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Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach

A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

People: A'di, B'ky, G'tor, Kire, L'ren, Razhendi.
Dragons: Nyth, Reonth.

L'ren is sitting hunched forward in the sand, reading a book, apparently. Occasionally he glances up at the green out to sea, Reonth, who is, as she often is, happily frolicking in the waves. There's nothing that dragon loves more than a day at the beach, she's almost never /not/ here. The time of day is roughly early afternoon, and the skies are brilliantly clear today. The weather is lovely, not too warm, and yet not too cold for a swim, so why L'ren is out here in long pants and long sleeves is a bit of a mystery.

Sand might well be Razhendi's natural element; anywhere she goes, it's the beaches she seeks out first. Sandals off and carried gingerly in a hand, she meanders barefoot along the shore, treading where the water licks the sand. She's humming some tune or another, eyes half-shut and just enjoying the feel of sun, sand, and breeze on this foreign (to her) beach.

Kire comes down from a local weyrbarn with a little pink bundle in one arm and he's carrying a huge baby bag in the other. He heads down towards the beach and he waves to the others as he sees people on the beach. "Hello." He looks around to find a spot.

Coming to Ierne was a /great/ idea, get away from clingy insistant greenriders, buying books, warmer weather, who /wouldn't/ go to Ierne? A'di can be seen making his way along the beach coast, looking deep in thought at something or other. "Can't believe Dal invited him into my weyr." Grumblegrumble. "I wonder if there's anyway to live in a place by yourself, without your dragon." Or clingy greenriders named D'iv.

B'ky has been seen more and more often in Ierne lately, the Fortian wingleader here either on business or for some other reason as he walks slowly down the beach, shoulders relaxed, long hair tied back neatly, save for a brightly colored braid at his temple, which dangles freely to frame one side of his face and tap against his shoulder as he wanders. The dyed hair matches his clothing, the crimson and indigo leathers bright and clashing. He has his sleeves rolled up to the elbows and his flight jacket slung over his shoulder as he goes, smiling lazily at something or other, grey eyes distant. Avideth is nowhere in sight, though that's not terribly unusual when B'ky is off on business. He spots L'ren over there and raises a hand to call a friendly, "Hello," to the greenrider and the others who happen to be nearby, and then slowing as he spots A'di, one thin eyebrow rising slightly, and perhaps a flicker of amusement in his eyes as he overhears the other bluerider's grumbling.

L'ren tilts his head at Kire at the hello, and then suddenly looks quite awkward. People! Augh! Well, it's not so bad as that, but it was a bit sudden, or so he assumes. He was pretty lost in his book. "I, uh. Hello." he responds, awkwardly. B'ky gets a wave, and L'ren calls out to the Fortian wingleader, "How was that journal?" Because, see, /books/, he remembers, and adores. Reonth, meanwhile, is much more sociable, warbling brightly at Nyth, and sending the brown a call to join her in the waves. The seaweed-green moves closer to shore, eyes following Razhendi curiously. /Staring/, even.

Oh ho! People! Razhendi slows a bit as she approaches where the others seem to be converging, a sudden and brilliant smile offered freely. A hand is lifted, the desert-born woman waving as well, just in case the smile goes unnoticed. It does take a moment for her to register the staring on the part of the dragon, but her smile doesn't falter for it; oh, no, it just widens and she dips her head, oh-so-slightly, her.

Kire finds a spot and he sets down the bag with a whew, "That keeps getting heavier and heavier." He leans down to unzip the bag and takes out a large beach blanket. He unfurls it with one hand and tries to get it spread out as best he can. He sets down the pink bundle and then uses both hands to set the beach blanket right. He puts a bag on one of the corners and he sits down next to the bundle, "Here we go Kari a day at the beach." He undoes the bundle so the little girl can move a bit and he gets out a plush toy for her to play with.

Huh? Oh, people. And there's a B'ky. A'di lets out a dramatic sigh as he makes his way over to the gathered group. "Hullo." He mumbles quietly, running a hand through his green hair, he pauses, his eyes flickering to L'ren. "What're you reading?" Because A'di absolutely loves books as well. "B'ky, can you convince Dalasith to not tell people that they can move into my weyr? Because this whole thing is getting…silly." He shakes his head, an annoyed look crossing his features. "I mean, shards, just because a silly blue says you can move in, doesn't mean I said you can move in!" Grumblegrumble.

B'ky comes to a stop not far from L'ren, nodding to the sand with a quiet, "Mind if I join you?" He's not about to interrupt the greenrider, if he doesn't want to be bothered. Polite blueie that he is, and all. "It was a lovely read," B'ky tells L'ren, at the question about the journal, the bluerider saying with a smile, "And it was surprisingly helpful for planning the Winter Games. The detailed descriptions on wing formations were used for the flight demonstration over the bowl during the opening ceremonies.. I don't suppose you were able to attend? It was.. rather something to see," and his voice takes on that oddly hushed quality, of someone remembering something particularly memorable. Though he has to blink, eyebrows rising at A'di, "Hm? Ah, I could have Avideth speak with him?" suggested with no small amount of amusement. And then the man blinks, "Move in?" He tilts his head to the side slightly, since he's fairly sure A'di isn't talking about him.

G'tor can't help glancing up at the sudden burst of banter around him. It's confusing at first, then he can't help horning in some on A'di and B'ky, "Your dragon invited someone to move in? That's unusual." Nyth gives a bugle from the waves but doesn't come back to the shore. G'tor moves slightly to his feet, "That's unusual."

Kire smiles as he concentrates on Kari, "A beautiful day at the beach." He gently gives her a kiss with the plushy toy and smiles as she gives him a smile, "You are a cute little girl." He looks over at the others on the beach. "Beautiful day isn't it."

Reonth croons cheerfully at Razhendi, and bounds out of the water, up onto the beach, sand sticking to her wet legs, tail, even her stomach. She lumbers over to the desert-born woman, apparently deciding she's made a new friend. L'ren groans, and hides his face in his hands. "No, Reonth, /no/. Not everyone is as beach-obsessed as you. Leave it." he scolds the green, likely only out loud for Razhendi's benefit - explaining the green's odd behaviour, slightly. Reonth does back off, reluctantly returning to the water, to wallow with Nyth. To Razhendi, the mortified L'ren adds, "I'm sorry about her, I really am." he murmurs, with a shake of his head. A'di's question about the book does rouse the greenrider from his embarrassment for his dragon's behaviour. "I, er. oh. It's a journal, ah, a Weyrleader's journal, from the start of the third interval, detailing his experience adjusting to a Pern without Thread, at least, none in /his/ lifetime. Fascinating stuff." Well, it is, to L'ren. The way his eyes light up at the subject, it's clear it's something he has an interest in. L'ren lifts his head at B'ky, and shakes his head. "I, ah, no, I'm afraid not. Reonth… Proddy… Couldn't go anywhere." It may not be the truth, but it's a convenient excuse.

"Yes. Move in. Apparently Dalasith told D'iv he could move into my weyr." Grump, "I went to go down into the library to read stuff, and when I got back home, him, and all of his stuff was stuffed into my weyr!" He sighs quietly, his shoulders drooping slightly. "And it's /pink/ B'ky. Dalasith thinks it's 'lovely'." Another sigh, and A'di turns his head towards G'tor, blushing suddenly. "Er…not unusual for Dalsith. He…has a tendancy to be rather…chatty. He's always been inviting people into my weyr…but this is the first time he's told someone they can move /in/." Grumble. "Between the three of them, I don't think I have much choice but to put up with it." Then A'di pauses, something catching his interest and taking his mind off of his dilemma for the moment. "He was the one that showed you that journal about the wing formations?" A eyebrow quirks and he turns to consider the man with the book. "You're L'ren, aren't you? B'ky's told me about you." And then the bit about the Journal has A'di wide-eyed. "Really!?" He says quietly as he kneels down to the sand, "A /Weyrleader's journal/ how facinating." A thoughtful look on his face, "Do you think I could borrow it sometime? I've found a couple of books up in the library at Fort I could possibly bring down for you to read. I'm sure you'd find some of them facinating. I wish I could read something like that, can you believe it? A real Weyrleader's journal…" Ah, book swapping.

"Every day is a beautiful day if you know where to look," Razhendi notes cheerfully, her accent Igen-touched but almost a different dialect entirely. She slants a look to Kire, fingers wiggling a bit for the wee little girl with him — the motion sets her bracelets to jingling merrily and thus she starts to hum again. Ah! And suddenly there's the green, her sheer bravery eliciting a bright laugh from the young woman. She claps delightedly, then blinks a little, hands lowering when the dragon is sent back to the water. Her head tilts toward L'ren when he speaks, her expression curious and verging on genuinely puzzled. "Why apologize? She did nothing wrong." At least, not as far as she's concerned.

Kire smiles as Kari reaches for the bracelets, but then cries when she can't reach them, "Oh it's okay." He gets out a toy with some rings on it that rattles, "Here you go Kari." He gently rattles them for her. "A weyrleaders journal, that's rare find."

G'tor smiles, splitting his craggy face some and his blue eyes sparkle, "And this Dalasith's your…?" He shrugs, then can't help being equally distracted, moving towards L'ren, "A Weyrleader's journal? That sounds fascinating."

There's a nod to the greenrider about the games, B'ky glancing at Reonth with an amused smile, and nodding a greeting to Razhendi if she happens to look his way. And then he's turning to listen to L'ren talk about what he's reading. "That does sound rather fascinating," he comments quietly, "I wonder what it must have been like to live then.." though he's musing more to himself than anything. "I've been meaning to stop by your shop to ask about a few more journals," B'ky adds, with a polite tilt of his head to L'ren, though A'di's explanation of what Dalasith has done have the wingleader's eyebrows rising all over again. And B'ky has to bring a hand up to cover his mouth, to stop himself from laughing, although his pale eyes can't hide the amusement, "That.. is certainly something." Alright, he does chuckle softly and attempt to look sympathetic. Really. "Ah, pink?" and he shakes his head slowly, "That sounds rather, ah.." he seems at a loss for suggestions here. Instead, he nods to A'di, "It was," about the journal of wing formations.

L'ren eyes the book, and frowns a little. On the one hand, this is his book now, but, on the other, knowledge is better when shared. He shakes his head, and glances up at A'di. "Er, you're welcome to borrow it, later." He's still reading it at the moment. "Very much so. Come by my store some time, it's off the marketplace, 'Book Place', can't miss it." He nods at B'ky, "You're welcome to stop by, any time! Er. If I'm not there, Borren should be able to help." Or, more likely, Borren would just direct him to the beach, as that would be L'ren's most likely location, and the journals are a particular favourite for the greenrider. At the sudden interest about his journal, from multiple sources, he clutches it close to his chest. "Er. It is. Fascinating. And a rare find." And mine! Ahem. He shakes his head, and shoots Razhendi a weak smile, believing - wrongly, perhaps - that she is just humouring the green. "I, er. She can be a tad enthusiastic about the water, my Reonth. Half fish, honestly."

The young woman catches B'ky's nod and smiles back, though her attention shifts back to L'ren. Razhendi clicks her tongue against the back of her teeth in a playfully chastising sound. "It is good to be enthusiastic about something," she says, casting a look out at the water where the green and brown are. "Water, sand, song, and dance — what are we without our passions?" It's almost sing-song the way she says it, her smile gone lopsided. She takes a slight step back, though only to set her sandals down on the sand and then to remove her various bits of jewelry and set them nearby.

Kire nods in agreement with L'ren, "It's a really good shop that's where Kai and I got Kari's books from. I like the fabric ones before she can chew on them and not get paper in her mouth, Kari not Kai that is." He chuckles a little bit as he continues to entertain kari with the jangling of the bangles.

"Dalasith's my lifemate." A'di says with a wave of his hand to G'tor, "At least, sometimes I think he is." A'di just sahkes his head with wry amusement, turning his head towards L'ren who gets the most of his attention. After all, he also likes books! "Really? Thank you! Of course I'll wait till you're done, and I'll drop off one of mine so you know I'll bring it back." The bluerider looks rather enthusiastic about the whole thing, and then he turns towards B'ky, sighing. "Yes. Pink. My weyr's covered in it. You wouldn't happen to know if I could possibly live in a weyr…without the three of them? It was bad enough with just Dalasith…"

G'tor chuckles softly, "I was really asking what color he was, but thanks." He grins, "Pink? Ouch. Still, couldn't imagine living away from Nyth… he keeps me stable."

B'ky nods to L'ren, "Borren is your, ah, son, yes?" and the takes a seat in the sand, brushing back that brightly colored braid behind his shoulder and settling with one arm across his knees, the other tucking his jacket behind him. "Hm, I met your sister, by the way," he tells L'ren, tilting his head slightly, "Were you ever able to sort out the, ah, mistaken bar tab?" Because B'ky quite distinctly remembers that, at least. He does give A'di a rather more sympathetic smile now, "Hmm.. perhaps you could.. stay in the weyr he just left?" the suggestion tinged with faint amusement still. But more seriously, B'ky says, "Is he really there against your wishes?" thin brows coming together, "I imagine if.. you spoke with the weyrleader, he could be made to leave." A a pause, "If it truly is a problem." B'ky doesn't sound too concerned though; he's trying not to smile too much at the mention of a pink weyr. There is a soft chuckle, however, "It must be rather interesting. Avideth doesn't like anyone in my weyr; I can only imagine what Dalasith must get into."

L'ren chuckles slightly at Razhendi, though it's still a little awkward, nervous even. "Well, so long as you're not upset…" He tilts his head as she removes her jewellery. "Planning on a swim?" he asks, which perks Reonth up to no end, and the green moves back towards the shore, though she remains in the water, for now. "Water's lovely, here. Very much so." he notes, with a fond smile for his water-obsessed dragon. L'ren tilts his head at Kire, and nods. "Ah, I remember when Borren was that small, loved books even then, in his own way. Never any doubt, he was my son from the start." Aww, how sweet. Sort of. A'di's book exchange, that gets an enthusiastic nod. "Oh, yes, definitely, I love reading new things." he enthuses. "I, I'm L'ren, journeyman harper, specialising in archives and history, and that's my green, Reonth." he introduces, finally. "I run the Book Place here." He notes, with a nod. At B'ky's question, he chuckles. "Borren, yes, Borren is my son. He's also a harper, works in the store, though sometimes I think he'd rather be a computer crafter." he mutters, with a grimace.

Kire smiles, "I'm Kire and this is Kari, I'm an apprentice Starcrafter here. I helped to make the Observatory at Xanadu Weyr." He smiles, "Yes I'm glad that she likes books even if she just wants to chew on them." He looks over at A'di, "Pink is a nice color, but too much is a bad thing, too much of anything is a bad thing."

It's while she's shedding her clothes that she answers L'ren with, "Ah, it would take something terrible to make me upset, rider." There's a laugh, then: "Yes, of course. What better way to enjoy a fine day like this than a swim?" Razhendi heaps her clothes over her other belongings and is soon in the water, vanishing under briefly only to pop up like a shipfish some distance away.

A'di sighs as he runs a hand through his hair, "He's blue." A'di supplies helpfully to G'tor, "Yes, B'ky, pink. It's all pink, I swear he's going to start convincing Dal I look good in pink." Because A'di doesn't want to wear pink, nope. "I'll put up with it, it's not that bad…I guess. Just wish he asked me instead of thinking that because Dalasith said it was okay, that meant I was okay with it too." he shrugs a little, looking thoughtful, "I'll get used to it," he's still going to complain, though. L'ren gets a longing look, "You're a archivist, too? I'm only an apprentice, I never got around to walking the tables after I got dragged up to 'Reaches…" He frowns thoughtfully, "I'll be sure to come and visit you, Faranth knows I need more books." Because books are good. "I should get home before D'iv decides that all my things need to be pink."

G'tor grins more, "G'tor, harper apprentice and rider to brown Nyth. Maybe I should app for Journeyman now that I'm focusing on my craft more…" He shrugs, settling back on the sand with a wave, "Yeah, you should go save your bed from pink bedspreads." He chuckles some, then strikes a chord on his guitar. Wait. where'd that come from? no matter.

There is a faint frown at the mention of computer craft, B'ky shaking his head a little, murmuring, "I imagine a computer might be useful, ah, for archive work." Or something of the sort. Though he looks off toward the water, eyes distant. Razhendi making like a shipfish over there has B'ky chuckling, and as the others introduce themselves, he offers a quiet, "I'm B'ky, blue Avideth's," with a slight smile. A'di gets a more sympathetic look, now, for the pink, although really, B'ky still looks somewhat amused by the predicament the other bluerider seems to have gotten himself in. Still, he does say a quiet, "Ah.. good luck?" and shakes his head a little.

L'ren looks /quite/ content to stay on dry land, or reasonably not wet sand, at any rate. "Er, quite. Enjoy your … swim." he murmurs, while keeping his butt firmly planted. Reonth seems more enthusiastic, sending a miniature wave heading Razhendi's way, the green all playful and excited when people join her in the water. To A'di, L'ren nods. "I am, a journeyman. I was just an apprentice myself when Reonth hatched, but, I went back to the craft, turns later, made journeyman." There's probably a story behind that, but, as A'di is leaving, L'ren makes no move to tell it. "Come back soon, I, I had a clingy weyrmate myself, not too long ago. A break is /always/ good." And yet, the expression on his face at the past tense is more lonely than relieved. He nods at G'tor, "It's doable. I was thirty when I went back to the craft properly, made journeyman eventually, well worth it." L'ren grimaces then, at B'ky's seeming support for the computers, if in word only. "Bah! Nothing wrong with papers and hides for archiving. Not. A. Thing." Yes, this is an arguement he has frequently, with his son. "But besides, it's a moot point, store's not doing well enough to be able to /afford/ a computer." Grumble grumble mutter.

G'tor begins twiddling on his guitar. Nothing particular, just tunings, "I'll have to stop by your shop, L'ren. I'm always looking for an interesting read. And if you can get the marks, a computer's really useful for inventory."

There's burbled laughter when she's struck with the mini-wave and Razhendi retaliates by happily kicking up a frenzy of water and spray right back at the green. Sand or water, it matters not; she's perfectly at home in either, it would seem. She does, however, take a moment to glance over at the shore and call, "The water's lovely! You don't know what you're missing!" To whom? Probably to all of those land-lubbers.

Kire hmms a bit as he looks out at the water and he looks at Kari. He undresses the little girl and then himself before he heads out into the water, "Time to go swimming little one." He says as they slash in, but he keeps to the shallows as he sits down and lets the waves gently lap at him and Kari, "Shh it's okay just like being in the sink."

B'ky smiles slightly, agreeing, "No, there's nothing wrong with papers and hides," and then raising an eyebrow just a bit as L'ren goes on about it. "Mm, they are rather expensive," he nods, glancing at the greenrider and then turning to regard the ocean once more, shaking his head a little at the grumbling. There's a quiet chuckle for Razhendi's enthusiasm, B'ky calling back, "It does seem quite lovely," and tilting his head to consider the waves. After a moment, though, he sighs, shaking his head gently again and murmuring, "If I didn't have to return to work soon, I would," and grey eyes travel from the water, up the beach, back the way he had come, a faint line between his brows.

L'ren grimaces at G'tor. "Yeah. No. We're /not/ getting a computer." And that's final, evidently. "Waste of time, waste of money, paper and hides are perfectly good, spent my life learning the paper and hides system, don't want to have to learn a /new/ system when the /old/ one is perfectly fine!" Also, computers confuse and bewilder him, a bit. The greenrider frowns at B'ky, and then nods. "Well, work comes first, work always comes first." he sighs, but shakes it off. "I, ah. You'll have to come back some time, some, er, less busy time." he suggests, though. "The water /is/ quite lovely here." And yet, he's still making no move towards actually being in the lovely water. At the spray of water from Razhendi, Reonth makes a noise not dissimilar to that of an excited dolphin, a very odd noise indeed. She splashes up water, sending droplets flying every which way, some even towards the shore. L'ren looks up sharply at the green as Kire takes Kari out, and Reonth does seem to play a bit gentler after that.

Nyth moves back up the beach and nudges G'tor, whose eyes widen and he nods, "Yeah… you might change your mind someday… or your son will when he takes over… still, apparently Talime's green is ready to go up and she's threatening to skewer me if I'm not there… so… yeah… I should go…" He moves quickly, sliding his guitar onto his back and leaping nimbly up Nyth's shoulder. With one last salute the brown is in the sky and moving off towards the feeding pens where it seems a very proddy green has begun blooding.

"Ah! So you /are/ half fish," Razhendi laughs, which only gets her another faceful of water. "Half /shipfish/, he should have said." Another splash is aimed for Reonth, as mighty a splash as little ol' her can possibly manage. At the words from the shore, she glances that way and grins, an impish sort of thing that might, just might, signal trouble. Or not. "Ah, but you should!" is called for B'ky, "Surely you don't have to go too soon. Do you?" For L'ren, all she can manage is an exasperated sigh of the long-suffering, 'you're no fun' sort.

Kire smiles as he sits in the water with his little girl and he holds her so she can splash in the water and giggle as the water laps at her. He chuckles a little bit as he watches the splashing going out deeper.

The bluerider doesn't comment further on the subject of computers, just shaking his head a little. B'ky turns back from his contemplation of the way he came, nodding briefly to L'ren about coming back sometime, saying with a quiet sigh, though smiling a little, "I almost wish I were on vacation again. I have missed having a beachfront weyr." Although here there's a faint flicker of a frown that crosses his face, but it vanishes quickly, the man shaking his head again slowly, "The work seems neverending, these days." Possibly because he keeps offering to help with things. Heh. Another long look at the waves, Kire and Razhendi getting a quiet chuckle for their watery antics. "Some other time, perhaps," B'ky tells the girl, smiling faintly and arching an eyebrow for the curious noise Reonth makes. A glance over his shoulder, and B'ky sighs, "Unfortunately, I will have to return to Fort fairly soon. I'm just waiting for one of my wingriders to return."

L'ren snorts at G'tor, and shakes his head. Not going to happen, not in L'ren's lifetime. But, he doesn't comment any more on that, and he winces a tad at G'tor's… exit. "Some people… give greenriders a bad name." he mutters. "/I/ never demanded my weyrmates attend flights, though J'iel always did, whether I wanted her to or not." he mutters, scowling out at sea. He blinks a little at B'ky, and nods slowly. "Well, could /take/ a vacation?" Maybe. "Though I'll admit, I've not had one since… since before I became Weyrlord." that, that was some time ago. "The store, /someone/ has to man it, and there are only the two of us. Though sometimes I wonder why we even bother. Most days, no-one even comes in." Reonth bobs about in the water, flicking her tail up, sending droplets in Razhendi's direction. Her rider may be a bit of a stick in the mud, but she is definitely not.

"I'll hold you to it, stranger," is cheerfully called over with a wink to B'ky at his words. "Mark my words; I'll hold you to it." Grin. And there's some sputtering for the water flicked her way; amused sputtering, of course, but sputtering nonetheless. Razhendi ducks underwater, this time attempting a different tactic: time to see if she can sneak up around behind Reonth to attempt to give her tail a tug. Devious? Just a little bit, when she thinks she can get away with it.

Kire smiles over at L'ren, "Well I appreciate that you keep the book store open, I wouldn't get my books from other place else and having books for Kari here are invaluable so she can learn to read and so I can read to her."

Kire is sitting in the water with Kari in his arms. They are splashing around in the waves as they lap at the shore. He has her in his arms in the shallows. The little girl is splashing at the water as it laps against her and her father.

Kai comes out, glad that the laundry is done. First thing she notices is Kari and Kire. "What is it with water today?" she asks herself. But she smiles.

Kire smiles, "It's good come on in and join us, there is plenty of water to go around."

B'ky tilts his head to regard L'ren a moment, at that comment about greenriders, thin eyebrow just slightly raised, although he doesn't say anything immediately, instead looking back toward the ocean, the faintest crease between his brows. "I would always miss B'miel's flights," B'ky murmurs softly, lips pressing together in more of a frown now, though it passes quickly enough; whether he missed them on purpose or simply missed them he doesn't say, as he falls silent. "I sometimes wondered if he.." he mumbles eventually, but trails off, shaking his head. The suggestion of a vacation gets some thought, but the bluerider shakes his head again, saying, "Ah, I did take one, although I never did manage to relax. I suppose I'm just not the sort who could," and he smiles faintly, "Perhaps /you/ should be the one taking a vacation? I imagine a few days to yourself will do no harm." Says the workaholic wingleader. About the store, B'ky tilts his head a little bit, though he doesn't seem to know what to say in encouragement, if anything. Instead, he turns to watch Reonth and Razhendi, the bluerider chuckling and telling her, "It's a promise, then. And it's B'ky," he inclines his head to her, before stretching a little and rising to his feet, brushing sand off his pantlegs and collecting his jacket. "I should be going; Avideth tells me the wingrider is having some trouble locating the cargo." And he sighs quietly, before nodding politely to those nearby, with a soft, "If you'll excuse me," and a smile for L'ren, "Clear skies," as he heads back up the beach.

Reonth makes a startled warble when something grabs her tail, and wiggles it back and forth in an attempt to get it free from Razhendi. L'ren stands up then, and frowns out at the green. "Calm down, relax, it's okay." he's murmuring under his breath, and the green does seem to be listening, and calming. Her tail stops thrashing about, at least. To Razhendi, L'ren calls out, "Sorry!" …he's the one apologizing? He didn't do anything, except stop the green. "Come /on/ Reonth, you need to get dry, we've got books to collect shortly." he calls, again more for the benefit of those around than Reonth, as the green could simply pluck the words straight from his mind. She wades to shore reluctantly, and waddles over to sit by the man's beachfront cottage, and get dry. L'ren sighs, and shakes his head at B'ky. "If I take time off, there's no-one else. Borren can mind the store, but he hasn't got a dragon." L'ren is still required to do the legwork, so to speak. "Besides, it's not so bad. Working in the store, it's peaceful, gives plenty of time to read." he notes, with a fond smile for the reading, at least. And then he's off, heading for his store to collect the paperwork, while Reonth dries out.

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