RP in the Plaza - October 16th, 2006

Ierne Weyrhold - Central Plaza

The main plaza of Ierne Weyrhold is abustle with activity, as people of various occupation move to and fro through the area. The plaza itself is cobbled stone, much like the roads leading from it, and extends to the east, where it is abutted by a couple of large buildings.

The main administrative complex for the Weyrhold borders the plaza here, to the west; within, the dining facilities of the weyrhold, and the offices of the weyrhold's staff, are located. A single-story building just to the north of it serves as the guest hall, separated from the hall by a courtyard garden and reflecting pool. Roads lead northward, toward the main harbor, crafthalls, cotholds, and recreational areas, and to the south, toward the river docks and the 'rider residences.

Leona is leaning against Lakareth, with a six month old boy in her arms, and a roughly ten or eleven turn old girl standing nearby, chattering happily away at the brownrider. Leona just keeps smiling and nodding, because she can't currently get a word in edgeways.

A rather large sized brown circles over the central plaza before swooping down for a fairly gentle landing in the plaza. A male rider pats the brown's side as he says with a soft chuckle. "Yes Dakoth, a new place for you to terrorize… maybe that's why they are happy we're not at Benden anymore. Looks like this will be a change for us for sure." The man that appears maybe at most in his late teens to early twenties appears a little deceiving… he's likely much older.

Lakareth grumbles slightly at the new arrival, although it seems to be more of a way to notify his rider than a mark of irritation. Leona does look up, brushing back her hair in the process. "Look, Leonell, another dragon." she coos to the infant in her arms, before waving the other rider over. The little girl on the other hand, she glances over, then shrugs. "Lakareth is bigger." she says with a pout over the interruption.

J'leron shakes his head as he hears a rumble come from Dakoth. "Hey woah now, let's not start any nonsense here Dakoth…" The brown keeps back a little. "He's probably just wary of strangers. You may be outgoing and slightly off your rocker doesn't mean anyone else is." He chuckles as he gives a polite nod towards the female brownrider and her son. "Pardon me miss, just new transfers here from Benden Weyr, you wouldn't be able to point in the direction of the Weyrlord or such to be able to get settled in?"

Leona grins, and nods. "Sure. I've got my eye on that office, so I'm quite sure I know where it is. T'nah is acting Weyrlord at the moment, but there'll be an election any day now." a pause, and the woman adds, "By the way, I'm Leona, this is Lakareth, and these are my children, Karona" she indicates the young girl, who sticks her tongue out at J'leron for stealing her mother's attention, "and Leonell." she nods to the infant in her arms. Then she looks up again, more curious now, "Benden, eh? Always meant to visit there."

J'leron nods listening as he replies. The little girl shouldn't worry about him stealing his mother's attention. He's not really much into women at least in anything past friendship. "Ok, I'll have to find him and arrange things. It is nice to meet you Leona. My name is J'leron and my sidekick there is Dakoth. Never mind him, he's like a child… always into something and always trying to prank others." He looks to the little girl and smiles not minding the fact that she stuck her tongue out at him and then to the infant in the woman's arms. "Yes Benden Weyr, Impressed there just over 9 turns ago myself. I think in some ways they are likely glad to be rid of me and Dakoth. Dakoth was always into something or other… and needed a bit of a change."

Leona nods, idly scratching Lakareth's weaker foreleg. "Ah, well, I can't say I know what that's like really. Lakareth is more like a grumpy old man in some respects. But, welcome, J'leron and Dakoth." she says, nodding to both rider and dragon in turn. "Me, I can't stand to stay in one place very long. Which makes it hard having a mate and kids, although impressing actually made it easier. Between really cuts down on the travel time." she laughs, and leans back against Lakareth. "Me, I only impressed seven turns ago, at Telgar." she shrugs. "Do you have a craft? Or anything you like to do in your spare time?" a brief pause, then she continues with enthusiasm: "I made journeyman shortly before I was searched. I've got a little shop in the marketplace now, tanner craft. And in my spare time, I brew ale." she adds, pulling out a leather-covered bottle from a pack attached to Lakareth's straps. "Do you drink?" she asks, offering the bottle to J'leron.

J'leron shakes his head as he replies. "Before Dakoth, I was a handyman. My 'father' tried to get me into the Woodcraft but it wasn't my thing." He smiles. "I'm more like a jack of all trades I guess." He chuckles. "Tanner? I need some new straps for Dakoth, he keeps complaining the ones I had on him are too restrictive." He smirks. "Never mind that they are always complained about anyways."

Leona laughs. "Lakareth tends to complain about straps too. Although, he's been better about it since we graduated. I think it was the uniformness of weyrling straps that he couldn't stand." she shrugs. "He also doesn't like being made to do things he doesn't want to do, and seems to associate that with straps, probably again because of the weyrling ones he used to have to wear. Although, he can't remember that far back, only that he doesn't like straps." she rolls her eyes. She nods slowly at J'leron, thoughtfully. "Well, handymen are always useful. Ierne isn't really a Weyr as such, but I like that. I can practice my craft instead of doing endless wing drills." she laughs.

J'leron gives a bit of a laugh. "Yes it is a change I heard from the tedium of wing duties." He smirks. "Yes I do drink, not too often, an old weyrmate of mine used to complain too much about it. He never really liked me getting so drunk." He sighs. "At times I still miss him, just can't believe that he got sick with the plague that happened a long while back and died. Spent almost the turn after drunk out of my mind. Now I just drink casually once in a while. So you like making ales?"

Evne wanders into the area from the east, whistling some nameless tune as she pauses upon seeing Leona and a face she doesn't know. She then turns, and heads over, smiling and waving, "Heya Leona.." She calls out as she approaches. "And hello there too." She adds on for J'leron's benifit.

Leona nods slowly. "Making, and drinking." she says with a small smile, although she does add, "That must've been terrible. I can't imagine life without Karell." Karell being her mate, and father of her two children here. "I already had to try it when I was a weyrling… We were all glad when we graduated." she frowns at the bottle of ale, then opens it and drains it herself. Evne is just noticed then, and she waves. "Hello Evne." she replies, with a smile. Then she adds, to J'leron, "This ale of mine, I won a prize for it. A hundred marks and a firelizard egg. Would you like to taste it?" She just carries around bottles of it everywhere? Apparantly so.

J'leron gives a nod towards the young woman that recently entered as he replies. "Hello." He turns towards Leona. "Losing T'sham wasn't easy. We had been together for about 5 turns after we both Impressed at Benden. I can still remember sneaking around with him during candidacy. Oh the trouble we would have caught ourselves had anyone found out…" He smiles at the memories. "Wow, sure."

Evne laughs as she catches the comment on ale, and the contest. She looks to Leona, and laughs softly, "Still going on about your win?" She asks, smiling to her as she shakes her head in light ammusment, and then looks to J'leron, "Heya, Evne, nice to meet you." She says, offering him her hand.

Leona nods, and smiles. "Karell was too well behaved to sneak around with a candidate, and by the time he decided it was worth the risk, I'd impressed, and I didn't want to upset Lakareth." She turns back to the pack on Lakareth's straps, and pulls out another bottle of ale. "Here, see what you think." she says, tossing the leather-clad bottle to J'leron. As for Evne's comment, she grins. "Well, why shouldn't I brag?" she jokes, then shrugs. "I know it was over a turn ago, but I've been getting contracts for my ale ever since, so it's still kind of fresh in my mind."

J'leron offers up his hand to the much shorter young woman as he has to look down at her just to get a better glimpse. He has a good size hands for certain. "It is a pleasure to meet you." He says politely.

Evne grins to her, and nods, "Well, point that.. and its selling well for you then? Thats good, not that you need a new trade, you made this quite nice." She says, showing off the work that Leona did on her outfit to J'leron, letting him take her hand. She smiles up to him, and nods her head, "Thanks, Didn't catch your name?"

J'leron bows a little towards Evne as he replies. "J'leron, some call me Jole, I pretty much answer to either." He smiles. "That brown over there is Dakoth, draconic form of a candidate prankster." He smirks as Dakoth replies with a rumble almost of pride.

Leona grins, and nods at Evne. "Selling almost too well for me to keep up." Well, it is just a home brew, it's not like she's a professional or anything. "Not that I'll be giving up my day job just yet." she adds, with a laugh. "Although, I may have to cut back on my hours quite a bit, if I win the election." she adds, referring to the upcoming Weyrlord election of course.

Evne ahs and nods to J'leron, and smiles to him, "Well met." She says, and then laughs to Leano, "Well, yes, why don't you subcontract to the vintners to make it? They can keep up with the demand, and you still make some marks from it all." She notes, smiling between the two.

Leona shakes her head. "Not my baby!" she cries. And yet, her actual children, well, their father actually came and got them a little while ago, and she still hasn't noticed. "No, nobody gets to know my ale recipe but me." she says firmly, shaking her head. "Besides, I make more money out of it this way." she adds, with a greedy grin.

Evne grins to Leona, and nods her head, "Aye, but you might make more if you take a smaller cut, but let them sell twice as much. And you get more time to make more of everything else you do." She says, smiling as she thinks about it, "Don't think you get much time to work on your leather when you are brewing, or do I have that all wrong?"

J'leron looks towards the others as he listens seeming content to taste some of the ale that was offered and let the women talk. He was never a big conversationalist for sure.

Leona shrugs. "Mostly, I can leave the ale to brew on it's own. I keep it in the back of my shop, so I can check on it when I've got a quiet moment. It really doesn't take much work, it only takes time. And most of that time is just waiting, anyway." she says, with a nod. "J'leron, how do you like it?" she asks, curious as ever.

Evne nods her head, glancing back at J'leron, and then to Leona, "Ah, OK, that isn't so bad then. I thought you had to watch it all the time, always adding this, that, and the other." She says, and smiles. "Are you still doing commisions for stuff other than straps and riding gear?'

Leona chuckles softly, and nods. "You after something else now?" she asks, with a grin. "I have had to raise my prices a little bit though, I just don't have as much time as I used to. Especially not with a new baby around." finally, she looks to her arms, then frowns. Leonell isn't there. But, she doesn't panic, she just looks up at Lakareth. "Oh, Karell took him. Okay." she murmurs, then smiles a little bit. "I guess I do get a little caught up when I'm talking about something I'm passionate about." Like her craft, and her ale.

Evne nods her head, "I'm thinking about it, not sue what yet, but I am thinking it. Actually, riding gear. Spending more time on a dragon, and figure I might need something, that is, something that is more to my taste than the typical stuff I can borrow." She notes, looking back to the new brownrider.

J'leron shakes his head as he continues to listen to the two women talk when he says. "Well you seem to have your hands full Leona. I wouldn't want to trouble you to help out with making some new straps and all for Dakoth." He glances towards Evne as he doesn't miss her glances at him. Yes he's not exactly a short man, in fact, he's fairly tall.

Leona grins. "Well, generally riding gear is pretty standard. You want to keep warm between, that's the whole point of it. I suppose I can dye some or something, but there's not really much else to do with it." then she turns to J'leron, shaking her head. "Not a problem. That's what I do. I've got a few sets of plain straps lying around, I tend to start with those anyway and customise to the rider's wishes. You'd be surprised how different the same basic set of straps can come out looking."

Evne ohs, and looks back to J'leron and beams at him, "Oh, you was here first, not about to try to bump in line in front of you." She says to him, smiling as he looks him over, and then back to Leona, "Tall one ain't he?" She stage whispers to her. Back to J'leron, "But what do you do, when you are not busy flying all over pern?" She asks. Hearing Leona, she hrms, "Well, you know, while thats true I suppose, but, you know me, something that attracts the right sort of attention. Not sure what can be done, but.." She shrugs, somewhat at a loss of ideas.

J'leron looks towards Leona and smiles. "Well I'm not too far into customization and all as long as Dakoth is comfortable. Right Dak?" The brown who is already busy sneaking up behind him gives a bright warble in agreement just close enough to make J'leron near jump. He turns to look at Evne. "Oh, well, just a jack of all trades I guess, spend time with Dak, go where the wind takes us I suppose."

Leona considers, then shrugs. "I suppose I can make some riding leathers that are tighter, more … figure hugging, if that's what you're after? Might be tricky to get in and out of though." she warns. But, the customer is always right, so if that's what Evne wants, that's what she'll make. She snickers at Evne's stage whisper. "Only a *little* taller than me." she responds, with a grin. Well, she is six feet tall, after all. To J'leron, she nods. "Well, that's easily taken care of. Pop by my shop later, L and L's Leather it's called, and I'll measure Dakoth for a new set. Best to get the right fit, much more comfortable that way."

Evne ahs to J'leron, and smiles. "Well, that can be handy though, never know when you might know something that would prove usefull or profitable." She agrees, nodding to him. She grins to Leona's responce to the whisper, and then the rest, "Yes, thats it, form fitting. And yes, I can imagine it would be hader to get in and out, but I don't think it would be too hard to figure a way around it."

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