Tea and Crumpets (October 14. 2009)

Ierne Weyrhold - Marketplace

A wide square full of shops and stores and sidewalk vendors of all types. Mostly Traders who specialise in certain items or Crafters who wanted a place in which to market their wares. Due to the WeyrHold being a major trade center, its an ideal place for something like this, open all turn round rather then just people selling during gathers.

You will find many storefronts here. (type 'stores' for a list)

People: A'ran, Kire.

Kire comes out of the bookstore with a new book. He stops to look a couple of the venders that have set up small shops along the sidewalk.

A'ran is settled into a wicker chair, sketching on his new drawing pad as he enjoy some tea and something that could be crumpets in front of a little cafe. Airaloke lounges on the table, one eye half open and idly whirling as she watches the Healer's hand deftly flick out strokes across the off white page, occasionally brushing back some of his ebony locks as they fall into his face here and there.

Kire smiles at A'ran as he sees him. He waves to him, "Hey A'ran, how are you doing today? What are you drawing?" He asks as he moves to sit with him.

Looking up at the sound of a familiar voice, A'ran smiles at the Starcraft Apprentice. "Afternoon." He turns back to his drawing, a scene being laid out on the large canvas. It appears to be of some wooded clearing, a Dragon and rider there enjoying the sunlight. It's a peaceful scene, full of hidden details, animals tucked away into the sketch like treasures. "Just a picture," the greenrider responds modestly.

Kire looks at the picture that A'ran is drawing and he nods, "That's very lovely." He looks close at the picture and he hmms, "That's a cool picture there is some hidden things in there."

"Thanks," A'ran continues sketching, filling in details where before there had only been outlines, or sometimes nothing at all. He pushes the small plate of tiny muffins toward Kire. "Care for one?" he asks, taking a sip of his tea, which is a pale golden color. "They're absolutely scrumptious." Did he really just use that word?

Kire smiles at A'ran as he's offered a muffin and he takes one. "They look really good." He starts to eat and mmms, "Yes this are really tasty."

A'ran nods, still his deft fingers still adding more details to the sketch, the colored pencils lending a faint air of the surreal to it, while the drawing itself is quite true to life. "They are, aren't they?" He grins, sipping at his tea again before reaching for a one himself. "They apparently received a shipment of berries in this morning and turned some of them into these." Bright raspberries appear as the Healer bites into the muffin, revealing its soft, warm inside. "Simply delightful," he coos with contentment as he chews.

Kire mmms as he has another one and he tears it in half to pop a bit in his mouth, "Well I'm glad they put them to good use." He grins as a server comes over and he orders himself a mug of klah.

"Excellent use, if you ask me." Not that anyone is particularly asking the greenrider, but he can be opinionated like that, see. Putting his current pencil back into its case, A'ran pulls out another color and begins to work with it instead, his emerald eyes keenly scrutinizing as he sketches. "So what brings you out so early?" he asks of the Starsmith. "I'm used to seeing you much later."

Kire smiles as he takes a drink of his klah when it comes and he hmms, "Oh just woke up early and went out to get a book, another adventure one. I'll probably take a nap later on."

A'ran chuckles. "Just can't put those down, can you?" Not that the Healer blames, Kire. Not in the least. He quite enjoys his adventure stories as well. "I'm still reading through Dracula, albeit slowly. I've had a fair bit of work on my plate." Mind you, he's taking a break today. After all those trips back and forth to the Healer Hall and putting up with Master Veril drilling him, he's earned it. Rest of the muffin in munched and washed down with more tea, which he drains and raises his cup to request another. "What book did you get?"

Kire smiles, "No I can't but I'll be sure to stop before I eat them all on you." He hmms, "Oh I got a classic called Treasure Island."

A'ran grins. "I was actually referring to the book, but…" he plucks another muffin up. "Don't eat all my breakfast either." He winks to show he is teasing some, changing pencils again, this time taking up a deep sienna shade. "I heard that one's great. I keep meaning to read it. Something about pirates and treasure." Pirates do love their treasure. "You'll have to tell me how it is when you're done."

Kire ahs and chuckles, "Not really I love to read and once I start I really can stop." He nods, "Yah it's supposed to be really good. Sure, I won't give anything away though." He takes a sip of his klah, "So anything else new going on with you?"

A'ran grins. "You do that," he rejoins amicably. "As for things going on, nothing terribly exciting I'm afraid. I've been taking my finished research to the Hall and letting Veril drill me about them." He snorts. "I hope that my research will at least save some more lives. But aside from that, nothing. Shaseith went on a hunt the other day since we haven't been out in the field for about a week, but the rest of my days have been pretty bland." Sketch, line, fill, tweak.

Kire nods a little bit, "I hope your research goes well. I'm sure that it will." He ahs, "Nothing has been going on so far in the sky either just pretty boring."

"The Dragon Spirit you were following vanish?" A'ran asks, hunched over his sketchbook. He thanks the waitress as she fills his cup, sipping at the steaming liquid carefully. "I haven't been outside at night lately to see if it's still there." He picks up the last muffin, starting to munch on it thoughtfully as he debates how best to draw the next part of his scene.

Kire nods a little bit, "Yep, it vanished over the horizon the other night and I haven't seen it since. I understand you've been busy with your research."

More detail is added to the rider's outfit carefully as A'ran listens, nodding somewhat absently. "That's a shame. It was really lovely. Maybe we'll see it again sometime." In a few years, or decades perhaps, depending. "Think you might walk the tables soon?" Yes, it's a pretty personal question, but the Healer is always curious and probing for new information.

Kire nods, "Yah it is a shame, I'm sure it will. I'll have to look back and see if it has come before." He hmms, "I don't know, I hope so soon."

A'ran pops the last of the raspberry muffin into his mouth, savoring the rich, sweet flavor for a long moment before washing it down with several swallows of his tea. "I walked when I was seventeen, but for a Healer that's pretty early. I count myself fortunate." He smiles. "I don't know what a Starsmith has to know before they are considered for the journeyman rank. Do you?"

Kire finishes off his klah, "Well I'm seventeen now. I'm not too sure probably quiet a bit. Thanks for the breakfast A'ran I'll see you later." He gets up and waves as he heads out.

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