The first thing that one would notice about this woman is her intense grayish/green eyes. They seem to be able to bore through anyone that looks her straight in the eyes. Talime stands at a height of 5’8” and has brown hair that reaches just below the shoulder. A few tattoos decorate her muscular arms. More often than not, she wears a simple set of light brown leather armor with a long knife at her side.


Not much is known about Talime's past for she hides it so well. Her family use to be herdsman, but were killed in a raid. With her family farm burned down, a hermit, of sorts, took in the young girl. He raised her the best he knew how…just like a boy. She was taught how to hunt, fish, and other useful skills. A local lord realized her great fighting skills and took her as a personal guard. Talime was saddened to leave the hermit, but agreed. For 4 years she served him as a loyal guard, and rose to the prestigious position of leader of the guard. At the age of 18 she was Searched by an Igen rider to Impress. Luckily she Impressed her green dragon, Warith. From then on she and Warith trained hard and excelled at any tasks put in front of the pair. Talime had been passed from Weyr to Weyr and still has not found a Weyr that is suited for her and Warith's skills when she was transferred to Telgar, where she met G'tor and sparks flew. The weyrmated there for several turns before moving on to Ierne where she could more easily act in the career she loved.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
G'tor Weyrmate Ierne Weyrhold Journeyman Harper Clay Amidst the Fire Brown Nyth



Fighting with Logic Green Warith

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