Beach Meetings

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach

A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

Beyond the high tide line, there are 'weyrs' found here.

People: A'fiel, Kai, Kire, R'ki.
Dragons: Seiketh, Vallerieth.

With the day as nice as it is, who can pass up the opportunity to spend most of it outside? A brown dragon can slowly be seen jogging along the sands, picking up sand as his talons dig into the grains. Seiketh rumbles loudly, his eyes whirling a content greenish-blue, tilting his muzzle ever so slightly as he watches R'ki jog alongside of him, trying to keep pace with the dragon. They come to a stop as people are sighted, R'ki bending over slightly as he attempts to catch his breath. "Afternoon!" He says between rasps of breath, Seiketh lifts up his head to consider the green but ends up snorting loudly and turns his muzzle towards the water. "Oh come on, it's just a quick bath and then it's back to training!"

Kire looks over to A'fiel and waves to him with his free hand, "Hello there. Nice afternoon isn't it?" He then waves to R'ki, "Hey R'ki how are you doing? Out for some more training?" He asks as he rocks the little bundle in his arms.

A'fiel's nod is brief, the man leaning back against his green's haunch with a gentle loving pat to her tail. "Of course," he replies. "It's a very nice afternoon. The sun is warm. Not like Telgar. I'm thoroughly enjoying my vacation." And he's quite willing to leave the comments at that, although he's certainly noting the presence of the blanket-wrapped bundle. "Yours?" he inquires of Kire, a pointed look at said bundle in the younger man's arms. Just then, Vallerieth lifts her dainty little head, whuffling a brief breathy violent-scented greeting to the brown, but she doesn't forward herself, content to remain with her rider.

R'ki offers a nod in greeting to Kire, "Hey, Kire. Always, we're always training." He smiles a little, tilting his head towards the greenrider, "err…hello." he says quietly, a hand rubbing at the back of his head as he shuffles on his spo. Seiketh rumbles, seeming to ignore the green, she's really not at the center of his attention. "How's your girl doing?"

Kire nods with a proud fatherly smile on his face, "Yep, this is my daughter Kari. Her mother Kai is taking a break, I think she's taking a nap, but she might be doing some sewing. At any rate we are having a little daddy and daughter time." He chuckles at R'ki's statement, "Well why don't you take a break and come chat with us. I'm Kire by the way." He says to A'fiel, "And this is my little girl Kari."

Valliereth cranes her neck about, her petite little muzzle thrust towards her rider for a brief caress — the man leaning forward as far as he can reach — before she drops her head to her forelegs once more, although her gaze does linger on Seiketh for a moment in brief curiosity. But as all dragons are, the moment is quickly forgotten, the green settling and amusing herself. "Hello," that nod from A'fiel in R'ki's direction is equally brief, the man's attention not lingering on the other but rather straying back towards Kire. "Ah," he replies, regarding the younger man for a moment or two. "Well met, Kire. i'm a'fiel. Late of Telgar, and this would be Valliereth. We're vacationing here." As if that explains everything.

Seiketh rumbles quietly as he busies himself with wandering around the beach, wuffling and investigating everything. R'ki considers the brown for a moment before making his way over towards the others and plops down with a sigh, "Feels nice to sit down for a moment." And then the brownrider's head cants towards A'fiel and Kire, "How's Kai doing anyway? I still haven't gotten around to making that shelving, It should be pretty soon though. Did you guys still want it?" A brow arches at Kire. His attention slowly turns towards A'fiel, "It's…nice to meet you, A'fiel. I'm R'ki, that's Seiketh." A nod towards the brown. Kire gets his attention quickly again, he's more familiar with the younger of the two men. "I could use a break, we've been training all day, I haven't gotten any work."

Kire smiles, "It's nice to meet both of you A'file and Valliereth, I hope you enjoy your stay here." He continues to rock Kari gently and he smiles, "Napping as far as I know although she might be up and about. Yes I'm sure she wants those shelves we have a ton of baby stuff and no where to put it all."

Kai finally comes out of her house…huge weyrbarn, actually. She stretches once she gets out into the sunlight and looks around. Ah, there they are. She makes her way out onto the beach wearing something comfortable and casual. "Hello, all!" she greets the other riders. "Good to see you again, R'ki." But he leans over to give Kire a kiss on his head before she sits down next to him. "Is Little Bit sleeping there?"

"Nice meeting you, R'ki, Sieketh." A'fiel glances back in the brownrider's direction, acknowledging rider and dragon with a respectful nod. Valliereth for her part has settled herself onto the sands again, keeping that one wing unfurled to keep the rays of the sun off her rider as he reposes against her. "I'm hoping to relax," the man's comment is somewhat gruff, hinting perhaps at the somewhat stern personality he'd habitually portrayed in the past. "I've actually been ordered to take a long R&R, Healers' orders. So I'm hoping to enjoy my stay," there's a brief hint of a smile there, the redhead nodding towards the newly arrived greenrider.

R'ki tilts his head slightly to watch Kire and Kai, offering a warm smile in greeting to the female of the pair, "Hello, Kai, it's nice to see you again." R'ki says softly as his eyes flicker to the ground, flicking his finger at the sand. "Relax? I wouldn't know what that is." He can't help but laugh, "We're always doing something. Fixing things, exercising. I never really take a day off."

Kire smiles at the kiss and he puts his arm around Kai, "She's sleeping just fine, how did you enjoy your nap?" He asks continues to gently rock the little girl. "I see well there is no better place to relax then here." He looks over at R'ki, "Well you better be careful or else the healers will order you to relax, they can be pretty ornery."

Kai smiles at the other men but her smile is even brighter for Kire. She reaches over to stroke the little girl's wispy red hair. Healers told me to sleep when she sleeps but I can't keep to her schedule. Sooner or later she'll be old enough to sleep a night through. Yes, the nap was very nice. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to stay awake for that 2 o'clock feeding with her."

A'fiel's chuckle is somewhat between bitter and amused, the greenrider watching as Valliereth's tail flicks once or twice, curling protectively about him as he lays a gentle hand against her sun-dappled verdancy. "Just try not to work yourself too hard," the older greenrider comments, casting a stern glance in R'ki's direction. "I worked myself day and night, although I think helping to teach weyrlings had something to do with it." It's really not a job that ends when the sun goes down. "Take some time off if you have to, or the Healers will force you to."

R'ki shrugs his shoulders as he looks between Kire and A'fiel, "They're not going to make me stop, it's not like they can." R'ki says softly as his eyes consider the sand. "I'll work as hard as I want, I have to be useful somehow." His eyes scan over the sand at his legs. Seiketh wuffles quietly around the area and turns his head to consider the greenrider and her weyrmate. "It's a baby human, Seiketh."

Kire nods to Kai, "Well I'd feed her if I could I'm up that late anyway looking at the stars." He nods to R'ki, "No one has said you aren't useful R'ki. You are very useful, I think you wanted to talk to Kai about those shelves? I'm sure she's got some idea of where she would like them to go and what they should look like."

Kai says "Yes, R'ki!" with an excited edge to her voice as she sits up a bit straighter. "If you are good with wood working, I have an idea that I would like to have done to the cabinet doors. I was thinking of making them more like an entertainment center for Kari when she gets big enough to play with things. It would be to help develop her curiosity and manipulative skills."

"Not saying you're not being helpful," A'fiel's lips quirk into a scowl — one that's quick to fade, although he's far from cheerful at the moment. "I'm sure you're a very useful man. But if you run yourself ragged," here he pauses and shrugs. "I actually worked myself to the verge of collapse. Healers had nothing to do but order me to take a long vacation." He glances briefly at the green dragon who is his lifemate. "And it would have upset her so much to see me otherwise. Responsibility to your dragon, man." And that's all he's likely to say on the subject, given that it's turned to a discussion about shelves, and nothing he could well contribute to.

R'ki shrugs his shoulders, "We've done this for a long time now. We train every day." R'ki says quietly as he turns his head away from the greenrider, staring off at something or other. "We rest often enough, but we also train, and keep busy." He pauses as he turns towards Kai, "That one with all the thing-ma-bobbers on it? I could try making something like that, it might take me a while though…I'm not used to actually making things."

Kire smiles, "That sounds like a good idea Kai. What a wonderful idea." He lets the whole training thing drop. "I'm sure you'll do a great job R'ki, when do you wanna come over to see the cabinet so that you can plan out what you are going to do with it?"

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