Reonth's Flight - October 19th, 2007

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach

A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

L'ren is hidden away, no-one saw him. Right. He's over in a nearby weyr cottage hut thing, peering out the rather large window. Peering out at Reonth, who is lazing on the beach and eyeing the water contemplatively. To swim, or not to swim, that is the question? The answer is usually to swim, but when she's as bright as this, she tends to stick to dry land. Or the sky. That will be next.

Lazily circling the beach is giving Cairokelth quite a nice view of the glowing green, his eyes already beginning to whirl quick with a hint of lusty lavender. He croons sweetly as he tucks his wings in closer to his small frame, spiralling down and landing on the sand near Reonth smoothly.

Reonth glances to Cairokelth at the sweet croon, snorting at the brown. « Have you ever swam so far out to sea that you needed to go between to get back to land? » Her mind voice is like the ocean, each word rising and crashing like a great wave, one after another in a procession only slightly more orderly than the chaos of the water, and a great roaring sound over all.

Cairokelth shakes his head, snorting with a glance out at the ocean the green speaks of. He stares for a few moments, whirling eyes focusing on the gently lapping waves. « I can't say that I have, » he admits, his voice gently breaking into her mind like the intimate caress of first time lovers. « Why do you ask? » he inquires, settling himself back on his haunches, wings tucked tightly against his sides.

Waddling- and walking- into the Ierne beach is T'rile, Ralorth beside him. Bronze is devoid of his straps, and T'rile bears sweetsand, a hard scrubbrush, and oil. It's seems bath was on the mind of T'rile, but for Ralorth, he deters over to Reonth adn Cairokelth, rumbling a deep bass croon.

Reonth flicks her tail, sending a small spray of sand in Cairokelth's direction. « /I/ have. » her mental waves roar, and crash, being absorbed back into the rapidly churning sea that is her mind. « If you do not like the water, how do I know you'll be an acceptable mate. » she huffs. L'ren is peeking out from the weyr cottage hut thing still, though he's now opened the door a crack and is peering through that. Another pose or two and he'll be out of the hut entirely… Unless Reonth decides to rise then, that is. The bronze Ralorth is given the same treatment as Cairokelth, « Have you ever held your breath underwater until you felt your lungs might burst? »

Cairokelth can't hold in a snort, a bit taken aback by the sharp and crashing tone that Reonth's mindvoice takes on with her reply. « I never said I did not like the water, » he says patiently, flicking his own tail. « I merely said I had not swam that far, » he says, voice gentle and warm, like a french vanilla candle — rich in scent, calming, the bright flame flickering persistently. Cairokelth swings his head and sizes up Ralorth, giving a polite bob of his head.

« If I wanted too, then I would. Perhaps I will try it, just to see. » Ralorth's voice is very crumbly around the edges, and a deep base with a hint of tenor when he speaks sometimes. Ralorth looks at Cairokelth and nods back. « Greetings, also, to both you and yours. » t'rile, back by the water, looks bemused, and takes a seat.

Reonth turns her head away from Cairokelth. « We will see how much you like the water… » Reonth's watery mind voice states. L'ren emerges from the weyr cottage hut thing to shout at Reonth, "No! I will /not/ have this discussion again!" Reonth snorts, and looks sideways at Ralorth. « Hmm… We will see. » With that, she launches from the ground, and zooms out to sea, flying low for the moment. L'ren gulps, and looks around, realising he's come further from his cottage than he intended. He quickly turns, and runs back inside.

Cairokelth flares his wings, throwing them open in anticipation of Reonth's move to the skies. « I enjoy the water greatly, the way it moves over me so smoothly, » he informs Reonth matter-of-factly. The brown throws back his head to let out a mightly trumpet, throat visibly vibrating with the effort put into the sound. As Reonth launches herself, Cairokelth is only a few seconds behind.

Springing up after Cariokelth and Reonth, Ralorth takes off, skimming barely a hands-breadth above the ground, causing T'rile ot duck as his bronze comes whizzing past, nearly neck and neck with Cairokelth. His trumpeting rumble speaks of a flash of green emreald held in a starry night.

Reonth is now of one mind, one purpose, the sea of her mind now as smooth as glass. Fly, don't get caught, and fly. The water beneath her is distracting, a few times her flight dips, her wings briefly trailing in the water, but after each dip she rises just a little bit more, until she's a full dragonlength higher above the water than when she started. But still, it's a steady flight out to sea, one that values stamina over agility. L'ren is at the window, simply staring out at Reonth, no doubt the reason she's veering away from the water. « I could not survive in a dry Weyr, water is my life. » Reonth growls, though it's uncertain whether she's growling that at her chasers, or at her rider.

Cairokelth is also of one mind, though hardly as calm as Reonth. His mind reels with all the power of a typhoon; rolling waves crashing, lightning flashing, thunder smashing — Fly, fly, fly, and catch! Cairokelth pays no attention to the water underneath him, clear waves reaching up for him as they roll towards shore. « The sky is my life. The wind beneath my wings, rushing over me — this is where /I/ thrive, » he hisses, tucking his wings tight against his body and barrel rolling to show off the agility that such a small brown can posses.

Dropping his wings, Ralorth nearly drops into the water- his tail certianly does, and even as she speeds up to be neck and neck with Cairokelth, his tailo flicks gleaming droplets of water that gleam like hidden pearls in the light.

Reonth takes a sharp dive for the water, submerging herself entirely for a few moments. When she rises, she seems refreshed, rejuvenated, ready to take on the world! Or at least, escape uncaught. She flies almost directly upwards, though at a slight angle which brings her closer to land, if only a tiny bit. The brief dip in the water doesn't hold for long, and she snaps at her chasers. « None can catch me, I will slip out of your grasp like water! » Her upwards climb is slowing, the angle dipping more and more, until she's flying at a 45 degree angle, upwards and towards land.

Cairokelth refrains from letting himself slip into the cool and alluring grasp that the water offers. He stays aloft, hovering where Reonth entered the water, frothy white foam forming where she slipped between the waves. As she breaks the surface to reenter the skies, Cairokelth trumpets jubilantly, ecstatic to see Reonth rejuvinated and refreshed. « If you are the sea, than I am the sky — and we meet now, here! » Cairokelth cries out triumphantly as the green cries out her defiant challenge. He reaches out with his talons, tucking his wings in so he can manuever closer to Reonth.

Rumbling, Ralorth gives an extra burst of speed so he can sldie in front of Cairokelth, bugling out in his creaky, starry-nighted voice. « If you are the sea and he is the sky, then I am the sand that inhabits both worlds. » Even as he finishes, he tucks his wings in to manuver just a bit closer to the green.

Reonth cries out, a sound much like seagulls might make. Her seaweed green hide is falling, falling, falling. « No! » Reonth struggles to regain her lost altitude, though she lacks the stamina of her chasers. It's a hard struggle. « I am the sea, I need no-one! » she screams, the sea-scape of her mind turning dark, and the waves rising again. « I… » Reonth realises she's moving, but her wings are not. Is she falling? No, she's been caught. « Who dare? » she screeches, twisting and trying to catch a glimpse of the victor. « The sky. » Finally, Reonth accepts defeat. She is caught, the flight is won, Cairokelth has her. The roaring waves melt away, and all is calm again for the moment, in this green's rapidly changing mind.

Cairokelth lets out a racous and triumphant bugle, throwing his head back as his talons lock with Reonth's, necks and tails twining. « We fit well, » he states softly, his voice gentle and warm like a spring breeze.

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