Reonth's Flight and Aftermath

Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach

A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.

The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

L'ren is resting on the beach, apparently asleep and snoring. His thick glasses have slid down to the end of his nose, and there's a book in the sand, fallen from his hand as he drifted off. He's a bit overdressed for the beach, in long pants and a long sleeved shirt, though they're of a light fabric. Reonth is also asleep, over in the shallows, her nose barely above water.

Odeleth, winging into view from the direction of the Weyrhold, provides a contrast to both skies and sea; where they are light, he is dark; where the waves lap lightly against the shore, he is silent. About to give a powerful downbeat to send him higher, something gives him due pause and gradually, the brown turns toward the beach, gliding in over the water toward the shore. Reonth is given a considering glance, sleeping though she may be, and L'ren - well, the dragon doesn't pay much attention to him at all, choosing instead to drop his rider off on the shore before smoothly entering the water at a respectable distance away from the green. "You could just go swim at Ista, " Vesvesris points out under her breath, shedding her jacket and riding gear while plopping down onto the sand, settling gingerly onto her ankles. A quick side-glance shoots toward L'ren; an eyebrow raises as she notes that he's well, asleep. She says nothing further, however, pulling a small roll of hides out of her jacket and beginning to make marks on them quietly. Might as well get some work done while her lifemate takes impulsive notions into his head.

L'ren stirs slightly and rolls over, mumbling "But I don' wanna stand…" in his sleep. Reonth, however, is slightly more alert. She feels the water ripple, and lifts her head to find out why. « Water's nice here, isn't it? » her words crash like waves, tumbling one after the other, with slight pauses between them. L'ren suddenly sits bolt upright, and immediately looks out to the water. He breathes a sigh of relief, before noticing Vesvesris. "I, uh, you visiting?" he asks, pushing his glasses back up on his nose to see clearly. A slight pause, then he asks randomly, "You ever have the dream where you decided not to stand, or missed the hatching?"

« Very, » Odeleth responds; his presence is all craggy greys and moss and velvety shadows, so his words, like him, are measured, carefully chosen, infused with a tone that's at once dark and smooth. A noncommittal, "Hmm?" is all that Sris provides to his mumbling at first - but then he provides something more coherent and she realizes that he's indeed awake now. "Visiting? I suppose you could call it that, " she answers after a bit, looking faintly surprised at his rather random query. "I - can't say that I have, no. Well, I mean, I did at first, of course, but - not so much any more, really." Inscribing random circles in the air with her pen, she adds, "I take it that's what you were dreaming about, then."

L'ren nods slowly, still not entirely awake. "I, yes, that dream. Again. I … I almost didn't stand, the second time. I was weyrbred, but… crafts are important too…" he shrugs, and looks out at Reonth. "I couldn't imagine it any other way, now…" he smiles a crooked sort of smile, and glances to Vesvesris, and blushes for his poor manners. "Ah, L'ren, Journeyman harper. And that's my Reonth out there, the green." he adds, with a helpful point. Reonth meanwhile is wallowing in the water, crooning with satisfaction for Odeleth's answer. Her words come as waves again, stronger still. « /Nothing/ beats the water. Nothing! » Is she dragon, or is she fish? She certainly loves the water.

Vesvesris can't help but to smile back at L'ren's crooked smile. It's a cause-and-effect thing. "I can understand that, " she says at length, smile warming at his introduction. "Vesvesris, Istan weyrlingmaster. And that's Odeleth." Her version of the helpful point is more of a shapeless gesture toward the dark form in the water. « Not even flying? » the brown can't help but ask, gradually floating a little closer.

L'ren tilts his head, and smiles. "Weyrlingmaster, that's quite a job. We were in the transport wing, originally. At Telgar. But Reonth… She likes the water, but… One water landing later, I went back to my craft. Reached Journeyman. Got posted here. Reonth /loves/ it here, she insisted we live near the beach." he waves a hand at a nearby cottage, with a laugh for his dragon's eccentricities. He's used to them by now, even grown to adore them. Reonth flexes her wings, splashing the water around a bit as she does so, apparantly by accident. « Flying is okay… Swimming is better. » Though she does look to the sky, more than likely pondering flight.

"I often wondered what it would have been like to do transport, " Vesvesris admits, turning her attention more toward the skies for a long moment. "I got the opportunity to encounter so many different people everyday while I worked in the Sable Sands prior to Impression - and I still do, but - I don't know, I sometimes can't help but to wonder about how many more I might have met while running transport. I love working with the weyrlings, but it's definitely a more - nerve-wracking job, I think, than most." Like, when you a lose a weyrling, for example. « They are similar, » Odeleth settles for after a moment, dipping his head down to touch his muzzle to the waves briefly. « They feel similar. But it is much easier to move gracefully in the air, I do think. »

L'ren shrugs slightly, glancing out to Reonth. "It's not bad… I preferred transporting things rather than people, myself." he admits, with a slight blush. "I… I'm not really a people person… Give me a book, and I'm set. Give me a person, and…" he pauses, smiling wryly, "I tend to blurt out whatever thought pops into my head." The dream, the backstory on why he's at Ierne, pretty much anything really. "It can put people off. So I spend most of my time with books, the rest… with Reonth." Speaking of, she's listening to Odeleth thoughtfully, and she lifts her muzzle to the sky, as Odeleth dips his own to the waves. « Well, I suppose… But swimming builds muscle. » she points out, though her wings are twitching now. She's been mostly submerged so far, but now she waddles to slightly shallower water, and looks to the sky. Her hide does appear to have a bit of a glow to it, actually… She looks to Odeleth, then croons teasingly, « Betcha can't catch me! » her mental ocean roaring as she launches from the water and flies over the beach, still dripping wet.

"I was a lot like that before I Impressed, " Sris says rather sheepishly. "Odeleth's helped me to become - less shy around people and more comfortable in my own skin. Which is a good thing, because I'll need it when I w — " She abruptly gapes, cutting off the rest of her sentence. "Not /quite/ what I meant to say, " she says at last, eyes narrowing as Odeleth spreads his wings. « And though you turn from me, you cannot escape! » he replies, shadows and streaks of shifting stone warring in his mind as he launches after her in quick pursuit. "You could have at least /asked/ you know!" the young woman hollers after her lifemate, shaking her head. Meanwhile, she flushes and bites her lip, hands busily re-rolling up her hides and tucking them safely away in her jacket, both to keep them safe - and to have something to do.

L'ren is a bit slow to catch on sometimes, he's just now noticed Reonth's state. And now, she's dripping water on him… Must protect the book. Yes. "I… Reonth, she's good at … well, if it wasn't for her …" he frowns, and can't seem to finish his thoughts. "I… I might never leave my weyr…" one blush later, "Er, that is to say, I might spend all my time with books." he adds hastily. Well, he is a greenrider, there are certain stereotypes surrounding that colour. Reonth swoops low overhead, looping back to fly over the water. She slips lower, gradually, until her wingtips are trailing in the water when they're at their lowest point. It's now all about getting away from land, she's just going horizontally instead of vertically, for the moment at least.

Vesvesris ducks as Odeleth follows Reonth's swoop closely, taking a more curving path back toward the water. He's in no real hurry and besides, he's in his element - he gets a chance to be graceful and move more smoothly than he does through any other medium. Even water. Catching a thermal, he glides a bit higher, moving away from the water but still remaining not far from the land-fleeing green in front of him. And his rider? Well, she didn't quite duck in time to escape the water droplets that got flung over her shirt and down her back and now cling to her hair, but at least the hides are safe. "Erm, well. I've heard that - books can be good company, " she manages, probably grimacing mentally. Surely she can find something better to say than that? And even as her brown keeps his eyes peeled for any other males joining in the chase, the young woman peers warily up and down the beach - half-hoping that more chasers are approaching, and perhaps half-afraid that they won't.

L'ren nods awkwardly. "They… are…" he agrees, glancing to that nearby cottage again. "My weyr there, lined with books…" he comments, absently seeming to check the book for water damage, though his mind is actually out over the sea at the moment. Reonth wasn't lying about swimming building muscles, as she proves by tilting upward and surging towards the ocean sky in leaps and bounds. Well, leaps and bounds for a green, anyway. "I… like… books…" L'ren murmurs, frowning upwards now. « You were right, this is exhilarating! » Reonth calls to Odeleth, for the moment forgetting their roles in this flight. Her imagery has changed now, from an ocean crashing with waves to a humid and windy sky, reflecting her change in location somewhat, though L'ren would recognise it as a reflection of her proddiness more than anything.

« Indeed, » Odeleth replies, smooth baritone unwavering as he folds his wings slightly, diving for a short distance before propelling himself back upward, following Reonth's surging path without - really following it. His imagery, too, shifts, gradually growing darker with soft streaks of rosy reds that occasionally flash from him like some distant, crimson lightning. Vesvesris, working to maintain some semblance of self-control, pushes herself to her feet, carefully gathering up her jacket and discarded flight gear with her. "Perhaps, " she says after another moment of glancing up and down the beach, "we should - move in that direction, toward the rest of them? Your um - your book can - can dry off better away from the water."

Reonth may have built up her muscles with over thirty turns of swimming at every available opportunity, which admittedly weren't that many in the twenty odd turns they spent at Telgar, but even she has her limits. She's beginning to tire now, this is the point at which she pushes all of her energy into a straight vertical climb, liable to crash right back down into the sea if her catcher can't bring her to safety, but she doesn't care about that right now. It's all about /flying/ now. She latches on to a thing and takes it to extremes, and right now is no exception, in fact just the opposite. L'ren is somewhat red faced now, blushing quite a bit. His green is tiring, he knows what that means. The suggestion to move to the weyr, well, he simply nods. "I think that might be … good." he agrees, clutching the book and heading to the little cottage. "He's a good one." he murmurs, cryptically.

Odeleth rockets after Reonth, maintaining a steady distance a dragonlength or so below her. He'll keep her from crashing into the sea; such an intriguing woman as herself merits attention, after all. Vesvesris, casting a last glance upward, follows L'ren toward his cottage. The part of her that isn't yet totally Odeleth wonders at his remark - unless his cottage has a gender, she can only assume he's referring to her lifemate. Or something like that. She isn't sure of anything anymore, really. "Fascinating, " is the only word that escapes her as her brown continues after the green, and it isn't totally her word, either. So she has to blink when they actually come upon the cottage; it takes effort to focus on making it inside and remaining herself for just a little while longer.

L'ren quickens his pace now, not looking upwards at all, or anywhere that isn't the door to his cottage, in fact. He's as much himself as he has been all flight, though he's not quite as tense as he was when Reonth first headed out to sea. That's not to say he's relaxed, not at all, he's just less tense than he usually is in this situation. Even if, up above, Reonth has reached the limit of her energy and begun to fall. It's lucky Odeleth is there to catch her, very, because she's really worn herself out this time. L'ren is inside by this point, hastily shoving the book into a bookshelf before he loses himself. And then, Reonth is caught…

Vesvesris has the presence of mind to at least shut the door behind them before Odeleth suddenly strains upward to meet the falling green, ensnaring her quickly and slowing their descent rapidly. Entangled tightly about her, he gives a croon that's both triumphant and - surprisingly affectionate. And while her dragon is locked in an embrace with his, Sris can only drop her jacket by the doorway and move toward the greenrider, pulled to L'ren by that force that really just can't be ignored. So much for making it back to Ista before dinner.

Ierne Weyrhold - L'ren and Reonth's Cottage Weyr

The interior of the cottage is fairly simple, a large central room, with a double bed, wall to wall bookshelves, and no less than three desks. Every surface bar the bed is piled high with books, papers, and hides, of varying age and interest. A door to one side leads to the simple bathroom, and the only other door leads outside. The exterior is somewhat overgrown, with vines climbing up the walls, and it doesn't look like a dragon has spent much time in the wallow in turns - 4 Turns, 0 months, and 21 days to be precise - judging by the weeds sprouting from it.

L'ren is snoring again… He wakes slowly, and stretches sleepily, before he remembers what had happened earlier. He jumps out of the bed quickly, and blushes. He's used to winding up in this situation by now, but that doesn't make it any easier, though it does help him find his pants sooner, and pull them on faster. Turns of practice. Reonth is curled up on the beach outside with Odeleth, completely oblivious to her rider's situation.

Vesvesris finds herself returning to consciousness when the bed shifts drastically as someone leaps off of it. Muttering something vague about the baby, she gradually pushes herself into a sitting position, opening her eyes after a bit with a content expression … which abruptly turns into one of long-suffering exasperation as she remembers just what transpired earlier that afternoon. She flushes, but makes no movement to pull the sheets back up to her, being still slightly out-of-it. "Erm, you erm - you do have a lot of books, " the brownrider manages to say at last, rather sheepishly. Astute observation, Sris. Very astute. Odeleth is very much awake and aware of his rider's situation, but chooses to do little about it for the moment, still curled up around Reonth. His croon is languid as he carefully extends a wing over her, not quite possessive but not completely out of affection, either.

L'ren glances to the bookshelves at the mention of books, and smiles a little. "I do, at that. Sort of … a hobby. I'm an archivist and a historian by craft, I work with books and hides mostly, but /these/ ones are /mine/." he says with pride. Books are /always/ a welcome distraction. A yawn, and then he tilts his head at Vesvesris. "Ah, klah? I have some around here somewhere…" he starts moving piles of books around, mostly just to be doing something really. "It's quite strong, but I can not put as much in, for a weaker brew. I gave the stuff up myself a few months back, but I think I still have some, somewhere… Or tea? That, I have. Drink it all the time now. I may have something to eat around here, too…" He's babbling a little, trying to be the good host, and ignore what happened earlier.

Vesvesris smiles, too. "That's nice. I can't say that I have anything like that; I've learned how to like, sew a little, but nothing major. I can serve food, but that was my only real talent before I Impressed. Okay, and I learned how to make jewelry. Necklaces and stuff out of shells." She babbles a little, too, but it's only a result of waking up, apparently. "Hmm." She stretches a little before sinking back into the pillows. "Both sound good. Klah, tea, anything. You must be well-stocked to keep both around. I usually just have one or the other, depending on whatever's more plentiful at the time."

L'ren glances to the books, and blushes, "Well, I don't really … write them. I just like to read them. And to own them." he nods, glancing to the bookshelves. One of the bookshelves is not like the others, full of colourful children's books. It was this bookshelf that L'ren returned his book to earlier, and now he takes it down. "I… I like to sometimes give the book Reonth influences me to read… to… um…" he blushes, and looks to Vesvesris. "Um, do you want this?" he asks, holding out the book. It's not really his taste, usually, but Reonth has a strange effect on the man when she's close to glowing. He places the book on the bed for the moment, and moves to the other side of the room, boiling water on the small well-protected — don't want the books to catch fire now — hearth to make tea for the both of them. While he waits for it to boil, he stands around awkwardly, not really sure what to say.

Surprised by his request, Vesvesris can only blink, first at the colorful shelf, and then at the book that L'ren holds out toward her. "You - I — " After a moment of stuttering that a few times, she finally reaches over to the bed and picks up the book, peering at it curiously. "Thank you, " is offered at last. "It's an - unusual gift, but one that my children will appreciate, I'm sure. I don't keep too many children's books around, honestly." And while he stands around awkwardly, she smiles at him a bit. "What do you usually read when she's not - " you know, " - shiny?"

L'ren shrugs slightly, and glances around the room. Most of the books look pretty drab, there's really only the one colourful shelf. "I read a lot of accounts of the past. History might be my job, but reading a weyrleader's account of thread or a headwoman's journal, they don't quite fit my job description. In work, I have to look for what actually happened, not one person's interpretation. I have to stay neutral, not get involved. But there's something thrilling in reading about thread. Terrifying menace, I'm glad it's gone, but…" It is what dragons were bred for, after all. "So, I've got a few journals. A few turns back I travelled Pern looking for tales passed from one generation to the next, and copied them into books, so I've got a few of those. And a few family trees copied down here and there." It's a collection. L'ren is certainly interested in it, that's plain to see. The pot boils now, and he finishes making the tea, moving over to hand one to Vesvesris. As for unusual gift of the children's book, he shrugs. "I'm not your usual greenrider, either." he smiles that crooked smile again.

Fascinated by all that L'ren's pointing out, Vesvesris listens closely while she gets dressed, shrugging back into her clothing with the averted gaze of one who is accustomed to staring at walls while getting dressed after flights. "All of those stories sound fascinating, that you've collected, " she says at last, turning to face him once she's wriggling her feet back into her boots, taking the cup of tea with a grateful smile. Sipping at it, one eyebrow arches slightly at him. "No, you're not, " she agrees, returning his smile with a cheery one of her own.

L'ren laughs, and looks at his little cottage, surrounded by books and hides, and all manner of papers. "I can't imagine life any other way, but I never thought I was cut out to be a greenrider. I felt sure Reonth had made a mistake, and, well," he blushes, and admits, "I told her as much. But it was too late, it was too late the moment she looked at me, and I wouldn't have it any other way." he rambles, rather sheepishly. He's not proud of that particular moment, even three decades later. Especially three decades later. "I read the stories, about what dragons used to do, and it makes me proud to be a rider." Glad to be one in today's Pern, of course. He realises he's talking an awful lot now, and goes quiet, sipping at his tea, eyes scanning his bookshelves idly.

"You must have some quality that makes you cut out to be one, " Sris points out after a bit, drinking quietly. "After all, you do put up with being proddy far more often than goldriders have to - and even though I get immersed into flights when Odeleth chases, I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be drawn so completely into such a state terribly often." She looks rather surprised when he admits that he told Reonth that he was sure she had erred; it's not the typical response to an Impressing young dragon, after all. "There's a lot that comes with the post, " she adds, more softly. "And I know what you mean - no matter how difficult Odeleth can sometimes be, I wouldn't have it any other way, either."

L'ren shakes his head. "I suppose I cope better with … flights … than some. I was weyrbred, I knew what riding green meant. That was part of why I tried to refuse, I must admit, but, it's just… part of my life. Probably helped that, well, I don't mind one way or the other who I wake up with, if you catch my meaning." he muses, though he's not really sure what suited him for green. "Could be it was all a mistake, the girl next to me certainly liked to sleep around, but she wound up with this blue that, well, he'd've been a good match for me." he laughs, and shakes his head. "I have to admit, riding green certainly makes things … interesting."

Vesvesris simply nods at this, thoughtfully rotating her cup between her hands. "Odeleth skulked around unhappily for quite a while on the sands. He had passed by me once or twice, but I didn't dare speak or move or even - breathe. You know, despite the fact that I'm weyrbred, I wasn't prepared for the experience. And then my friend Tilla said something and I finally replied after Odeleth had moved away. And it was right after I finally spoke and laughed that he charged straight toward me, stared at me adoringly and said that he could help me. Everything around me happened so quickly that I don't really remember what the people next to me got, I'm afraid." She sighs a little. "Riding any dragon makes things interesting, I think. You just happen to get it - more interesting than most."

L'ren laughs, and shakes his head. "Oh, I didn't notice on the day, no. I only remembered she was standing next to me … well, it's not important why." He blushes, and looks into his cup as if there might be a way out there. "She impressed right after me, I'm told. I only learned what her blue was like during weyrlinghood. The most studious dragon I ever have met. Eventually the pair joined the weyrlingmaster's staff, seems he'd rubbed off on her in that regard." He pauses to think how Reonth has rubbed off against him, and has to note, "I don't think I would be this comfortable if it weren't for Reonth. Even talking to another person was tough for me, once, let alone after a flight."

"A girl near me got blue, " Vesvesris adds, rather out of the blue. "I think. Yes, Rivala did. I remember seeing her afterwards - she had Impressed after I had gotten off of the sands with Odeleth." Mention of the weyrlingmaster staff causes the woman to finger at her shoulderknot briefly. "It was something that he wanted, " she notes after a bit. "He likes to influence others. I was not very confident in my ability to teach and train newly Impressed riders, but having gone through - oh shards, four or five classes by now - it's getting a little easier. The only thing that seems to be certain when working with weyrlings is that you can expect the unexpected with their interactions. It's still hard, though - and it's never easy to lose any of them to basic training."

L'ren shakes his head slowly. "No, I can imagine, it's not the job for me." he admits, idly running his fingers over the spines of the books on the shelf. "I'm lucky all Reonth ever wants is a nice beach and the occasional flight." he smiles slightly at that, the crooked smile again. "I must say, I wouldn't have wanted to teach my own weyrling class. Between Reonth, and that girl that impressed blue…" L'ren sighs, and shakes his head. "And then… the losses…" he simply shakes his head, unable to comprehend it.

"Don't forget the accidents like spilled oil and meat vats, " Vesvesris adds, half-jokingly. "And sometimes, the he-said she-said business, although generally, they work stuff out like that on their own." Speaking of accidents and incidents - the brownrider's expression clouds momentarily and then clears. "Wondrous timing, weyrling, " she mutters under her breath, and sighs. "Speaking of those weyrlings of mine, one of my assistants calls me back to Ista to deal with a situation that just came up." Finishing her tea quickly, she hands him the cup and offers him a soft smile. "Thanks for the tea, L'ren. And the conversation. And the book. It was - it was rather nice. I'm sure my little boy will greatly enjoy the stories from here - we've been re-reading the same ones from the storage caverns at Ista for a while." She hesitates for a moment longer, then reaches out to clasp his shoulder slightly, if he'll let her. "I'll see you around, sometime, perhaps?" Outside, Odeleth reluctantly uncurls himself from his warm place next to Reonth, giving the green a regretful croon of farewell as he prepares to return home.

L'ren glances out to the beach, then smiles slightly. "Ah, of course, the not-so-little dragons tearing around, tipping things over, not always by accident. Reonth's favourite thing to do was to make a mess of herself, so that I would have to drag her down to the lake and clean her up. She really only wanted to go to the lake, but she could never just say so." he rolls his eyes, glancing sideways at the shoulder clasp, then smiling slightly. "Well, you know where we'll be." he points out, nodding towards the beach. "You're always welcome here." he adds. Reonth warbles a slight sleepy protest at Odeleth's movement, then slinks off towards the water. Her warm place is less warm, so she's going to a colder one? Well, it makes sense to /her/, at least. L'ren's not really sure what to do with himself now. Does he shake her hand, does he clasp her shoulder, what? "I, er, have a safe trip." he finishes, lamely perhaps.

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