M'woen: Rider of green Sofienth. Sofienth cannot fly due to a serious wing injury that required her right wing to be amputated. She seems to get around on the ground quite well. M'woen runs the Green Dragon Inn, named for his brave green, who weyrs behind the Inn in a large barnlike structure. He is 6'3", with intense brown eyes and silky tawny-blond and a slight build. He was born at Igen Weyr and impressed there originally, but move to Ierne after his dragon suffered an accident in her first flight attempt, crashing so hard that she shattered every bone in her right wing. Infection set in no matter what the Dragonhealers tried and she was transported to Ierne's DragonHealer school, lifted by other dragons. Her wing could not be saved and was amputated. M'woen is known to be charming, playful and optomistic, his favorite color is green and before he impressed, he was a cook. He has a small tallent with a violin as well, having learned to play from his mother, who was a Harper.

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