Proddy Greenrider

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach

A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

Kailla sits leaning against the curled up form of Azivath, eyes closed as she listens to the waves lapping against the shore. From time to time her head gives a light nod, as though she is carrying on a mental conversation. Or perhaps she's just simply dozing off and then jerking back awake. Regardless, it isn't long and gray eyes open to scan the beach, "Oh," that's it, not 'Hello' or 'Hi' as one would expect. Sure Kailla sees L'ren, she's just not sure if she's in a sociable mood or not.

L'ren is here, alright, but he keeps glancing from the glowing Reonth to a nearby cottage, looking somewhat concerned, and ready to make a run for the cottage if Reonth should move at all. He's sitting on the sand, pretending to read a book. Today, it's a children's book, a sort of encyclopaedia of mythical sea creatures of children's stories. Not his usual dry historical reading material. The cover is decorated in no less than five different colours, and a number of shades of blue and green.

A glance is cast towards Reonth then towards L'ren, "Close is she?" well, Kailla at least sounds interested. Whether she is or not is anyone's guess, and as she has just transferred in, she decides to introduce herself, "I'm Kailla," the back of the woman's head is tapped against the dragon behind her, "This here is Azivath," the dragon lets out a snort in her sleep and Kailla chuckles. Always a warm smile for her dragon, if no one else.

L'ren glances up from his book — that he wasn't really reading in the first place — and blushes. Ah, Reonth? He looks to the green, before simply nodding in response, chewing on his bottom lip. "She… Very." He says simply, then sighs. "L'ren, Reonth." he introduces with as little words as possible, as if he doesn't really trust himself to talk right now. "She's… very… very…" he trails off, and his face goes redder.

Kailla laughs, oh, not a mean spirited laugh to be sure. More in understanding, "Yeah, Azivath is," and her voice trails, "Unperdictable sometimes," is finished after a few moments of thinking. Yes, Kailla is actually being nice, which means one of two things. She's sick, or she wants something… or at least usually means one of those two things, "You know who I can bug about a place to settle in for the night?" a glance out to sea is given and her eyes just stay there, "Sure this lump doesn't mind being outside, but I'd rather not be rained on, thanks just the same."

L'ren blushes, and looks over at his cottage, then shakes his head. Bad greenrider. Bad proddy greenrider, but still. "Er, I… There's an inn, back that way… Common room, not great, not bad… You here long?" he asks, keeping words to a minimum still. "I, er, could… or you could… see Cordelia… get you a weyr… if you'll be here a while." He's talking fairly rapidly now, he tends to do that when he's excited or nervous, so his long pauses (…) are more of normal length pauses. With Reonth's colour, it's more likely nerves, though he should be used to it by now. "Reonth… she's good, predictable… I can plan… Got relatives on male dragons… need to plan, to avoid…"

Kailla nods, "Just in from High Reaches, my mother took ill so I came home to help my father with his garden. I didn't get the paperwork done in time to get her before my mother died though. I grew up here," home, wow, that's a word she hadn't used in a long time. Not even when she Impressed to her dragon, "It probably would be best to stay away from relatives," a sage nod is given, and that's about as far as she goes, "Last time I shared a weyr with a fellow green rider, it wasn't pretty. I think he wound up the worse for wear," and Kailla does have the good grace to blush at that, "Won't make that mistake again. Not that it was entirely his fault we had to share weyrs," and now she has the better grace to just shut up entirely, "Right, go talk to Cordelia," and that's probably the best course of action for her to take.

Heading towards the beach is Cordelia, wearing a new sun dress, and carrying an umbrella over one shoulder, allowing the shade to fall into her weathered features. Despite being the hold leader, she doesn't quite walk with an air of confidence, or swagger. She is rather simple in her posture, as if she was taking the time to enjoy her surroundings, and simply relax, and allow the day to pass. As she spies L'ren out alone with an unfamiliar woman, a warm smile slowly spreads along her lips as she angles herself in their direction.

L'ren ahs, and shakes his head slowly. "Home for me, was Telgar. Mother on brown, father on blue. Sister impressed brown there — though she's at Ista now, and brother, blue." he shudders. "Transferred to Ierne, never looked back…" he nods. "I'm a harper, history and records… those are everywhere." he continues, still talking fairly rapidly. Reonth is sitting very close to the water, glowing in her sleep. L'ren is seated on the sand nearer his cottage, with a brightly coloured — mostly blues and greens — children's book in his lap. He notices Cordelia, and nods animatedly. "There's our Weyrlady now." he points out, still blushing.

Kailla has pushed herself to her feet and is now standing next to a green mound and turned back towards the road, "Oh, wonderful," and now she simply ignores the other rider entirely, she's like that. It isn't that she's rude, just that she is sometimes easily distracted. Kailla waves as she approaches the Weyrlady, "Heyla," her father's favorite greeting.

"Good afternoon." Cordleia says as she lowers the umbrella a bit to reveal her features. The chubby Master baker lets out a soft sigh as her eyes sparkle, the only bit of her that still radiates some sort of youth. "Welcome. You look familiar." She says, tilting her head forward slightly to squint. "I am Weyrhold leader Cordelia, Master Baker." She says in a formal introduction. "I do not believe we've met.. though your eyes are .. old to me."

Kailla nods as she ducks her head to one side, "Maybe you know my father, Olaf? He has a nice garden somewhere round here," she's forgotten exactly where, it has been over twenty turns since she left, "I'm Kailla, that dull green lump is Azivath," and a nod is given towards the second, unglowing green on the beach, "She loves it here," more to the point, Kailla loves being home where she is no longer freezing her rear end off every winter. Yes, she's a wimpy southern girl through and through.

L'ren blushes, and busies himself while Kailla and Cordelia are talking, he takes his glasses off and cleans them, this takes a good several minutes. Then he glances out to Reonth, and imagines that she moves, though a quick reach out to her mind reveals it was just an illusion. Darn, can't run to his cottage yet. He tries to read his book, though he keeps glancing over at Cordelia and Kailla, blushing. "Reonth is why we're here, she's… obsessed… with the water. Not too much of it up Telgar way…" he shrugs, and glances to his still very pale skin. "Chance to work on my tan." he jokes, though he still spends most of his time indoors, clearly.

"You need to keep working at it, L'ren my love." Cordelia says with a hawk like laugh in her throat, sharp, and amused. "Olaf? That name is definitely familiar. I've had the chance to barter some vegetables off his garden. He has made for great conversation in the past. How is your parents doing these days, Kailla? It's been awhile since I've spoke to them." Tilting her eyes to the dragon introduced, she gives a formal bow, offering a smile in the green's direction.

Kailla grins at Azivath's continued snoring, then her eyes sober as she turns to face Cordelia, "My mother passed just a few months back. That's why I'm back, Father wanted me to come home to help him with his garden," though that is truth, it isn't the whole truth, and for whatever reason Kailla continues, though it goes against her nature and better judgement to do so, "I also detested the cold of High Reaches Weyr, I found, I rather don't enjoy the snow at all."

L'ren blushes. Well, at least his face is less pale? "Reonth… She tries… I'm out here more than I'd like…" he rambles a touch, glancing over at the sleeping glowing green. "Ah, snow… I grew up with the stuff. Occasionally, I miss it… Not often." he shakes his head slowly, frowning at Reonth. "It's … nice, here." he nods. Looks like he's settled in for good, here. "I… Reonth… She's…" he frowns at his glowing ocean green lifemate. "We're … happy."

"Oh, I do not blame you one bit. I myself am not fond of the cold, and snow. I've been told we have quite a fine beach, even if we do not compare with Monnaco Bay." Cordelia says with a chuckle as she offers another smile to Kailla. "Well, it was nice meeting you. I think L'ren may need to be dragged back to his cottage though." She hints, turning towards the male with a knowing grin on her face. "Kailla, my office is always open whenever you need me, and my kitchen as well." She smiles, tilting her umbrella back up.

Kailla chuckles as she nods. How unusual for her to be so amiable, "I'll keep that in mind. Now to just find a place to stow my gear, and I'm all set," that and start working on helping her father in his garden, "Thank you," is offered belatedly, before the Kailla turns back to her own green. It would perhaps be best to let L'ren escape, he looks all too uncomfortable, and for whatever reason, the woman has decided she likes the man. Most unusual for her as she doesn't normally like other greenriders.

L'ren is quite an impressive shade of red now, or at least his cheeks are. "I… Reonth is not ready yet, okay? She'll… soon… not yet…" he mutters, probably sounding more than a little crazy. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have reading to do." he says in a very serious 'harper at work' sort of tone, as he picks up the childishly coloured children's book on mythological sea creatures. Though he does glance to his cottage, with a slight frown. "But… I… May have… Forgotten… Um… Something." he says lamely, as he makes a run for the cottage. "I… Nice to meet you, Kailla and Azivath!" he calls back. "See you … later … Cordelia!" he adds, before he slams the cottage door shut. Safe, hoorah! Though, he doesn't lock his door. Reonth is out there, she'll keep an eye on things… While sleeping?

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