Reonth's Flight

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach

A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

People: A'dar, B'ky, F'yr, L'ren.
Dragons: Avideth, Reonth, Zaruath, Zeituth.

L'ren is leaning against the wall of his cottage, trying to look like he's reading a brightly coloured children's book. Reonth is wallowing in the water, perfectly calm, completely at peace. This only seems to make her rider more anxious, as he's constantly flicking his gaze towards the serene green. Finally, he doesn't seem able to take it, he stands up, dropping the book in the sand, and /glares/ at the green. "Do /something/! Go for a swim, stretch your wings, flirt, I don't care, just /do/ /something/!" his voice raises with each word.

Zaruath is leading the way to the beach this time around, while F'yr slumps her way afterwards. "I told 'em we couldn't go, but we needed the marks," she tells her brown beast, her voice sounding a bit stuffy overall as if still in the grips of a cold. Even in the warm weather she's still sporting her riding jacket, hands tucked in pockets, and eyes cast out towards the waters as her lifemate crawls his way closer. Right before touching the water though, he slumps down to the ground, and swivels his head ever so slowly towards Reonth. Well… that green looked faintly familiar somehow. But with a tail flicker he just decides to keep his distance, waiting for his rider to join him. It takes Fy a little while until she can lean against the brown's hind quarters, though she's facing the bookstore owner, blue eyes blinking as she watches him and his little outburst. "Looks to me like she's doing something," she calls out towards him, after a long moment of silence, followed shortly by a round of coughing.

Far above the beach, a sky-painted blue pops out of *between* and bugles a pleasant greeting to Ierne. He angles down toward the sand, landing some distance away, his rider taking a moment to remove flight goggles and gloves before swinging down from the crimson straps. It seems B'ky is back in Ierne, the Fortian wingleader here again on business. He's sporting his usual clashing red and indigo flight leathers, the matching tri-color braid in his hair faded just slightly in the sunlight. Avideth rumbles a quiet greeting to any nearby dragons, though the blue's gaze inevitably swings toward Reonth. L'ren's raised voice has B'ky pausing as he removes a bag from the riding straps, one thin eyebrow arched slightly at the greenrider. "Is.. everything alright?" he asks politely, recognizing the man and stepping away from Avideth with a nod of greeting to both riders, although F'yr's coughing has B'ky pausing once again to give the brownrider a concerned look.

Normally A'dar and Zeituth land in the WeyrHold proper when they come to Ierne. But Zeituth wanted to visit Ierne's beach, so today he lands there instead. Since they're on this 'flyabout' journey of Pern, it only made sense that they should go to the beach here, since they'd never been before. A'dar would probably catch some serious flack from the wing for being AWOL for so long. Ysa herself might have heard of his absence, and might chew him out. But the traveling is starting to make the nightmares subside. So…in a way, it's good. He and Zeituth land at Ierne's beach, A'dar hopping off of the blue's back before he's even landed completely. He's taken to doing that recently. As Zei lands proper, A'dar begins to work the riding straps off, not wanting them to hinder the blue, who wants to go swimming. "There you go…" he murmurs, coiling the straps up and placing them on the beach next to him. It's only after he does this that he registers the presence of others there…and the presence of a green. He frowns a bit…but she doesn't seem to be glowing, so he's not too worried. Zeituth, however, turns in that direction and bugles a greeting, to all three of the other dragons on the beach. In turn, A'dar offers a nod to the riders, probably a bit too far away to call out and be heard, unless he shouts, which is rare for him. He does, however, offer a small smile and a wave to B'ky, since the other blue rider is the only rider on the beach that he knows well.

L'ren is in the middle of an angry tirade at the green when F'yr and Zaruath rock up. "And /another/ thing..!" he stops about there, and blinks at the sound of coughing, whirling to face the brownrider. "You! You're not from here! Who let you between with that cough?!" The fact that he was just shouting at Reonth means his volume is still a little high, as is his tension level. And, though he's no longer Weyrlord, a bit of that officious regard for the welfare of those in his Weyrhold remains, though it's extended a bit, as he doesn't actually /have/ anyone working for him any more. "And she's not /doing/ anything. She's resting, sitting, /stationary/!" he glares at the green. Wait, shouldn't this be a /good/ thing? He rounds on B'ky then, scowling. "No, everything is /not/ alright! Reonth will be /rising/ shortly." Really? She's not /acting/ proddy. The man /has/ been her rider for the past thirty-eight turns though, he /might/ have some insight into these matters. L'ren is much too worked up to really notice A'dar, but Reonth certainly notices Zeituth, crooning to the blue. « Isn't the water /lovely/? » Here's a blue with fine taste, indeed! « Oh, come and swim with me! » she calls, the invite shared with all dragons. Well, at least she's doing /something/?

Still coughing, F'yr's cheeks still suddenly light up in an embarrassed red. "Had" cough "delivery to make, old man." Hack. She tries to look stronger, standing up taller on her feet and lifting her chin up towards L'ren. "Sat 'round too long already, had to make some marks… somehow." She sniffles and glances towards the warm waters, then towards the green, ducking a little into her jacket to hide her flaming cheeks. Zaruath shifts a little heavier in the direction of his sickly rider, lending some comfort, or maybe just doing so because soon enough she wasn't going to be getting anymore attention from him. His white-flecked face doesn't move away from the green now, his voice still completely silent. Those warbles and greetings from the blues, however, get a raised lip from him to bare teeth. "Wait, /proddy/?" Fy suddenly snaps back to the present, turning her wide eyes over at L'ren and, with sudden realization on just who the mane is, she groans and her palm meets her face in a light slap. "Oh… nonono. Not the old one 'gain." It might have taken her brain a little bit to remember, but sadly it was one of those things that Fy tried by never succeeded in forgetting.

The arrival of another blue has Avideth swinging his head around to bugle back a friendly greeting to Zeituth. B'ky, likewise, turns, and recognizing the other blue's rider, he smiles and raises a hand in greeting to A'dar. L'ren's scowl has B'ky stepping back a moment, and then blinking, gaze turned to regard Reonth as his eyebrows inch upward. Well, the green may not be glowing, but her rider… B'ky sighs, "I see," but refrains from making any comment on proddy greenies, as much as he might want to. Avideth, though, stretches his neck out to nudge his rider, and after a silent moment where B'ky eyes the water, he sets the bag down and begins undoing Avi's crimson straps. It takes a moment, but the blue is soon free to sweep off toward the waves with a happy enough warble. B'ky just shakes his head, returning his attention to the bag he'd deposited in the sand. F'yr gets a curious look at her words, B'ky asking, "How long have you been ill?" as he gathers straps and coils them neatly far from the water.

A'dar notes the rather upset former WeyrLord, and raises an eyebrow. Perhaps it's a good idea for him not to approach, then, since he's no longer the kind of man who will just take verbal abuse. WeyrLord or not, punching somebody in the face for yelling at him wouldn't be a very good idea. Though A'dar can sympathize with the man; he hates it when Zei wants to chase a rising green. Invariably, he fails to catch her and A'dar goes back to his weyr frustrated and tense. Zeituth, on the other hand, is quite happy to approach, the tension of Reonth's rider - or his own! - not at all seeming to dampen his spirits. A'dar's recently become something of a recluse, so he rarely gets out. Now that he's out, he's going to enjoy himself! « It is! » he projects back to Reonth. Her invitation to come and swim is met with a croon of happiness from the blue, and he eagerly makes his way over to the green. « That sounds like fun! » For the first time in a long time, Zeituth's eyes seem mostly to swirl with the happier blue and green colors that most riders strive to keep in their dragons' eyes. Though the yellow and light gray seem to taint the shades of blue and green, like shades of sadness in the distance. He looks around, to see if either of the other dragons present will take the invitation or not. Zaruath's bared teeth? Completely ignored. Zeituth's not trying to compete for anything; he just wants to swim with Reonth. A'dar looks to F'yr as he hears her coughing. Is she sick? It sounds pretty bad. A'dar gets a little closer to the ruckus, where he can speak to B'ky, and offers a, "Hello, there B'ky. It's good to see you again." His quiet voice is barely heard over the waves. These last couple of months, his voice has gotten a little deeper, and it sounds something like a low rumble of thunder. As he hears F'yr cough again, he moves in her direction, not much concerned about catching anything from her if his approach is any indication. "…Are you all right?" he inquires softly. He catches the 'proddy' comment and winces. He hopes there's at least time for him to get off the beach first…or that Zei can swim without chasing.

L'ren looks offended at F'yr's 'old man' remark, well before she gets around to actually remembering him. "Hey! I'm not /that/ old! Reonth's still young enough to fly, I'll have you know!" Oh, no, /she'll/ have them know, before long. "She can certainly outfly /your/ weyrling." Hey, if he's /old/, she can be /weyrling/. And then, there it is, 'not the old one 'gain'. L'ren's face turns red, and he makes a face like he's just eaten a sour redfruit, which doesn't really help him not look old. "The /weyrling/." he snaps right back, eyeing Reonth. "Y'know, Reonth, it'd be fine by me if you /didn't/ rise today, /actually/." Wait, he was upset with her inactivity because he /wanted/ her to rise? Well, he /is/ very on edge, very tense, it would be better just to get it over with, right? He eyes the riders gathered on the beach, and then Reonth, who is rapidly aquiring a glow now, and his reaction? A very dignified, very manly, high-pitched little "eep", as he bolts inside the cottage, and throws the door closed, or attempts to. It bounces back open a tiny bit, but the greenrider doesn't reappear to fix it. Reonth warbles brightly at the blues, they came out to join her, hurrah! But, it turns out, she's /not/ all that interested in swimming. « Oh, the water is lovely, but… » But? She unfurls her seaweed-green wings, splashing a bit in the water, and trots back out to shore, her glow still steadily increasing. Once it hits the peak, she /launches/ into the air, calling to her suitors, « Come and play in the sky with me! The water looks so /pretty/ from up here. »

Getting the man angry makes Fy's face at least turn back to its natural pale color, no longer red. Smug, perhaps? Definitely. That is until she remembers who is that old man with the proddy green dragon, and she's shuddering against her lifemate's side (in disgust likely). "I'll have you know that Zaru's one of the best fliers in all of… well, one of the best fliers!" Snifflehacksniff. She rubs at her face some more, trying to ignore the cold. "'s been 'while," she answers B'ky sheepishly, hanging her head. "Can't stay cooped up /too/ long." To A'dar she nods her head quickly, though she has to turn her face to avoid sneezing on top of him. "'m good." Alive, at least, for the moment. Alive enough to glower after L'ren now. She feels Zaruath shift against her, and she hisses under her breath, "Don't you /dare/." Too late though. The moment that the green takes off, her skinny brown gets up, wings stretched out, and with a skip away from his rider to prevent hurting her, he takes to the skies after the green without the water impending his initial take off. Now he lets out a pleasantly musical warble after Reonth, large sails filling with the sea breeze. «Lovely and pretty indeed, but pales in comparison to you and your company, my dear.» And Fy? She is left to gape up at her dragon, her body shaking either in anger or trying to keep composed in the start of the flight lust. Either way, she swirls on her foot and stalks off with a glower at those around her, right to the greenrider's cottage.

B'ky gives A'dar a nod and a pleasant, "Hello," when the other bluerider greets him, "How ha-" he doesn't continue though, blinking again at the exchange between F'yr and L'ren. There's a faint frown for those two riders, although B'ky isn't about to interrupt their bickering. Instead, he's glancing up the beach, possibly thinking of where those packages in that bag on the sand need to be taken. L'ren's 'eep' has B'ky turning back with quizzical expression, only to watch the man flee into the cottage. Of course, Reonth's sudden glowing has him shaking his head again with a soft, "Ah," and straightening up, leaving the bag by the discarded riding straps. So much for package deliveries. Avideth, meanwhile, is all too happy to dip into the waves, misty mindvoice commenting «It certainly is lovely..» while whirling sky-hued eyes focus on the green. And then, when she takes to the air, Avideth hunches down and launches after her with a delighted «Play? Shall we dance then?» wings spraying water in all directions as he speeds upward after her. B'ky just sighs, running a hand through his hair as he wanders toward the cottage.

A'dar listens to the discussion between L'ren and F'yr, and blinks. He doesn't know what ever kind of history the two have with each other, but doesn't seem to understand why they're fighting. He'd heard that greenriders could be moody, whether they were male or female, but F'yr's firing back seems to indicate something else between them. A'dar is definitely a detective sort. However, as L'ren bolts into the cottage, the Istan bluerider blinks. He's not known for his experience with rising, unfortunately, since blues don't have the same kinds of cycles as greens and golds. So by the time he realizes what's happening, Zeituth has turned his gaze upwards to the rising green, his eyes beginning to swirl a rich violet hue. A'dar pales under his dark skin tone. "/No/," he said, looking to his lifemate. They exchange a look, and A'dar continues, "Absolutely not. You /know/ how I feel about flights…." He trails off, though, as Zeituth emits a sad mewing sound. Another glance upward at the rising green, and the blue whimpers, swishing his tail, a bit of yellow beginning to swirl into the violet. A'dar looks at Zeituth, frowning…and then sighs. The breath is exhaled in the words, "…All right. Go." Zeituth gives a bright bugle of triumph and vaults into the air after Reonth, showing his happiness with a couple of barrel rolls in the air, then takes off after Reonth. « Pretty, yes…! More so with you in view! » the blue answers. « Yes, let's play! » Said in response to Avideth's statement. A'dar stands and watches his lifemate take off after the rising green, a bit of a smirk coming to his lips. He always said he'd one day learn to keep Zeituth grounded when flights occurred…but deep down, he knows he never will. The blue is just too happy when he's chasing, had too much fun with the flight for him to do that. A'dar denied him many other things in his own need for solitude; he could never deny his lifemate this. B'ky's comment is cut short when the green rises, and A'dar nods, offering a wry half-smile. "…If only under ebtter circumstances…" he mutters. F'yr stalks away, and then B'ky. And so A'dar picks up the straps from the beach and moves towards the cottage with the others. However, he doesn't actually enter the cottage. Instead he sits down on the ground beside the partially-open door, back against the wall, and places the straps next to him. That done, he proceeds to curl into a ball while sitting on the ground, pulling his knees up to his chest with his arms. No, he doesn't want to go in there; he's in a strange Weyr, and he'll need to escape quickly when it's over with. Zeituth rarely catches, and the faster he can get away from the frustration, the better for all involved. It's easier to just leap on Zei's back, straps or not, and fly back home if he's not inside someone's Weyr. Or cottage, in this case….

Reonth soars out over the ocean, slow to gain altitude. On the downwards beat, her wingtips trail lightly in the water, and a spray of droplets go flying on each beat, as her wings lift again. Once she's satisfied she's being chased, she makes a sharp turn towards the sky, flying upwards on a steep incline. L'ren actually pokes his head out the door just a moment after running in, eyeing the other riders. "Isn't anyone going to follow me?" Oh, /he/ wants to be chased, too? Though, at F'yr's approach, he seems to rethink things, and ducks back in. Well, he didn't say to /stop/ following? Reonth bugles sharply at Zaruath, her mood changing without even the slightest provocation. As wild and untamed as the sea. Her words fly at the brown like a cyclone, swiftly, and destructively. « What makes you think I want /your/ company? Or /anyone's/? » she snarls, making a sharp left turn then, still climbing, though not /quite/ as steeply. « Dance? /Dance/? » She seems outraged, but then there's another whiplash-fast change of mood, « Why, of course, let us /dance/. » she croons, tone /rife/ with subtext. « I would very /much/ like to … dance. But, who with? » she muses, her dilemma shared with all chasers. Once she's assured she has /everyone's/ attention, with an inviting croon towards Zeituth, « Isn't this /fun/? » she coaxes, not that he really needs it, she makes another left turn, doubling back and heading over land.

Zaruath's out over the water after the green, continuing to lift up and up into the skies. He's not about to follow her down close to the water, but instead admires her from a good height instead, keeping wings stretched out as far as they'll go and avoiding being a shadow right over her. His warbling turns into soft warm crooning instead, even going so far as to ignoring those other blue suitors. "What do you think 'm doing, old man?" snaps F'yr as she approaches the cottage, except instead of glaring this time it's more a leer towards L'ren, her blue eyes quickly going all hazy. Zaruath's rumble extends towards his mental touch, adding more music to the aerial dance they are performing. «You asked for my company, my dear,» he calls gently, patiently. Well, /their/ company, but he's ignoring the fact there are other dragons in the sky with him. «Dance, my dear, and I will follow, and sing for you. The ocean and the skies are your stage.» Fun? He won't really comment on that, too focused on keeping ahead of the other dragons and as close to the little green as he possibly can as he stalks her from above.

Avideth curves far above the water, higher than the green at first, although he does keep to her general direction, rumbling gently in the face of her apparent outrage, though he replies mistily «A dance, yes» and drops after her in a spin, mimicking the green's sudden turns as best he can, crooning after her «This is your dance» for clearly, they're all following her. Back on the ground, B'ky has to chuckle slightly, as L'ren pokes his head out, and the bluerider will follow into the cottage, although he's not quite here anymore, mind up in the sky with a dancing Avideth.

Zeituth is younger and smaller than Zaruath. But then, he's also likely at least a little bit more agile, with his lean and sleek frame not too far off from the shade of the sky itself, but for those silver and gray tiger stripes. He keeps reasonably well with her turns in the air, though he doesn't climb with her. He's staying pretty high as it is, far enough away to give Reonth her space, and yet shadowing slightly behind her like the tiger he's striped to resemble. He dips low, to gain momentum, and then comes back up, wingbeats regular as the ticking of the clocks his human lifemate so loves. Zeituth can't really ignore that there are other males in the air with him, as he's conscious of it all. Zeituth's and his rider's minds are so wrapped up together just then that A'dar's breathing perfectly synchronizes with the blue's wingbeats in the air. The man has no concentration then even to register F'yr's irritated snapping at L'ren as he sits outside the cottage, curled up near the door. With his perpetual frown eased just slightly by the distraction of the flight above, he bears a rather uncanny remblance to a little human-puppy. On the bright side, A'dar's calculating mind can advise Zeituth, to plan the best angle and position to fly in order to keep close enough to the pretty Reonth that he wouldn't be edged out, but to do so without the green feeling crowded by him. Despite the regularity of his wingbeats, his turns in the air are rather acrobatic, fueled by the glee of finally flying so free for the first time in a long time, paired with the exhilaration of chasing the beautiful, glowing green Reonth. His mind-voice, a cool wind, rushes now like a mischievous breeze blowing in a cooling shower to douse the heat of a tropical summer. « Yes, and it's a pretty dance. You dance very well! » Zeituth seconds, rolling in the air, dipping down a little and then coming back up. Yes, he's showing off, just a little. But he's a good dancer too…see? Watch him follow her lead!

Reonth flies back towards shore a little while, absolutely silent now. She makes a sharp right turn, flying parallel to the shoreline now, though her flight has leveled somewhat, she's no longer climbing. She's not falling quite yet either, but her mind voice is a little calmer than it had been, a sign of her receding energy, perhaps. « Well, of /course/ I asked for company, one cannot dance /alone/! » she calls incredulously, as though that should have been obvious. Avideth earns a sharp backlash, « I /know/ it's /my/ dance. Are you so blinded by my glow that you've forgotten who bears it? » and, with that, she turns sharply to the right again, out to sea, though she's beginning to dip lower now, tiring. There's a bright warble for Zeituth, apparently Reonth chooses to be flattered by that remark, though with her in this mood it's near impossible to tell how she'll recieve anything. « I do dance brilliantly, do I not? Come, come, try and dance with me! » she calls, again sending the challenge to all chasers. She's tiring now, her stamina does not match Zaruath's, nor even Avideth's or Zeituth's.

Zaruath's stamina can only last as long as his old wound on his wing does not act up. The brown's flying becomes just slightly strained as he tries to match her on the quick sharp turns, still keeping to the heights to use the warmth from the beach and the breezes to his full advantage. He presses on, using every musical talent to his bone marrow that he can produce, from vocally raising his volume into an intricate pattern of rumbles, croons and warbling to match each of Reonth's turns and wing strokes, to the gentle caress of her mind as he cautiously skitters around along the edges, just barely there. «A spectacular dance, my dear. Along with a little bit of music and a worthy partner, you will make the rest of Pern jealous.» And by a worthy partner he likely meant only himself, trumming along in his tune as he dips his wings, diving in to close the distance. Claws are outstretched, not shy about scratching away competition were they to get in the way, determined to claim the green as his, and ready to take the lead of this age-old dance.

Avideth continues to croon for a time, as he sweeps right and after the green, replying to the backlash with a simple, if amused «I have not forgotten» as he turns sharply again, to follow Reonth out to sea. There's gentle rumble from the blue; his own strength won't last forever, though he's not tiring quite yet, wings wide as he soars after. He's not one to shower compliments, though, instead he simply waits his chance, and when he thinks close enough, he'll snap his wings back to swoop towards her with one last burst of speed, sudden and without warning, either mental or otherwise.

Back towards the shore, and Zeituth drops a wing to follow. Just off her right wing, he dips and executes a lazy barrel roll under her, almost brushing her underbelly with a wingtip as he does. He comes back up off her left wing, sending her a soft croon, barely heard over the winds. It's true, one cannot dance alone…but in the end, one can only dance with one partner at a time. Perhaps he senses that it's time for the brilliant green to choose who will be her partner for this floating dance, and in response, he climbs a bit, still staying close to her left wing. She makes another sharp turn to aim the chase over the shoreline, and he turns as well, even leveraging his sleek muscular tail in the air for every bit or purchase that he can. He seeks to hold her. To hold, but not restrain her. No, never to restrain. For if the sea is trapped, she will rage. One cannot restrain the fury of the seas, the wildness of the waves. Even as one seeks to embrace its siren song, one must ever be mindful that she is the one embraced, and not the reverse. And so it is with Reonth. Her intricate dance needs to musical accompaniment; her wings and her heart play the time the sea dances to. « Beautiful green, beautiful dance, beautiful song, like the wind and the waves, » Zeituth sends, cool breeze of a mind-voice seeking to soothe her if tired, offer safe haven from storm and waves. And from other grabby males! Zeituth knows he cannot hope to out-muscle Zaruath; he won't even try. Quickness could be the key here, could mean the difference between success and flying home yet again with a frustrated rider. With Zaruath's claws out, he knows he has to be fast. And so it is that Zeituth gains momentum by dropping down from a greater height, folding his wings at his sides and rolling in the air to gain just that tiny bit more of momentum. He's not just claws; his whole body seeks to twine around the pretty green dancing above the waves, to offer shelter and support after the strenuous dance. On the ground below, at this moment, there's always a change in A'dar, and this time is not exception. The man draws in a sharp, deep breath, fingers digging into his legs, and tenses in anticipation as Zeituth makes the dive, as if ready to stand again at a moment's notice, though hardly aware of it. He doesn't think about the usual outcome of Zeituth's flights. He doesn't think about the frustration that's no doubt in his future. He can't. His mind is with his lifemate Zeituth, and with the dance of the dragons far above the shore.

Reonth is clearly tiring, her wings slowing, her altitude dipping, but she won't just /allow/ herself to be caught, to be /tamed/. « You think yourself worthy, young brown? Of /me/? » she asks, though it's more of a challenge to Zaruath than an insult, a chance to /prove/ himself worthy. Avideth's amusement is noted, with a snort. « Good. Remember that. I'm the green, it's /my/ flight. » she responds haughtily. Zeituth's flattery again meets its mark, and the green croons happily in response. He referenced her beloved waves! She's inspired to push herself onwards, though it's a feeble attempt at gaining altitude. It doesn't take long before even Reonth realises that it was an ill-advised move, as she now begins to plummet. « Catch me! Somebody! Catch me! » she calls out wildly, scrabbling at the air as she falls. It is Zeituth that she's closest to now, and it falls to A'dar's blue to catch the flailing green. Down on the beach, the cottage door is flung wide open, though L'ren quickly retreats back within.

Zaruath? Young? He might disagree on that if it weren't compared to the green's age, as his lifemate might call her something else entirely. Either way the relatively young brown attempts to slip his way through towards the falling green, yet too far to catch up to where Zeituth has managed to snare her. He shoots off, continuing right towards the shore, but not without shooting the nastiest look he can manage towards the blue with a snarl. On land, it doesn't take long before his more sickly lifemate comes running out of the cottage with paled and sweaty face. "Faranth, Zaru, there ain't time for a swim. Let's get out of here." Before something else makes Fy get stuck and in worse condition than she came in. Ugh. So close.

Avideth swoops after the falling green, but the angle was off and he zooms right past her, letting out a startled bugle as he hears her calling for someone to catch her. Whoops! But then she /is/ caught by Zeituth, and Avi rumbles with disappointment, winging his way backm much more slowly, toward the shore. B'ky, meanwhile, sighs, thoughts coming back down to Pern, and he shakes his head, even as his feet take him back out to the beach. He'll leave the straps and bag where they are for now, heading for the Weyrhold proper.

« Yes! I will help you! » Zeituth wraps his sleek frame about Reonth as she drops, to help guide her, to slow her fall, to see that she's protected. All the breath leaves A'dar in a whoosh as Zeituth catches the falling green. He's not quite 'all there' yet. He won't be until the next morning. He draws a second breath, a hiss between his teeth; instinct directs him to stand, guides him to the rider of the green his lifemate caught. As B'ky and F'yr exit the cottage with the thrown-open door, A'dar slips in, shutting it behind him. He has at least the presence of mind to remember to do that. His riding straps however, are forgotten next to where he had been sitting on the beach for now…..

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