Dragonhealing School - School Yard(#9816RJ)

A wide stone paved pathway runs north-south between the entryway of the Dragonhealing School and Ierne's eastern plaza. To the east of the pathway is a wide grassy area where dragons can easily come and go, while to the west a mix of small and medium sized trees dot the grassy yard. The School lies immediately to the south and is built of wood and stone two stories high. The architecture is clean and rather simple, the efforts of its makers put in to what's inside rather than the outside. On the far east wing of the building off the grassy field is a set of copper covered wooden doors which roll open and closed as needed to handle dragon sized patients. Beyond that one can just make out Ierne's building which handles more human-sized patients. While the main activity seems to be to the School's, there's also a smaller door about a third of the way along the building which leads to the Firelizard Clinic, for those in a hurry.

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Obvious exits:
Lobby <s> Dragon Infirmary <se> Clinic <sw> Plaza <n>

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