes her hands in his. "Will you bear my children?"

Leona rolls her eyes, and snorts at R'oc. "No thanks, I've already had two of my own. It's not exactly easy, you know!" she complains, although she does grin. "Find some girl who has no idea what it's like, or someone who actually *likes* it." she suggests, then nods to the clothing rack. "Well, here we are. Hm, this looks about right…" she pulls out a top which is slightly different to R'oc's current top. "What do you think?"

R'oc looks at the shirt and then says. "It's too small isn't it." FRom the looks of the shirt to him, it seems much to small. "I don't know…do you think it will fit me?" He looks around to make sure noone is seeing him, being helped to shop. "Common Leona, just one, for old times sake." He winks at her and then says. "I don't have to try it one do I?"

Leona glances at the shirt, and holds it up against R'oc. "Hmm, might be a touch small at that. Some girls like guys in tight clothes, though." she teases as she puts the shirt back and looks for a larger one. "Oh, here's a nice pair of pants." she says, pulling out one almost entirely unlike R'oc's current outfit. "Try these on?"

R'oc looks at her as if saying what? "Uh…Leona…I don't really have to do I?" He grins very kindly trying to avoid going into the dressing room. BUt then he bows his head takes the clothes and marches into the dressing room. "FIne…stupid changing clothes. SHould just walk around in my underwear."

Leona snorts with laughter. "Trust me, clothes are important. I find it most important to have comfortable clothes, too. I admit, I still wear some of my maternity clothes from time to time as they are so roomy and comfortable." she nods. Not particularly fashion conscious, but definitely concerned with her own comfort.

Leona fights to avoid laughing at R'oc's backside, just barely managing to keep it in. "Looking good… Here, try this shirt." she has found another on the rack, and she tosses it over to R'oc. "See how that feels?"

R'oc walks back in and then puts the shirt on over his chest as he walks out the shirt stretches at the chest, the shoulders are to broad and the shirt looks like it's about to rip apart. "He moves a little and a tear can be heard, though not seen as he says. "Um I think we have to buy this one." He smile innocently as he walks back the back of the shirt has been torn in half.

Leona groans, then shakes her head. "Okay, wrong size…" she pulls out a bigger one, and throws that over. "Try not to rip this one." she teases.

"Haha, then he walks out though snug, it fits him tight. Hugging his broad muscled chest, and chizzled arms. "I don't know, I kinda like it but I don't know. Do you like it, or let me ask you, if you didn't have a mate, would you want to have at me?" He grins.

Leona laughs. "Right. Hmm. No, I don't think so." she teases, then shrugs. "Looks alright, I suppose. I don't really pay much attention to clothes and stuff. How does it feel? Is it comfortable?"

"Actually I don't like it, makes me feel naked, even though I have them on." R'oc looks over toward Leona and says. "What would you like to see on me?" He chuckles and then winks at her. "Common I know you want to see me in something, or is that in nothing?"

Leona rolls her eyes. "You definitely need clothes." she teases, then shrugs, and pokes about in the clothing racks. "Well, I don't really know what you're after, exactly. I suppose you could always have something specially made…" a pause, then she grins up at R'oc. "How about these?" And it's a top and pants much like R'oc's old top and pants. "Maybe these'll feel better?" she says hopefully.

R'oc looks at them and nods. "Wow whoever wears these must be a real looker." He chuckles knowing they look like his. "But then again, only a good looking person could make this look so good." He chuckles and then says. "Okay then you get to try on clothes too.

Leona frowns, and shakes her head. "Oh no, that wasn't part of the arrangement." she says, although she does glance over the racks looking for something comfortable for herself now. "Well, maybe I'll try on one thing…" she says, pulling out a simple and somewhat conservative dress. "This will do." she says, as she heads for the change room.

R'oc while she steps there takes a few clothes out, one being a mini skirt and another a nice looking very busty looking top. "Oh you get to try on some, I want to learn and the only way to do it is if you help." He grins throwing over a blue dress with a pink and yellow stich, it looks good but somewhat on the innocent looking side.

Leona frowns slightly, and inspects the blue dress, then shrugs. It does seem innocent enough. So, in she goes. She emerges a bit later, wearing the dress, and frowning slightly. "Not bad, not bad. A bit brighter than I usually wear." she holds up the brown dress she had been wearing, to show the vast difference in colour.

R'oc laughs and then is already ready with the other clothes. A white silk style shirt that has a open Vneck to the mid chest and then a short tan skirt. Then in his other hand he has a frilly black skirt and a green lace top. "Here try these on!" Oh R'oc is enjoying this.

Leona raises an eyebrow at the white silk shirt. "Oh no, I don't think so." she says, shaking her head. "Trust me, it's not pretty." she shakes her head again. "Besides, I don't have the figure for it." she shrugs. "I'm not exactly a teenager anymore, you know."

"I know but you still are one of the few beauties that make me go crazy. Common try it on, if only to please me this once. I know how you look, and this would look great on you." His body movement shows something more to the way he's acting, but what exactly isn't known.

Leona frowns, and shakes her head. "Okay, but still… I don't think it'll look good." she shrugs. "Doesn't look very comfortable either." but, she goes back into the changing booth, and comes out in the white silk v neck top, and the short tan skirt. She clearly doesn't feel comfortable, constantly trying to pull the skirt down and the top up to cover more skin.

R'oc's jaw drops open as he looks at her. "Oh Faranth I thank you for blessing me with the sight of Leona in this dress and shirt." He swallows hard as he stares at her, the look of satisfaction in his eyes. "So what about the other ones…I'm sure those will look good too, but this is the dress and shirt to beat. And you said you wouldn't look good, you look amazing." The look in his eyes is one he hasn't had infront of her for a long time.

Leona rolls her eyes. "I knew this was a mistake." she mutters, and slips back into the dressing room again, emerging in her usual clothes. However, she does take the white silk shirt and tan skirt over to the person running the store, and buys them. "For Karell." she explains, with a grin.

R'oc looks at her and then walks over to the attendant and buying the clothes. "Oh common why do you have to be that way, just because I find you attractive, am I that repulsive?" He wonders then walks close to her. "Why did you chose agains me and toward Karell?" His words are light and somewhat hopeful.

Leona shakes her head. "It's not about you. It's about Karell." she says, trying to explain. "It's…. It's like the connection I feel with Lakareth. Not as strong, but just about. Imagine if someone tried to come between you and Nasheth. It's kind of like that. I love Karell, with all of my heart." Well, she's certainly come a long way since her uncertainty before she was even a candidate. It was the forced seperation of candidacy and weyrlinghood that made her realise how she truly felt, of course.

"But you didn't even try with me, you wanted to, I felt it the first time we kissed." He moves closer. "You took the opportunity away from me….I want it back, I want you back." He breaths heavy as he nears her. 'Be mine…at least…at least once."

Leona shakes her head. "That was years ago, back when I wasn't sure how I felt about Karell. I've changed since then, I'm not the same person I used to be." she says, backing away. "I'd never even tried to have a proper family. I'd sent Karona off to be raised by my parents, and I was neglecting my relationship with Karell…" she sighs, and shakes her head sadly. "It took almost losing him, and Karona, to make me realise what I was doing."

"Well I wouldn't expect anything different from your hard head." THen he gives her a hug and says. "But if Karell ever messes up, then I"m right here." OF coures in his jovial, light hearted manner.

Leona manages a smile. "Of course, Lakareth also helped get me in the right direction." she says, nodding. "He may seem like a big old cynic, but he does care." she laughs a little bit, then shrugs. "I sometimes think that Lakareth wanted me all to himself, but he couldn't deny Karell, because Karell was there first."

"Well they are all that way sometimes don't you think?" He grins and then says. "So when are you going to treat me to a dinner for my turn day?" Though it's not.

Leona raises an eyebrow. "It's your turnday?" she asks, with a slight frown.

"Well why do you think I wanted you as my present." Now that he's at it he's going to milk this for all it's got. "Well I'd like some roasted wherry, and to spend one day with you. NOt doing anything just to remember the old days.

Leona frowns slightly, but shrugs. "Fine. As long as it's just as friends. Karell does have a bit of a jealous streak." she adds, by way of warning.

"Oh well I'll make sure to protect myself from Karell I know he's an animal." Then he nudges her and says. "So where are you taking me?" Then he looks into the sky. "Looks like a good-day."

Leona starts to open her mouth to speak when she hears a loud wailing cry from over near her shop. "Leonell's awake." she says, with a sigh, as she begins to head back over there to see if she's needed.

R'oc Looks and seeing her walk off makes him smile. "Good." He whispers as the crowd between the stores. As if in little blink of an eye he disappears into the crowd. "Bye." He yells before he's gon.

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